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 Anchor - Uncanny X-Men, Volume 1 #313
Charged Item Description: This anchor was charged to destroy a large group of Phalanx that stood below. They were busy with Yukio at the time who was staling the creature so that Gambit and Storm could do their work above. Gambit charged the massive anchor and Storm hit the chain with lightning, breaking it away from the ship and sending down on top of the Phalanx.

 Archangel's Blades - Astonishing X-Men, Volume 4 #6
Charged Item Description: While under the Shadow Kings control, Gambit fights Archangel. Gambit decides to give him a tast of his own medicine, charging his bladed back at him only charged.

 Armor - X-Men, Volume 1 #104
Charged Item Description: During the capture of a small group of the X-Team by Beldame, Storm attacks her. She only manages to get a small piece of armor torn away from the villain before she is re-captured. She manages to get the piece to Gambit in which he charges to escape and release the others.

 Armor - Gambit, Volume 5 #11
Charged Item Description: When Tombstone sends out his army to retreive the Doomsday Device from Joelle and Gambit, Remy hits them with a two punch attack. One with a charged snowball and the other got a mighty kick to the ribs with charged armor.

 Ball Bearings - Gambit, Volume 3 #12
Charged Item Description: Jumping back in time with his On-Going series companion, Courier, Gambit finds himself rescuing his teenage father from Candra. Candra, the Benefactress of the New Orleans' Guild at the time, was holding the young Jean Luc and his cousin to blackmail the Thieves Guild. Gambit rescued him, needing him for his mission in time. He used the ball bearings to make his escape.

 Balls in Space - X-Men, Volume 1 #170
Charged Item Description: Gambit used these balls when the X-Team went into space. Not much was said about them but it is assumed that they are better equipt to use in deep space then his normal playing cards. Somehow they manage to defy the lack of gravity and the laws of space. Not sure if that was by design or lack of knowledge on the writer's side.

 Baltroc Mustache - Gambit, Volume 3 #16
Charged Item Description: Fed up with the onslaught of assassins attacking him when a million dollar contract was put out on his life, Gambit took out his anger with his new re-found powers on Bartoc and his companion. Bartoc's mustache was charged and "removed" from Bartoc's face when they chased Gambit onto the mansion grounds.

 Basketball - X-Men, Volume 1 #4
Charged Item Description: Even though the rules of the game was to not use any powers, when Gambit made a slam dunk he was accused of cheating. Wolverine decided to use his claws to deflect Gambit's next shot. That voided the non-power rule and Remy decided to make it interesting by charging the ball and throwing it at his teammate.

 Basketballs - X-Men, Volume 1 Annual 1997
Charged Item Description: Gambit charged up a whole rack of basketballs in a local "Bullseye", a knock off of Target, when the brainwashed employees attempted to stop Remy and his teammates from rescuing Jean Grey. At the time the reality around them was being manipulated and Jean was the only one that could stop it.

 Bo Staff - Uncanny X-Men, Volume 1 #385
Charged Item Description: This is actually more common then most, very similar to the spikes. This is Gambit's back up weapon, his bo staff. On occasion he will charge the staff, lodging it into someone or something to explode. A lot of the time this attack will injure him as well, being that close to the explosion.

 Bomb - Gambit, Volume 5 #17
Charged Item Description: Sent on a fools trial by Nil, in an attempt to remove Gambit from the running of King of Thieves, Remy finds himself in the middle of maximum security prison for mutants with a bomb where the item he is sent to steal is suppose to be. Charging the item was not a smart idea.

 Bone - Gambit, Volume 3 Annual 1999
Charged Item Description: During a Danger Room session with Marrow a mistake resulted in one of Sara's bones going into Gambit's chest. Normally it would have been a mortal wound, but Gambit was still carrying around his green friend inside of him and she helped him by charging the bone so that it could be removed without harm.

 Book - Gambit, Volume 4 #6
Charged Item Description: Tricking Lila Penrose to look at a very cursed tarot card that caused her face to melt and her eyes to disappear was not enough to stop the wicked woman. Gambit had to knock her over the head with a nearby book that he charged up for good measure.

 Boysenberry Pie - X-Men, Volume 1 #8
Charged Item Description: When Bishop first appeared on the scene he claimed that Gambit was the man known as The Witness from his time period. The man who was known to turn on the X-Men and kill them all. Theis started a huge fight at the afternoon's picnic. During the arguement Gambit decided that the near by Bosenberry pie seamed like a good weapon even though his aim was a little off.

 Bowling Ball - Gambit, Volume 4 #3
Charged Item Description: Gambit stole this bowling ball from a poor bowler walking down the street with the bump and switch technic. He used it to create a distraction so he could break into a mansion full of people. He rolled the charge ball toward gas cans causing a very loud explosion.

 Braces - Gambit, Volume 3 #25
Charged Item Description: Gambit ran into this HUGE thug in New Orleans. Finding himself a little out weighed by his foe he went for the braces inside the unnamed man's mouth. The braces were blown from the thugs mouth distracting him long enough for Remy to move on.

 Building - Gambit, Volume 3 #25
Charged Item Description: Gambit used his newly restored powers to release Bella Donna and himself from a collapsed building. He sent the building upward, exploding it into the air so that it would not harm anyone or anything in it's destruction. He had to be carried hime after this one.

 Building - Gambit, Volume 3 #22
Charged Item Description: Gambit used his newly restored powers to release Bella Donna and himself from a collapsed building. He sent the building upward, exploding it into the air so that it would not harm anyone or anything in it's destruction. He had to be carried home after this one.

 Bullet - Gambit, Volume 5 #17
Charged Item Description: Stuck in a maximum security prison with Cich, who has offered any mutant in the prison a million dollars to kill Gambit, Remy finds himself at the wrong end of a bullet to the head. Luckily, Remy had called in the cavalry before hand and Excalibur was there to remove the bullet. Gambit decided to return it to sender.

 Car - X4 #5
Charged Item Description: After having his normal powers and sanity returned to him during the X4 mini-series, Gambit charged a vehicle and passed it over The Thing to throw at the Brood.

 Chair - Gambit, Volume 5 #9
Charged Item Description: Creating a ruckus as a distraction, that turned into a full scale riot of bad guys, Gambit, along with his companion Joelle, find themselves between a wall and Tombstone. The chair worked perfectly as a door maker for their escape.

 Cigar - Gambit, Volume 3 #1
Charged Item Description: Gambit played a joke on Wolverine while part of the team hung out, actually checked up on Gambit, on the boat dock. Remy gave Logan the cigar, which was a Cuban that Gambit got from Courier. While lighting the cigar for him, Remy left a timed charge on the cigar and blew it up in his teammates face.

 Claws - Ultimate X-Men #50
Charged Item Description: This is from the Ultimate X-Men world but it is surprising he has not done it in the regular storylines. During a heated battle with Wolverine, Gambit found himself pinned between the ground and Wolverine's claws. Gambit grabbed the claws and charged them. He threatened to do the same to the rest of Wolverine's skeleton and the older man backed down.

 Clips - Astonishing X-Men, Volume 4 #1
Charged Item Description: During a fight against psychic attack, Gambit charges several clips of bullets, giving them back to Fantomex charged to use as explosive bullets against the impervious blades flying around them.

 Coat - Gambit, Volume 1 #4
Charged Item Description: When Gambit returned to New Orleans to rescue his estranged wife from death he got into a heap of trouble with his brother-in-law and the Assassin's Guild. The Tithe Collector, Candra's right hand man, made a bad move and mistook Remy's intentions as groveling. He was actual getting at the Collector's coat, charging it then kicking the man out the window. It obviously did not kill the Tithe Collector though, he appears again in later issues.

 Coins - X-Men, Volume 1 #3
Charged Item Description: On a whim...and under drugs...Storm decided going out on a date with Shaw was a good idea. After a night under the stars and a proposition to join him, Storm came to her senses but was too late to escape. Gambit was one of her teammates that showed up to rescue her. In the battle he threw a coin at one of Shaw's minions, which she caught.

 Crystal - Ultimate X-Men Annual #1
Charged Item Description: In the Ultimate world, Gambit stole a crystal in Las Vegas. On his way to sell the crystal he was attacked by Juggernaut. At the current time Juggernaut was only a REALLY large man with really good armor. Without anything else to charge, Gambit uses the crystal, throwing it directly at the helmet of Juggernaut. The explosion super charged the armor and Juggernaut making him the ultra strong.

 Daken's Hand - Daken: Dark Wolverine #8
Charged Item Description: When X-23 is threatened, Gambit use full force to protect her, even if it is against her half Brother, Daken. A failed attempt of charming Gambit, lead to Daken getting his hand blown off by Gambit. Unfortunately, the whole fight was a distraction to get Gambit's attention away from Laura long enough to grab her.

 Deadpool - Deadpool vs. Gambit #5
Charged Item Description: In a moment of his powers being corrupted by Scrambler, Gambit, being able to charge organic material, used Deadpool as charging material. The powers flipped back to normal just in time for Deadpool to heal himself from the blast.

 Debris - X-Men, Volume 1 #7
Charged Item Description: Gambit in battle without any cards or other weapons goes for the next best thing, debris. He takes out Andreas von Strucker with the charged debris.

 Diamond - Deadpool vs Gambit #1
Charged Item Description: After a diamond heist with Deadpool, their contractor made them each believe the other was going to betray the other. Gambit used their ill gotten gain to take down Deadpool before he had the chance to pick the fight himself. It started a city wide fight between the two that resulted in them figuring out they had both been had.

 Diamond Ring - Nomad, Volume 2 #7
Charged Item Description: This was technically not Gambit, but the Infinity Gambit. After being stopped in a airport he attacks the police officiers with anything he can find. Including a diamond ring he pulls offf a bystander. The fight gets Nomad's attention and the battle between the two begins, ending in Infinity Gambit's life.

 Die - Astonshing X-Men, Volume 4 #1
Charged Item Description: While at The Louvre, in Paris, Gambit attempted to steal an unknown item. Due to complications the item was not stolen and the die was the distraction he needed to escape security.

 Dock - Gambit, Volume 3 #16
Charged Item Description: Gambit did not mean to charge the boat dock on the X-Mansion property, it was an accident. At the time his powers had been restored to full power by Sinister and he did not have full control over them. He would randomly charge objects around him when stressed or upset.

 Doll - Cable and Deadpool #42
Charged Item Description: Gambit used this cute little Spider-Man doll as a weapon against Cable during his time with the Marauders. Mainly it was for distraction purposes so that Sunfire, his partner in crime, could sneak in an attack against Cable. It backfired on the duo though since Cable just activated the self destruct.

 Door - Astonishing X-Men, Volume 3 #50
Charged Item Description: Gambit can pick practically any lock, but when you have Northstar and Iceman chatting at you over your shoulder, sometimes it's just easier to use your other talents and blow the door off the hinges.

 Door - Gambit, Volume 5 #15
Charged Item Description: When time is of the essence because you are frustrated with games that strangers are playing with your life and you need to get in a set of french doors quickly, picking is not the way to go, especially when you can just blow the lock on the door.

 Egospore - Gambit, Volume 3 #23
Charged Item Description: This issue was part of a crossover the spanned the X-titles. The Ego Spores were part of an alien race attacking the Earth. The battle spilled over into New Orleans. Gambit and the other Guild members fought off the slimy creatures, trying to save the city and the people in it. Frustrated by the slow destruction of the spores, Gambit used his newly restored powers to charge and blow up the tenticles of the Ego Spore, making a very big mess.

 Fake ID - X-Men '92, Volume 2 #6
Charged Item Description: While the X-Men are playing security for Lily Cheney's and The Flaming Lips' concert Lilapalooza, Gambit stops some underage girls from entering the arena with fake IDs. Choosing to blow the cards up instead.

 Float - All New X-Men, Volume 2 #1.MUA
Charged Item Description: The All New Wolverine, Laura, calls on Gambit when Monsters start appearing and attacking in a swamp. When the Monsters move in to town, a parade float is used to blow it up.

 Floor - Gambit, Volume 5 #6
Charged Item Description: When you are stuck between a kidnapper you want to escape and an ally that doesn't believe you are an ally, you need a big distraction. Gambit gave Cich and Pete Wisdom just that, with a very big hole in the floor.

 Floor - Astonishing X-Men, Volume 4 #5
Charged Item Description: While under the Shadow Kings control, Gambit charges the high rise building's floor to make his escape from Psylocke and the Army that intend on stopping him.

 Frisbee - Marvel Riot #1
Charged Item Description: This is actually a total parody comic and it does not even feature Gambit in the so called story, but he is on the cover with a new weapon...charged frisbees. The whole comic is a parody of the Age of Apocalypse crossover and the cover is a parody of the first issue.

 Gasline - Gambit, Volume 3 #6
Charged Item Description: The charged gas line was actually done in Gambit's past when he was a teenager. He and his cousin, Emil, were captured by The Pig and they needed a distraction to escape. He didn't have much experience with his powers at that point so the explosion was a little more then expected. It got the job done though.

 Generator - Gambit, Volume 5 #13
Charged Item Description: To save his close friend, Fence, Gambit had to break into the Stark Penthouse. Trying to buy himself time to find what he was looking for he time charged the main generator hoping to send all of the security towards the blast.

 Glass - Gambit, Volume 5 #13
Charged Item Description: When Daredevil, Constrictor, and Gambit are fighting for the same synthetic organ to save three different people, sparks fly. Gambit needed the Adamantium from Constrictor's tentacles to save Sabretooth, which in turn Constrictor needed the organ to save his girlfriend's Father. Unfortunately, the organ was suppose to go to Daredevil's mentor. They came to a truths. Gambit charged the glass inside the stomach of Sal, saving him, and releasing the need for the organ, returning it back to the Daredevil's friend, and getting the Adamantium he needed from Constrictor as payback.

 Gravel - Deadpool vs Gambit#1
Charged Item Description: Due to a huge misunderstanding, and a conman's trick, Deadpool and Gambit have a cross city fight that leads to not only the use of Gravel as a weapon, but a manhole cover, and even a skillet.

 Gris Gris - Gambit, Volume 3 #21
Charged Item Description: Walking in on Gris Gris, Bella Donna's right hand man, making fun of his cousin, Emil, Gambit decides to break it up in an odd way. He blows up the beads in Gris Gris' dreadlocks, leaving him practically bald.

 Gum - Gambit, Volume 3 #1
Charged Item Description: Finding himself captured by The X-Cutioner and covered in a substance that allows no movement he uses the only thing avalable...chewing gum. He charged the gum with his tongue and spit it in the X-Cutioners face.

 Hammerhead - Ultimate X-Men #14
Charged Item Description: In the Ultimate Universe, Gambit found himself in the middle of a little girl, who witnessed the murder of her own Mother, and the man who murdered her, Hammerhead. Gambit tried to hide the little girl, but when that didn't work, he went to extremes and let his powers loose.

 Hand - Deadpool vs. Gambit #3
Charged Item Description: Not knowing the Scrambler had changed his powers, Gambit took a girls hand and charged it accidentily. Not being able to normally charged organic matter before, he was not able to stop the explosion that takes the girl's hand.

 Helmet - Gambit, Volume 5 #9
Charged Item Description: After starting a riot, he didn't mean to begin, Gambit needed to get rid of Tombstone and his lackeys, so he and Joelle could make their escape. He grabbed the helmet of one of Tombstone's lackeys and pushed her into the vault where they were all hiding out.

 Helmet - Astonishing X-Men, Volume 4 #5
Charged Item Description: While under the Shadow Kings control, Gambit manages to climb aboard a moving helicoptor. He charges the helmet of the pilot as blackmail to go to his destination further into the city.

 Hijack's Jacket - X-Men Legacy Annual 2009
Charged Item Description: On a mission to destroy the Omega Machine, Gambit runs into HiJack, a mutant with telekinetic powers. The powers he can use to redirect Gambit's cards, so to end the battle Gambit charges HiJack's jacket blowing him up.

 Hot Dog - Deadpool vs. Gambit #3
Charged Item Description: In attempt to have his and Deadpool's powers unscrambled back to normal, Gambit tracks Scrambler to a backyard barbeque between bad guys. Amongst the items he manages to charge are Hotdogs.

 Hushpuppy - Deadpool vs. Gambit #2
Charged Item Description: Finding Lai, a man Gambit and Deadpool need to finish a job, has jumped into a ring for a bar side fight club, they jump in to in an attempt to capture/save the man they are there to frame. When a man recognizes Gambit and almost blows his cover, Gambit throws a hushpuppy at him before he can blow the job.

 Ice - Gambit, Volume 5 #17
Charged Item Description: Surrounded by mutant criminals in a maximum security prison, with a million dollar bounty on his head, Gambit encountered an overzealous mutant that tries freezing Gambit in place.

 Iceman's Foot - Astonishing X-Men, Volume 3 #64
Charged Item Description:

 Iron Man's Suit - Gambit, Volume 5 #13
Charged Item Description: Saving his friend, Fence, Gambit was required to steal tech from Ironman. The tech was in an Ironman suit that Gambit was required to pilot using his charging powers since he could not boot onto the system.

 Jacket - Nomad, Volume 2 #7
Charged Item Description: This was technically not Gambit, but the Infinity Gambit. After Gambit arrived in Los Angeles, Nomad goes on a search and destroy mission. Midst the battle Gambit charges Nomad's leather jacket, giving him the upper hand for a short moment.

 Jubilee's Blasts - Uncanny X-Men, Volume 1 #276
Charged Item Description: Gambit and Jubilee observe Xavier mentally controlling Gladiator into torturing Deathbird. They decide to work together to take down the very powerful Gladiator. Jubilee scattered her power blasts in the air and Gambit used his playing card to charge the power blasts creating a VERY large explosion.

 Juggernaut's Armor - Ultimate X-Men Annual #1
Charged Item Description: This happened in the Ultimate world. Under attack from the Juggernaut, Gambit managed to leap over the monster and get behind him. He charged the armor across Juggernaut's chest. It ridded him of the chest armor, but did not stop him.

 Keypad - Gambit, Volume 5 #5
Charged Item Description: Gambit had one chance to get the code right on a keypad, or take a bullet to the head. Knowing there where thousand of possible combinations he used a trick with his powers. He charged the pad knowing that any living organisms would not hold charge, showing the bacteria from the previous person's fingerprints.

 Knife - Gambit, Volume 3 #17
Charged Item Description: Running from a couple dozen assassins out for his life, Gambit ran out of steam fighting Bullseye. After a fight in an alley Bullseye managed to get a knife in Gambit's chest. Luckily, Gambit's powers were at full force and he charged the knife, partially healing the wound. It gave him enough time to get back to the Guild's house and heal up completely.

 Lamp - X-Men Unlimited #18
Charged Item Description: Gambit gets involved in a local gang war and comes across some gunmen who have been drowned while out on a job. Looking for the man who is doing the crimes, Remy sees Hydro-Man drowning a helpless gunman in his liquid hands. Gambit grabs a lamp from a nearby table and hurls it at the villain.

 Lighter - Gambit, Volume 1 #3
Charged Item Description: Finding himself being escorted from a casino to his unavoidable death, Gambit pleads for a last cigarette before they take aim. Unknowingly pitching him his escape, one of the gunmen throw him a cigarette and lighter. Gambit uses the lighter to blow the men away and run.

 Lock - Gambit, Volume 5 #10
Charged Item Description: Faced with an unpickable lock, Gambit uses his charging power to remove the lock all together. Giving Joelle the access to take what he believes to be a cure for her daughter.

 Manhole - Deadpool vs. Gambit #1
Charged Item Description: Due to a huge misunderstanding, and a conman's trick, Deadpool and Gambit have a cross city fight that leads to not only the use of Gravel as a weapon, but a manhole cover, and even a skillet.

 Metro Card - X-Men Unlimited #22
Charged Item Description: After the X-Men find out that there is terrorist activity in teh New York subway tunnels the team goes underground to investigate. Gambit notices an attacker about to strike Marrow. Remy reaches to his inside jacket pocket, only to realize that his pack of cards has been stolen by the pickpocket he dealt with earlier. Thinking quickly he grabs his Metrocard, destroying another attacker’s machine gun upon impact.

 Moira's Equiptment - Gambit, Volume 3 #2
Charged Item Description: In an attempt to find out what's wrong with Gambit's powers, Gambit and Storm visit Moira's lab on Muir Island to analyze his issues. Gambit uses it as a way to distract the two women to steal Moira's notes from her computer for New Sun.

 Motorcycle - Gambit, Volume 5 #5
Charged Item Description: Under the hold of Cich, Gambit has to play chicken with a semi truck carrying tech that Cich wants for himself. In an attempt to save the lives of the truck drivers, he charges his own motorcycle and charges forward causing a blast in front of the truck, stopping it. Gambit saves the drivers and gets what he was sent to retrieve.

 Mystique - Gambit, Volume 3 #21
Charged Item Description: Courier impersonates Xavier and meets with Denti in the Pentagon, when he does not return Fontanelle calls Remy. Theoren hacks into the Pentagon computers to create a fake meeting, and Remy as Robert Lord walks in, finds Courier, and gets cornered by Mystique. He wants to just walk away, but she pulls knives, and he charges her body, forcing her to yield before she dissolves into a blue puddle.

 Necklace - Gambit, Volume 1 #2
Charged Item Description: Returning to New Orleans to save his estranged wife Gambit angers more then one person, mainly Marius, his father in law. Marius throws Gambit a sword, ordering him to pick it up. They fight verbally and physically. Finally, Gambit knocks Marius to the floor and charges his necklace, making the older man listen to his demands and threats.

 Needles - X-Treme X-Men #6
Charged Item Description: Gambit finds himself under the Examiner's tortures when he is accused of murdering the Examiner's boss. Needles are placed along Remy's spine to stop his mutant abilities and movement. Once the needle stopping his abilities was removed he used them to destroy the rest of the needles in his back allowing him to move and escape.

 Neo's Bow - Gambit, Volume 3 #22
Charged Item Description: While Gambit awaits his fate from the Unified Guild, Rax attacks him in New Orleans. Rax attacks Remy, who at the time was field leader of the X-Men, thinking his death will raise him in the Neo ranks. First he tries to attack with a bow that Remy charges and destroys.

 Neo's Knife - Gambit, Volume 3 #22
Charged Item Description: While Gambit awaits his fate from the Unified Guild, Rax attacks him in New Orleans. Rax attacks Remy, who at the time was field leader of the X-Men, thinking his death will raise him in the Neo ranks. First he tries to attack with a bow that Remy charges and destroys. Then he tries to go for a knife, that Remy also destroys.

 New Sun - Gambit, Volume 3 #24
Charged Item Description: When the New Sun reappears on the current Earth he plans to kill Gambit. After being pulled into the New Sun's old dimension they fight without the fear of killing or hurting anyone. Gambit pumps all of his current power into the New Sun, overloading him and burning out his own powers.

 Omega Machine - X-Men Legacy Annual 2009
Charged Item Description: On a mission from Cyclops, Remy went to Alcatraz, at the time H.A.M.M.E.R.S. headquarters to destroy the Omega Machine. A machine that could nullify mutant abilities. The machine was dormant, but it was not trusted to stay that way. Gambit entered the facility, fought off Hijack and Input, then blew up the machine.

 Phalanx - Uncanny X-Men #343
Charged Item Description: Gambit has fought the Phalanx many times. Most of those times he has charged objects that have been thrown at it, but in #343 he actually charged the Phalanx itself. The team was in space fighting against the Phalanx. To save his teammates he charged the arm of the Phalanx to make it release it's prey.

 Pick - Gambit, Volume 1 #1
Charged Item Description: Gambit has fought the Phalanx many times. Most of those times he has charged objects that have been thrown at it, but in #343 he actually charged the Phalanx itself. The team was in space fighting against the Phalanx. To save his teammates he charged the arm of the Phalanx to make it release it's prey.

 Picture Frame - Gambit, Volume 1 #4
Charged Item Description: Gambit travelled back to New Orleans for the first time after his exile to save his estranged wife. After he had done just that he reflected on his life in the Theives' Guild, realizing it was never meant to be. To prove the point to himself he pitches his wedding image out the window with a bang.

 Piercings - Gambit, Volume 5 #14
Charged Item Description: As a payback to Pete Wisdom, Gambit took on a job to stop a woman called Death Reaper. A witch of sorts looking to open a gate way to the fairy realm to release Ogres into the real world. When Gambit looked like he was becoming part of her spell he charged her face piercings to back her off.

 Pig's Wall - Gambit, Volume 3 #6
Charged Item Description: This one was actually done in Gambit's past when he was a teenager. He and his cousin, Emil, were captured by The Pig and they needed a way to escape. He charged the wall to give him and the other captured children to get out of the room they were kept in.

 Plate - Uncanny X-Men #266
Charged Item Description: This is one of the first things we got saw Gambit charge in the comics. Gambit and young version of Storm were both attempting to steal the same paintings in the same mansion and ran into trouble. He charged a plate to help save a Storm from the hounds. After that he followed her to the X-Men.

 Playing Card (First Time) - Gambit, Volume 3 #6
Charged Item Description: Being his preferred method of weapon, playing cards are a common sight with Gambit, but this was the first time he picked up one as a charged weapon. A flashback to his childhood when he was kidnapped by Viper and given to The Pig. Remy made his, and his cousin Emil's, escape by throwing a charged card into The Pig's eye, blinding the creature and forever leaving his mark on The Pig's mind and nightmares. The rest was history.

 Poker Chip - X-Men Unlimited, Volume 2 #3
Charged Item Description: In New Orleans, Gambit visits Mr. Green, who has a job for him. CIA agents attack Gambit in his suite. Despite having no cards on him, Remy manages to take on the armed agents by charging chips, each valued at ten thousand dollars each.

 Pomegranate - A+X #3
Charged Item Description: Dragged to a play in the park against his will by Fence, Remy finally gets the entertainment he is looking for when a monster appears and carries off the lovely leading lady. Ready and willing to rescue the damsel in distress he takes off after the creature, using a pomegranate off a nearby street cart as a weapon. Unfortunately, an Avenger was fast on the trail of the monster as well and Hawkeye didn't have much trust in Gambit's hero skills.

 Pool Balls - Gambit, Volume 4 #5
Charged Item Description: Gambit wants revenge against Orlean Cooper and Jack Jessup for killing his good friend, Dan Downs. He recruits Wolverine to help him with his plan to fool Orlean's henchmen into thinking all the X-Men were in town, not just Wolvering and himself. They attack a bar first that is known as a hang out for the men. Remy charges up the pool balls to make a point.

 Pool Balls - Marc Spector: Moon Knight #52
Charged Item Description: Gambit made a very short appearance in teh Moon Knight Spector world to pass on some information and get some for Cyclops. When he arrived at the Moon Knight's mansion there was a wearwolf. He grabbed some pool balls to defend himself.

 Rock - Gambit, Volume 5 #3
Charged Item Description: Facing a swarm of deadly spiders on a trip to Guatemala, it seemed Gambit's only chance was to charge the largest rock he could find to stop the hoard of insect from getting to him or his companion, Joelle.

 Rockslide - Uncanny X-Men #542
Charged Item Description:

 Sand - Gambit, Volume 2 #1
Charged Item Description: Gambit finds Anielle on a beach in New Orleans. Gambit keeps talking and the woman moves closer to his mouth, wanting to kiss Remy. They are disturbed by a shot, which was aimed at Remy. Gambit picks up some sand from the beach and charges it up, and throws it at the guards out to get them.

 Scroll of Vishota - Marvel From the Vault: Gambit #1
Charged Item Description: Gambit, working along Spat, is hired to steal the Scroll of Vishota, which is held by Angel of the then Champions. When MODOK attacks the Champions to claim the scroll for himself, Remy makes the hard choice to be a hero and use the scroll to stop MODOK instead of making off with it himself.

 Shaw - X-Men Legacy, Volume #214
Charged Item Description: In an attempt to destroy the device Sinister had created to jump bodies, Gambit uses his abilities to charge objects to fill Sebastian Shaw with energy. The once enemy, Shaw, used his ability to absorb that power and take out the device. This leads to a character flaw, since Gambit is not able to charge live flesh with his ability. He has used his ability like this in the past with Bishop, but Gambit charged a train that Bishop pulled the power from since he was unable to charge Bishop directly.

 Shirt - Gambit, Volume 5 #4
Charged Item Description: In Guatemala, Gambit is used as Joelle's unknowing pawn to gain, what she believes, will be the power of the Gods. It turned out to be very large dragons from another dimension. Finding no other way to kill them, Gambit charges his own shirt, and becomes dinner for the large dragon, imploding him from the inside.

 Silverware - Gambit, Volume 2 #3
Charged Item Description: On the train, Gambit and Anielle try to escape from all the people attemptig to capture them. All of a sudden they are attacked by locusts. Gambit charges the silverware on the table and throws it at the swarm only for it to multiple.

 Sirens - Ghost Rider, Volume 3 #67
Charged Item Description: On the way to help Ghost Rider with the Brood again he runs into several people that have been possessed by the aliens. Two being an elderly couple that he passes in traffic and the police that appear shortly after. Gambit jumps the police car, grabbing the siren lights as he passes to use as weapons.

 Skillet - Deadpool vs. Gambit #1
Charged Item Description: Due to a huge misunderstanding, and a conman's trick, Deadpool and Gambit have a cross city fight that leads to not only the use of Gravel as a weapon, but a manhole cover, and even a skillet.

 Skylight - Gambit, Volume 5 #2
Charged Item Description: Needing information about the ancient bug that had burrowed itself into his chest, Gambit breaks in through the skylight of the museum that used to house the artifact. His charging abilities made it a little easier to open.

 Snow - Gambit, Volume 5 #11
Charged Item Description: When Tombstone sends out his army to retreive the Doomsday Device from Joelle and Gambit, Remy hits them with a two punch attack. One with a charged snowball and the other got a mighty kick to the ribs with charged armor.

 Speedboat - X-Men Unlimited, Volume 1 #18
Charged Item Description: Gambit found himself at a disadvantage when he ended up fighting Hydroman in the open sea. Finding no other way of escape he charged the speedboat that he was currently riding in. he charged from the stearing wheel out and then jumped in the water as it exploded.

 Spike - Uncanny X-Men, Volume 1 #266
Charged Item Description: The charged spike is something you see in more then just his first appearance. He uses it throughout his history, mainly in the beginning. Through the first several comics he used them just as much as cards. Also, in the Age of Apocalypse, Exiles and other alternate realities he tends to favor them to cards.

 Staff - Gambit, Volume 5 #3
Charged Item Description: When Joelle sets of alarms in some ancient Guatemalan ruins, Gambit loses his own weapons, but gains an old staff that happened to be laying around, using it to buy the couple time to swing to safety.

 Statue - Gambit, Volume 1 #3
Charged Item Description: During Gambit's return to New Orleans to save Bella Donna he stirred up a lot of trouble. In a battle between practically everyone in the Thieves' and Assassin's Guild, Gambit grabs a near by statue and charges it, using it against Julien and his henchmen. Stopping them from taking Bella Donna or killing his father.

 Statue - Gambit, Volume 1 #4
Charged Item Description: When Gambit is surrounded be the Assassins Guild outside a New Orleans church, he gives them a wake up call with a charged statue of a beloved saint. Reminding them who they are dealing with.

 Stick - Gambit, Volume 1 #1
Charged Item Description: Hot on the heels of the assassins sent to the X-Mansion to kill his brother, Gambit slows them down by charging a nearby stick from the ground and torpedoing it towards them, dropping them to the ground.

 Stone - X-Treme X-Men #15
Charged Item Description: While being used as a power source by Khan to allow Khan's army to arrive on the planet Earth, Remy was stuck in a temple without much ability to do anything about it. Gambit manages to charge a small stone. He gets it loose from the forcefield around him and once it hits the temple pillar it stops the invasion.

 Subway Train - X-Men, Volume 1 #52
Charged Item Description: Bishop, Beast and Gambit go to investigate a strange mutation phenomenon happening in the subway tunnels below New York City only to find that Sinister has sent a mutating plague towards the city. Finding no other way to stop the subway train, Gambit charges the entire train so that Bishop can suck in the power and use it to stop the subway before entering the city.

 Sword - Exiles, Volume 1 #45
Charged Item Description: In the Exiles universe, Hyperion continues his self glorification destroying anyone who could stand against him. In the fight to stop him, Hyperion goes in to finish off Blink, she opens a portal in front of her and one behind Hyperion. Hyperion’s blast ends up hitting himself in the back which ends up crippling him. Gambit takes care of the rest and kills Hyperion and sacrifices himself in the process by charging up Illyana’s sword and stabbing Hyperion with it.

 Sword - Gambit, Volume 5 #7
Charged Item Description: After being knighted by Excalibur, Gambit snatches it, expecting to be teleported out after, but that was not the whole plan. The whole British Guard was on him in an instant, along with MI:13. He charged one of the guard's swords to make a break for an exit, only to run into Wisdom on the other side.

 Tie - Gambit, Volumes 5 #7
Charged Item Description: Once Cich had grown tired of manipulating Gambit he turned his own personal Frankenstein, Remlik, on him to kill him. At an attempt to slow down the fight, Remy grabbed Cich's tie and charged it. Only receiving a sharp shock in turn.

 Tire Swing - Uncanny X-Men, Volume 1 #298
Charged Item Description: Gambit finds himself crossing paths with a past associate, Frenzy, when they are called into the field to battle the new Acolytes that Magneto have assembled to fight in the name of mutants. Trying to get the fight away from a bus of children, he lures her onto the playground where he hits her with a charged tire swing. taking her out of the fight.

 Toothpick - Gambit, Volume 5 #1
Charged Item Description: When Gambit needs a distraction, anything will do. In this case it's a simple toothpick... thrown at a generator during a party. Getting the crowd to riot in fear was enough to get Gambit in to Cich's secret hiding place to take a few items.

 Towline - Gambit, Volume 3 #1
Charged Item Description: Gambit charges this tow line during a high speed chase/fight with X-cutioner. He uses the charged line to strike back at the X-cutioner's vehicle, using it like a fuse and causing some damage, but not enough to stop his capture.

 Umbrella - Ultimate X-Men, Volume 1 #14
Charged Item Description: In the Ultimate world, Gambit helps a young girl seek justice for her murdered mother, in the prosess hs gains some strong enemies, so he must part ways with the girl for her safety. Remy distracts her, to stop her crying, and asks whether she´d like to fly with her umbrella. He tells her to close her eyes, think herself light, charges up her umbrella and up she goes. The girls sinks down again and asks whether they can do it again, but he´s already gone.

 Underwear - Deadpool vs. Gambit #2
Charged Item Description: Finding Lai, a man Gambit and Deadpool need to finish a job, has jumped into a ring for a bar side fight club, they jump in to in an attempt to capture/save the man they are there to frame. The ring gets crowded with people ready to fight, so to clear a path Gambit gives a man a charged up wedgie.

 Veggies - Deadpool vs. Gambit #5
Charged Item Description: To stop a fight between Deadpool and their employer, Chalmers, Gambit throws Snap Peas and We Bebe Carrots.

 Weapons - Gambit, Volume 3 #23
Charged Item Description: Gambit leads the Unified Guild of Thieves and Assassins against the threat of Ego in New Orleans. The meet up with Heth’sa, who uses them to go back in time to kill himself instead of letting himself run away from a prison riot. Gambit follows Heth’sa, knowing that if the man does not live then they would never retrieve the information on Ego. After charging the weapons in the riot, Gambit prevents Heth’sa from killing his past self and, instead, helps the man decide to make amends by fighting now.

 Well - Gambit, Volume 5 #16
Charged Item Description: When Gambit commits a run of unauthorized international thieving jobs the Guild takes offence, including his Father. They decide Remy has to be brought in for a trial, which consists of chaining him to a well and filling it with water. If he escapes he in innocent, if he fails, he dies. Even though the chains were mutant proof, the well and water was not.

 Wires - Gambit, Volume 5 #13
Charged Item Description: Knowing that the auxiliary power was about to kick back on in the Stark Penthouse and identify him as an intruder, Gambit flung charged wires around the Iron Patriot, so he in turn would be consider an intruder, forcing Rhodes to turn off the security systems, giving Gambit the chance to flee with the Iron Man suit.

 Zaran's Knife - Gambit, Volume 3 #16
Charged Item Description: After having trouble controlling his powers Gambit takes a walk out onto the docks of the Mansion where he runs into Batroc and Zaran that are there to kill him for the bounty on his head. Gambit charges Zaran's knife and easily dismisses them both.