Logan woke up abruptly to being kicked in the leg. When he began to roll over to check on Remy he had to dodge a flying hand. "Damn it kid, what are ya doing." Logan began to slowly turn towards Remy again, watching for flying limbs. "Gumbo?" "Non! Stop! Don't hurt me please! Let me go!" Remy continued to thrash and scream in his sleep, caught in a nightmare that seemed painfully real.

Logan sat in shock for a moment not knowing what to do. Christ, do I do this when I have nightmares? He finally decided he had to wake him up or he was going to end up hurting himself. "Remy!" Logan grabbed Remy's arms and tried to hold them back from thrashing, which only caused the screaming to get louder and more frantic. "Shit! Remy! Wake up kid!"

"NON!!" Remy yelled loud enough to wake up the whole floor as he woke, thankfully they were the only ones on this level. Remy looked around the room searching for the men that held him down in his dreams, it was so real. He noticed the hands on his arms and fought to get out from under them.

"Remy, it's alright, it's just me. It was a nightmare, no one is going to hurt ya." Logan let go of Remy and raised his hands to show that he wasn't going to hurt the scared young man. "Are ya ok kid?"

Remy looked up and around the room again trying to remember why he was here. He finally came out of his sleepy haze and remembered asking to sleep in Logan's bed for protection. Merde! He looked over at Logan and apologized. "I'm sorry Logan, I didn't mean to wake y' up. I should go to my room and leave y' alone." Remy grabbed up his cover that was slightly tangled in his long limbs and slowly began to creep out of the bed.

Logan reached out to grab Remy's arm, but was afraid to touch him remembering the reaction he got moments ago. Instead he grabbed the corner of the blanket that was around Remy and pulled it just enough to get the young man's attention. "Kid, stay here, your alright. Lay back down. If I let ya go back to bed with those kind of nightmares I won't be able to sleep anyway. I'll be worrying about ya."

Remy stopped but didn't turn to look at Logan. The idea that Logan was worried about him, actually concerned with his well being, was overwhelming. He wanted to stay here in this warm bed, but that wasn't fair to Logan. "It's alright, I've got pills that Henri gave me, they'll help me sleep without nightmares. I will just take those, it will let y' sleep in peace." Remy stood, biting his lip to stop the moan that tried to escape his lips.

This time Logan didn't care how the kid reacted, he jumped up from the bed and grabbed Remy's arm. "Fine, lay down. Where are the pills? I will go get them, just stay here."

Remy blushed. "Logan? I hope y' are not going out in the hall like that."

Logan glanced down and realized he was standing there naked. He rolled his eyes, not at all embarrassed. He walked over to the small dresser, and pulled out a pair of boxers. He quickly slipped them on and headed towards the door. "I'm not going to let ya sleep alone with nightmare's like that, ya could end up hurting yourself. Now just lay down and I'll get the pills, just tell me where they are."

Remy stood in the middle of the room, half in shock by Logan's concern for him and half in shock that he was just laying in bed with a very naked Logan. "There on the nightstand." he mumbled. He couldn't help but look over the stocky Canadian and blush again. He hoped the lack of light hid his actions, the only light was the moonlight through the window.

Logan noticed but didn't say anything. He had looked at Remy plenty of times, he always told himself it didn't mean anything. Logan pointed to the bed as he made his way out the door. "Get in that bed, ya look like ya are going to pass out."

Remy stood there clinging to his blanket for a moment, not knowing what to make of the situation. Suddenly he felt the room spin and the throbs of pain were causing his knees to shake. Logan's right, I should lay back down. Remy slowly made his way back to the bed not sure if he was going to make it. His knees finally came down from under him, he thought for sure he would hit the floor, but he was caught around the waist by Logan.

"Whoa! Are ya sure you're alright?" Logan pulled Remy up to the bed, helping him back in.

"I'm just tired."

Logan pulled Remy's blanket up and made sure he was tucked in. "Alright, how many of these things do ya take?" Logan turned the bottle around to read the label. He realized that his eyesight was good in the dark, but not good enough to read a medicine label. He reached over to turn the table light on and remembered Remy's eyes. "I'm going to turn this on, it's dim, but I wanted to warn ya." After Remy closed his eyes he flipped on the light, still looking at the bottle.

"I take two." Remy cracked his eyes and noticed the light was dim enough to open them fully.

Logan opened the bottle and turned to Remy to pour them into his hand. "Christ kid, what the hell happened to your face?" Logan sat down the bottle on the nightstand and grabbed the young man's chin. He gently turned Remy's face so he could see the cuts and bruises. He hissed. "Remy how the hell did this happen? You didn't have these when I left the bar."

Remy cursed himself mentally. Merde, I can't lie to him, he will know. "I fell against the wall at Harry's and it scuffed my face." There that's not really a lie.

Logan could tell Remy wasn't tell him the whole truth, but it wasn't a bold face lie. He sighed and let go of Remy's face. "Ya should have told me ya were drunk. Ya shouldn't have drove home if ya couldn't walk straight." Logan picked up the bottle again and began tampering with the childproof cap.

"I didn't, Harry drove me home." Remy whispered.

"Good, I would have never heard the end of it if ya would have wrecked that bike of yours drunk." Logan finally opened the cap and poured the pills into his hand. "Looks like there are only two left, have to ask Hank for more in the morning." Logan handed the pills to Remy and a glass of water he grabbed from the bathroom on his way back from Remy's room.

Remy tried to sit up as much as he could without showing too much pain. He took the pills in his hand and looked up at Logan. "Are y' sure y' don't want me to go to my room? If I take these I'll be out pretty quick."

Logan nodded. "It's alright, your fine here kid. Go ahead, take them."

Remy threw the pills into his mouth and swallowed, chasing them with the cool water. Logan took the glass from Remy and sat it on the nightstand. "Now lay down and get comfy." He noticed the flash of pain across Remy's face as he pushed himself back into the covers. "Are ya sure you're alright Remy?"

"Oui, I'm alright." Remy curled up on his side, this time facing the middle of the bed.

Logan shook his head. When ya going to learn ya can't lie to me kid. Logan made his way to his side of the bed and climbed under the covers. He laid down on his back and heard the even breathing of Remy beside him. You were right, those do knock ya out pretty quick. He rolled over on his side and faced the young man next to him. The light from the slowly sinking moon shown through the window, it's light playing across Remy's face. Logan glanced at the cuts on Remy's cheek again, he knew they looked worse then they were, he just hoped they wouldn't scar. He couldn't understand how in the course of less then an hour Remy could go from practically sober to so drunk he couldn't walk straight. He reached out and brushed a loose strand of hair from Remy's face, noticing how young he looked. When he tucked the hair behind the sleeping man's ear he felt the large bump on the back of his head. Logan sat up and cranked on the nightstand light again. He looked over Remy's head and found a swollen knot and a gash. "Damn it kid." He knew he wasn't going to be able to wake the kid up and ask what happened. Even if Remy was awake and alert he probably wouldn't tell him anyway. Logan leaned his head against the headboard trying to think of what to do. He could carry him down to Hank, but he knew Remy would hate him in the morning if he betrayed him like that. Suddenly he was startled by the private line in his room ringing. He scrambled to grab the phone before it rang again, not wanting to wake Remy. "This better be good." He growled in the line as he looked at Remy, making sure he wasn't disturbed by the ringing.

"Logan?" Came the voice on the other end.

"Harry?" Logan looked at the clock seeing it was early morning. "It's a little late isn't it?" Logan felt something crawl across his lap and looked down to see Remy laying his head on his thigh, a small moan escaping his lips. Logan finally heard Harry asking him if he was there and decided he couldn't do two things at once. "Hold on a sec Harry." Logan sat the phone to the side and tried to lift the Cajun off his lap. "Come on kid." Remy whimpered as he curled tighter against Logan. He rolled his eyes and decided to let it drop for now. He reached over and picked up the phone again. "Sorry about that Harry. What's going on?"

"I was just calling to make sure Remy got home alright. Did you hear him come in?"

"Yea Harry, he's here. A little banged up though, any idea how that happened." Logan glanced down at the thin form laying on him, he had to admit it didn't bother him all that much to have Remy snuggling up to him.

"He didn't tell you? He said he would go to the Doc when he got home. Shit, I knew I should of called earlier."

"Tell me what Harry? What happened?" Logan began to stroke Remy's hair absentmindedly enjoying the silky feel.

"Some guys jumped him in the alley when he was leaving. He was pretty messed up when I found him, really spooked. He had blood all over his face and head. His wrist were really bruised and he had blood on his pants, I think his leg was bleeding but he didn't let me look. I cleaned him up the best I could and got him home. I figured Henry could do a better job then I could."

"Why didn't ya call me Harry, I would have came and got him." Logan tried to keep the anger out of his voice, the man was just trying to help.

"I wanted to, but the second I said anything about calling you or the mansion he freaked out. I didn't want to upset him anymore then was already so I just brought him home myself. I just wanted to make sure he actually got in alright."

"Yea he's here, I'll make sure he gets to Hank. Thanks for calling Harry, and thanks for taking care of him." Logan felt Remy rubbing his face slightly on his thigh, reacting to the petting.

"Not a problem Logan, and tell him not to worry about his bike, I'll watch it until he is feeling up to coming for it. I'll talk to you then."

"Thanks again. Later, Harry." Logan hung up the phone. He looked down at Remy and sighed. "What am I going to do with ya kid." He remembered that Harry said something about his wrist and leg, two wounds he had not seen yet. Guess now would be the best time to look at ya. He reached down and picked up Remy's left hand and looked at the ugly bruises on his wrist. He shook his head and went to look at the other arm and realized that Remy had snaked it behind his back. I wonder if ya do this to 'Ro all the time. He smiled at that thought, he really didn't mind taking care of Remy. It almost made him feel special knowing it was him that Remy ran to instead of anyone else in the mansion. He gave up on the wrist for now and decide to look at Remy's leg. He pulled the covers back off Remy's body and noticed he had on sweat pants. He didn't want to strip the boy in his sleep, that wouldn't be something nice for Remy to wake up in the middle of. He pulled the covers back over Remy deciding if he wasn't bleeding out he would be alright until morning. Now he just had to figure out how to lay down without disturbing Remy too much. He tried to shift Remy back over to his side when the young man whined again and Logan gave in. Logan could not decide which was worse, that pathetic whimper, or those puppy dog eyes he had seen the Cajun use, either the Canadian was powerless against. He pulled Remy up and slid down until he was laying on his back. Remy shifted and laid his head on Logan's shoulder and pulled himself close to the warm body instinctively. Logan chuckled as he felt Remy rub his face against his shoulder like he had his lap earlier. "Ya better feel lucky that I'm not one to rip off your head for doing that." Remy moaned as if he heard the comment and draped his arm over the larger man's chest and fell into lifeless sleep. Logan pulled his arm up behind Remy's back, resting his hand on the younger man's shoulder and falling into deep sleep himself.