Logan woke up early, he looked over at the Cajun that was still cradled in his arm, sleeping soundly. I've got a feeling it's still too early for ya to be waking up. He carefully slid himself out from under Remy, quickly pushing his pillow under the young man to take his place. He smiled when it worked. Remy pulled the pillow close and settled into it without waking. Logan decided he would take his shower and get a few things done, then bring up breakfast. He wasn't sure why, but his instincts were telling him that the Cajun was a little more beat up then he was letting on and keeping him in bed as long as he could would be a good idea. He stripped down and took a shower, afterwards dressing in jeans and a flannel shirt, he decided to go bare foot sense he wasn't going to be leaving the mansion. Before leaving he took one more look at the young man asleep in his bed. He brushed the hair away from Remy's face and winced at the bruises on his face, they had darkened overnight, making them look worse, glancing at his battered wrist he noticed the same. He sighed. I will talk to him after I bring him breakfast. He started to leave when the orange bottle on the nightstand caught his eye. Might as well go down and fill these too. He grabbed the bottle and dropped it into his shirt pocket before leaving the room.


"Hey Blue." Logan greeted the doctor as he came into the MedLab.

Hank turned in his chair and gave Logan a surprised look. "Logan? You were the last person I expected to walk in the doors.What can I do for you?"

"Just came to get a prescription filled." Logan threw over the empty bottle to Hank and took a seat, propping his bare feet up on Hank's desk.

Hank looked at the bottle and back to Logan, seeing his feet and frowning. "Why are you filling this?"

"The kid took the last of them, I thought I would get them filled for him, so he wouldn't forget."

"But I just filled these a couple weeks ago." He explained further when Logan shrugged. "They should have lasted him a month or more. He should not be taking them every night and he should only be taking one at a time."

Logan growled. "The brat told me he took two at a time, so that is what I gave him last night."

Hank raised an eyebrow at Logan. "You gave them to him?"

"Yea, I gave them to him, ya have a problem with that?"

Hank gave him a small smile. "No need to get defensive, just didn't know you were the nursemaid type, maybe I should have you working down here."

"Well the kid needs someone watching him. Have ya ever seen the nightmares he has? They're horrible. I thought he was going to hurt himself last night he was thrashing so much. I'm surprised ya didn't hear him screaming." He pointed at the bottle in Hank's hand. "That's why I came down to get those, cause he can't sleep without them."

Hank sighed. "Ororo has told me that his nightmares are quiet severe. Alright I will fill these, but please tell him to only take one at a time and try and sleep without them. I will not fill them early again, even if it requires him to sleep several weeks without them. I do not want him getting addicted to these, they are hard to break someone of and the withdrawals are one of the worst. It would be better if he tried to work out his nightmares then use drugs to sleep around them."

Logan raised his hand as a sign for him to stop the lecture. "I know already Blue, I have heard this all before."

"Good, then maybe you can help Remy work this out. You do seem to be getting close to him anyway." Hank winked at him and went to fill the prescription from the medicine case.

"What the hell do ya mean by that? I just want to help the kid out, no one else seems to give a damn about him." Logan pulled out a cigar from his pocket and put it in his mouth.

"Don't you light that in here." Hank handed Logan the filled bottle. "I am just saying that you have grown very protective of Remy, and I do believe that he trust you in return. I swear that is all I meant by it."

"Yea right Blue." Logan snatched the bottle out of Hank's hand and stomped out of the lab in pretend anger. Truthfully he wasn't angry, he was glad the kid trusted him, that was his goal all along. He liked Remy, they had a lot in common. It really hurt him the day he was told Remy had died. When he returned it overjoyed him, not that he let that show. Seeing the Cajun being beaten down like this made him angry, not at Remy, but at the others for making it even harder on him to get back on his feet. He kept telling himself that all he wanted was friendship, but his mind kept drifting back to the memories of the night before, holding Remy in his arms as he slept, it was nice. Stop it! Christ, he's a man and even if he wasn't he is too God Damn young for ya. He just needs your protection, your help, he doesn't need ya putting the moves on him. He walked down the hall and to the kitchen, he was going to stick to his plan. He was going to grab some breakfast to take up to Remy and figure out what the hell happened last night. The sleeping pills just added one more thing to his list to talk about.

He pushed open the kitchen door and almost ran his face into it when it pushed back. He stepped back and the door crept open slowly. A smiling red head poke her head out. "Sorry Logan."

Logan rolled his eyes. "Who the hell's idea was it to put a revolving door in the kitchen anyway?"

Jean laughed as she exited the door to join Logan. "I don't know who's idea it was, but you were the one that installed it."

"Well remind me to un-install it." Logan smiled at her.

"I thought you ate earlier, are you already hungry again? Or is this a beer run?" Jean looked at her watch and then back at Logan with a 'it's a little too early for beer' look.

"I was just grabbing the Cajun some breakfast, he is...a little under the weather." Logan didn't want to tell any of them that he got into a fight, he wanted to talk to him first and find out what really happened.

"Is he alright? Has he gone down to Hank?" Jean questioned with genuine concern.

"Who go down to Hank for what?" Scott came out of the kitchen door with his jacket and keys in hand.

"Logan says Remy is ill." She looked from Scott to Logan, waiting for an answer.

"Gambit's sick? What now?" Scott flinched when his wife hit him with a telepathic slap."Ow!" He rubbed his head.

Jean shifted her angry look towards her husband to one of sympathy as she looked back at Logan. "Is he alright?"

"Yea Jeannie, he's going to be alright, just a little tired." He looked down to the jacket in Scott's hand. "Where ya all off to?"

"We are going out to do a little shopping and then to Harry's for lunch, want to go?" Jeannie smiled at Logan in hopes that he would go, she regretted missing the trip out the night before.

"I'd like to Jeannie, but I want to make sure the kid is better then he was last night." Logan suddenly remembered that Harry drove Remy home the night before. "Ya could do me a favor Cyke, Remy left his bike at Harry's last night, could ya drive it back?"

Scott's eyes widened in shock and he point to himself "Me? Drive that bike? Gambit would kill me if he saw me touching it."

"Well that is why ya just do it and don't tell him. If he gets mad I will tell him that I told ya to do it. I don't want to leave it there." Logan was afraid that even with Harry watching the bike that the gang that attacked Remy would come back and do damage to the bike, that would really depress the kid.

"Get me the keys, I'm not going to argue. I have been wanting to get my hands on that bike since he rode it up on the grounds the first time." Scott got a gleam in his eyes like a kid with a new toy.

Logan growled. "Don't go messing it up. Gumbo has every inch of that bike memorized. He will know if ya messed it up and I won't save ya from him then."

"Alright, alright, I'll be careful. We will be leaving in about 15 minutes. We'll probably be in the garage."

Logan nodded and walked into the kitchen. He stopped before he filled the tray with food and decided it would be best to get the keys first. If Remy was awake when he handed over the keys for his baby to Scott he would have a heart attack. He rushed up the stairs, stopping by his room. He quietly pushed the door open and looked in on the Cajun, still curled up around the pillow asleep. Good, now to find those keys. He walked across the hall to Remy's room. He looked around for the keys, on the dresser, on the nightstand, on the table, no keys. He snapped his fingers as an idea came to him. He searched in the hamper for the clothes Remy had on the night before, if he was as drunk as he said he probably forgot to take them out. Not finding the clothes in the hamper he turned to look around on the floor. He spotted the dark red shirt Remy had on the night before on top of a pile in the corner. There they are. He moved the shirt and saw the jeans underneath, he picked them up by the fly and checked the front pocket, finding nothing but a phone number that he saw a young blonde hand Remy at the bar. He chuckled as the scene replayed in his head. His smile quickly faded as he flipped the jeans around to check the back pockets and noticed the blood stain in the seat of the pants. Oh shit! Suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, Remy afraid to be alone, the things he yelled in his sleep, the cuts and scratches on his face, the bruises on his wrist, the flashes of pain on his face when he moved. Oh Christ kid, why the hell didn't ya tell me. He dropped the jeans on the floor, forgetting about his search, and rushed out the door.

Logan was about to go into his bedroom when Scott yelled up from the stairs. "Hey Logan, you got those keys."

Logan whirled around trying to hid his current panic. "Um..no, I can't find them and the kid's still asleep. Maybe Harry has them. If he doesn't we'll just have to pick it up later."

Scott noticed that Logan's hand were shaking. "Oh, alright. Is everything ok?"

"Yea, everything is fine." Logan waved at Scott and started into his room.

Logan shut the door behind him and leaned against it. He stared at the young body in his bed. What the hell am I going to do now. He closed his eyes and rubbed his face with his big hands. Got to get him to Hank. He rushed over to the bed and sat down gently on the edge next to Remy. He rubbed the boney arm trying to rouse the young man. "Remy? Hey kid wake up for me." He heard a moan and saw Remy's eyes flutter. "That's it come on, wake up."

Remy sluggishly uncurled himself from the pillow and looked up at the person waking him. "Logan?"

"Yea kid, come on I need ya awake. We need to get ya to Hank so he can look over ya." He continued to rub Remy's shoulder until Remy sat up suddenly, forgetting his injuries in his state of half-awake.

The pain shot through Remy's lower body, causing him to double over instinctively. "Merde!"

"Remy! Christ kid are ya alright?" Logan reached over and pulled Remy back down to lay on the pillow again.

"Logan I don't need to go to Henri, I'm fine." Remy tried to hide his pain, but the look on Logan's face told him that the charade was over.

"Remy, I talked to Harry last night and he told me about the guys that jumped ya in the alley, and..." He sighed when Remy looked away from him. "I saw the blood on your jeans, I'm pretty sure I know what happened. We need to go to Hank."

Remy shook his head in panic as he pulled himself over to Logan lap. "Please Logan, don't make me go to Hank." He buried his face in Logan's leg when he started sobbing uncontrolably. He didn't want to lose it in front of Logan, but he figured it didn't matter now. Logan would hand him over to Hank and never talk to him again. Once Hank found out he would tell everyone else.

Logan couldn't watch Remy in this much pain, it broke his heart. "Remy, they could have really hurt ya, Hank will help, ya know that. Why don't ya want to go down to the lab?" He pulled Remy up off his lap into an embrace slowly, not wanting to cause any pain. Remy took the invitation and rested his head against Logan's large chest, resting all his weight on his hip between Logan's legs.

Remy could feel the throbbing pain between his legs and lower body, but didn't care. Anything was worth laying in these strong arms. He felt safe and wanted, something he had never felt since he was banished from New Orleans, torn from his father and family. He felt Logan rubbing his back in circles like he did at the bar. Dieu, if he knew how good that felt.

Logan was worried, Remy had stopped crying, but wasn't answering him. "Remy? Ya didn't answer me. Why won't ya let Hank look at ya?"

Remy started to cry again. Finally he answered, muffled by his face being buried in Logan's shirt. "If Hank finds out he'll tell the others, they'll think I'm a whore. Warren already thinks I am, this will make the others think that too."

"Remy, they're not going to think you're a whore for being raped!" He felt the young man in his arms flinch at the last word. "Ya didn't ask for this to happen, ya couldn't stop them, I know ya tried. That makes ya a victim, you're not to blame."

Remy pushed away from Logan angrily, almost doubling over in pain again. He had wanted to hear those words from someone for so long, but not for what happened to him the night before. Why was this so different. He shook his head. It isn't any different. "It doesn't matter Logan, it doesn't matter if I tried to stop them, it doesn't matter if I didn't want them to do it, all that matters is that is happened and I didn't stop it. They will blame me! They will call me a whore!"

Logan finally understood where Remy's line of thinking was coming from. They did the exact same thing to him after the trial. He knew Remy tried to stop the Massacre, he didn't want it to happen, had nothing to do with the actual deed, but they all blamed him. Called him traitor and murderer. He pulled the sobbing young man back into his arms and held him tightly. "Alright, we won't go to Hank. But ya have to make me a deal." Logan loosened his grip and pulled up Remy's chin to make eye contact with the tear filled eyes. "I won't tell Hank or anyone else, and I won't make ya go to the MedLab. But you have to stay here in this bed all day, I will bring ya some lunch and some dinner later, and ya will eat all of it! I don't want ya moving from this bed unless ya need to piss."

Remy gave him a small smile. "Oui, I can do that."

"I'm not done. I want ya to take it easy the next few days, no danger room, no bike riding, no drinking, and no missions. I also want ya to sleep here with me the next couple nights." Logan felt the muscles in Remy's back tense. "I just want to watch ya and make sure ya don't hurt yourself with those nightmares of yours. Which reminds me...." He fished out the bottle of pills from his pocket. "I had these filled and Hank told me ya are taking too many at a time, only one, not two. He's going to cut ya off if ya keep eating em like candy. Can ya handle all of that?"

Remy smiled. "I can do all that."

"Good, but if ya start running a fever or getting sick I'm dragging ya down to the lab! And I need to know Remy, are ya still bleeding?" He felt the flinch and sighed.

"I don't think so." Remy whispered.

"Well if ya are, ya tell me. And don't try hiding it, I'll find out and drag ya down to the MedLab." Remy nodded against his chest. "Ok, we have a deal then. You, here, for the next couple nights." He felt another nod and smiled.