Logan had to admit the day went a lot better then expected. He had brought Remy lunch and after a little bit of arguing, he got the Cajun to eat the majority of it. He also talked Remy into a hot bath, which he had to help him into, but he didn't really mind. The only bad thing that had happened so far was the nightmare that woke Remy from his nap. After several minutes of coaxing he managed to wake him, but it took several more to calm him down. Only after he was sure that the young man was alright did he leave to grab dinner.

Half way down the stairs he heard the familiar voice of Jean and Ororo. She's Back. Logan felt a small ping of jealousy in the back of his mind. Now that she is back Remy will go sleep in her room. He shook his head, as if the motion would rid him of his thoughts. Stop being selfish, as long as he gets the comfort and support he needs. That is all that matters. He had to admit that he was going to miss having the young man in his bed. It was comforting to have someone there. Someone that needed him, someone to take care of, that trusted him. He would never admit it to anyone, but he loved being needed and wanted. The fact that the man in his bed was one of the prettiest men he had ever seen just made it that much better. Tall and thin, almost too thin. Strong in all the right places, but soft in all the others. Silky hair that he could sit and pet for hours, and those lips and eyes. There ya go again, stop it! He was just violated and ya are having thoughts of ravaging him. Maybe it is better if he goes up to Ro's room.

He stopped his thoughts as he walked into the kitchen, not wanting Jean to pick up on them. "Hey 'Ro, welcome home." He had to force himself to smile at her. Something in the back of his head was registering her as competition. Even though he knew that was ludicrous, his feral mind was never one for reason. Right now that part of his mind was still thinking in mating mode.

Ororo wrapped her long arms around Logan, giving him a friendly hug. "I am glad to be back. My vacation was wonderful, but I was beginning to miss my family."

Jean smiled, happy to have her friend back. She looked at Logan with a concerned look, noticing the conflicting emotions running through his blue eyes. "Logan is there something wrong?"

Logan snorted and walked over to the frig. "Nope, just coming down here for the Cajun's dinner."

"Remy is still feeling ill? I really think he should go to Hank." She tried to spy in on Logan's mind, just to figure out where this attitude was coming from all of a sudden. She had never seen Logan act this cold towards Ororo, they were practically best friends.

Logan felt the attempt and raised his eyebrow at her. "Ya can stop that, Red."

"Sorry, Logan." Jean gave him a innocent smile. "I will leave you two to catch up. I must meet my husband in the Danger Room." She waved as she left the kitchen.

Storm sensed the tension in the room and tried to ignore it. She figured it was just Logan being in one of his moods. "You say Remy is ill, is he alright?"

"He's fine, just a little cold. I'm trying to keep him in bed." Logan answered while piling food onto a tray.

Storm laughed at the amount of food he was pulling out of the refrigerator. "I hope you plan on eating some of that! Remy will never eat that much food at one time!"

Logan looked at her annoyed. "He will eat it, if I have to force it down him. He needs to gain some weight."

Storm caught the annoyance and thought maybe she should check on her brother. She knows that Remy can be a bit stubborn at times, and Logan does not have the best temper for such things. "Maybe I should go see Remy. I need to tell him I am home anyway." She jumped when the glass jar of the mayo hit the counter hard.

"He's fine 'Ro! I have everything under control. I am taking care of him." Logan took a deep breath and braced himself against the counter. "'Ro I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at ya."

Ororo recovered from the outburst and managed a weak smile. "If he is getting to you I can take care of him, I know how stubborn he is."

Logan's anger flared again and he questioned himself. Christ why am I doing this, its not like he is my pet or something. Why are ya so worried about him leaving anyway? "Forget it 'Ro, everything's fine. I will tell him you're back." He grabbed the overfilled tray and raced out the door. He walked back slowly, thinking about what he was doing. Fighting with 'Ro, being overprotective of Remy, offering support to Remy that he would never give anyone else. This was just not him. Then it finally came to him, he wanted him there. He wanted Remy to be there in his arms as he slept. He realized that he was not only giving Remy comfort and support, he was getting it in return. How could one night turn into a habit?


Remy laid, curled up around a pillow in Logan's bed. Logan's bed. He smiled and purred at the thought. He liked it here, the bed was warm and the body that he shared it with was even warmer. He found Logan unbelievable attractive, always had, but told himself long ago that Logan would skin him alive if he ever knew he felt that way. Logan was the poster boy for straight men. Strong and rough with that macho 'I don't need anyone' attitude. He would have never imagined Logan letting him sleep in the same room with him, or ever the same bed. In less then 24 hours he had seen a side of Logan that he had never seen. He was supportive, caring...loving. Loving? Remy shook his head against the pillow. Oh stop it, he doesn't love y'. It's just pity. He sees a weak kid that can't even stop someone from... He stopped the thought before it finished. He clung to the pillow beside him, burying his face into it. He could smell the scent of Logan. It made him wish he was here. Like someone granting his wish, the door suddenly came open. Remy rolled over and smiled as Logan came in, the smile faded when he saw the full tray of food. "I hope y' don't expect me to eat all that!"

Logan had to chuckle, the look of surprise on Remy face was enough to lift his spirits. It amazed him how just being in the same room with Remy made him forget about everything that happened. He walked over to the bed and sat down the tray. "Ya are going to eat a lot of it, but I'll help."

"You're going to have to help a lot then, this is half the frig!" Remy gave him a smile as he grabbed a crouton off one of the salads and popped it into his mouth.

Logan picked up the salad and stuck a fork in the side. He hand it over to Remy. "Sit up...unless.."

Remy sat up slowly and reached out for the bowl. "It's alright, I feel better. The warm bath helped."

Logan grinned. "I'm glad it did, maybe ya should take another tonight before ya go to bed." Unless he not sleeping with ya tonight... a voice reminded him. Logan sighed. Might as well get this over with. "Ororo's back, she came in when I was downstairs."

Remy's eyes lighted up. "Really? I missed her, I'm glad she's home." He stuffed another bite of salad in his mouth, then the thought hit him. Ororo's home, he probably wants y' out. After dinner he will probably shove y' out on your ass. He rested the salad on his lap between his hands, his appetite gone.

Logan noticed the sad look. "What's wrong, kid?"

Remy decided it would be better to get this over with. How could he have ever thought Logan might love him. It was just pity all along. He sat the salad down on the tray in the center of the bed and got up. "Merci, Logan for all y' did. It meant a lot to me." He slowly bent over and picked up the few articles of clothing he had shed.

Logan watched him in wonder. "Where are ya going? We had a deal. Ya will sit here and eat this food."

Remy stood there in his boxers and t-shirt holding dirty laundry and a blanket. He was too confused to move, but didn't want to go back and act like nothing had changed. "Logan..."

"Just sit and finish your dinner."

Remy dropped his things in a pile on the floor by the bed and sat back down. He took the bowl of salad that Logan held out to him.

"Now, what was that all about?" Logan asked through bites of his sandwich. He tried to act calm, but inside he was screaming. He couldn't let Remy leave, not without a fight. He was determined to keep him there as long as he could.

"Logan, I just figured that since Stormy was back y' would want me to leave. I can sleep in her room, there is no reason to bother y' anymore. I have taken up enough of your time." Remy took another bite of his salad when Logan tapped the bottom of his bowl, reminding him to eat.

"Remy, you're fine here. Ya can sleep in here as long as ya want. I don't mind, really." The voice in the back of his head was yelling. Tell him ya idiot, tell him ya like him here. Tell him ya want him here! He ignored the voice and decided excuses were better. "She just got home and probably needs to settle in. It's better that ya stay here anyway. I know you Remy, ya won't tell her what happened and that's not good for ya or her. I know what's going on, so I know what ya need." Logan huffed at himself, knowing he was babbling. "It's up to ya kid. I understand if ya want to sleep with her.Ya probably be more comfortable up there."

"Non!" Remy blushed when he realized that came out a little louder then he meant. "I'll stay here, I like sleeping with y'." He looked down at his bowl, his blush getting redder when he realized what he just said. "That is if ya don't mind me here."

Logan smiled, his mind cheering at the victory. "I don't mind at all." He handed Remy a sandwich and made a small confession of his own. "I like ya sleeping here too." He chuckled lightly when Remy blushed again. "Now eat your dinner, you can finish what's left on the plate."

Remy looked down at the second sandwich, potato salad, baked beans, and serving of chocolate mousse that still sat on the plate. "There's no way I can eat all this."

Logan laughed. "You'll eat all of it."