Ororo walked through her greenhouse in the loft, checking on everything. While she was gone Jean watched her plants, but she still only trusted herself to truly care for them. She mindlessly watered and pruned her plants as she pondered Logan's behavior in the kitchen earlier that night. She has never had Logan snap at her. She had seen him, many of times, have words with others, but not her.


The goddess snapped out of her mulling. "I am in here, my friend."

Jean walked into the greenhouse. Seeing Ororo with a watercan and clippers in hand she smiled. "Don't trust me to take care of them?"

Ororo smiled back to her friend, knowing it was just in jest. "You have done a wonderful job caring for my children, but they need the attentions of there mother, they have missed me."

"If you keep that up I will begin to think you can control plants as much as the weather."

"Don't worry my friend. I cannot control them. I just give them what they need and they show me there appreciation." She sat down her tools on the shelf and walked with her friend to the living space of the loft. "Now are you just visiting my dear friend, or is there something on your mind?" She knew it was the latter.

Jean took a seat in a chair by the window. "Yes, there is something I would like to ask you. Tonight in the kitchen, I noticed Logan was acting rather strange. Is there something wrong between the two of you?"

Ororo took a chair across from Jean and shook her head. "No, I was as much surprised by his behavior as you. He has never acted like that towards me before. I thought maybe it was because he was looking after my brother. I know how stubborn and irritating he can be, especially ill. When I mentioned checking on Remy and offering my help he barked at me. I am not sure what is going on."

Jean sighed, she was hoping Ororo would be able to solve the mystery. "He has been watching Remy the past couple days. He says Remy is ill, but Hank didn't know anything about it when I asked him earlier. He said that Logan had came down to refill one of Remy's prescription, but never mentioned anything about Remy being ill. Scott also said something about Logan looking upset in the hall yesterday. Something is going on and I am not sure what it is."

"Maybe I will check on Remy tonight. I did not want to step on Logan's toes, but I have not seen my brother yet. I would like to know what they are hiding as well. Logan seems persistent on taking care of Remy himself, which is very odd." She stood, eager to solve this mystery now. "I will tell you if I find out anything."

Jean stood and nodded as she walked to the door. "I will talk to you tomorrow morning. I think Hank is going to check on him before breakfast, so he can update us on that." She snickered mentally, she felt like a girl stuck in a Nancy Drew novel.

Ororo waved at her friend. She decided to take a quick shower and then go check on Remy, and hopefully find out what was wrong with Logan.


Logan sat on his bed waiting for Remy to finish his bath. He had tried to help him like he had that morning, but the young man had told him he could handle it himself. He heard the water still running as it filled up the large tub. His acute hearing picked up the sounds of Remy's clothing being removed and thrown to the floor. He told himself, the only reason he was listening so intently was to make sure the Cajun was really alright. He closed his eyes and began imagining those few articles of clothing sliding off that almost perfect frame, showing soft pale skin pulled over hard muscle. He heard the water turn off, a soft moan came from the room as Remy slid into the warm water. The sound pulled a soft groan from Logan's lips as he visioned the young man making that same sound for a whole other reason.

His eyes flashed open when he heard a soft knock at the door. Surprised that he had not noticed the person before they arrived at his door. He then realized that he was rock hard from his day-dreaming. Shit! He heard the knock again and a soft voice call out his name. Damn, it's 'Ro. He stood up and untucked his flannel shirt from his jeans draping it over the bulge in his pants. He stomped over to the door and pulled it open. "Hey 'Ro, what's wrong?"

Ororo took in Logan's slightly flushed appearance and dismissed it, deciding he must have been working out as he did most nights before turning in. "I was just went over to check on Remy and he was not there. Do you know where he went, I thought he was ill."

Logan huffed. Might as well spill it. If I lie and say he's not here she will send out a search party. "I told ya I was taking care of him, he's in here."

Ororo tried to hide her surprised, but didn't manage completely. "May I see him?"

Logan stepped out of the way and waved her in. "Ya will have to wait until he gets out of the bath."

"Bath? Well it seems you have been taking very good care of him." She looked around noticing Remy's clothing on the floor, medication on the table, and other items she recognized as her brothers. "It looks like for awhile now." She raised an eyebrow at him.

"He has only been her for a few nights." He was starting to get defensive. Why is it Remy practically lives in 'Ro's room and no one says anything, but the second he's in my room everyone starts questioning things. "I'm going to drag him down to breakfast tomorrow, so ya can see him there. He'll be out cold the second he hits the pillow when he gets out of that bath. So you can see him tomorrow."

Ororo heard the coldness in Logan's voice, and it was beginning to anger her. "Logan, what is going on? You have been snippy with me all day, especially when it concerns Remy. I demand you tell me what is wrong."

"I'm just tired 'Ro, and I know Remy is too, he is probably asleep in the tub. So I need to go fish him out, get him in bed and go to sleep myself." He unconsciously began pushing Ororo towards the door as he talked. When they reached the open door his arm was grabbed by the tall goddess. Before he could protest he was out in the hall, the door closed behind him by a gust of wind.

Ororo was now beginning to understand why Logan was being cold towards her, to keep her away from Remy. This angered her more then anything."You will tell me what is going on, and you will do so now. You are hiding something and it obviously concerns my brother. Why do you not wish me to speak to Remy? You have been keeping me away from him since I returned. I humored you until now. Have you hurt him? Is that what you are hiding?"

Logan growled, anger flaring dangerously, blindly. Angered words began pouring out of his mouth before he could even think to stop them. "I would NEVER hurt Remy! I am taking care of him! He wants to stay here, and I want him to stay, so drop it! If ya think ya can walk in here and take him away ya got another thing coming!" Logan's eyes narrowed when he noticed the goddess smiling. "What are ya smiling for?"

Ororo put her delicate hand over her mouth, attempting to cover up her growing smile. She completely understood now, at least most of it, she felt almost foolish not thinking of it before. She had many late night talks with Remy about the people in the mansion. They would laugh about Ororo's attractions, and Remy's as well. Remy had mentioned liking Logan many times, but she had always directed him away from them, afraid Logan would hurt her brother if the truth was ever exposed. Looks like she was wrong. Logan obviously feels the same way, apparent by his jealous rantings and over protectiveness. "Logan, I am not going to come in here and rip Remy away from you. If he wants to stay here and you are willing to have him in your bed, so be it. I think you are good for each other."

Logan's eyebrows raised in surprise. "What are ya talk....Hold on just one minute! It's not like that 'Ro! Yea, I like the kid, he's a good friend, but it's not like that....I mean...Well ya know what I mean...It's just...."

Ororo began to laugh lightly, she had never seen Logan so lost for words. She put her hand on Logan's shoulder, hoping to stop the babbling. "Logan?" She waited for him to look up from the floor. She had to suppress here giggling when she noticed the redness of his face. "My friend, you are blushing." She laughed out loud as she walked away from him and down the hall. She stopped at the stairs and turned again to her friend. "Don't worry Logan, your secret is safe with me. Well, at least as safe as it can be in the mansion."

Logan heard her giggling continue down the stairs. Damn it! It's not like that! I am not going to take advantage of the kid. Now she is going to go blabbing it to the whole mansion that I like Remy and it's going to get turned around. If Remy gets wind of it he will think I'm doing this with alternative motives, damn it! He huffed and went back into the room. He expected Remy to be out of the tub, but he wasn't. He looked around and noticed the door to the bathroom was still ajar. He quickly walked to the door and knocked lightly. "Kid, ya ok in there?" All he heard was a small groan. He pushed the door open slowly. Remy laid there in the tub, his head resting on the back, totally asleep. He reached for a big towel and knelt down to try and wake Remy up. "Hey, Remy." he whispered while he pushed back a wet strand of hair. His hand trailed down the strand to the young man's face and down his cheek. He smiled gentle when Remy turned into the touch and released a small moan. "Wake up, you're gonna turn into a prune, and the water's getting cold."

Remy's eyes flickered and then opened. "Logan?"

Logan stood up again and held out the towel. "Come on, let's get ya to bed."

Remy sleepily stood up and shivered instantly when his body left the warm water and met the cold air. He was thankful when Logan wrapped the soft towel around his body, bringing him close for a moment. He stepped out of the tub and stumbled slightly due to his state of half asleep. Logan caught him before he fell, wrapping his arm around his waist. Even in his groggy state of mind he thought about how wonderful this felt. To have Logan holding him, being this close, caring enough to help him, he didn't want it to end.

Logan turned Remy around and sat him on the bed. "Wait right there darlin', I'll go get ya some clothes." Logan headed out of the room to Remy's to grab some new clothes. In the hall it hit him. I just called him darlin'. Oh shit! Logan stood in the hall for a moment, trying to decide what to do. It's not like ya can run away from this one. Just get his clothes and go back in, like nothing happened. He is probably so tired he didn't notice anyway. With a false determination he went into Remy's room and grabbed some new sweats and boxers and returned, ready to confront Remy.

He opened the door and began to talk, never taking his eyes off the floor. "I hope these are alright, I just grabbed what was on top." He looked up from the floor, expecting a startled Cajun to be staring back at him. Instead his eyes met with a very naked Cajun asleep on his bed. Logan released the breath he was holding and laughed quietly. He walked over to the bed and tried to roll the young man over to face him. "Come on, need to get ya in some clothes." He was met with one of Remy's trademark whimpers and decided maybe it was better this way. For who he wasn't sure, but he wasn't going to argue. He discarded the damp towel that Remy had rolled out of and pulled up the comforter. He stifled a yawn and decided he could do with going to bed as well.

He slowly worked his way out of his clothes down to his boxers. Something he was not really used to sleeping in, but in consideration to the Cajun he left them on, especially now. He pulled up the corner of the covers and slid in, laying on his back. He felt the movement from the other side of the bed and silently hoped that Remy wouldn't cuddle up with him again. He was not sure he could handle that right now. He would hate to do something that he would regret later. He felt Remy move closer, but still kept his distance. Logan sighed in relief, but then jumped as he felt Remy's hand snake across his chest and rest on his heartbeat. Logan fought back his thoughts of ravishing the young body next to him and closed his eyes, forcing himself to sleep. Before completely crossing into slumber he placed his hand onto Remy's.