Title: After the Pain
Date Written: May 2002
Author: Court
Rating: PG13 to R
Pairing: Remy/Logan
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Fandom: AU X-men Comicverse
Disclaimer: All characters are owned by Marvel, not me. I make no money from my fanfiction.
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Warning: Slash, M/M situtations. Bad Language. Violence. Abuse.
Notes: This story is AU, based on Comicverse. Slash, nothing graphic. Language. Violence. Character Death.
Author's Note: If the Letters Look Like This that means the characters are thinking it....not telepathy, just to themselves.
If the ~Letters are in Squiggles~ it is Telepathy. As usual, I went easy on the accents. And I am not a professional writer and my english grammar sucks, so bare with me. Enjoy the story, not the grammar. ^_^
Summary: Post Antarctica. Remy's relationship with Rogue has taken an abusive turn. Logan steps in an attempt to help, but only causes more problems when he finds new feelings for Remy.
I'm in serious shit, I feel totally lost
If I'm asking for help it's only because
Being with you has opened my eyes
Could I ever believe such a perfect surprise?
I keep asking myself, wondering how
I keep closing my eyes but I can't block you out
Wanna fly to a place where it's just you and me
Nobody else so we can be free
All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
This is not enough
This is not enough
-T.A.T.U. 'All the Things She Said'

Logan made his way into, what he expected to be, the empty kitchen. It was still early for most people in the mansion, but he had already had enough time for his daily workout, take a shower, and smoke a cigar before making his way to breakfast. He was slightly surprised to find Jean dozing off at the the table. "Mornin', Red. Rough night?" He chuckled after getting a better look at the ruffled redhead, she had definatly not looked in a mirror before coming down.

"Good Morning Logan, and yes. I did not get much sleep last night." Jean grunted while rubbing her temples, trying to rid herself of the growing headache.

"Troubles in paradise?"

"Not in my paradise, but Remy and Rogue were at it again last night. I understand that their relationship is going to be a mess after the trial, but it is getting ridiculous. They seem to be fighting almost every night, and, I swear, her voice gets louder every time." She shook her head and cringed from the movement. "I am actually getting worried to tell you the truth. It sounded like they were throwing things last night."

"Has anyone talked to either of them this morning?" Logan took another sip from his mug of black coffee and scowled at the taste. Jean had obviously made it, too weak for his taste.

"Scott is talking to Remy right now. He is going to ask him to keep the arguing to a minimum, or at least argue quietly."

"I don't think Rogue can do anythin' quietly. Is he going to talk to her too?"

"I don't think so, I am sure telling Remy to cool it will stop most of the fighting."

"What if Rogue is startin' it? Throwin' things is her specialty in an argument, and you say its her voice keepin' ya up at night." Logan voice began to slightly raise in his anger. He hated how everyone ganged up on the Cajun all the time.

Jean gave him a glare that showed she did not enjoy being barked at, especially not this early. "Well I see who's side you are on. Why are you defending Remy?"

"I'm sorry Jeannie, I didn't mean to take it out on you. It just pisses me off that its always Remy that seems to get the shit for what that girl does." Logan gulped down the rest of his fowl tasting coffee and pushed the mug away in disgust.

Jean shook her head, she didn't have to read his mind to know the point he was trying to prove. He always hated her coffee, but she refused to make anything close to the muck he made every morning. She grabbed his empty mug and added them both to the sink with her TK. "What do you mean Logan, we are not any harder on him then we are on Rogue."

Logan growled. Even her look of total surprised didn't stop him from raising his voice now. He didn't care who he was taking it out on, he was pissed. The way Remy has been treated, especially by Rogue, since he returned made him sick. Ever since he returned to the mansion people started to use him as the scapegoat for everything from missing keys to stains on the rug, and this was the last straw! "Bullshit, Jeannie. Rogue has treated him like he's nothin' since the relationship began. She left him in a coma, only to come back and fuck with Joesph in front of him. Then she dumps him on the ice, and tells us he died. Nothing was said or done about that, I might add. Now she drags him back in to yell and throw things at him, and what do you do, you blame him for that too!" By the end of his ranting his face had turned red with anger.

"Logan! Do not blame me for things I have nothing to do with. I understand that you are mad, I know you consider Remy a friend, but you have to admit that he has not helped the relationship any with his actions. I am not saying that what he did justifies everything she has done, but he is the one that keeps going back to her." She looked Logan in the eyes and could see there was something else bothering him. This little outburst was just his way of ignoring it. "What's really wrong, Logan?"

Logan sighed, Jean could always see right him. She was right, there was something else on his mind. It was actualy someone on his mind, Remy. He ran a hand through his hair and finally poured out the thoughts he had been harbouring for months. "Jeannie, she's killin' him. He's not the same spunky kid that walked onto the grounds five years ago. He walks around here like a ghost of himself, almost like he's broken. I hate to see him hurtin' like this. I don't know why, but it really bothers me. You may have to listen to them fight all the time, because you are next to Rogue's room, but my room is next to Remy's. I hear him come in after those fights, there have been times that he stays awake all night cryin'. This is really fuckin' him up and everyone blaming him for every little thing that happens is not helpin'."

"Logan." Jean began, but was interrupted by the door to the kitchen quickly opening. "We will talk later." She whispered as the person they were talking about made his way through the room.

"Morning, Remy."

Remy said nothing. He adjusted the sunglasses that were perched on his face and walked straight to the back door, exiting the house to the grounds. As soon as the back door closed the kitchen door opened again as Scott slowly entered.

"I take it the talk did not go well?" Jean asked offering Scott a mug of coffee.

"I don't know really, he didn't say anything. He just stood there. When I was done, he left." Scott sighed taking a seat at the table and grabbing the morning paper.

"He was obviously not happy when he came through here, what did you say to him?" Jean was concerned. Remy used to at least put up a fight when confronted, even if it was just playful bantering meant to annoy Scott.

"I just told him that he needed to consider everyone else's feelings for a change. Stop thinking about just himself. Just the typical 'be quiet so we can sleep' speech." Scott grabbed his mug when it almost toppled over from the table shifting violently. He looked up to find the cause was from Logan's fist slamming against it's surface. Logan stood, shoving his chair against the wall behind him, and walked to the back door. With a growl, that Scott knew was directed at him, he slammed the door behind him on his way out. "What was that about?"

Jean sighed and rubbed her hand over her forehead feeling the headache's return. "Nothing honey, I will talk to him later." She turned and looked out the kitchen window, watching Logan make his way into the yard towards the boat house. "He is going to talk to Remy, maybe it will do them both some good, so let them be for now".


Logan followed the scent he had memorized so many years ago, a scent that could only be Remy. He normally loved that smell, he always had since the day the kid stepped on the property, there was just something about it. Lately that scent had been laced with a depression and need that overpowered his essence, tainting it. He knew this couldn't go on, or it would destroy the Cajun, and he wasn't about to let that happen. The trail finally ended at the dock near the boathouse where the lone figure still sat at its edge. Logan stood at the entrance of the dock watching the water reflect the waking sun across Remy's body. Even though it was the beginning of summer, Remy wore a long sleeved shirt and worn jeans covering almost ever inch of his thin body. The ever present sunglasses still sat on his face. Logan was awoke from his silent visual by Remy's voice.

"Come to yell at me for somethin' too, homme?" Remy asked quietly.

"Do I have a reason to?" Logan questioned back, pulling out a cigar from his pocket while making his way towards the Cajun.

"Why not, everyone else seems to lately."

Logan took a seat next to Remy on the edge of the dock, hanging his feet over the side, and lighting his cigar. Now closer he got a better look at the Cajun next to him. Remy was sitting with his legs curled up to his chest, his chin resting between his knees. His long hair, normally pulled back in a pony tail, was now loose and covering his face, shining in the sun like a curtain of flames. Again Logan's stares were interrupted.

"I'd like to be alone if y' don't have nothin' to say." Remy quietly mumbled. He really didn't mean it, he didn't want to be alone. Logan's company would be an invited cure for his loneliness, but he knew he couldn't be here to offer support.

"I was just checkin' on ya, kid. You haven't seemed yourself lately. You seemed upset stormin' through the kitchen just now." Logan raised a hand to place on Remy's back and was surprised by Remy's flinch. "Sorry kid, just thought you might need some..." Logan was silenced by what Remy's movement had now shown him. His hair had fallen back from the Cajun's face and he could see the bruise that was only partially covered by the young man's sunglasses. Logan reached up and slowly removed the glasses from the Cajun's face, surprised that he didn't fight him. Remy closed his eyes to block the glare of the sun, causing him to miss the look of concern that made its way across Logan's face. "Remy, how in the hell did this happen?" He had a good idea on how the kid got the black eye. It made him want to get up and run back to the mansion to kill the first white striped brunette he ran across.

Remy blindly grabbed the glasses from Logan's hand and put them back on. "It's nothin', Logan. Just wasn't payin' attention in the Danger Room yesterday and got wacked in the eye. I'll make sure to watch what I'm doin' next time." He hated to lie to Logan, but he couldn't tell him who gave him the bruise, and why.

Logan knew the boy was lying, even if he didn't smell it, it wasn't possible for Remy to get it in the Danger Room. He had spent the whole day with Scott doing maintenance on the control booth, and the room was closed. He hated to let it drop, but for now he had to, Remy would never tell him the truth about it. He had to go for another stratagy. "Ya got plans with Rogue tonight, kid?"

Remy looked up at Logan and shook his head. "I don't think so. She said somethin' 'bout shoppin' with the femmes."

"Well then you're mine for the night."

"Huh?" Remy stuttered, a slight tinge of fear in his voice.

"I just need a partner for pool tonight!" Logan chuckled. "You want to meet for Harry's later? Say around 6 o'clock."

"Sure, I'll go with y'!" Remy chirped excitedly and smiled. "I mean if y' don't have someone better in mind." He quickly said, trying to cover his state of excitement.

"Good, now come on, you look like you haven't got much sleep lately. Why don't we get you in bed, and you can take a short nap. I'll wake ya later, and we can go to Harry's." Logan got up and offered his hand to help up the baffled Cajun.

Remy took the Canadian's hand and pulled himself up from the deck. "Now y' tucking me into bed? I don't need a babysitter, homme."

"I ain't babysitting ya, Gumbo. I just want to make sure ya get some sleep so I have a worthy opponent for pool tonight. You look so tired you probably couldn't see the balls, let alone hit 'em."

Remy snorted. He couldn't understand why Logan was acting this way, but he didn't mind. He craved these kinds of feelings, concern, understanding, and friendship. He needed these feelings more then he needed food, water, or the sleep that the Canadian insistently pulled him back into the mansion for. What he wouldn't do for Rogue to act like this, but lately all she ever showed was her anger, fear, and distrust, but he knew that was his fault.

The two men made there way into the house and up to the third floor silently, surprisingly not running into anyone on the way. "You gonna go in there and sleep, or do I have to tuck ya in?" Logan joked while opening the door to the young man's room and pointing at the bed with a silent order.

"That's ok, homme, I can manage, but if y' really want to tuck me in I won't mind." Remy winked and gave the older man a sly smile. Remy silently wished Logan would take the offer, stay close while he slept, but he knew that would never happen.

Logan smiled and playfully smacked Remy on the back, missing the slight flinch it caused from the Cajun. "Now, that's the Gumbo I remember! Get in there and get some sleep."

"You'll wake me up later?" Remy hoped Logan wouldn't change his mind about Harry's.

"Yea kid, around 5, give ya time to get a shower before we leave. Now get some sleep!" Logan walked out, closing the door behind him.

Remy made his way to the bed and sat on it edge. He was tired and he knew he needed sleep, but didn't know if he could manage. There was too much running through his head. He reached up and took off his sunglasses and sat them on the night stand. He fingered the bruise on his eye and hissed from the pain that shot through his cheek and jaw. I wonder if he knows? "Doesn't matter, even if he does, he knows I deserve it, he knows what I did." He whispered to the empty room. He dropped back on the bed and stretched out, not bothering to pull back the covers or change out of his clothes. He closed his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Logan made his way back down the stairs. Every one of his instincts yelled at him to find Rogue and put her in her place, to protect Remy. Stop you idiot, he's not yours to protect and this is none of your business. He decided to take his mind off the situation by working on his bike. It needed repairs, and he wanted it ready for tonight. First grabbing a beer from the fridge, he headed out the door to the garage, only to run into the females getting ready to leave on their shopping trip.

"Hello Logan, come to work on your bike?" Betsy smiled.

"Stay out of my head, Betsy, or else!" Logan threatened, popping out his claws.

Jean laughed knowning it was friendly bantering. "Will you two stop. Oh! Logan did you talk to Remy?" Jean asked, suddenly serious.

Logan pulled in his claws and turned his attention to Jean. Before Logan could answer her question, Rogue entered the garage and glared at Logan. "Talk to Remy about what?"

"I think ya know girl!" Logan growled, unable to hide his anger now that Rogue was in front of him. It took everything not to drop her to the ground and mess up her pretty face like she did the Cajun's.

Rogue flew straight towards Logan, covering the distance in seconds. Only inches from Logan's face she snarled "No, I don't know, why don't ya tell me sugah?" She punched her finger into his chest, testing Logan's control.

Jean inturrupted them with a mental command. ~Logan! Rogue! The both of you stop right now.~ They both stopped their verbal threats but neither backed away from each others glare, waiting for the other to make a move. Jean decided she had to stop this before it went any further. She really didn't want Rogue's company while she was this angry, but knew she had to separate the two of them. "Logan, we will talk about this later. Rogue, we are leaving, are you coming?".

"Yea, I'm comin." Rogue spat backing away from Logan. She turned to leave only to be spun back around.

"Ya hurt him again girl, and it will be me ya will have to deal with." He whispered in her ear like acid.

Jean could see Rogue's temper rising and knew that could cause a lot of damage, not only to the house, but to Logan as well. She honked the horn of the car and hoped it would break Rogue's trance, it did. The Southerner huffed and got in the car, which quickly left the garage, leaving a very pissed off Logan alone.

He ran a hand through his hair and sighed, before popping open the beer and downed it in one long gulp. With a growl he threw the empty bottle at the garage wall and it shattered, showering broken glass across the floor. "Handled that one well, bub."

"I hope you plan on cleaning that up, Logan." The calm voice came from the still open door.

Logan looked up seeing the tall white-haired goddess standing with her arms crossed, trying to give him a stern look and failing miserably. "Yea 'Ro, I'll sweep it up. I figured you would be out with the girls shoppin'."

"No, Jean invited me, but when I heard Rogue would be accompanying us, I declined." Ororo retrived the dustpan and handed it to Logan who had begun sweeping up his mess.

"So, I'm not the only one that wants to hurt the girl, huh? What your beef with her?" Logan asked sweeping the shards into the pan and throwing them in the bin.

"Normally I would never wish any harm to her, but between us, I probably would not stop you from taking out your anger." She frowned and sighed. "I am just not happy with the way she has been treating my brother as of late."

Logan put the broom back in its place and leaned against the nearby wall. "So, we both have the same problem with her. I take it you have seen his black eye this mornin'?"

"No, Logan, I have not, but I have seen the other bruise before, so I can imagine."

"What! Other bruises? What are ya talkin' about 'Ro?" Logan growled. He couldn't believe he never noticed. How long had it been going on? He felt a tinge of guilt building in the pit of his stomach. He should have been there for Remy.

"This has been going on for some time, Logan. In the beginning Remy would come to me after the arguments and I would see the bruises and wounds. He would never tell me exactly what happened, make excuses, but I put the pieces together after a while. I confronted Rogue about the abuse, and she denied it all. My brother has not been up to see me since that day. I have tried to talk to him and convince him he needs to leave the relationship, but he refuses to hear me out. I know my brother, Logan, he is misrable in this relationship, but he is so afraid of being alone that he has convinced himself he still loves her and deserves the abuse."

"Why didn't ya tell me what was goin' on before, instead of letting that bitch mess him up like this!" He never knew it was this bad. he was going to kill that bitch!

"Logan, please calm down, I understand you are angry, as am I. He asked me not to tell anyone and I had to honor his wishes. Like I said, I was not sure exactly what the situation was, he would never confirm it. I could not accuse Rogue openly of abusing Remy unless I was absolutely sure." Ororo made her way across the room and placed a hand on Logan's shoulder. "We will get him through this, he just needs time to understand that this is not what he wants and needs."

"Time? Ro, if he spends anymore time with her she is gonna do somethin' permanent or worse, kill him." The last of his own statement hit him hard. What if she did kill him, she could easily do it, even without meaning to. He couldn't even imagine what he would do, all he knew is that it wouldn't be pretty.

"He needs someone to convince him of that. To show him that love is not made to be painful. Most importantly, make him believe he will not be alone if he leaves her. He considers you a very close friend Logan, you know that don't you?" Ororo smiled at Logan hoping he would get the hint that her brother needed him.

"What, 'Ro?" Logan muttered confused. He always liked the kid, a lot more then he thought he should, but he didn't think that Remy considered him anything more then a teammate that he occasionally went out drinking with.

"When Remy returned we talked a lot about the trial and the aftermath. He told me that the only thing that scared him about returning was the fear of losing three people. Me, Rogue, and You, Logan. He said everyone else could shun and hate him as long as he had the three of us. He likes you more then he will admit, and I believe you feel the same way. I am not asking you to do anything drastic, but please show him that you will be a friend to him."

"I get it 'Ro. I'll do what I can to get him out of this mess. I don't like the idea of him gettin' hurt anymore then you do."

"He doesn't deserve this, we just have to convince him of that." Ororo pulled Logan into a friendly embrace, more for herself then him. It felt like a huge burden had been removed from her shoulders now that she wasn't alone in this mission to save her brother. If anyone could convince Remy of his worth, it would be Logan, she knew that. She just had to hope it wasn't too late to save him.


Logan had finished all the repairs on his bike early in the evening and even had time to wash and polish it to showroom beauty. In the process of the task he had managed to cover himself in varies greases, fluids, and waxes that he was happy to rid himself of in the warm shower. He glanced over to the clock on the night stand, as he threw on some jeans, a t-shirt, and boots, 4:45 blinked over to 4:46. He figured it was close enough and headed across the hall to Remy's room to wake him.

Logan stood in front of Remy's door ready to knock when he heard a strangled moan followed by a loud mumbling. Logan forgot about knocking and turned the nob, unlocked. "Theif my ass." Logan whispered and rolled his eyes. He cracked the door, sticking his head inside. "Remy? Ya awake, kid?" He didn't get a answer, but the strange mumbling continued. "Kid?" he said again as he walked over to the bed where Remy was obviously caught in some kind of nightmare. Remy was thrashing and Logan wasn't sure how to wake the Cajun. He knew from experience of his own nightmares that touching him would probably be the wrong thing to do. He sat on the edge of the bed and calmly began coaxing the Cajun to reality with his voice "Remy? Come on, ya have to wake up now, you're safe, you're in your room."

"Non! Don't leave me! Don't leave me alone!" Remy jerked up in the bed and reached out to nothing.

Logan could not help but grab frightened young man and take him into his arms. Remy quickly responded by wrapping his arms around Logan's waist and burying his face in his chest. "Remy, it's ok, you're not alone, you're home, you're ok, you're safe." Logan continued to comfort the Cajun, while holding him tightly to his chest. After several minutes the sobs stopped and the trembling started to lessenand he felt Remy pulling away. "Ya ok, kid?" He ran his thumb across Remy's right eye pushing away the tears, avoiding the bruise on his left.

Remy leaned into the caress almost by instinct. Waking up in Logan's arms and being told he was not alone, felt good. There was so much concern and affection from Logan at that moment in his embrace, that he never wanted to leave. He knew he shouldn't think this way, he belonged to Rogue, but she never made him feel this way anymore. If he woke up from a nightmare in her bedroom, when he was lucky enough to be allowed to fall asleep there, she would get angry and make him leave. It made him feel ashamed and weak. Not with Logan, he felt so safe like nothing could hurt him in his arms, like the older man could take away all his nightmares and fears. Lebeau y' are just settin' yourself up for more heartache, just stop, hang on to what you have. Logan will never want you.

Logan began to worry as new tears ran down Remy's face. "Remy, what's goin' on. Talk to me, you're scarin' me."

Logan's voice startled him. Remy was so lost in his brooding that he forgot he was not alone. He quickly wiped away his tears, wincing at the slight pain he caused running across the forgotten bruise. "I'm bien Logan, just a nightmare. Merci, for wakin' me up." He put on the best smile he could manage, trying to convince Logan he was fine. He could tell by the look of on his face that he was failing.

"You want to tell me what the nightmare was about? It looks like it shook ya up pretty bad." Logan continued to caress Remy hair like he was petting a housecat. Even if Remy didn't want to admit it, he could tell the simple touch comforted him.

"It's no big deal. Really. I don't even remember it anymore." Remy lied.

Why does he always have to be a pain in the ass. Logan sighed and got up from the bed. "Ok, we'll play it your way. You'll tell me later, after I beat your ass at pool, understand. Now, get ready and meet me downstairs in 30."

"Who says y' gonna beat me?" Remy silently thanked Logan for the change of subject, if only temporary.

Logan snorted. "Cause I always do, now get ready, I'll meet ya downstairs." With that Logan shut the door to Remy's room leaving the Cajun alone to get ready.

Remy smiled. He was actually excited about going out with Logan. It had been a long time since he felt like going anywhere. He couldn't think of the last time he went somewhere, that wasn't due to a mission or team related. He sat back on the edge of the bed trying to come up with an answer to satisfy his own curiosity. After a few moments of deep thought he smiled. "Bud's" he said aloud and snapped his fingers, as if he had come up with the answer to life's question. His grin widened as he remembered the day.

It was a small diner that had an attached Harley shop and museum. Logan had taken Remy to the place a few days before the trip into space that ended in his trial. They had spent the day eating lunch in the diner and looking over the hundreds of antique bikes in the vast museum. Over the hours they spoke of Remy's days in the guild and Logan's years, at least the ones he remembered, as a spy. They ended up coming home late after spending the latter half of the night closing down Harry's. He had had a good time that day with Logan and learned a lot about the secretive Canadian, and hoped it would turn into a closer friendship, if not more. But after the whole trial happened, he didn't think anyone would want him. When Rogue asked him to return to their relationship he jumped on the opportunity.

He shook his head. He didn't want to think about this right now. He wanted to forget about Rogue, the trial, the massacre, his life. He just wanted to go out and have a night of fun and spend time with Logan. He stood up and stretched and headed for the bathroom to take a quick shower. "Merde!" he muttered, looking at the clock. He decided it had to be a VERY quick shower, he had to meet Logan in 15 minutes. He rushed across the room shedding boots, pants, shirt, and finally his boxers across the floor as he made his way into the bathroom.


Logan tapped ashes from his cigar onto the grass as he leaned against the door to the garage. "Come on, I ain't got all night." He was beginning to think he should go up and check on the kid. Remy was normally not one to be late, unless it was to a Danger Room session, and he did that on purpose to piss off Cyke. What if he decided not to go? What if he was more upset by the nightmare then he thought? What if he did something stupid? Logan put out the cigar on the bottom of his boot and started to head into the house, when the back door opened and Remy rushed over.

"Sorry Logan, shower took longer then I thought and I had to go back upstairs. I almost forgot to leave Rogue a note." Remy said out of breath from running up and down the stairs.

"A note?" Logan chuckled. "You would think you two were married."

"Non, don't think that will happen anytime soon, homme." Remy replied sadly.

"Not the marryin' type Gumbo?" Logan quipped, forgetting all about Remy's estranged wife.

"Non, I'm the marryin type, asked her once, but Rogue ain't too fond of the idea." Remy dropped his eyes to the ground. He really didn't want to talk about this, especially not now. He wanted to forget about this, if only for tonight.

"Well, I think Rogue is a fool then." Noticing the slight blush on Remy's face, he grinned. "Come on Cajun, lets go before the tables are taken. I'll drive." Logan dug out the keys from his pocket and started towards his Harley.

Remy's eyes widened. "Wow! She's beautiful, did y' clean her up? She looks brand new." He looked from the bike to Logan.

Logan smiled, he knew the Cajun would notice the job he did on the bike. "Wanted her to look nice for our ride to Harry's. I know how ya like to go everywhere in style." Logan smiled again as he saw the blush return to Remy's face. He was beginning to love making him do that. He began to think of other ways he could make the kid blush and blushed himself when he felt his pants tightening. Stop it ya bastard, draggin' the kid in for a quick romp in the sheets is not going to help him. But is that what he wanted, just a quick night of sex, one night and then nothing? When he first met the Cajun five years ago, yes would have been the answer to that question. Now that he knew Remy, the real Remy, he didn't know. Logan pushed his current thoughts aside and mounted the bike, patting the seat behind him. "Jump on, let's get goin', the nights wastin' away."

Remy jumped on the back of the bike and placed his arms on Logan's waist. He pulled himself closer and waited for an objection from the Canadian. When he got none he rested his head on Logan's back and smiled. Mon Dieu, this feels good. He shifted himself in the seat, hoping Logan wouldn't notice his growing erection. He closed his eyes and breathed in Logan's masculine scent, thinking how nice it would be to wake up to this smell on the bed sheets every morning. He was startled out of his dreaming when he felt the vibration from the starting engine under him.

"Hold on." Logan yelled over the roaring engine. The bike sped out of the garage and through the gates towards Harry's. He could feel Remy's warm breath on his back and it sent shivers down his spine straight to his groin. Thank God I'm not the one ridin' bitch, it would be no hidin' this then. He took a curve faster then he should and the Cajun wrapped his arms tighter around his waist. Logan could not stop the small content moan that it caused. They finally arrived at their destination and Logan slowly pulled into the lot. He hoped the Cajun wouldn't notice the slight bulge when they parked and headed inside.

"Hey Logan! Kid!" Harry yelled as the two walked in the door. He waved and then pointed at Remy "You got ID on ya this time?"

"Must be in my other pants!" Remy smiled while patting his pockets jokingly.

"Well, guess I'll just have to just trust ya then." Harry winked.

Remy snorted and sat down at a bar stool next to the one Logan had just taken. "Beer Harry, and in the bottle, none of that piss water you try to pass as beer!"

"I guess not everyone has your good taste, Logan, cause everyone else drinks it." Harry grinned and handed Logan a bottle of Budweiser. He looked over at the Cajun. "What's your poison tonight?"

"Bourbon, the good stuff, straight up." Remy pointed at the bottle of 'Old Rip Van Winkle'.

Harry hissed as he turned to grab the bottle. "Must be troubles with the Southern Belle if you're starting the evening with something this hard, kid."

Remy raised his hand up to silence the bartender. "I'm trying to forget her tonight." He threw the drink back in one gulp and slammed the glass onto the counter as a demand for another.

"Don't get too tipsy on me yet, Gumbo, we got a game of pool to play." Logan reminded the Cajun while dropping his bottle to the side, bringing its empty state to Harry's attention.

Harry set the second bottle of Budweiser on the bar in front of Logan, refilled Remy's glass with bourbon and pointed to the second private pool room. "It's all yours if you want it, nobody has called it for the next two hours."

Logan grabbed his beer and got up from the bar. He waited for the Cajun to grab his bottle of bourbon and then grabbed him by the arm, pulling him towards the room. "Come on, I have two hours to kick your ass a couple dozen times."

"Hey, I ain't that bad, just better at cards is all." Remy smirked while patting the always present deck in his pocket.

Logan rolled his eyes. "Do you ever go anywhere without those?" Logan suddenly found himself wondering how the Cajun managed to hide them in the pocket of those pants, they were skin tight, not that he was complaining. He grinned while stepping behind the Cajun, letting him walk in the pool room first, giving himself a first class view of just how tight those pants were.

"Nope, never know when I'll get into a fight and need them." Remy grinned and strutted into the pool room knowing what Logan was up to, he had done it a hundred times himself. He walked over to the wall and grabbed two sticks. He whistled at Logan to get his attention before throwing one at him.

"They obviously didn't help you with Rogue when you got that black eye." Logan pointed out hoping the Cajun would slip on his own lie.

"I'd never use my powers on her, don't want to hurt her. Ain't her fault noway, had this one comin'." He blurted out before realizing that Logan had set him up.

"Had that one comin' huh? Must have done somethin' pretty bad for her to hit you in the face." Logan calmy stated while breaking. He was trying to keep the conversation casual, at least as casual as you can get with this subject. He didn't want to corner the Cajun, that would only make him run.

"Oui." He didn't want to have to say this again. Logan knew what he did, knew why he deserved the punishment that Rogue dealt. Why did he have to repeat it. Why wouldn't anyone just let it go, at least for one night.

Logan turned and leaned against the table looking at the Cajun. "Kid, I'm not here to tell you what to do, but there is nothin' in the world that gives her the right to haul off and hit you. I don't care what you think you did to deserve it, you don't."

Remy didn't say anything he just looked at the floor, closing his eyes trying to stop the tears that were welling up in his eyes. He loved to hear someone say he didn't deserve the way Rogue treated him. He knew Logan was wrong and that he would never understand, but it was nice to hear it none the less. Suddenly he felt Logan's hand reach under his chin and pull his face up to make eyes contact.

"Listen, I just want you to know that I'll always be here for ya, no matter what happens. Just remember that you're never alone." Logan caught the tear that made its way down Remy's face and pulled the Cajun into his embrace. "You deserve more then what the girl has to offer kid, I know ya don't think that now, but its true." Logan stood there for several minutes holding the Cajun. He finally pulled Remy away and smiled. "Now make your play, you're stripes."

Remy rubbed the wetness from his eyes and leaned over the table hitting the cue ball sending the balls in every direction. "Merci, Logan"

"Like I said, kid, anytime." Looking at the table he shook his head and chuckled. "Ya really stink at this game, Gumbo."

Remy laughed. "I think I have a better chance if I just throw the balls into the holes."

"Don't get any bright ideas." Logan smirked. "Maybe one day I'll teach ya how to play right."

"I'd like that, Logan." Remy said with a smile.

They continued to play pool over the next couple hours. Remy lost every game, but Logan tried to not make him look too bad. When a couple of guys knocked on the door saying they had reserved the room, they picked up their bottles and glasses, making there way to a booth in the corner of the bar. They continued their drinking and had conversations about everything from New Orleans to Japan. Logan finished off a couple dozen beers and called it quits. Deciding to let his healing factor catch up with the alcohol so he could drive when the place closed down in thirty minutes. Remy had started on his second bottle of bourbon an hour before and was persistent on trying to finishing it off.

"I'm glad y' drove, I'm startin' to feel the bourbon kickin' in." He slurred while pouring another glass.

"Why ya think I didn't give ya the chance to offer. Had a feelin' you would be getting wasted since ya haven't been out drinkin' in a while." Logan moved the bottle of bourbon away from Remy, at least making it harder for him to drink anymore. The boy was smashed.

"It's been a while, that's for sure. Probably owe the Professor a fortune for what I have taken from his private stash the last few months." The conversation suddenly made him think of the last time he had been out. "Hey, y' 'member that place we went to, the diner with all the bikes." He tried to remeber the name but the buzz was making it hard to remember the details.

"Bud's? Yea, I remember the place, why?" Logan noticed the alcohol was really kicking in and slid the bourbon further down the table. If he wanted the kid to be able to stay on the back of the bike he was going to have to sober him up a bit.

"Did y' like that place?" Remy asked giving Logan an innocent smile.

"Yea kid, I had a good time that day." He couldn't help but laugh at the smile on Remy's face, it made him look so young. He looked like a five year old that had broken into his father's liquor cabinet, and had a bit too much. He knew this was the real Remy, the kid that was always hiding behind the attitude and poker face. It was a shame he had to get him plastered to see it.

"Me too, wanna go back with me?" Remy asked excitedly, the buzz was getting stronger, but he didn't seem to notice.

"Now? I think they're closed Gumbo. So, unless you plan on breakin' in, I think we better wait."

"Non, not now, later. I had a really good time the day we went, it was fun. I asked Rogue if she wanted to go one day but she said she would rather read that stupid book 'Gone with the Wind' again, then go look at dirty bikes with me. I would rather go with y' anyway, you're more fun then her. Thought maybe y' would go with me, but if y' don't want to I understand." Remy stopped, finally realizing that he was rambling. He went to take another drink from his glass when it was snatched from his hands by Logan.

"Sure, Cajun, I would like to go back to Bud's with ya." Logan sat the glass next to the bottle of bourbon at the end of the table.

"So it's a date?" Remy exclaimed grinning ear to ear.

Logan laughed. "Its a date, kid. Now lets get out of her before they lock us in." Logan pulled the kid up from the booth and caught him as he swayed. He put an arm around the Cajun's waist and walked him towards the exit after throwing a hundred dollar bill on the bar in front of Harry. When they made it to the bike in the parking lot he was beginning to worry that the Cajun wasn't going to be able to ride. "Remy, are ya ok enough to hold on?"

"Oui Logan, I will hold on real tight." Remy slurred and gave Logan a sly grin.

Logan mounted the bike and pulled the Cajun onto the back. Remy positioned himself close to Logan's back and wrapped his arms around his waist. After Logan kick started the bike and settled in the seat the Cajun laid his head on Logan's back. "Don't fall asleep on me."

"I promise. I stay awake."

Logan pulled out of the parking lot, taking it slow back to the mansion. He could feel Remy's breathing getting slower and feared that he was falling asleep. When Logan didn't feel Remy moving he reached down with one of his hands and held to Remy's arm just in case the Cajun started to let go. Logan felt a purr against his back and Remy's hand crawled across his until their fingers were intertwined. He began to rub the inside of Logan's palm with his thumb and he released a soft breathe against Logan's neck that made him moan softly. He didn't think it was possible, but the Cajun managed to pull himself closer and began rubbing his face on Logan's back like a cat. Logan felt his pants getting tighter and because the kid was so close, he knew he wasn't the only one with this problem. As soon as the assault started it stopped and he felt the Cajun's breathing even out and his arms go limp. Your a tease. Logan chuckled, holding tightly to the young man's hands. Luckily they were pulling into the gates of the mansion when he fell asleep.

Logan managed to get into the garage without losing his passenger. After parking the bike in the garage he put down the kick stand and tried to coax Remy back to the living."Gumbo, you gonna wake up or do I have to carry ya in?" Logan slowly started manoeuvring his way out from under Remy, catching him before he fell off the bike. "Remy! wake up. Come on, I was jokin', I ain't carryin' ya." Remy moaned and grabbed Logan around the waist pulling him close enough to lay his head on the Canadian's chest like a pillow. Logan rolled his eyes and laughed. "Come on, Gumbo, if Rogue came down here now she wouldn't be killin' you for stayin' out all night." Logan cursed himself for letting that slip, he was glad the kid was out of it now. He had been having such a good time with Remy at Harry's that he forgot all about Rogue and the shit she has been putting Remy through. "Come on Remy, we need to get you to bed." He noticed Remy's eyes flutter and pulled him away from his chest holding him up by his shoulders.

Remy opened his eyes and blinked several times trying to focus. "Logan? We home?"

"Yea, Gumbo, we're in the garage, can you stand up?" Logan didn't wait for an answer, he knew Remy's mind was working in slow motion. He pulled the Cajun off the bike putting his arm around his waist and began leading him through the garage door. Half way to the back door they ran into Bishop on his nightly watch.

"Hey Pup!" Remy slurred with a wave of the hand that would have been his undoing if Logan didn't have a hold on him.

"I see you have been drinking alcohol again Lebeau." Bishop sneered.

"Just a little." Remy put his thumb and index finger together showing him just how much.

"Yes, well I am sure you have had more then that seeing your condition. I assume you will assure he gets to his room in one piece." Bishop asked looking at Logan.

"Yea, I got him, bub." Logan slightly pulled the Cajun signalling him to start walking again.

"Oh, Lebeau. Rogue was looking for you." Bishop yelled as they went in opposite directions.

"Wonderful!" Remy hoped that Rogue wasn't waiting for him. He knew she wouldn't be happy about him going out and drinking. Please let her be in a good mood, I can't take another fight tonight. The thought made him shiver.

Logan felt the tremor cut through the Cajun's body, and knew he was worried about Rogue. So was he. "She's probably fast asleep by now Remy, you can talk to her in the mornin'. She knew you were out, you left her a note." Logan couldn't tell if he was trying to convince Remy or himself. He would feel like shit if Rogue fought with him for going out.

They made there way into the house and up the three flights of stairs slowly, stumbling occasionally causing Remy to giggle, which in turn would get a chuckle from Logan. On the last flight of stairs Remy's eyes began to shut and Logan had to coax him from passing out. "Come on, a few more stairs and you're there. You make it to your room without me carryin' ya and I'll tuck you in."

"Y' tuck me in? Deal!" Remy grinned and seemed to get a second wind. He made his way up the last few stairs with little effort.

Suddenly Logan stopped at the top of the stairs halting Remy in his tracks.

"What's wrong, Logan?" Remy wanted to get to his room so he could get his prize, but he wasn't going anywhere without Logan's support right now.

"So what've ya been up to all night, sugah?" Came the angry voice from the dark hallway.