Logan felt Remy begin trembling as the vemonous voice carried down the hall, he had to steady the Cajun just to keep him upright. He wanted badly to get angry, but was afraid of putting fuel on the fire. He would never forgive himself if he made Rogue angry and Remy got hurt because of it.

Rogue made her way up the hall, slowly coming into the light so the two men could see her. "I guess ya didn't hear me, so I repeat, what have ya been up ta all night, sugah?" The endearment came out like poison. She stopped and crossed her arms across her large chest.

Remy sobered up instantly. He pulled away from Logan and made his way closer to his angry lover. He knew she was mad, he had seen her like this before, and it never ended without a fight and another bruise. "Chere, I left y' a note. I said I'd be out tonight with Logan. He's just helpin' me up to bed, I had a little too much." He lovingly rubbed her covered arm with his hand and gave her a smile. "We can talk in the mornin', maybe go out to breakfast, chere?" He was hoping she would drop this, at least wait until Logan was gone.

Rogue slapped his hand away and glared at him. "Ya can stop ya sweet talkin', Swamp Rat. I know where ya were and who ya were with, that's my problem." She pointed at Logan, who was still standing at the stairs. "Ya think he gives a damn about ya, no one does but me, and for good reason. How do ya thank me for bein' the only person in this house that excepts ya? Ya leave me here alone all night. Maybe that's what I should do, leave ya alone, what do ya think of that, sugah?" Rogue turned her back to the two men. She knew how to manipulate Remy, she had made an art of it. She expected for Remy to start pleading with her any moment, instead she heard a deep growl growing closer.

"Listen here girl! Remy doesn't have to entertain ya, he ain't your toy. For your God Damn information, I do give a damn about Remy. It's you I would question about feelings. Is this what you call a relationship? Feed on Remy's fears to keep him around so you can beat him some more?" He crossed the room and was about to upgrade the fight to the physical when he felt Remy's hand on his shoulder.

Remy was looking at the floor, he didn't want to make eye contact with Logan, he was too ashamed. He knew his friend didn't deserve any of Rogue's wrath, so he had to end this, even if it hurt his feelings. "It's ok, mon ami. Go on to bed. I had a good time tonight. Merci." Remy turned his attention to Rogue. "Come on chere, we can talk in my room." He turned back to Logan as he opened his bedroom door for Rogue to enter and mouthed the words "I'm Sorry." before following her in, shutting the door behind him.

Logan stood in the empty hallway for several minutes. He wanted to bust that door down and finish what he started. He finally just turned around and headed into his room. He went to slame the door, but stopped, deciding to leave it cracked. Just in case Remy needs to talk later. He lied to himself. He knew the reason he left the door ajar was so he could listen to the argument. If he heard anything that sounded like it was getting physical he would go in there if Remy liked it or not. He sat on the edge of the bed for several minutes hearing nothing but Rogue's muffled yells. He couldn't make out everything, but every now and then, her anger would get the best of her, and she would say something loud enough that Logan could understand it.

"I'll leave ya alone in a heartbeat!" She screamed. "Ya nothin' but a whore!" She yelled. "I don't want ya ta EVER talk to Logan again!" She barked.

That was the last straw! Logan was not going to let Rogue tell Remy he couldn't talk to him again. He got up and stomped into the hallway only to stop in front of the door. He was ready to burst in when he heard the Cajun's voice for the first time since the two entered the room.

"Listen, I'm not gonna stop talkin' to Logan. Y' may think he hates me, like all the others, but he doesn't. I know that now. He doesn't seem to think I need to be punished, why do y'? I'm beginning to think this is just some game with y'."

Logan grinned. The kid was finally coming to his senses and seeing just what that girl was doing. He almost turned around and went back to his room, convinced that the Cajun was gonna hold his ground, when he heard a loud crash and then a thud against the wall. "Shit!" Logan ran to the door and turned the knob, locked. Now he locks it. He ripped off the knob with his claws and threw the door open, quickly glancing around the room for Remy. He quickly found him on the floor against the wall, shards of glass surrounding him. Rogue was half way across the room with a lamp in her hand aimed at Remy's head, before she saw Logan's enterance. She changed her target and threw the lamp, only missing Logan by a few inches.

"You're gonna pay for that, girl!" Logan growled and charged towards Rogue.

Rogue reared back, ready to right hook Logan as soon as he was in range. She swung and missed as Logan ducked and rolled out of the way.

When Logan jumped up from the floor he saw that Rogue had already turned and threw a punch that he was not going to be able to dodge. Suddenly Remy came from no where, jumping between the two and taking the punch, renewing the bruise to his left eye. Between the punch and the alcohol still in his system he was knocked out instantly, and began to fall to the floor. Logan managed to drop to one knee and catch the Cajun before he hit the floor, causing more damage. Forgetting all about the battle he was in the midst of, he turned all his attention to the young man in his arms. He tried to wake the unconscious Cajun with no luck. "Come on kid, wake up, show me you're alright." He pushed back a lock of hair from Remy's face and noticed his eye was already beginning to swell and his nose was bleeding. Logan was quickly brought back to reality when Rogue's yelling filled the room. He turned to find her on the other side of the room.

"First ya have him defendin' ya, now he takes punches for ya? Maybe I should be takin' lessons from you. Ya have him trained pretty damn good, sugah."

Logan refused to look up at Rogue. He could feel the rage building up in his system to the point that he was losing control, and looking at her would only unleash it. He knew now that Rogue cared nothing about Remy. He was just a toy to her, something to control in a world she had no control over. She was ruining his life, because she had already ruined her own.

"Come on old man! Let's finish this! Tell ya what, winner gets the Swamp Rat. Or maybe the loser should take him." Rogue started laughing insanely.

Logan had heard enough. He let his rage take over. He slowly raised his gaze from the young man in his arms to Rogue, his growl growing louder as his sights set on her.

Suddenly the laughter stopped. Rogue noticed Logan eyes slowly changing from there normal crystal blue to slitted yellow. She knew he was on the verge of going feral and for the first time that night, fear had settled into her mind. She had never had to take on a crazed Logan by herself, and the noise alone could bring the others up to investigate. How was she going to explain an unconscious Remy and an out of control Logan. She decided that it was best to drop this, and finish it later when she had the upper hand again. "Ok Logan, ya win, ya can have him. I was gettin' tired of his whinin' anyway." She back away towards the open window. When she reached the window she gave Logan a sly grin. "Hope he's a good fuck." She knew she had gone to far when she saw Logan lay Remy on the floor and lunge towards her in an instant. She managed to fly out the window as his claws dug into the sill, where she stood moments before. Once in the air she felt her courage return.

"If I can't have him, no one can." She whispered and flew off into the dark sky.

Logan stood at the window sill trying to get control of himself. Every animal instinct in his head yelled for him to jump out that window and track that bitch to the ends of the earth. Rip out her heart, if she ever had one, and watch her bleed. The man inside stopped him. Reminding him that there was a young man on the floor that he needed to protect and care for. A thief that needed someone to show him that not everyone was out to hurt him. He took a deep breath, feeling the animal instincts fall back from his mind. Now in control he quickly walked back over to the broken body on the floor. "Remy?" Not seeing any movement or signs of waking, he decided to get him into bed.

He walked over to the four poster bed and pulled back the covers and returned for the Cajun. He lifted the limp body up into his arms and carried him over to the bed, gently laying him in the center of the silk sheets, then took a seat on the edge. He stared at the young face, that was surprisingly peaceful in sleep, wishing it could look this way when he was awake. "You deserve so much more then this, Remy." He whispered while running the back of his hand down Remy's cheek, making his way across his chin and then touching soft lips with his fingertips. He felt himself leaning forward with every caress, until his lips were inches from the younger man's. He jerked away, as if burned. What the hell am I thinkin'! Logan stood up, feeling the need to create distance. How could he even think about putting the moves on him?

"Need to get ya out of those clothes and get that eye taken care of." Logan knew that Remy couldn't hear him, but it helped him think straight acting like he could. "I'm going to stay here tonight, so ya don't have to worry, just sleep." Logan pulled off Remy's boots and socks then swallowed hard before unbuckling Remy's belt and pulling down the tight pants. He sat back down on the side of the bed and pulled Remy up, laying his head against his shoulder so he could pull of his shirt. He pulled the shirt up the Cajun's back and over his head and then off as he laid him back down on the pillow. After throwing all the clothing into the hamper he looked back at the body in the bed with a hiss. Remy's chest and arms were covered in bruises that varied in age and color. The urge to jump out that window and track Rogue down was returning. "Bitch is gonna pay for this!"

He ran his hands lightly over Remy's arms and chest, checking for any glass that may have fell on his skin. Finding none, he covered Remy up and made sure he was comfortable, before retrieving a few damp towels from the bathroom. He began to wipe off the blood from Remy's nose and checked for any noticable fractures. "You're lucky it's not broken, kid." He washed away all the blood from the kid's face then threw the rag on the growing pile of dirty laundry. He changed his position on the bed, so that he was sitting against the headboard stretching his legs up on the bed. He pulled Remy to him, cradling his head between his thigh and left arm, allowing him to hol the cold towel to his swelling eye, while taking watch. Logan laid there listening to the combination of chirping crickets from the open window and Remy's breathing. It created a calming lullaby that threatened to sing him to sleep. Logan had to fight as he found his eyes slowly dropping closed.

Suddenly there was a loud crash as the bedroom door was ripped off it hinges and flung across the room, leaving a trail of splinters in its wake. Logan jumped up taking a defensive stance between Remy and the unknown attacker. He smelled that air and found something familiar about the scent of the attacker. Suddenly a loud voice filled the dark room. "What's wrong, runt? Not happy to see me?"

"Creed!" He should have known it was him, but there was something not quite right about the scent, something was wrong. Logan quickly looked over his shoulder hoping that the noise would have woke Remy, but it didn't, he was still out cold in the bed. Logan wasn't sure how he was going to manage fighting Sabertooth, and keeping a sleeping Remy out of the middle. He looked back at the figure in the dark doorway as they moved forward into the room. "You're not Creed, who are you? What do you want?" The bedroom light was flipped on suddenly and Logan closed his eyes to the blinding light. When he opened them again he took in the figure standing in front of him. "Rogue?"

Rogue was standing a few feet from Logan, her eyes had changed to a hollow yellow. Claws had torn through her always present gloves. Her build had multipled three times, giving her distorted look. She gave Logan a cruel smile that presented her new fangs. "Thought you would be happier to see me, runt. Oh Well, I'm not here for you anyway."

Logan cringed as the rough voice of Creed came from the soft mouth of Rogue. He knew that Sabretooth was in her head, but never knew she would be stupid enough to use the personality against him. "I don't know what the hell you're thinkin', but I'm not gonna let ya hurt Remy again. You have done enough damage."

Rogue laughed. "Oh, decided you're going to protect the punk, huh? What, you go out drinking with him one night and he's your best friend? Or is it more Logan?" Suddenly the voice morphed from the harsh growl of Creed to the southern drawl of Rogue. "Think ya can just jump in and take him from me, Old Man? I have seen the way ya look at him, I know ya want him. Why do ya think I don't want him near ya, I know he wants ya too. But it don't work like that, I didn't spend all these years makin' him fall for me just to let ya fuck him. He's mine!" With that she launches at Logan, her new claws thrashing trying to grab any part of Logan she can.

Logan jumps back and blocks the majority of the blows taking others in the arms and chest. He unleashed his claws and went in for an attack that bounces off Rogue causing damage only to her clothing. She laughs at his febble attempts and punches him in the face, sending him hurling across the room into the wall. Before he can stand again, she pins him by sitting on his abdomen and holding down his wrist to the floor with her strength. "So Logan, did ya get a chance to fuck him yet? Was he everythin' ya hoped he would be? I hope so, cause you are about to lose your chance, runt." The ranting came from Rogue's mouth in a mesh of inhuman growls and honey dipped drawl as she jumped back and forth between personalities. She dragged the claws across his face leaving a trail of blood running down his cheek.

Suddenly Rogue's fingers made contact with Logan's face, beginning a flood of memories into her head. She jumped up with a look of surprise that quickly turned into insane laughter. "Oh, this is too good. You're actually in love with the punk." She flew to the bed and grabbed the unconscious Remy by the neck and held him in the air in front of Logan.

Logan tried to get up, but his healing factor had not caught up with the drain of power. He did the only thing he could do, he begged. "Please, Rogue, I know you don't really want to hurt him. If you have to hurt someone, hurt me. Please, don't do this." He cringed as her laughter continued. He tried to stand again and managed to stumble towards Remy, reaching for him, before falling again.

Rogue jerked Remy out of Logan's reach and gave him a hard kick to the chest, causing him to cough up blood onto the floor. "Oh, I wish I had a video camera. No one will believe me when I tell them that the Wolverine begged for the worthless life of this murdering thief. I have better things to do then mess with you and this punk, so lets finish this."

Logan looked up from the floor in horror when he was suddenly covered in blood. Rogue ripped open the Cajun's chest with claws she borrowed from his greatest enemy before dropping the motionless body tot eh floor in front of him. "Later, runt."

"NOOOOOOOO!" Logan yelled as he jerked awake. Logan frantically looked around the room for the intruder from his dreams. He was startled by a deep moan coming from his lap, causing him to look down. Some time during his sleep Remy had managed to curl himself up in his lap. There was thin arms wrapped around his waist and the young man was using his stomach as a pillow. Logan let out a deep sigh and petted the Cajun's hair. "Only a nightmare." Remy moaned again and his eyes began to flutter open.

"Logan? Mon Dieu, my head." Remy whimpered and then realized where he was laying. He shifted his weight off Logan and laid back down on the pillow in the center of the bed. "What are y' still doin' here? Sleepin' like that can't be comfortable."

Logan stretched and cringed a little as his healing factor kicked in, working out the sore muscle from sleeping in a seated position. "I wasn't plannin' on sleepin', tell ya the truth. I was just keepin' watch to make sure that bitch didn't come back and gut ya." Logan shuttered remembering his dream.

"Bitch? Logan y' have no right to call her that." He sat up ready to stand off with Logan, but his head wouldn't allow it. He fell back on the pillow with a moan.

"I have every right to call her that. You may not remember, cause your ass had already been slammed against a wall, but the lamp was thrown at me. That punch you took was aimed at my head." He sighed. Remy was not the one he was mad at. He lowered his voice and continued. "Remy, why the hell are you defendin' her? She threw you against a wall, she covers you in bruises, she called you a whore, and then she tells you never to talk to me again. I take it she told you not to talk to 'Ro anymore when she found out what's been happenin'. She obviously doesn't take this relationship seriously, you're just a game to her. You even said that yourself. There is no reason to let her do this." Logan stopped as Remy turned on his side away from him and started crying. He reached out and lightly rubbed the Cajun's back through the covers. "Remy, you didn't hear what she said, because she knocked you out, but she said some really nasty things. She is just playing ya, so why do ya want to stay?"

"It's not her fault, I did this to her." Remy whispered before the sobbing began.

"Remy? Come here." Logan commanded while turning Remy over and pulling him up to his chest. "What do you mean you did this to her?"

"It's my fault! She absorbed my feelings and memories at the trial, and now she can't get rid of them. The only reason she's so angry is 'cause of me. She has to live with what I did everyday and it makes her mad. I understand, I know what I did, I deserve her anger, I deserve all of this. We may fight a lot, but she tells me she's sorry, that she loves me. At least I have that, without her I'm alone. All of this is better then havin' nothin'." Remy couldn't go on, he was sobbing so hard that he could barely breath. He buried his head into Logan's chest and continued to cry, feeling weak that Logan was now aware how pathetic he was.

Logan knew Rogue was playing mind games with Remy, but he had no clue she was being this cruel. Rogue's anger had nothing to do with anything but her. She had always been controlling like this, even before Remy entered the picture. She had changed for a short time when they started seeing each other. Everyone thought maybe she would change for the better. Now that she was bored with the relationship, she was trying to manipulate Remy, play with him, just for her sick enjoyment. He had to admit that the girl did her homework, turning everything around on him and feeding off his guilt was the perfect way to crush him. Logan knew all of this, but how was he going to convince the Cajun that she didn't love him. "Remy, she is lyin' to you. This is not your fault, she doesn't have your memories stuck in her head. If she did she would understand that the massacre was not your fault, you were tricked by Sinister, and you had nothin' to do with the actual act. She is just messin' with your head, bub. So don't do this to yourself anymore, just let her go. You're not alone, I told you that already, and I meant it. I will always be here for you. Always."

Remy started sobbing hard into Logan's chest, now that Logan had put it into perspective he could see he was right, she was playing him. I'm an idiot. Knowing that Logan would be here for him helped him realize that he really didn't need her. Letting go was hard to do, for so long there had been nothing but Rogue. What if Logan would only be here for a while, see him for the idiot he was, and leave him? Then he would have no one. He had to admit that if someone asked him this very moment if he wanted to be with Rogue or stay in Logan's arms, he would choose the older man in a heartbeat. He felt so warm and safe, so right. Maybe it's worth it to have this warmth and concern. Even if he leaves me in the end. "Logan?"

"Yea, darlin'?" Logan blurted out.

Remy blushed and smiled. "I'm y' darlin' now?" Despite all the hurt around him, having Logan call him the simple pet name made him forget it all, even if he didn't mean it.

Logan couldn't believe he let that slip. Thinking about it he didn't see anything wrong with calling Remy that. He would love to go around calling him that all the time, truth be told. He loved holding the Cajun like this, it seemed almost second nature. The feel of him this close, the smell of him, being here in his time of need, he loved this, he loved him. I love him. Logan finally realizing what he truly knew all along. He smiled. "Yea, kid, if that's what ya want?" He was waiting for an objection from Remy, or for him to freak out, maybe even start crying again. What he got surprised him.

Remy pulled back from Logan's hold, looking into his eyes, before leaning in again, bringing their lips together in a soft kiss. Logan tensed slightly at the surprise attack, but relaxed quickly, moaning as he went in deeper. Moving his hand up Remy's back he stopped on his neck, tangling his hands in that soft hair, pulling him closer. They finally parted when there lungs burned for air. Logan pulled the Cajun to his chest again, holding him tightly, never wanting to let go. "Guess that answers my question." He gave Remy a quick kiss on the top of his head and felt the Cajun snuggle closer and smile. "Now, what was it you were gonna ask before we got distracted?"

"What? Oh! I was gonna say that I was gettin' tired. Wanted to know if y' would stay here with me?" He looked up at Logan, trying to read the emotions on his face.

"Sure darlin', want me to stay awake, keep watch?" He started to pull Remy from him to lay him down on the pillow again, when Remy grabbed his arm and turned, pulling him down on the bed with him. Logan took the hint and kissed Remy quickly on the cheek and stood up off the bed. The young man was about to protest when he noticed Logan was just taking off his clothes. He stripped down to his boxers and crawled back into bed, spooning up behind his new lover. He wrapped his arms around him possessively and kissed the back of the his long neck. He wondered jus how he denied this for so long, before pulling the Cajun closer and closing his eyes to sleep.


Rogue had woke up early in the morning so she could get to Remy before anyone else could talk to him. She knew if she could convince him that Logan started the fight the night before she could turn him against the Canadian, and that would break off that relationship. The only one she ever worried about getting in the way. She always knew that Remy liked Logan, she had even caught him mumbling Logan's name in his sleep. She covered her mouth to hide the sound of her laughter "I beat him pretty good for that one, and then he was stupid enough to beg me for forgiveness!" She laughed to herself.

Now, Logan seemed to be coming into the picture and ruining everything. She wasn't gonna let that bastard take away her best work. She had managed to change Remy Lebeau from a flirtatious and confident playboy, to a broken and weak dog, trained to do anything she asked. She had to admit that he made it pretty easy towards the end. Finding out about the massacre was a gold mine, it was simple to break him after that. She not only had manipulated Remy, she had the entire "family" tied around her finger. No one had done anything to her for leaving Remy to die or hurting him now, hell they blamed him for all of it. She smiled. "Don't ever let 'em tell ya that ya have control problems, sugah!" She whispered to herself.

She stood in front of Remy's door, smoothing out her tight shirt and putting on her best smile. She knocked on the door and let herself in, not waiting for an answer. "Remy?" she purred as she walked in the door. When she looked over to the bed what she saw enraged her. Her lover was curled up in Logan's embrace, his head resting on his chest, and he was holding the Cajun close, as if he might get away in the night. Both men had a look of complete contentment on their face as they slept and it made her rage boil. "Ya bastard!"

Both men jerked awake at the yell that broke the silence of their quiet sanctuary. Remy's head was spinning and the thought of getting up made him feel nauseous, but Logan had already bolted out of bed, and stood between him and a very pissed off Rogue before he could register where the yelling was coming from.

"Remy? What in the hell do ya think ya are doin'? Logan? I told ya to stay away from him. I love him!" She put on her best act, this is not exactly what she had planned, but it could work just as well, if not better.

"No ya don't girl, the mind games stop here. Ya can't lie your way through this one. If I remember correctly ya told me I could have him. Ya were tired of him. By the way, was that before or after you told me that ya hoped he was a good fuck?" He knew hearing this would probably hurt the Cajun, but he wasn't about to let Rogue turn this around and make him look like the bad guy.

Rogue glared at Logan, knowing she was going to loose this fight. "Your right Logan, I'm gettin' awfully tired of him, ya can have him. Just remember who broke him for ya."

Remy looked at Rogue, unvolentary tears ran down his face. He couldn't believe that she just stood there and proved, to both him and Logan, that she had been acting this whole time. He didn't know what to say, what to do. Part of him wanted to scream at her, ask her what the hell she was doing this whole time. The other just wanted to crawl under the covers and never come out. "Why, Chere?" He finally asked, he had to know.

"Because I can! Ya came here thinkin' ya were hot shit, and I decided I was gonna bring ya off that high horse of yours." She gave him a evil grin and continued. "You were pretty easy ta break, just had to make ya think I loved ya." She started to laugh as the tears rolled down Remy's face.

She stopped suddenly and looked at Logan. "Well I guess this little charade is over, so I can do something I've been wantin' to do for years." With that she flew at Logan with so much force that he went through the bedroom door and into the hallway. He jumped up slightly dazed and pulled out his claws and charged back with enough force that he broke through her invisible shield enough to cut her arm. Rogue jumped back and put her hand over the bleeding cut. "No holdin' back, so that's how we're playin' it, fine with me!" She lunged at Logan grabbing him by the arms and swinging him back into the room, and into the far wall. She ran towards him ready to take him out while he was down, when an explosion threw her back.

"That's enough, Rogue!" Gambit yelled and took out another card waiting till the smoke and dust to clear from the first to aim.

"Look out Remy!" Came Logan's warning too late.

Rogue flew through the debry and punched Remy, driving him into the dresser in the corner of the room. As soon as the punch was delivered she was tackled from the side and pinned to the floor by Logan. "Don't make me kill ya Rogue, just go and don't come back. Leave us alone. We'll live our lives, and you can live yours."

Rogue laughed. "Kill me? In ya dreams, Old Man!" She spat in his face and threw him straight up into the ceiling, rolling out of the way as he came down hard on the floor. She turned her attention to the dazed Cajun stumbling towards her. "Ta think we are fightin' over this piece of shit." She grabbed Remy by the throat throwing him to the floor and pinning him. "So Logan is he worth all this? Do ya really love him, or are ya just next in line to play him." She laughed as Logan tried to push himself off the floor and fell again with a growl.

She squeezed Remy's throat, cutting off the air supply, causing him to struggle. Logan finally managed to get up and rushed towards Rogue with as much power as he had. Rogue shifted her weight and back handed Logan. The movement gave Remy enough room to give her a swift kick to the side of the head, which just angered her more. She punched Remy hard in the stomach with enough force that he would have coughed up blood, if she didn't have a strangle hold around his throat.

Logan recovered to see Rogue standing over Remy's lifeless body. His anger flooded his mind and took over instantly. He released a loud roar that rattled the windows and barrelled towards Rogue, piercing through her shields into her lower abdomen, trapping her between him and the wall.

"What the hell is going on!" Scott yelled running into the hallway.

"Oh my Stars and Garters!" Hank exclaimed kneeling next to Remy's pale body in the door way. "He is not breathing!" Hank picked him up and ran out to the MedLab, leaving Scott and Jean to handle the rest.

Hearing the noises at the door Logan turned, removing his claws from Rogue. She took the chance to stumble out of the open window and make her escape. She knew if she left they would blame Logan for Remy's death and she could come back later when he was gone. They would always be stupid enough to take her back in.

"My God! Rogue?" Jean yelled noticing the blood when she jumped out the window. "Logan? What the hell is going on!" She started to make her way towards Logan when Scott stopped her. "Jean, look at his eyes, he's feral. We need to get out of here."

"No Scott, you go and try to find Rogue. I will calm him down." Jean started to make her way towards Logan again, and stopped noticing Scott hesitation in her mind. "It's okay Scott, I can handle Logan. Go find Rogue."

Once Scott had left the room, Jean made her way towards Logan with caution. She tried to reach his feral with her mind while talking to him, hoping to keep him calm. "Logan, its okay, I need you to calm down and come back to us. There is no threat anymore, just you and me." She knelt down on the floor slowly, showing him she meant no harm. She finally broke through his shields and poured calming thoughts into his mind, hoping it would bring him back to reality. "Logan, please calm down. I need to know what is going on."

"Jeannie?" Logan shook his head and looked at the red head.

"Yes, Logan, are you okay? What happened here?"

Logan looked down at his claws and saw the blood. Suddenly he remembered everything that happened before he lost it. "Jeannie, where's Remy?"

"Logan you are gonna tell me what is going on right now!" She yelled. "Why did you attack Remy and Rogue?"

"I didn't attack Remy! Rogue attacked Remy! Please, tell me he's okay! Where is he?" He grabbed Jean by the shoulders and shook her. "Jeannie, where is he!"

"Logan calm down! Hank took him to the MedLab, I am not sure of his condition." Jean couldn't figure out why Rogue would have attacked Remy, and why Logan would be so upset. She wanted answers, but she knew she had to calm him down first.

"Lets head down to the MedLab and wait for word from Hank, you can tell me what happened there." Jean pulled Logan by the arm moving out of the room.

As they walked by the small table next to the door, Logan noticed a picture of Rogue and Remy sitting in a silver frame. He grabbed the frame and smashed it across the door frame shattering the glass across the floor. He pulled out the picture and tore it down the middle, throwing the image of Rogue on the floor and putting the image of Remy in his pocket.

Jean just looked at Logan in shock, she couldn't understand why Logan was acting so strangely. "Logan! What are you doing? Remy is not going to appreciate you destroying that!"

"Don't worry Jean, I'm just savin' him the time. The bitch played him, she never cared."

"You can explain when we get to the MedLab. I would like Hank to take a look at you as well." Jean grabbed his arms again and pulled him towards the stairs.

They made there way down the three flights of stairs in total silence, making there way to teh elevator that took them underground. Logan leaned against the wall of the elevator and pulled out the image of Remy from his pocket. "I'm sorry darlin', please be alright." He whispered at the photo. He remembered the lifeless body on the floor before he lost control, and a single tear made his way down his face. He had to be alright. This was his fault. If he would have never agreed to staying with him, maybe Remy would be alright!

Jean stood across from Logan taking in the events in silence. In all the years she had known him she had never seen him cry. The doors opened and he didn't seemed to notice, he just stood there starring at the picture in his hand. "Logan, lets go see how he is."

Logan sighed and returned the picture to his pocket and followed her down the hall to the Lab.