Logan and Jean entered the corridor that lead to the sitting area of the MedLab, where waiting in front of the doors was the Professor and Scott. Logan knew by the look on Scott's face, he was going to have a lot of explaining to do, but he didn't care. He just wanted to know that Remy was alright and Rogue was gone. If they could tell him those two things he would tell them anything they wanted to hear.

"What in the hell is wrong with you, Wolverine? You better have a good reason for attacking Gambit and Rogue. I should put you in the damn holding cell until we know that Gambit is going to be alright, he wasn't breathing when Beast took him in there." He pointed at the MedLab doors. "We haven't even found Rogue yet! She could be dying as we speak!"

"Good." Logan growled. "I hope the bitch is out there bleeding to death, slowly, in a lot of pain. She deserves it for what she did to Remy."

"She did that to Gambit?" Scott looked at Logan with confusion. "Rogue wouldn't have done that."

"Oh! She would leave him to die on the ice and tell us he was dead, but she couldn't strangle him until he stops breathing or beat him black and blue everyday? Well believe it Cyke, she played him and everyone in this house!" Logan stopped when his arm was grabbed by the Professor.

"Logan, maybe you should explain to us what is going on. It is just hard to believe that Rogue would do this kind of damage." He pointed at the bench seats against the wall. "Why don't you sit down and tell us what happened, calmly."

"I don't want to sit, I don't want to talk, I just want to see Remy. I want to know he's alright." He jerked away from the Professor's arm and began to pace.

"Logan, Hank will let us know when you can see him. He is in the middle of surgery." Xavier was interrupted when Logan spun around and gave him a look of surprise.

"Surgery? What the hell is going on? What's wrong?" Logan was beginning to panic, he knew Rogue choked him, but didn't remember anything after that.

"Whoever fought Remy caused major internal bleeding. Hank has to do surgery to correct the damage. He will do all he can to help Remy, you know that. Please, sit, tell us what happened. Hank will inform us of when it is alright to see him." The Professor let out a sigh as Logan took a seat at the bench. "Good, now calm down and tell us what is going on."

"Not a lot to tell Chuck. Rogue played all of us. She never cared about us, or Remy. We were just a place to stay and a game to play." He dropped his head into his hands. "Damn it, we are idiots."

"That does not explain everything Logan. What do you mean she was playing us? Why were you fighting them? What are you talking about when you said she was beating Remy?"

"That is what I would like to know myself." Beast walked out the the MedLab door, still in his surgery gown which was spotted with blood.

"Is he alright Blue? Can I see him?" Logan jumped up and ran to the door only to be stopped by a big blue paw.

"First you are going to explain to me why Remy is in that condition. I almost lost him twice over the course of this morning and that does not make me very happy." Beast lightly shoved Logan to push him back towards the bench seats. "Tell me what caused the injuries and the multiple counts of bruises on his body and I will think about letting you see him."

Logan sighed and sat back down. He could see that he was going to have to explain everything before he could see Remy. It was obvious that they thought he did all this. He understood that they needed to know differently before letting him into the MedLab. He would never let Rogue in there knowing she did this to him. Why should they treat him any different when thinking he is the culprit?

"I didn't do any of that to him, I would never hurt Remy. Rogue caused the injuries last night and this morning. She has been manipulating Remy. Making him believe she was the only one that didn't hate him. That he deserved punishment for the massacre, using that to break him. Last night they got into an argument, it got physical and I stepped in. I stayed with Remy last night and she found us sleeping in the same bed together this morning. She admitted to never loving Remy, she was just seeing how far she could push before someone stopped her. She started the fight with me, then attacked Remy when he tried to stop her. When I saw Remy lying on the floor like that I went feral." The story lacked details, he knew that, but he hoped it would be enough to get him past those doors.

"You were sleeping together?" Scott questioned.

Logan jumped up and grabbed Scott by his shirt. "After everything I just told ya, the thing ya have a problem with is that I was sleeping in the same bed with Remy? This is the fucking problem Scott, ya let her leave him to die, ya let her abuse him, ya made every lie she fed him believable! Now he is in there hurting because of the woman he thought loved him, and ya didn't do a damn thing to prevent it. When it comes to Remy, ya are too busy trying to find a reason that he deserves it, then a reason to save him from it."

"Please, Logan, let go of Scott. We are all to blame for this, not just Scott. We failed to see the signs, and we never gave Remy the chance to trust us. We are at fault for giving Rogue the power to manipulate him. I understand that now, and so does Scott, so please let him go." Xavier moved closer to Logan and looked him in the eye. "Please."

Logan sighed and let go of Scott. He turned and looked at Hank "Can I see him now?"

"Yes, Logan, come with me." Hank followed Logan inside closing the door behind them.

"I am going to use Cebreo to try and track down Rogue, I would like to hear her side of the story, and make sure she does not return to do more damage. Please keep me informed of his condition." The Professor made his way to the elevator and was gone.

Scott sat down, taking the seat that Logan once occupied. "I can't believe Rogue would do that, she loved him didn't she?"

"I don't think she ever did, my friend." Storm answered Scott's question as she entered the hall. "Is he alright?"

Jean approached her friend and pulled her down to sit next to her on the bench. "Hank has not really told us the details, but he is alive. Logan is in there now."

"Then he is in good hands. I knew Logan would help Remy." She smiled now that she knew her brother would be alright.

Scott looked at Storm with a puzzled look. "What do you mean Storm? We don't know if Logan did this or not, we could have just let him in there to finish whatever job he wanted to accomplish the first time."

"Scott!" Jean exclaimed only to be interrupted by Storm standing up and facing Scott.

"Logan would never hurt Remy. Rogue, on the other hand, has been hurting Remy for months now. Think before you go blaming someone for something they did not have a part in. I suggest you wait for Remy to wake and tell you what happened. I believe it would shed some light for you. Personally, I just have to look at the situation at hand, Logan is in the MedLab with Remy in his time of need, where is Rogue?" Finished with her lecture she turned and sat back down next to Jean.

Scott sighed. "You have a point Storm, he did seem concerned about him. I have not been able to find Rogue, she fled the grounds. I guess the fact that they were sleeping in the same bed too." Scott shook his head.

Jean had to giggle. "You just can't get that out of your mind can you? I am sure it was just friendly Scott. Logan was just watching over him."

"I would not bet on that, Jean." Storm said with a smile.

Both Scott and Jean looked at Storm and simultaneously exclaimed "What?"

It was Storm's turn to laugh. "I am not surprised that Scott didn't notice, but you Jean? Logan has been watching Remy since the day I brought him here. Remy would normally speak more about Logan more then he did Rogue when we talked. If it were not for Rogue's games they would probably already be together."

"I think I need an aspirin." Scott whimpered and put his head in his hands.

"Just think honey, we could double date." Jean smirked while rubbing her husband's back. Scott groaned.


Logan walked up to the figure on the bed. He took a long look at the pale body that was hooked up to numerous machines and IV's and then up at Hank. "He's gonna be alright?"

"He is stable now, before the surgery he was struggling. He had internal bleeding that I had to repair in his abdomen, and there was some tearing to his stomach lining. She must have hit him pretty hard to do that much damage. I had to put the tube in to help him breath during surgery. I should be able to remove it when he wakes up. There are some other injuries, but they will heal with time, including the multiple bruises and cuts that she inflicted. By the looks of the bruising and scars this has been going on for some time. Why didn't you tell us so we could have prevented it?" He pulled his glasses down to his nose and looked at Logan over the rims.

"I didn't know until yesterday. He talked to 'Ro, but would never come out and say what was going on. 'Ro said she confronted Rogue about it, and she denied it. Then Rogue convinced Remy not to talk to 'Ro anymore." Logan sighed. He brushed his hand across Remy's forehead, making sure to avoid the tube and his black eye.

"So, she has been abusive since the trial I take it?" Beast inquired

"She has been playing him since the beginning. She admitted that the only reason she ever showed any interest in him was to see how much she could break him. I think it was just mind games at first, but after the trial, I guess she figured we didn't stop her from killing him once, that we would let her do it again."

"Well I am sure this has done some major damage mentally to the young man. That I cannot fix, but he will need someone to talk to, to be there for him." Hank smiled knowing that Logan had already excepted that job.

"I got him, Blue. I promised him that he wouldn't be alone and I keep my promises." Logan continued to pet Remy's hair never looking up from the battered face in front of him.

"Well, if you would like to stay here with him you are welcome to. I need to update the others on his condition. They will probably like to see him as well." He walked towards the door, glancing over his shoulder. He saw Logan take a seat on the edge of the bed and take Remy's hand. He smiled and exited to talk to the others. He walked out to the waiting room with a grin on his face. Three worried faces met his.

Storm was the first to break the silence. "I take it by the smile on your face that Remy is alright?" She gave him a smile of hope in return.

"Yes Ororo, I believe he will make a full recovery. I will still have to watch him for awhile. I must make sure he does not start bleeding again, and fight any infection that may occur. If all goes as planned he will be on his feet again soon. If you would like to see him you can go in and join Logan in the MedLab, but you will have to fight him for Remy's bedside. I think our resident Canadian has found room in his heart for our local Acadian." he grinned.

Scott groaned. "Am I the only one that didn't see this coming? I am going to go and update the Professor. See if he has had any luck tracking down Rogue. I think I will boost security around the MedLab too, if she did do this I don't want her coming here to finish the job." He gave Jean a quick kiss on the cheek and walked to the elevator, rubbing his temples the whole way.


"Darlin'? I know ya can't hear me, but I'm sorry this happened, I should have protected ya. I couldn't have forgiven myself if she killed ya, I don't want to lose ya. I love ya, Remy. I just wanted ya to know that." Suddenly he felt shaky fingers brushing his face, he looked over and caught Remy's hand before it fell. He looked back at Remy's face to see his eyes open and tears run down the sides of his face. "Hey Darlin', guess ya were awake. Ya good at playing opossum, ain't ya?" He smiled and held Remy's hand close to his chest and brushed back the Cajun's hair with his other hand. He heard the door open as the Hank and the others entered. "He's awake."

Hank hurried to the bed side. "Good, can you clear the bed for a moment. I want to try and remove the tube, see if he can handle breathing on his own, it cannot be comfortable for him to be awake with it in." Hank waited for Logan to stand from the bed. The Canadian stepped aside, but not far since Remy would not let go of his hand. "That will do." He pulled out the tube gently. Remy coughed and struggled to breath momentarily, but began to breath well enough on his own. "I will leave the oxygen mask near your bed. If it gets to hard to breath use the mask, it will help. If not, the tube will go back in, understand?"

Remy nodded and tried to swallow. Tears rolled down his cheeks as the movement in his throat caused throbbing pain.

"Ya want some water darlin'?" Logan asked noticing the tears of pain. Remy nodded. Storm handed Logan a glass of cool water and he helped Remy slowly sip it down. "Better?" Remy nodded again.

"I am glad you are well brother. I am hoping this will be the last of your pain." She looked from Remy to Logan with a silent plea for Logan to be good to Remy.

"I am sorry this happened Remy, no one will let it happen again." Jean assured Remy and gave him a quick smile. "I am going to return upstairs and see if Rogue has been found, I will visit later."

"What are you trying to find her for? Let her go, if she comes back here I swear I will finish the job I started. I can't believe ya want her back here after what she did!" Logan growled. He began to protest further when Remy squeezed his hand. Logan turned and looked at Remy. "What's wrong darlin'?

"Don't, Logan..." came the horse whisper, that obviously caused Remy pain. He closed his eyes to collect himself, and then began again. "It's ok, I understand. She is family." He stopped, he couldn't speak anymore, it hurt too bad.

"No, Remy, Logan, you don't understand. After what she did she is not welcome in this house. We want to know where she is so we can protect you. You are family Remy, this is your home, its not hers anymore.You did not deserve any of this, and no one in this house hates you, we are just not very good at showing it sometimes." She gave him a weak smile and hoped he understood.. She couldn't help but think that she, and everyone in the mansion, had failed Remy.

"Ok, but if she sweet talks her way back into this house I am taking Remy and we are leaving, ya understand." Logan snarled.

Remy squeezed Logan's hand and smiled. It felt nice to be this protected. The fact that Logan was willing to give up his only home and family to get keep Remy safe meant the world to him. He looked Logan in the eyes and whispered. "Je t'aime."

"I love ya to, darlin'." Logan bent down and kissed Remy on the forehead. He didn't care who was in the room, he figured most of them had caught on to the growing relationship anyway. He knew Remy needed a lot of love and affection to make up for the pain and suffering in his life, and it was going to start right now. "Why don't ya try and get some sleep, I'll be right here, I'm not leaving."

Remy smiled and closed his eyes falling into sleep, feeling loved and cherished.


1 Month Later.

"Please let me go! Y' said it was just routine terrorist group stuff anyway. I can handle that!" Remy whined while chasing Scott down the hall to the Blackbird.

"No Gambit! Hank has not cleared you, and I have put Logan on this mission. I have explained to you that I don't want the two of you on the same mission, you distract each other!" Scott yelled.

"We only do that in the Danger Room! Y' are just mad cause Jean doesn't give y' that kind of attention when you're in there." Remy smirked, knowing he had already lost this battle. He was just out to annoy Scott as long as he could.

"Well that's good, I wouldn't want Magneto walking up on you two doing...that...in a real battle." Scott blushed remembering what he caught them doing after shutting down a jungle scene in the Danger Room a week before. "We are leaving, you stay here!"

Remy laughed, and waved his hand. "I'll just wait to distract him when he gets back." He winked at Scott. He started laughing again at the blush that returned on the leaders face. He turned and left to sit in the com room, just in case they called in trouble.

"Is the kid bothering ya again, Cyke?" Logan laughed.

"He is starting to remind me a lot of Jubilee lately, begging to go on every mission." Scott rolled his eyes.

"He just has cabin fever. With me going on this mission he has nothing to do." Logan grinned, seeing the blush brighten on Scott's face as he flew the plane out of the hanger.

Bobby chuckled. "How do you two survive with this many hormones. You two are worse then being locked up with Gen X." Bobby suddenly turned serious and looked at Logan. "I have to say that I never knew how miserable Remy was until you two got together."

"What do ya mean Drake?" Logan gave Bobby an angry look, he was not about to defend his relationship with Remy to Bobby.

Bobby raised his hands in a defensive wave. "No, I didn't mean it like that. I used to believe that Remy and Rogue acted like they were perfect for each other, now seeing you two together it puts that relationship to shame. I haven't seen Remy this happy for a long time, and you seem happier too."

"I am Icecube, I am." Logan smiled and lit a cigar.

Bishop snorted from his seat in the back.

"And what's your problem?" Logan gave him a glance.

"Nothing, Logan. You just made something clear to me that I did not understand in the past." Bishop replied.

"And what would that be?" Logan questioned again.

"The Witness always had a japanese sword in his home that no one was allowed to touch. It was the only thing in his life that he truly cherished. I saw that same sword in your room when I first arrived in this time, but never knew how the Witness got it, or why it meant so much to him. Now I know." Bishop looked at Logan to see his reaction.

"So, you're telling me that I'm stuck with the brat 'til my dying day?" Logan smiled.

"Looks that way, Logan." Bishop smiled back.

"Man! I should have brought a camera! Scott's blushing, Logan is happy, and now Bishop is smiling! There must be some kind of gas or drug in the Blackbird!" Bobby laughed hard, holding his sides as if in pain.

"Shut up Drake!" came three voices from different areas of the cabin.

Scott landed the Blackbird in a field close to the City Hall and turned on the cloaking. "We are here people. There should only be four people to this terrorist attack, so this should be simple. They are here to get information, we are here to stop them, that simple. The information the are after is on the 2nd floor, it contains the stats and locations of mutants with the legacy virus. I am not sure why they want this information, but they can't get a hold of it. I have the radar running now to tell us where they are." He paused and looked down at the radar to study the positions. "There are three in the building and one on the roof, all mutant. Bobby, Bishop and I will go inside, Logan you take the one out on the roof. Don't kill anyone you don't have to." Scott ordered, hoping there would be no reason for it to come to that. "Lets go."


Logan made his way up the stairs quietly. He reached the door to the roof and opened it slowly and sniffed the air. "Shit!" he muttered and walked outside. He stood there taking in the figure before him. She was standing on the edge of the roof looking out at the city, oblivious to him. "What are ya doing here? Superhero gig not exciting enough, had to go back to being a terrorist."

The figure slowly turned and looked at Logan. "Who said I ever stopped being a terrorist, sugah?"

"I wouldn't doubt that Rogue. So, how much did ya get for all the secrets ya took from your family, the ones that took ya in, the ones that helped ya, saved ya sorry ass a countless times?" Logan growled.

"Help me? Ya didn't do a damn thing to help me! Ya don't know how many times I wanted ta just let every single one of ya die. How many times I just wanted to stay out of the way when the fist started flyin'. I would still be there bleedin' ya dry of secrets if it weren't for ya and that stupid Swamp Rat!" Rogue turned facing away from Logan. She knew he had too much honor to attack her in the back.

"That Swamp Rat loved ya, more then ya know. Ya missed out on a good thing Rogue, he could have made ya happy if ya gave it a chance. But ya screwed up, and now he's mine, and I'm not stupid enough to let go of a good thing." Logan's com badge blinked interrupting him.

"We have them apprehended here, you have the fourth, Logan?" came Scott's voice over the air waves.

"I'm working on it, Cyke." Logan said and threw the com badge over the edge of the roof. "I'm giving ya a chance girl, ya can leave and I'll tell them that I never saw ya. I never want to see or hear about ya again. If I do, the next time I won't be so nice."

Rogue laughed and turned to face Logan. "Do ya really think ya have so much power that ya can give me orders? Ya don't control me!" She screamed and swiftly flew towards Logan crushing him against an air conditioning unit. "No one tell's me what to do!" She reared back to punch Logan. Logan ducked the punch and managed to get away from her hold.

Logan backed up, putting distance between him and her, quickly thinking what he should do next. Rogue screamed and flew towards Logan again, her anger making her sloppy. Logan grabbed her wrist and with all his strength, pulled her to the ground. In an instant he rolled on top of her and pinned her to the ground with two claws on either side of her neck, threatening with the third. "I didn't want to do this Rogue. After all the shit ya put my lover through he still doesn't wish ya dead, and I respect that. Now I tell ya again. I want ya to leave, and I never want to here from ya again!"

"Logan! Rogue?" Scott made his way across the roof. "What the hell is going on here?"

Rogue took her opportunity and flipped Logan over, pinning him to the ground and grabbing his throat, crushing it. "Let's see if ya like what I did to Remy." Suddenly she was thrown off by an optic blast. She got up quickly and laughed. "I knew one day ya rule of not killin' was gonna get ya killed." She charged at Scott with full force, suddenly she was stopped by a stabbing pain in her chest. She looked down and saw three claws sticking out of her ribcage. As soon as she saw them they were gone, leaving her to drop to the ground.

"I'm sorry girl, I gave ya the chance to walk away, ya should have taken it." Logan looked down at her, seeing there was no hope of her healing fast enough to save herself. "May whatever God is out there show mercy, even if ya don't deserve it." She closed her eyes and took a last breath. Logan looked up from the lifeless body to Scott. "What the hell am I going to tell Remy?"

"You saved my life Logan, that is what you are going to tell him, because it is true. This was self defence, he will understand, he loves you." Scott said while walking towards Logan. "Come on, lets go, Bishop and Bobby will be waiting for us in the Blackbird.We will tell the police that the fourth terrorist is on the roof, they can collect the body."

Logan sighed. "Ya don't think we should bury her at the mansion?"

"No Logan, she was never an X-men, in heart or mind. Let them deal with her." He pulled Logan into the stair well, and turned taking one last look at the body before closing the door.


Logan was silent the whole way home, trying to think of a way to tell Remy about the mission and what he had done. The Blackbird landed in the hanger but he didn't move as Bishop and Bobby got off. Scott had told them what had happened and they both tried to tell Logan that it wasn't his fault, that there was no other way, but he didn't say anything. He just sat fearing that he was about to lose the one thing in his life that made him feel whole.

Scott stopped in front of Logan on his way out of the cockpit. "You know Logan, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Remy knows that Rogue never loved him, that she was lying to him this whole time. I am not saying that he wanted her dead, but he is not going to let this destroy the relationship you have. He let her get in the way of you two before, he is not going to again." He patted Logan on the shoulder and walked out.

Logan breathed in deeply, calming himself, and stood. He needed to find Remy to explain, and beg his forgiveness. He walked out into the hanger and was met by Jean. She gave him a sad look. "He knows Logan, he was in the com room when Scott called in and told me what happened. I think he went out to the dock. You should go out and talk to him."

Logan closed his eyes, and sighed. "Ok, Jeannie." He walked out of the hanger towards the lake. He walked slowly, thinking over and over in his head what he was going to say. When he made it to the dock he stood at the entrance starring at Remy sitting on the edge. He remembered being in the position a little over a month ago. Then he was trying to fix Remy and Rogue's relationship, now he is trying to save his own.

Like before, Remy broke the silence. "Cher? Ya gonna stand there all night, or are ya going to join me?" Remy looked over his shoulder at Logan who didn't move from the beginning of the dock. "It's alright Logan, I know what happened. I don't blame y' for what happened. Y' had to do it to save Scott and yourself, its better this way. In my heart she died a long time ago, I lost her already. But I couldn't take losing y', cher. Y' own my heart, y' are my heart." He turned and looked at Logan. "Please, come here." He reached his hand out, begging Logan to come and take it, and he did.

Logan sat down next to Remy and raised his hand to his mouth and kissed the palm. "Darlin', I'm sorry, I tried to get her to walk away, but when she went after Scott." Logan was stopped by Remy's finger pressing against his lips.

"Shhhhh, I told y', it's alright, I don't need an explanation. I know y' wouldn't have done it her unless there was no other way. Y' are not like that, y' are not a killer, Logan. Je t'aime." He pulled Logan to him and wrapped his arms around his neck, holding him tightly.

"I love ya, darlin'. I was so afraid I would lose ya." He buried his face in Remy's neck and began to cry softly. He was so overtaken by Remy's forgiveness and love that he could not hold back the tears.

The stayed there for several minutes. Both feeling complete in so many ways, just holding each other in the night. Logan finally pulled away and brushed the tears from his eyes. "We better get in before Bobby comes out here with a camera. If he catches me crying, I will never live it down.

Remy smiled and kissed Logan, long and hard. "I got a place we can go." Remy gave Logan a look that he knew all too well.

"Really? And where would that be, darlin'?" He gave Remy a sly grin and kissed him again, trailing up Remy's cheek and to his ear, nibbling on his lobe and back down his neck.

Remy moaned and finally answered. "There's this nice little jungle that I found in the mansion." Remy moaned again as Logan's hands worked up the back of his shirt.

"Mmmm, I remember that place." Logan purred and pulled up the Cajun suddenly, jerking him close, grinding his crotch into Remy's. Logan pulled Remy into a deep kiss, biting his lower lip as he broke away. "Let's go, before I take ya here on the deck." Remy moaned and they made there way to the mansion.


Next Morning.

Scott yawned as he walked into to Danger Room's computer tower to program in the day's sessions. He looked at the computer and it was already activated. "What the..." He walked over to the window and glanced down into the room at a vast jungle, complete with flying birds and a large waterfall in the corner. Not seeing anyone in the room he shook his head and walked back to the computer, turning off the program. Suddenly he wished he wouldn't have done it. His eyes widened to see Remy and Logan, naked, sleeping in the center of the room, where the waters edge once was. "I give up!" He screamed and stormed out of the door.

"Computer, restart program." Logan whispered and pulled the Cajun closer to him, tucking Remy's head under his chin. "I love ya." He whispered and kissed Remy's hair as he closed his eyes into dreams.

"Je t'aime." Remy whispered back and fell back to sleep in his lovers arms.