Title: Brainwashing
Date Written: October 2002
Author: Court
Rating: G
Pairing: None
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Fandom: X-men
Disclaimer: All characters are owned by Marvel, not me. I make no money from my fanfiction.
Status: Finished
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Warning: Talk of traumatic brainwashing by the public school system! (In parts of the US anyway)
Summary: Jean and Scott can't get those dang standardized aptitude tests out of their heads!


Logan rested on the front porch, beer in hand. It was a quiet day at the school. The students had a day off after taking the dreaded aptitude tests. He was glad they were over. Everyone was a little uptight during this time of year. Now it was time to unwind again.

Jean came out with her ice tea to join Logan. She nudged Logan's legs from the table in front of him. "Please Logan, keep your feet off the teapoi, I just painted it!"

"The what?" Logan didn't get an answer before Scott came out yelling about something.

"Logan! Is this your sculch in the living room?"

"My what?" Logan was glad when Jean answered the question, at least he thought she did.

"No dear, that is not Logan's. I believe you should ask the big blue baloo downstairs." Jean took a sip of her tea.

Logan looked between the two, eyebrows raised. He was beginning to wonder if he should leave. There was obviously something going on, and he wasn't sure he wanted anything to do with it. He sighed in relief when the lanky Cajun walked through the back door to the porch, taking a seat next to him. He had a strange drink in his hand and a deck of cards.

Jean tipped her head, looking at the drink Remy carried in confusion. "What is that Remy?"

Remy lifted the drink up so that the sun gleamed through the oddly colored drink. "It's my special blend of tea."

Jean wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Looks like a wuzzle of dirt and orange juice."

Logan grinned when Remy's eyes went wide. At least he wasn't the only one that didn't know what was going on. At least that's what he thought.

Remy leaned closer to Logan and whispered in his ear. "Did she say wuzzle?"

Logan nodded and pointed at the table. "Yep and that's a teapoi, Hank's a baloo and he left some sculch in the living room." He then tapped the bottom of Remy's glass. "And looks like ya wuzzled something in that glass." Logan was surprised when the horror crossed the Cajun's face.

Remy quickly shoved the glass and cards into Logan's hand. "I'm out of here! I had enough brainwashing when I was a pup!" The Cajun quickly took off for the woods in the back of the mansion.

Scott watched as Remy ran off the back porch as if being chased by wild dogs. "What's wrong with that younker?"


This is for all though unfortunate souls out there taking the standardized aptitude tests in school. Don't worry about ever forgetting those annoying words that are planted in your head for the tests. As you can see, even as an adult I can't get rid of them! As for you that have no clue what I am talking about, you are lucky! That's all I can say! For those of you that do know, lets say it together shall we?

A teapoi is a 3 legged table, remember a Teapoi is a 3 legged table.

Sculch is junk, remember sculch is junk.

A baloo is a bear, remember a baloo is a bear.

To wuzzle is to mix, remember to wuzzle is to mix.

A younker is a young man, remember and younker is a young man.