Scott jumped when he heard a sudden knock at the side window of the limo. He rolled down the window and greeted the doorman that had let the Professor in earlier. He hoped the large man had news of Xavier's departure. "May I help you?"

"Is dis Hunter's car?" the large man asked.

"Yes." Scott replied cautiously.

"You're a young one to be driving, aren't ya?" the doorman asked suspiciously.

"Um, yea. I have to pay for college somehow." Scott smiled hoping the large man would except the lie. He sighed heavily when the man nodded and moved back towards the building.

Before Scott could recover from the doorman's visit the large man returned to the back of the car with a young boy in tow. The door was opened and the boy was roughly thrown into the backseat with a warning. "Ya do what the man wants or you're gonna get what happened last time." The door slammed and the large man returned to the front window again. "Mr. Hunter will be out soon, kid. He's discussing business."

Scott nodded and watched the large man return to his post at the front doors. Seeing that the man was gone he looked into the rearview mirror at the small form curled in the back seat. The boy was much younger then he expected, no more then six, he guessed. The child's face was hidden by a mass of auburn hair but the tremors running through the small body told Scott the kid was scared and crying. "Are you okay?"

The boy looked up at the driver cringing in fear when he saw the older man flinch at his strange demon-like eyes. "Don't hurt me." Remy whispered.

Scott shook his head regretting the impulsive reaction to the young boy's mutation, he should know better by now. "I won't hurt you, I promise." He turned in the seat so that he could get a better look at the young boy, he then noticed the paleness of the child's feverish skin. He wasn't sure if the boy was really ill, or if it was just another symptom of mutation. "Are you sick?"

Remy didn't want to talk to the man but replied to the stranger's question with a nod, fearing punishment if he didn't answer.

Scott reached back into the seat to feel the young boy's head for fever only to scare the child to the opposite end of the car. "I won't hurt you. I just wanted to check for fever." He noticed the boy's pale skin tint to a shade of green with the movement. He began fearing for the rental car. "Are you going to be sick?" The slow nod from the young boy sent him into action. He quickly jumped out of the car and pulled open the back door, signaling the boy to move to him.

Remy hesitated until his stomach lurched again. He knew better then to throw up in a vehicle. He had been punished for vomiting in the family car by his mother once and didn't want it to happen again. He quickly slid to the open door and barely made it before emptying his stomach onto the street. Tears began welling up in his strange eyes, his stomach burning from injuries being aggravated by the sickness.

Scott handed the boy a handkerchief when the wave of sickness passed. He noticed the blood the boy vomited up between dry heaves and began to worry. "Are you okay?"

"I don't know." came the shaky and quiet reply.

"Let's sit here by the door just in case." he offered, helping the boy up into a seated position on the edge of the seat. He pulled out a bottle of water from the mini-frig and handed it to the child, who gladly excepted it. "What's your name? Mine is Scott."

The boy hesitated for a minute, but finally answered. "Are you gonna hurt me like the other man did?"

Scott eyes widened at the unexpected question. "" he stuttered, not sure how to answer at first. He realized what the boy was truly asking and quickly assured the boy he was safe. "No one is going to hurt you. You are going somewhere safe where no one will ever touch you like that again. A new home."

"Is there a doctor there?" Remy asked sleepily, his eyes threatening to close due to the drug given to him before by John. Even with the pain medication his stomach now burned like fire, along with other parts of his body. All he wanted was to sleep it away, but didn't want to be punished for falling asleep.

Scott's forehead furrowed in confusion at the strange question but he answered, it seemed important to the young boy. "Yes, there are several doctor's where we are going. Why?" he asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

"Doctors don't hurt people." Remy mumbled before yawning weakly.

Scott chuckled at the strange comment. He was about to ask the meaning behind the strange remark but noticed the drowsy look in the boy's eyes. "Why don't you lay down in the seat and rest. You're sick and need some sleep." he suggested.

Remy nodded, happy to have permission to now sleep. His eyes fell shut almost immediately. He felt himself being moved carefully into the car onto the long leather seat by the older man. For some reason he trusted Scott not to hurt him, this one seemed so different then the last. "My name is Remy." He mumbled before falling into sleep hoping to wake up in the safe place the man promised. A place he wouldn't be hurt anymore.