Professor nodded weakly at the blonde receptionist as she wished him farewell with a "come again". Something that Xavier never would do again. Over the last hour he had been taken through a warehouse of prostitutes, drugs, and even weapons. The whole situation made him feel ill, but he had managed to keep up a mask of indifference, making promises of future deals and money support. He knew the information he collect would be valuable to the case, but the way of extracting it was almost not worth the cause. He was relived when the call came that the boy was ready and a new client had arrived to see Mr. Sans.

With a handshake and an apology Mr. Sans finally left Charles to throw his sales pitch at another client. Xavier wasted no time in leaving the massive building with a vow never to return to such a place. He was about to exit the large doors when someone called his name from a corner corridor. He stopped when he recognized the voice as the older Sans brother.

"Mr. Hunter, I am sorry to interrupt your departure, but I must plea with you to leave the child you have purchased. He is very ill." Johnathon begged. He usually never bowed down to any of these men, he considered them scum, but he knew the health of the young boy was held in the balance. As a doctor he had to put his pride aside for the health of the child.

"I will take that into consideration. Good day, Mr. Sans." Xavier coldly replied, keeping up his disguise, hoping it would be enough to deter the young man. He pushed forward only to be stopped again by the doctor, now not afraid to show his anger.

"Listen, if you do, what I am sure you are hurrying home to do, you will kill him. My brother will no doubtedly cover it up like he always does, but I am hoping you have enough conscience in the perverted soul of yours not to want to kill a six year old boy! He is too young to be a part of your disgusting games."

Professor raised his hand and signaled the man to stop, not wanting to bring attention to the scene the doctor was causing. He sighed when the doctor did pause allowing him to speak. "Is he in my car?" Xavier whispered.

The doctor was about to argue again, but noticed a change in the older man's eyes, they had softened with the question. "Yes." he replied simply.

Xavier nodded with a slight smile. He now felt safe telling the doctor a fraction of the truth, he had what he came for. "He will be safe." he promised. He projected images of the mansion and the safe life the boy will now have into John's mind briefly. In return he saw the doctor was only apart of the group because of family obligations, not because he agreed with the activities. Charles promised himself that he would do all he could to help the young doctor when the group was prosecuted.

The Professor knew he succeeded in convincing the younger man when he smiled and let the Professor pass. "Thank you." John whispered as he disappeared into the dark hall.

Professor nodded feeling better about his mission and headed out the door towards the car that would take him home with another addition to his family.