Title: Family Nightmares 10/11
Author: Court
Pairing: Bobby/Remy, Logan/Remy later
Rating: R
Summary: Remy's repressed memories of his childhood are triggered, flooding into his mind. Coming to terms with the memories brings him a family he has always wanted and nightmares he would rather forget. Everyone has to have the third Summers brother story, here is mine, with a twist.
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Disclaimer: The characters in this fanfiction are copyrights of Marvel Comics. I make no profit from these writings.
Warnings: This story is AU, based on Comicverse. Slash, nothing graphic. Talk of Non-con sex (rape) and abuse to a minor.
Author's Note: If the Letters Look Like This that means the characters are thinking it....not telepathy, just to themselves.
If the ~Letters are in Squiggles~ it is Telepathy. As usual, I went easy on the accents. And I am not a professional writer and my english grammar sucks, so bare with me. Enjoy the story, not the grammar. ^_^

Logan carried Remy up the stairs to his room, it felt like deja vu. He took a seat on the side of the large bed, as he lay the young man in it's center. It surprised him to see Remy's eyes drift open when he pulled the covers over him. "Hey kid, ya alright? You know this is becomin' a habit." He was worried when he didn't get a response. "Remy? Are you awake?"

Remy blinked several times trying to get his bearings. It was strange to have these memories now. It was like they had always been there, even though he knew that was not true. He was glad to have them tucked away in his mind. They were less frightening, not as vivid. He took a deep breath and locked eyes with Logan while attempting a smile. "It's alright Logan, just had one hell of a headache there for a few minutes. Sorry I'm being so much trouble."

"Kid, you're not any trouble. You're just going through a rough patch. Everything will be alright, you'll see...." Logan turned when raised voices filled the hall outside the door. He could tell it was Cosair and Jean. Logan stood to go inform them Remy was awake, something the fighting in-laws didn't seem to know. Before he could walk away from the bed Remy grabbed his arm.

"They're arguing about me?" Remy could hear the bickering outside. Cosair was demanding to enter the room and Jean was trying to keep him out. Then suddenly there was that word again, son. Remy wasn't sure if he heard it right the first time, but this time he heard it, and he knew he wasn't hallucinating. He looked up at Logan with wide eyes. "Is it true? How is that possible?"

Logan rubbed his forehead that, even over his healing factor, was starting to hurt. He hadn't had a headache in years! "I don't know all the details kid, you'll have to ask Cosair for those." He was surprised when Remy quickly sat up against the headboard.

"Well, get him in here then, cause I want them!" Remy demanded.

Logan had to smile at the young man. This was the Remy he knew and loved. "Ya want to talk to him alone?"

Remy nodded and then seemed to reconsider, biting his lower lip. "I think it would be best if I did, but, can y' stay close just in case?"

Logan's smile widened. "Course kid, I'll be right outside in the hall. Ya need me, yell, and I'll be here."

"Merci, Logan."

Logan walked out the door into the hall and waited for Cosair and Jean to stop fighting and acknowledge him. "I hope you know that Remy has heard every word you have been yellin' out here. He's been awake since I carried him up the stairs." He waved off the looks of worry and guilt, and pointed at Cosair. "He wants to talk to you, alone. The kid wants answers."

Cosair rushed towards the door anxiously. He not only wanted to explain everything to Remy, but apologize for all the pain he has caused his youngest son. He was stopped and yanked back from the door surprisingly.

"Listen bub, you scare him or hurt him and I'm going to hurt you, understand? I'm gonna be right out here in the hall." He leaned closer to Cosair and whispered in the man's ear. "Don't fuck this up, Remy needs ya."

Cosair nodded, feeling a little bit more at ease. He wouldn't screw this up, he would reunite this family if it was the last thing he did! Logan released his arm and he hurried into his sons room.


Logan sat outside Remy's room for what seemed like hours. Many times he wanted to rush in and comfort the Cajun, but stopped himself. This had to between Remy and his father. He had heard Cosair tell Remy about the plane accident. About why he was left with Anna. He told him about his mother and her death, the prison, the Starjammers, everything. He even apologized for Anna and Jack's actions. Logan could hear and smell Remy's emotions change from fear, anger, sympathy, and love, but there was one thing mixed in all of it, forgiveness. Logan was happy about that. Remy needed a father, one that would care for him unconditionally. He was sure Cosair could be that person if given the chance.

He stood to leave when he heard Remy verbally give his father the forgiveness he wanted. He could smell the tears from both men and knew he was not needed anymore, at least not this moment. He walked down the hall and towards the outside. He would smoke a cigar and maybe grab something to eat for him, Cosair, and Remy, they had all missed breakfast.

He walked outside and took a seat in a deck chair on the porch. From here he would be able to hear Remy if he called for him, but he doubted that would happen. He chewed on his cigar and enjoyed the clean air. The scent suddenly changed and he smirked when he realized who it was. He smelled Scott before he even walked out the door. He knew Scott would come around thinking Remy was with him. He turned and and greeted the leader when he came out onto the porch.

"Hello Logan. I guess Remy is asleep?" Scott rubbed his towel through his sweat soaked hair. He decided to release some steam in the danger room before he took it out on someone that didn't deserve it. Seeing Logan through the porch door he thought he would get to see his brother as well, and stopped before heading to his room.

"Nope, he's talking to your father."

"What?" Scott jumped up to go to Remy's room. There was no way he was going to let his father talk to Remy without him.

Logan grabbed Scott and spun him, throwing him back into the chair. "Listen, they already talked it out. Remy forgave your father. I'm not going to let you go up there and ruin that. Remy is not like you, he understands your father didn't mean for any of this to happen. I'm sorry that you have to be so stubborn. I can tell you want to have a relationship with your father, you just keep denying it. Maybe you could learn something from your baby brother."

Scott huffed and leaned back in the chair. He knew Logan was right. If Remy wanted to forgive their father he couldn't say anything about it. He didn't have to follow his example though. "Your right Logan, I can't interfere with them, but you have no right to lecture me about denial."

Logan raised an eyebrow at Scott. "What are you talkin' about, bub?"

"I see the way you act around my brother. You're in love with him aren't you?" Scott could have sworn he saw a blush cross Logan's face, but he knew better then to comment on it though. By the way the Canadian was squirming in his seat he could tell he hit the bullseye. "Why don't you tell him?"

"Cyke..." Logan was going to deny it, but he realized it was pointless. Scott knew. It surprised him that the leader was accepting the idea of a relationship between him and Remy, but he knew Scott wouldn't accept his excuses. How could he tell him that he was more scared then he has ever been in his life. That he felt pathetic not being able to say those three simple words to Remy. How could something that seemed so easy be so hard? "I just can't right now."

"Why not? It is obvious that Remy has feelings for you. He trusts you more then anyone in this house. You are the one he always asks for when he is in need. What more do you want as a sign? Hell, even when he was dating Bobby he spent more time with you. Do you know how many times I had to listen to Bobby complain about it?"

"Really?" The little confession made Logan smile. He always had the feeling of competition with Bobby for Remy, he was glad to know he was winning that little war.

Scott stood up and leaned against the porch railing so he could look Logan in the eye. "Yes, really. I have a feeling Remy was just dating Bobby to have someone around. It made him feel wanted. First Rogue, then Bobby. I don't think Remy ever had any interest in them until they said they wanted him. He always jumps on the chance, like he will never get another. It's different with you, there is something there he didn't have with any of them, trust. So why can't you both stop fighting it and tell each other?"

Logan leaned forward in his chair and stared at the ground. Damn it! Why did he have to explain this to Scott. "It's not that easy. All this shit that happened to him as a kid. I can't throw a relationship on him now. I just don't want him to think he has to do something he doesn't need to do. You know what I mean?" He looked up at Scott and hoped he couldn't see through the lie. It was true that he didn't want to push Remy, but that wasn't the real reason he stayed silent about his love. Around the mansion he was the man that feared nothing, he wasn't sure he wanted to change that in the eyes of Scott.

Scott nodded. He knew Logan was lying, making excuses, but he had to agree with this one. "Make me a promise Logan. I understand your fears, but don't wait to long. Please don't let Remy jump into some meaningless relationship, like he did with Bobby and Rogue, just because you are too scared to tell him. My brother deserves better then that."

Logan shuttered at how transparent he must be. If Scott could see the truth, then it must be obvious. "I promise, I won't wait too long. Just let all this settle. It seems to be one thing after another lately for Remy, I don't want to be another problem. I will always be there for him, if he loves me or not."

Scott snorted. "I don't think you have to worry about that. I may not know Remy as well as some people, but I know that he has feelings for you, if he acknowledges it or not."


Remy exited his room, actually feeling good about his life for once in a long time. The new memories still haunted him, but he kept them at bay, for now. He knew he wouldn't be able to ignore them forever, but he was sure going to try as long as he could. He had been given enough of a distraction by the conversation with his father. Father. Remy smiled at the thought. He couldn't believe he had found his family, and it was one that he thought he could only dream of. For awhile he feared that Anna and Jack were his lost family, his worst nightmare.

Remy pushed those thoughts away. He didn't want to think about them and the awful things he endured under their care. He wanted to deal with the task at hand. His father had to leave in a few days, to pick up his crew and new ship. He would be back around by Earth within a few weeks and wanted Remy to join him, so they could get to know more about each other. His father had voiced his wish that Scott and Jean would accompany them, but he didn't think that would be possible.

Remy felt bad about that, it was his fault Scott was arguing with their father. He didn't want to be in the middle. He decided to try and talk some sense into Scott. If he could get him to agree to the trip he would go as well. If Scott refused, he would pass on the chance. He wouldn't take sides. He would hate to lose his family now, but he refused to be in between the two of them. He would walk away if he had to, but he hoped it wouldn't come to that.

He knocked on Jean and Scott's door and waited for any answer. After a few minutes a smiling redhead answered.

"I'm happy to see you up and at it. Is everything alright?" Jean saw the tension in Remy's features, something was wrong. She opened the door further and pulled him inside. "What's wrong?"

Remy had to smile at Jean. She had become overprotective ever since this mess started. He feared she was beginning to know him to well. She didn't even have to read his mind to know what was going on anymore. "It's alright Jeannie, I was actually looking for Scott."

"Oh, well he is not here, he was in the Danger Room last time I checked." She opened up her link to Scott and found he was out on the porch with Logan. She informed her husband secretly that Remy was looking for him and felt her husband hurrying to finish his conversation and return.

"Maybe y' can help me Jeannie. Cos...Dad asked me to go on a trip for a few weeks with him. He wanted y' and Scott to go too. I was hoping y' could help me talk Scott into it."

Jean felt Scott ready to enter the room and halted him mentally. She wanted to finish this conversation with Remy. She knew that this was a sneaky way to make her stubborn husband realize the trouble he was causing, but she had run out of ideas up until now. She fully opened her link to Scott so he could hear the conversation and continued "I would love to go Remy, but I don't think Scott will want to join his father on the trip. He is very stubborn. I take it that you have forgiven Christopher?"

Remy nodded and smiled. "Oui, he didn't mean for any of this to happen. It was out of his hands. He tried to find all of us, but there is only so much one person can do. I understand that. I was hoping Scott would too."

Jean put her hand of Remy's arm to comfort him. "Scott is just angry that Christopher kept the knowledge of you from him. You were here the whole time Remy."

Remy sighed sadly. "I'm still here, we could still try. I just feel like I'm in a position that I have to pick sides, and I'm not going to do it."

"What do you mean Remy, neither of them want you to pick one over the other." God, Jean hoped Scott was hearing all this. If anything could get Scott to think straight it would be this.

"If Scott does not want to go, I won't either. I don't want to be something they fight over. I'll just walk away and everything...."

"will go back to the way it was?" Jean finished for him. "Remy don't do this. Even if you sacrifice your relationship with your father and brother it will not bring them back together. It will only give them both something else to fight about." Jean pulled Remy into her embrace, seeing the need for comfort in his eyes.

"I just feel like this is all my fault Jeannie. If it wasn't for me they would still be talking to each other. I'm not worth fighting about." Remy felt the tear roll down his face before he could stop it. It was wiped away by Jean.

"Remy this is not your fault. This is between two very stubborn men that love each other dearly. Christopher is too afraid to fight with Scott, thinking he will make things worse, and Scott if just looking for a reason to argue with his father. I am sorry you were his excuse this time, he just doesn't realize how hard this is on you." Jean pulled up Remy's eyes to her's by a gentle hand on his chin. "And you are wrong. You are worth fighting over, if there was a reason to fight." She looked at Remy for a brief moment then shook her head and laughed quietly.

Remy smiled sadly, confused by Jean's change in emotion. "What?"

"I don't believe I missed it this whole time. You look just like a Summers. I think the thing that threw me is you don't act like one. The stubborn streak must have skipped you."

Remy snorted. "I know several people that would differ with y' on that one."

"I think I will be able to talk Scott into the trip, but even if I don't, I want you to go. This is important to you, and your father. Scott will come around, he always does." Jean smiled when she felt her husband nudge her mentally, telling her that he was going to speak to his father. "Everything will turn out fine."

"I hope so" Remy whispered.

"So your going right? No matter Scott's decision. I think it will be good for you to get away from the mansion for awhile." Jean could barely hold in her excitement. She really wanted to go. I trip with the family sounded wonderful.

"Maybe, I have one more person to talk to. I was kind of scared to go alone, so I asked if I could bring someone." Remy smiled weakly trying to hide his embarrassment at being so childish.

Jean smiled and kissed Remy on the cheek. "Go on, you talk to Logan and I will talk to Scott. Lets see if we can get a family trip arranged."

"How'd y' know it was Logan?" Remy blushed when Jean gave him a sly smile as an answer. He quickly turning towards the door trying to hide his sudden redness. Damn why was he blushing! "I will meet up with y' later Jean. We'll compare notes then."