Title: Family Nightmares 11/11
Author: Court
Pairing: Bobby/Remy, Logan/Remy later
Rating: R
Summary: Remy's repressed memories of his childhood are triggered, flooding into his mind. Coming to terms with the memories brings him a family he has always wanted and nightmares he would rather forget. Everyone has to have the third Summers brother story, here is mine, with a twist.
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Disclaimer: The characters in this fanfiction are copyrights of Marvel Comics. I make no profit from these writings.
Warnings: This story is AU, based on Comicverse. Slash, nothing graphic. Talk of Non-con sex (rape) and abuse to a minor.
Author's Note: If the Letters Look Like This that means the characters are thinking it....not telepathy, just to themselves.
If the ~Letters are in Squiggles~ it is Telepathy. As usual, I went easy on the accents. And I am not a professional writer and my english grammar sucks, so bare with me. Enjoy the story, not the grammar. ^_^

"Hey Logan." Remy hovered at the door of the kitchen. He had been looking for Logan everywhere. He was going to check his room to see if he just happened to go back there, but his stomach had other ideas. Smelling the aroma of bacon and eggs, even this late in the afternoon, was too hard to resist. When he walked into the small kitchen and found that the chef was Logan he froze in his tracks. For some reason his stomach tightened when he thought about asking the Canadian to go on this trip with him. He didn't understand why, it was just a silly trip.

Logan turned from the stove and smiled at Remy. He could smell the unease coming from the young man and wondered why the kid felt so uncomfortable around him all of a sudden. He figured it was just Remy's nerves being shot to hell from all the things going on lately. He hoped nothing else would happen any time soon to make it worse. He didn't think the kid could take much more before ending up in a nut house. He signalled Remy over to the stool in front of the kitchen island. There was no need to get the table messed up for just two of them. "Have a seat, it's almost ready. I was gonna bring some up to you and your pops, guess ya saved me a trip."

"Merci, y' didn't have to cook for me. I've been enough trouble this week." Remy took his seat on the stool and watched Logan fill the plates. He practically drooled. He had been sleeping and upset the majority of the week and that didn't leave much time for eating. Hank was going to flip his lid when he found out he lost even more weight.

"You're no trouble kid." He sat Remy's plate down in front of him then made his way to the refrigerator with an empty glass. "Milk, Orange juice, or a beer?"

Remy laughed. "I think I will go with milk. Eggs and beer just don't sit well with me."

Logan shrugged and filled the glass with milk and dropped a few ice cubes in the glass. He knew that was the way Remy liked it, but the Cajun never asked for anything special. He grabbed himself a beer, getting him a smirk from the table.

"Merci." Remy took the glass of milk and smiled. Not only had Logan remembered that he liked his eggs fried but well done, but he put ice in the milk as well. Normally no one remembered those two preferences, or never bothered to ask. Breakfast around the mansion always consisted of a huge bowl of scrambled eggs. You either took it or left it. He couldn't think of the last time he had breakfast the way he liked it without doing it himself. He began eating and before he knew it he had finished everything on his plate. He didn't realize he had been that hungry.

Logan looked at the Cajun's now empty plate and grinned. Seeing Remy finish everything on his plate was an odd occurrence. "Guess you were hungry, I don't think I have ever seen ya clean your plate that fast."

Remy smiled shyly. "It was really good, and oui, I was starving." Noticing that Logan was eating something almost completely different from him made his smile get a little shyer. Logan had cooked that special for him. He couldn't think of anyone, but his Tante, that had ever done that for him.

"Glad ya liked it. I take it, since you are eatin', your conversation with your dad went well?" Logan picked up Remy's plate and added it to his, and what looked like everyone else's, dirty dishes in the sink.

"Oui." Remy followed Logan to the kitchen sink and took his normal perch on the counter. He picked up a near by dish towel and dried off the dishes as Logan handed each one to him. Once the assembly line of dishes began running smoothly, Remy hesitantly started the conversation he came to have with Logan in the first place. "Um, Logan, can I ask y' somethin'?"

Logan raised an eyebrow at Remy's odd behavior. "Yea kid, ya can ask me anything."

"I wanna ask y' a favor." Remy stared at the floor and began to spill it all at once, to nervous to hesitate further. "Y' see my dad asked me to go on a short trip with him into space, just a few weeks, he wants Scott and Jean to go too, but I'm not sure the're going, I wanted to go, but I'm nervous about going alone, so I asked dad if y' could go with me, and he said it was alright...."

Logan raised his hands to stop Remy and took the dish from him before he rubbed a hole through it. "Slow down kid, I can't even understand half of what you're babblin' about. What is it ya want to ask me?"

"I don't want to go alone. I know he's my dad and I should trust him, but I've only known him a few days. Will y' go with me?" Remy looked up and gave Logan his best puppy dog eyes. He really wanted Logan to go, and his dad thought it was a good idea too.

Logan wanted to scream YES at the top of his lungs, but he controlled his enthusiasm. He didn't want to be obvious about his uncontrolable urge to be near Remy constantly. The thought of him leaving into space for a few weeks without him was almost unbearable in itself. He scolded himself for being so pathetic. He had never been this attached to anyone before, but the Cajun was addictive. He was so caught up in trying to think of something to say, that he didn't feel the dish slipping from his hand. He was brought to his senses when the plate hit the floor and broke into small shards.

"Shit!" He pushed his thoughts about the trip away temporarily and retrieved the dustpan to clean up the glass. He went to grab the broom, but it wasn't in it's normal place.

Remy was disappointed that he hadn't gotten an answer. He wasn't sure if the slip of Logan's senses was a good or bad sign. Noticing the Canadian was looking for the broom he took on the hunt as well. As soon as the glass was cleaned up he would hopefully get his answer. Seeing the broom leaning against the door frame he jumped down off the counter to retrieve it.

"Gumbo, don't..." Logan cringed when his warning came to late.

In his effort to help Logan he forgot all about the reason they were looking for the broom in the first place. Remy jumped down on the glass covered floor with bare feet and one shard went right into the ball of his foot. "Merde!" He jumped back up on the counter and turned his leg so he could look at the splinter of glass in his foot.

Logan rushed over when he heard Remy's curse. Seeing the Cajun's eyes begin to water worried him. He looked at the small piece of glass in Remy's foot and shook his head in mock annoyance. "You'll live."

"But it hurts!" Remy whined. It really did hurt. The little cuts were always the ones that stung the most.

Logan swept up the glass and threw it in the trash can. "Well ya should have thought about that before you tried walkin' on glass." He replaced the broom and dustpan to there proper place and grabbed the small first aid kit off the back of the refrigerator. He walked over to Remy and ducked his head under the young mans arm, throwing him over his shoulder.

"Logan what are y'...Hey, put me down! Logan!" Remy playfully struggled against Logan, not really trying to get the Canadian to put him down, but he put his best effort in acting like he did. He yelped when Logan leaned down, throwing him backwards onto the couch.

"Figured you wouldn't be able to walk with that HUGE piece of glass in your foot. Your lucky it didn't cut your whole foot off!" Logan said sarcastically. He took a seat on the coffee table in front of the couch and pulled Remy's injured foot onto his lap. He flipped open the first aid kid and grabbed the tweezers, holding them up so Remy could see them. "I don't know, this may not work. We may need laser equipment or something."

Remy kicked Logan with his free foot while sticking out his tongue. "Shut up and get it out of my foot. It really does sting!" Remy put as much whine as he could muster in the last sentence. It really didn't hurt all that much, but it was fun to play along. Playing around with Logan made him feel like a kid again, or at least what his childhood should have been like. It wasn't too often he got to let his playful side surface. He silently thanked Logan for the opportunity.

"Sit still and I'll get it out." Logan easily removed the small shard and dropped it into the nearby ashtray. He dropped the tweezers back in the first aid kit and pulled out the antiseptic. Remy hissed when he dabbed a little on the wound. Wanting to relieve the sting, he pulled Remy's foot up and blew on the wound. A sly grin slowly covered his face as he watched Remy's reaction. The kid closed his eyes to the sensations and his toes curled. Logan decided he would remember this little trick for later, if there was a later. He brought the foot down onto his lap again and brushed his thumb over the ball of Remy's foot, making sure he got all of the glass.

"Non! Stop!" Remy yelled and tried to pull his foot away from Logan.

Logan looked up at Remy startled at first, he thought he had done something to hurt or upset Remy. Then he noticed what the real problem was. He brushed his calloused finger across Remy's foot again and got the same reaction from the young man only followed by a muffled giggle. "Don't tell me you're ticklish Gumbo."

"I'm not ticklish!" Remy barked back as if he were truly offended. His attempts at playing angry were quickly dissolved when Logan began tickling his foot without mercy. He tried to pull his foot away and found it impossible. He pleaded between uncontrolable laughter. "Non!...Stop!....Logan!"

Logan laughed loudly as Remy kicked and pulled trying to get his foot away. This was just too damn cute. Remy could take on a Sentinel without flinching, battle it out with Sinister without complaint, even take on those nasty Brood creatures, but he was easily rendered helpless by tickling his foot. He felt the need to see how far he could push this, he wanted to know just how sensitive Remy was. "Ya know, I heard that there is this spot right behind the knee..."

"Non! Not the knee! Non!" Remy kicked harder trying to get away. He was laughing so hard tears rolled down his face. His brother Henri used to do this to him and his cousins for hours. He would torture them and they would always come back for more. Thinking about it that was the last time he had laughed this hard.

Logan gave Remy a evil cackle when he managed to catch Remy's other foot in the young man's attempt to kick himself free. "Now what ya gonna do?" Logan tickled the bottoms of both feet and Remy laughed hysterically while hitting Logan with a pillow. He had broken the kid to the point he was struggling for breath between laughs and he even heard the Cajun snort a few times. He was suddenly brought out of his happy torture when a voice came from the door.

"If I remember correctly, he has a spot right under the rib cage." Cosair smiled at the two. They had all heard the screams from Remy and ran to his rescue, only to find that his torture was not all that unkind. It took him aback for a moment to see Logan being this carefree with his son. The Wolverine he had known from countless battles was mean, brutish, and down right frightening. This was a totally different side of Logan he had never seen. Glancing at Scott and Jean he could tell they were just as surprised. This must not be a side of their teammate they see often either.

Logan and Remy looked up at the entrance to the family room and saw Cosair, Scott, and Jean laughing at the scene before them. Logan looked back to see the Cajun blushing, most likely out of embarrassment. He figured he would bail the kid out.

"Rib cage huh?" He raised his eyebrows at Remy and laughed when the Cajun covered his ribs protectively with the pillow he was beating him with earlier.

"Don't y' dare!" Remy was still struggling for breath. He began laughing again seeing Logan's hair, it was flying every which way from the pillow fight. He could only imagine that his was just as bad and ran his hand through it.

Jean rustled Remy's hair wildly, messing it up once again, as she jumped in the seat next to her brother in law. She leaned to his ear and whispered. "I told you everything would be alright." She glanced over to Scott and Cosair who were still standing next to one another near the door.

Remy smiled and looked at Scott. "So y' are goin' on the trip too?"

Scott nodded. "Yes, me and Cos..dad, talked. Jean and I will be joining you."

"That leaves y' Logan, you're comin' right?"

Logan looked at Remy a little taken back. He didn't expect the Cajun to still want him to go if Scott and Jean were joining him. "I don't think ya need me kid, Jean and Scott are going. You'll be alright with them."

Jean caught Remy's frown and decided to lobby for the young man, knowing he wouldn't argue. "Logan, we all want you to go. Please."

"Come on Logan. Join us. You haven't been away from the mansion for awhile. You need a vacation just as much as any of us. The rest of the team will be back from their mission in a few days, and Ororo will be back from her vacation, the mansion will be full. There's no reason we all can't have a few weeks to ourselves." Scott squeezed Logan's shoulder and raised one eyebrow signalling towards Remy secretly. He knew Logan would get the point. This trip would be the perfect opportunity to tell Remy his feelings.

Logan ignored everyone's coaxing and looked at Remy. "It's up to you kid, if you want me to go I will."

Remy grinned from ear to ear and nodded his head. "I wouldn't have asked if I didn't. Just no more ticklin'!"

"Then it is all settled! I will call my crew and then we will arrange the trip!" Cosair said cheerfully. He was so happy to have his family together again. He wished Alex and his wife could be here to see it. He wouldn't let that bring him down now, they were still in his heart. "Well, lets get packing!"

Remy smiled at Logan. "Come on, y' can help me pack. I'm crippled!"

Logan snorted, but followed Remy anyway. It was helpless to resist. All he could think is how interesting this trip was going to be.

To be continued in "To Grandmother's House We Go"...one day...