Title: Family Nightmares 2/11
Author: Court
Pairing: Bobby/Remy, Logan/Remy later
Rating: R
Summary: Remy's repressed memories of his childhood are triggered, flooding into his mind. Coming to terms with the memories brings him a family he has always wanted and nightmares he would rather forget. Everyone has to have the third Summers brother story, here is mine, with a twist.
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Disclaimer: The characters in this fanfiction are copyrights of Marvel Comics. I make no profit from these writings.
Warnings: This story is AU, based on Comicverse. Slash, nothing graphic. Talk of Non-con sex (rape) and abuse to a minor.
Author's Note: If the Letters Look Like This that means the characters are thinking it....not telepathy, just to themselves.
If the ~Letters are in Squiggles~ it is Telepathy. As usual, I went easy on the accents. And I am not a professional writer and my english grammar sucks, so bare with me. Enjoy the story, not the grammar. ^_^

Logan held the sleeping form tightly to his chest, carrying him to his bedroom. Looking down the hall, as he turned up the stairs, he noticed that Jean had stopped in the hall outside Bobby's room to inform Hank of what happened. Bobby had stayed behind talking with the doctor as well. Once he started climbing up the stairwell to the third floor, out of site of the others, he stopped. He pulled the young man in his arms closer to him, bowing his head to meet Remy's forehead with his. Seeing Remy like that had scared him more then anything. For the first time, in quite a while, he felt completely out of control. He didn't know what to do, or how to help Remy, but God knows he wanted to more then anything.

They had always been good friends, and that friendship had grown over the last year. After the trial, Logan was on a personal mission to help the Cajun rejoin the ranks of the family. During that time he had seen a side of Remy that he had seemed to miss over the years before the trial. Under all the false bravado and that infamous poker face, was a loyal, loving, friend, with more emotion and personality then he ever showed to the outside world. He admitted a long time ago that he was falling for Remy, but because of that friendship he never admitted his feelings. He was afraid of losing everything before gaining anything, and that was enough to stop him. He would rather have Remy as just a friend then none of him.

Hearing Jean and Bobby start there way up the the stairs, he carefully rushed up the rest of the way to Remy's bedroom. He pushed open the door lightly and carried Remy to his four poster bed, laying him gently in it's center. First turning an ear to the hall making sure he was given enough time, he bent down and quickly kissed Remy's brow. He never had many chances to show his hidden affections towards the Cajun, but it did it anytime he could. It gave him a little bit of the connection he craved so badly. If he didn't take these small chances he knew he would be overwhelmed by the want and need for the boy. He turned to face Jean and Bobby when they came into the room. Now that Remy was safe, he wanted answers. "What's going on, Jeannie?"

Jean sighed and waved the two men to chairs in each corner of the small room as she took her seat on the bed next to Remy. "I will explain when Hank arrives." She brushed Remy's hair back from his pale face with motherly care. His face looked young and full of a calmness she knew he did not have in his waking hours.

Logan watched the gentleness in Jean's touch. The two people in the mansion he would die to protect were sitting there on the bed together, and he had no rights to either of them. His heart broke at that thought. He had lost Jean to Scott long before he was part of her life. Remy he had lost to Bobby. He looked over at the young man in the chair in the opposite corner. He wanted to kill Drake for hurting Remy like this. He could not imagine causing Remy any pain, ever, and Bobby did it without a second thought. Damn him!

Hank entered the room with his first aid kit. He stopped at the door and was instantly aware of the polar opposites in the room. On one side sat Jean with Remy. An almost picture perfect image of love and care. Then the other side sat Logan and Bobby. Bobby was staring at the floor with an overwhelming look of guilt on his face, and Logan...If looks could kill, was the first thing that came to Hank's mind. The tension between them couldn't even be cut with the proverbial knife.

Hank shook his head and walked to Jean's side. "May I have a look at your wounds? I do not want infection to set in."

Jean nodded and moved to the foot of the bed. "Now that Hank is here I will explain what I know. I also have some questions." Jean hissed as Hank covered the scratches on her side with antiseptic.

Bobby winced. He knew the questions would be for him, and he didn't want to answer them, especially with Logan in the room. The Canadian wanted to kill him on a normal day, now he just caused his best friend to have a mental breakdown. He knew he wasn't going to walk out of here alive or in one piece.

Jean opened her eyes and breathed hard. "Now that Hank is done with his torture, I will continue." She sighed when the small bantering did nothing to lessen the tension between Logan and Bobby. She was afraid this was going to end in another fight between the two. "First, I need to know how this happened. I can assume what was going on when the breakdown occurred, but was Remy upset tonight. Did he say anything before?"

Bobby blushed. He felt like he was having the birds and the bees conversation with his mother again. "Well, there was nothing all that odd about what we did, other then it being two guys. He wasn't upset or anything."

Logan growled. "Don't lie boy!"

"I'm not lying! We just came up here and one thing led to another. Yea, this is what I had planned tonight, but if he really didn't want to I wasn't going to make him. He was just nervous."

"Don't flatter yourself Ice Cube, you weren't his first. Remy ain't the slut ya think he is, but he has slept with men before. He wasn't nervous about what ya were doing, he was nervous caused ya pressured him into it. He didn't want to sleep with ya!"

"Could of fooled me! As a matter of fact, I knew he had been with other men before! You may think just because Remy comes to you to talk, he doesn't talk to me, but I know just as much about him as you do, Old Man."

"Old Man? You listen here you little prick. Ya don't know a damn thing about Remy, cause you don't bother to ask. You're too busy trying to get into his God damn pants to try and learn who he is first. You better hope that when Remy wakes up he doesn't tell me you forced him!"

"Forced him? I didn't force him! Do I look like a fucking rapist?" Bobby stood from his chair, charging towards Logan.

Logan met Bobby half way and poked him in the chest with his finger. "Then tell me Snowboy, since you know Remy so well, why was he nervous?"

Hank went to break them apart, but was stopped by Jean. "Let them do this Hank" she whispered.

Bobby slapped Logan's hand away and moved closer to his face. "He was nervous cause this is the first time he bottomed, Old Man." Bobby saw Logan's eye flinch. "What? That bother you Logan? Oh! I get it now, you're mad cause you're jealous! Bother you that I fucked him first?"

"That is enough both of you! You answered my question Bobby, now sit down! You too, Logan. I don't want to see either of you talk to the other until I am finished. We are not here to fight each other, we are here to help Remy. Somewhere the two of you forgot that." Jean glared at the two men until they took their seats again. She let the fight continue until she got the information needed, now that she had that, she was not about to let this turn physical.

"How did I answer the question?" Bobby asked with confusion. He didn't remember really saying anything that cleared this up.

"I am not sure what exactly is going on in Remy's mind. What I could see is that something was triggered and it let loose memories that were once repressed. The breakdown was caused by his mind fighting them. I only caught flashes of what they were, and those images were very fuzzy and broken, but what I caught was quite upsetting. In the memories Remy seems young, has he ever mentioned not remembering a part of his life?"

"No." Bobby answered quickly, trying to beat the Canadian.

Logan looked over and gave Bobby a cocky sneer. "Yes. He doesn't remember the first six years of his life."

"I was under the impression that he resided with the thieves guild?" Hank looked at Logan in confusion.

Logan rolled his eyes. None of them listened to Remy, no wonder he didn't talk to any of them. "No, he lived on the streets until he was ten years old, then he was adopted by the guild. He said he woke up on the streets one morning when he was about six and the only thing he remembered was his first name. Is that what is flooding his head?"

Jean nodded sadly. "I think so, but I cannot be sure until he wakes. I did not recognize any of the faces from the memories. They may have been his real parents."

Logan hissed. "Don't say that Jean. If that's what's floating around in his head, this is going to be hard. He has some pretty nasty scars from that time in his life. Remy didn't remember what caused them, but he had a feeling his parents weren't the nicest people."

"Believe me Logan. If these are his parents in these memories, they were the most horrible people imaginable. We will just have to wait until Remy wakes up. Whatever these memories hold, it will be very hard on him. On all of us."