Title: Family Nightmares 6/11
Author: Court
Pairing: Bobby/Remy, Logan/Remy later
Rating: R
Summary: Remy's repressed memories of his childhood are triggered, flooding into his mind. Coming to terms with the memories brings him a family he has always wanted and nightmares he would rather forget. Everyone has to have the third Summers brother story, here is mine, with a twist.
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Disclaimer: The characters in this fanfiction are copyrights of Marvel Comics. I make no profit from these writings.
Warnings: This story is AU, based on Comicverse. Slash, nothing graphic. Talk of Non-con sex (rape) and abuse to a minor.
Author's Note: If the Letters Look Like This that means the characters are thinking it....not telepathy, just to themselves.
If the ~Letters are in Squiggles~ it is Telepathy. As usual, I went easy on the accents. And I am not a professional writer and my english grammar sucks, so bare with me. Enjoy the story, not the grammar. ^_^

Logan caught the scent of Jean as she rounded the corner towards him. He almost expected Remy to be with her, but she was alone. He stopped in his tracks and looked at her in surprise. He didn't like the idea that she was walking towards the MedLab. He was going there to see if Hank had heard anything on Remy. If he was hurt he wanted to know! "What are ya doing here? Where's Remy? Is he alright?"

Jean could not help but smile at the concern in his voice. All she could think was he had it bad. "Logan, I assure you, Remy is alright. He is in the shower, and I didn't think my husband would appreciate me peeping." She watched as the tension visibly drained from Logan's body. She didn't know he was that worried or she would have talked to him earlier. "Actually, I came to talk you and get something from Hank. You want to make my life easier, and come into the MedLab with me? Then I can kill two birds with one stone."

Logan nodded and followed Jean in. He hated the MedLab, but this was obviously about Remy, so he could withstand it for him. "What's up Jeannie?"

"Well as I'm sure you know, Cosair landed in earlier tonight. I wanted to visit him while he was in, and Remy insisted that I leave him to do just that. I refused to leave him alone, so we came to a compromise. If I could talk you into staying with him for a few hours, I would go visit Christopher."

She smiled as Hank walked out of the office. "Hello Hank, can I bother you for some sleeping pills? They are for Remy. He needs some rest without these nightmares he is having. He is exhausted." She turned back to Logan when Hank bounced off to fetch the pills. She was confused by the stunned look on Logan's face. She expected him to be running over her to get to the room.

"He asked for me?" Logan swore his voice cracked, but he was hoping Jean would ignore it and answer his question.

Jean bit back a laugh. "Yes Logan, he asked for you. I told him to choose someone he would be comfortable with and trusted, he picked you. You will stay with him for a few hours, won't you? If not, I can ask Bobby, I guess, but..."

"No! I'll watch over him. Don't call Bobby. I don't think he's in the mansion anyway. He took off earlier today. I got the kid." Logan looked at Jean closely and finally noticed the dark circles under her eyes. "Are ya alright? Ya look tired."

Jean nodded. "I am just tired, this has been really hard for Remy and it has kept me awake. The things that this man did to him were horrible. He has not been sleeping for more then an hour or two at a time, which means I haven't either. That is why I want him to take some sleeping meds. He needs some sleep without these memories waking him. I will update you on everything on the way up to the room. I'll let you know what you are walking into."

Hank returned with the medication in a small orange bottle. "Give him two of these and he will sleep soundly for at least six hours. It will most likely be more like eight, but with Remy's metabolism one is never sure. It will keep the nightmares at bay at least. I must say Jean, if you would like something to help you sleep, I can find something for you as well. You look exhausted."

Jean took the prescription and dropped it into Logan's shirt pocket. "Thank you Hank, but I will be alright. I am going to visit with Cosair for a few hours then I will return to Remy. I should be able to catch a few hours of sleep before Remy wakes."

Logan put his hand on the redheads shoulder. "Why don't ya get a good nights rest in your bed tonight. I'll watch over Remy until morning. It's not a problem. With the kid laid up, I don't have anyone to go out drinking with anyway."

"I don't know Logan, he has some really bad nightmares and they only seem to be getting worse."

Logan waved his hand. "Jean I've seen his nightmares, they are nothing I can't handle. Plus on these.." Logan tapped his pocket and pills rattled in there bottle. "He's going to out like a light most of the time anyway."

Jean gave up, she really wanted a good nights rest in her bed with her husband. It sounded like heaven at this point. She just felt like she was abandoning Remy. She shook herself of the thought. Logan would be with Remy, and he would never hurt the young man. "Alright, but I am going to keep a link open to you. If there is any problems you contact me first thing, you understand?"

Logan smiled and nodded. "Gotcha Red. Just don't be broadcasting any of your nightly activities with your husband. There are somethings I would rather not see." Logan gave Jean a mock shiver.

Jean hit Logan on the shoulder. "I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am so tired I don't think I could manage anything but sleep tonight."

Logan cocked his head. "That's suppose to stop him?"

"You are horrible Logan! Come on, lets go. I will update you on the way to his room. The sooner I get rid of you the better!" Jean waved to the doctor. "See you later Hank! Thank you again."


Logan stepped into the room with Jean, who placed her hand over her eyes. "Are you decent?" She smiled when she heard the Remy's familiar laugh.

"Yea Jeannie, sorry to disappoint you, but I am full clothed." Remy finished pulling his hair back into a pony tail and looked at Jean who had made her way to his side. He rolled his eyes when he saw the lecture coming.

Jean saw the puffy eyes and could tell Remy had been crying. She reached over and grabbed Remy's chin, forcing eye contact. "What did I tell you about hiding this? Don't! If something is bothering you, talk to me."

Remy took Jean's hand that was still resting on his chin. "I couldn't talk to y'. Y' refused to take a shower with me!" He leaned over and placed a kiss on her forehead and whispered. "I'm fine Jeannie, really, it just all caught up with me."

Jean sighed. "Are you sure you will be alright? I don't have to leave, I can stay...."

"No ya don't Red. Stop playing mother and get your butt downstairs to your husband and Cosair. The Cajun's mine for the night." Logan walked over to Remy and looked him in the eye. He shook his head. "I thought Jean looked tired. Come on kid, get into bed, it's bedtime."

Remy put on a mock frown. "Y' leaving me with him? He's worse then y' at being a mother hen."

Jean smiled. "Sorry, this was your call." She gave Remy a quick kiss on the cheek. "You need anything call me, I'm always listening." She tapped her head and waited for Remy to nod, then turned to Logan. "Same goes for you, anything, call me."

Logan cleared his throat and tapped his cheek. "I'm jealous."

Jean laughed and kissed Logan on the cheek before she left. "I'm surprised my husband hasn't killed you both."

Logan waited for Jean to leave then gave Remy a serious look. "You're alright with this? If I make ya uncomfortable it's ok, I'll leave. I can track down Bobby if ya want."

Remy cringed and shook his head. "Non, Logan, I don't want Bobby here. I know you won't hurt me, I trust y', I want y' here. Bobby, I don't know..." Remy didn't finish, he didn't know how to explain his feelings for him right now. He curled up in the bed and almost fell asleep when his head hit the pillow, he was so tired.

Logan took a seat on the opposite side of the bed and watched Remy for any kind of negative reaction. Jean had told him what happened, and that he may be jumpy. When he sat down, Remy moved closer to him, causing him to fight back a smile. He closed the distance and stretched out on the bed, his head resting against the headboard. He opened his arm invitingly like he did so many times before. Many nights after the Cajun returned from the trial Remy fell asleep cradled in his arm. The Cajun had told him it stopped the nightmares, made him feel safe. It just made the Canadian fall in love with him that much more. He wasn't sure it that was a curse or a blessing.

Remy saw the offering and quickly took him up on it. He was hoping that once Logan was told of his past he wouldn't shy away from him, afraid to scare him. He didn't want to lose the close friendship he had, it was his rock, and he needed a rock more then anything right now.

Logan rubbed Remy's back in small circles coaxing him to sleep. Then he remembered the meds. "Oh kid, here, Hank gave these to me. He said they will make ya sleep for about six hours without nightmares. Ya don't have to take them if ya don't want to, but Jean says ya should." He felt Remy nod against his side and opened the bottle. "Here ya go." He handed the two pills to Remy, who sat up to take them.

"Merci." Remy creaked out before yawning. He quickly took his spot in Logan's arm again, laying his head on Logan's chest.

"Close your eyes and sleep Remy. Your safe, I'll be here the whole night." Logan brushed back Remy's hair and wished he could kiss the Cajun again, but didn't act on the urge.

Before Remy could thank Logan again he felt himself pulled into sleep. Thankfully it was an endless darkness. No Anna, No Jack, no horrors, just peaceful sleep.


Cosair was happy to see his son return with a smile on his face. "Something between there and here lifted your spirits."

Scott sat the whiskey and glasses on the small table between them. "I spoke to Jean, she will be coming down to join us a little later, I didn't think she would be coming down."

"Are you two arguing? Is that why you have been upset?" Cosair was worried. He really liked Jean, and he knew she was perfect for his son, and vice versa. He would hate to see them part.

Scott shook his head lightly. "Not really. She was been with a team mate, that has been going through a tough time. I haven't been getting much sleep since she's been gone. For some reason some of my old nightmares have been haunting me lately. It's just hard not to have her there to talk to."

"Have you told her about the nightmares. I'm sure if she knew about them she would be at your side. This teammate of yours could get help elsewhere could he not?"

Scott snorted and poured two drinks, handing one to his father. "Not Gambit, you think I don't trust people. He has been here for five years and still doesn't trust more then a few people on the team. I don't want to take Jean away from him. At first I was mad that she was staying with him, but then I saw a little of what he was going through I changed my mind. I used to see him as this arrogant, out of control, wild card. He didn't seem to care about anything or anyone. Now I found out it was all just a show. The things he went through the first six years of his life puts mine to shame. I wouldn't want to be in Remy's shoes right now for nothing."

Cosair almost dropped his drink when he heard the familiar name. "Remy?"

Scott looked up from his drink. "Huh? Oh, that's Gambit's real name, Remy, Remy LeBeau. Actually we are not sure what his real last name is. LeBeau is an adopted name. You see, he couldn't remember the first six years of his life until a few days ago. He repressed it. He remembers two people that he lived with, but Jean doesn't think they are his parents, and he can't remember there last names. Just Jack and Anna."

Cosair couldn't believe it. First Remy, now Anna. There's just no way this could be happening, it had to be coincidence. "Have I met this Gambit before?"

Scott thought about it for a minute while nursing his drink. "Once when we fought for the Shi'ar. He was with us, but I don't think you ever spoke to each other. He was new to the team then, and he usually just stayed out of the way."

Cosair was afraid to ask the next question. One part of him hoped that it was his Remy that he lost so long ago. Another prayed it was all coincidence. If it was Remy he would have to explain to Scott that he, yet again, lied to him. The new found trust would be shattered. He might lose everything. He took a large gulp of the whiskey, hoping it would find him courage. "What does Remy look like? How old?"

Scott cocked an eyebrow in question. He couldn't figure out why his father was so interested in Remy all of a sudden. He figured he was just trying to remember if he had met him or not and answered his father's questions. "I think he's about 23, 24 maybe. He doesn't celebrate his birthday, says he doesn't know when it is. He's about my height, thin...too thin...shoulder length hair, about your color. Oh! His eyes, you would remember his eyes. There red and black, real spooky, they glow in the dark." Scott stopped his description when his father's face went pale. "Dad? You alright?"

"I need to see him!" Cosair stood and waited for his son to take him to Remy, he need to see him now!

"Who? Remy? Why?" Scott was stunned at his father's behavior. He was tempted to contact the Professor or Jean. There was something obviously wrong.

"Now Scott! I need to see Remy now! Please."

Scott stood and tried to calm his father. "It's not a good idea. Remy's mental state is really fragile right now. I think a strange man walking into his room would upset him."

"Why would he be afraid of me?" Cosair dreaded to ask the question. He had to ask a similar one when he wanted to know why Scott flinched to his touch. He didn't like the answer. To find out that Scott had been abused while in foster care upset him. Scott never gave him details, but he said the man that had custody of him, right before Xavier, took advantage of his handicap. After hearing the news he vowed to kill the man, only to find out it had been done already by the hands of Xavier and his son.

"Remy's caretakers, this Anna and Jack, were abusive. From what Jean has told me Jack was sexually abusing Remy and this Anna woman did nothing about it. He had all this repressed until a few days ago. Right now he is having a hard time with it all coming back." Scott was shocked to see his father's eyes actually well up with tears. He had only seen his father cry twice before. Once before he pushed them from the plane, and when he told him about his childhood. Now he was crying over Remy? "Dad, what is going on?"

"I need to see him Scott, please. I need to talk to him. If you do not take me to him, I will find him myself!"

Scott shook his head. He was about to argue when Jean stepped into the room. He startled when his father practical tackle her. "Where is Remy? Tell me where he is!"

In total shock and not knowing anything better to say, Jean answered his question. "In his room on the third floor, why?" She never got an answer before Cosair ran past her. She watched as he ran up the staircase until he was out of sight. She turned to an equally stunned Scott. "What was that about?"

Scott shrugged weakly. "I don't know Jean, but we better get up there. He is determined to see Remy, and I don't know why!"