Title: Family Nightmares 9/11
Author: Court
Pairing: Bobby/Remy, Logan/Remy later
Rating: R
Summary: Remy's repressed memories of his childhood are triggered, flooding into his mind. Coming to terms with the memories brings him a family he has always wanted and nightmares he would rather forget. Everyone has to have the third Summers brother story, here is mine, with a twist.
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Warnings: This story is AU, based on Comicverse. Slash, nothing graphic. Talk of Non-con sex (rape) and abuse to a minor.
Author's Note: If the Letters Look Like This that means the characters are thinking it....not telepathy, just to themselves.

If the ~Letters are in Squiggles~ it is Telepathy. As usual, I went easy on the accents. And I am not a professional writer and my english grammar sucks, so bare with me. Enjoy the story, not the grammar. ^_^

Scott started his way down the hall with a smile on his face. He never liked the idea of Remy seeing Bobby, even before he knew they were blood. Hell he would even be first to say that Rogue was bad for him. He had seen a bad pattern forming in Remy's relationships and he was glad that, maybe for once, the Cajun would have a partner that cared for him. Logan would have been the last on his list of people to fix Remy up with, just because he had no idea Logan liked men, but now he knew they would be perfect. Scott's lighthearted thoughts continued as he made his way down the stairs. He couldn't wait to tell Jean that he figured it out before she did. That would be a first!

His smile quickly faded as he looked down the stairway. He stopped in midstep to see his father at the opposite end of the staircase making his way up. Cosair had also stopped his ascend and stared at Scott with a lost hope in his eyes. They stood there looking at one another, waiting for the other to make his move. Scott so angry he didn't want to talk to the man in front of him and Cosair too afraid to cause anymore damage.

Cosair realized they were at a stalemate and it would never end if someone didn't say something. So he did. He had to know that Remy was alright, and Scott was the only one to ask at this point. He just hoped it wouldn't spark another argument. "Is Remy alright?"

"No." Scott took one more slow step towards the main floor. Almost challenging his father to continue.

Cosair took that challenge without a second thought. "Did Robert upset him? Shouldn't someone be with him?" Cosair cringed, he knew he just gave Scott an open invitation to place guilt on him once again. He hoped Scott would pass on the chance.

Scott closed his eyes. Damn the things he wanted to say. Where were you when he needed you before? Why did you leave him...us...without someone when we needed you? Scott shook off the angry words in his mind, he was not in the mood to fight anymore. He was tired. "He's not alone, Logan is with him. Now if you don't mind I need to go wake Jean."

Cosair leaned against the post and let Scott have ample space to pass. He wanted to stop him and beg for his forgiveness, but he knew it was too soon. The wounds were too fresh. He watched as his oldest son crossed the large room below and walked out of sight, never looking back. He began to follow, but stopped. Looking up the stairs towards his youngest son's room, he thought maybe it was the time to talk to him. Maybe Remy could give him the forgiveness he longed for.


Logan held Remy in his arms, cradling his head against his broad chest, rocking slightly. The crying had stopped long ago, but he continued to hold him in his embrace. He learned a long time ago to cherish these moments of holding Remy. He never knew when he would get the chance again. Nightmares, fights with loved ones and teammates, emotional bloodletting, only after these things would Logan get the chance to hold Remy in his arms. Be the young man's savior. He loved the opportunities, but he hated the circumstances.

He wished he could hold Remy always, for once have the chance to hold him out of love not anguish. He had to shake himself of the thought. He couldn't do that, he could never admit to his love. He had so many emotions and feelings tied up in the young man cradled in his arms. Logan knew if he lost Remy he would lose himself. What he had with the kid was too much to gamble away.

Logan suddenly felt the form in his arms jerk slightly and then shake. At first it startled him, until he realized that the shaking was laughing. He pulled Remy away and looked at him questioningly. "What's so funny?"

Remy hiccupped again and couldn't stop the giggling that followed after. He put his hand over his mouth when another hiccup followed. "I got the...hiccups."

Logan laughed. He loved that something so simple could lift Remy's spirits. Logan reached up and wiped away the remaining wetness from Remy's cheeks. "Are ya feelin' better?"

Remy hiccupped again and nodded. "I'm alright. So much has happened lately that I'm a wreck. I knew that Bobby wouldn't want me after all this. I was actually prepared...I thought I was anyway." Remy gave Logan a weak grin and put his hand on the wet spot on Logan's shirt. "I've been doing this a lot lately. I must owe y' a whole new wardrobe by now."

Logan shook his head. "You don't owe me anything Gumbo." Logan ran his fingers through Remy's hair, brushing it from the beautiful face he had fallen in love with. He had the urge to pull that face to his, but he stopped himself. He stood up slowly and reached out his hand to Remy. "Come on, you need to eat something, and so do I." Logan heard another hiccup and chuckled. "We need to do something about those hiccups too."

Remy laughed and reached out to take Logan's hand. He saw the trembling as his hand fell into Logan's. "Maybe a cigarette should be first on the list, I'm shaking like a leaf. Jean hasn't let me smoke for days!"

Logan pulled the young man up. "She's bad about that. I was stuck on a mission with her for three days once, and she would bitch every time I even thought about smoking. I swear I smoked a whole box of cigars in one sitting when we got home."

Logan and Remy laughed as the made there way out of the room. Only interrupted by an occasional hiccup, which only added to the chuckling. Remy abruptly stopped when Cosair came into view at the end of the hall. The unfamiliar face shocked him for a moment, and he found himself pulling closer to Logan.

Logan noticed the tenseness and saw the cause. "It's alright kid, it's just your....Cosair." Logan took a deep breath, he almost let the word 'father' slip, he hoped Remy didn't notice. Logan waited for Remy's tension to fade then pulled him slightly towards Cosair, who had stopped at the top of the stairs.

Cosair was entranced by Remy. It had been so long since he starred into his son's eyes. They had not changed in all these years. He had loved those eyes since the day Remy was born. He remembered the doctors all calling it a deformity, a impairment, he saw them as a unique gift. They only made him love his son more, if that was possible. He found himself staring at Remy, picking out the features that matched his long lost wife and himself. Each one stamping the young man in front of him a pure Summers, his son.

When the two men stopped at the stairs next to him he had to fight the urge to hug his son. How long had he dreamed to do that? Instead he held out his hand. "I don't think we have met, I'm Cosair. You can call me Christopher."

Remy shook Cosair's hand apprehensibly. He had noticed the man staring at him as they walked down the hall. He also found it odd that Cosair would be coming to the third floor when it was only resident to him and Logan. He didn't think Logan was good friends with Scott's father, not enough to warrant him coming to his room anyway. Something was going on!

Logan noticed the tension between the two. Cosair was too afraid to say anything, but the man's fascination with Remy was obviously scaring the Cajun. "Me and Gumbo were going down to eat some breakfast and have a smoke. Want to join us?" He was happy when Cosair nodded.

Remy was going to suggest smoking first, but the new air flooding into his lungs cause a rather loud hiccup to escape his lips. He put his hand over his mouth and apologized with a blush. "Sorry."

Logan chuckled and wrapped his arm around the young man's shoulders, knowing it would put Remy at ease. "Let's get something to eat, maybe it will help ya get rid of those darn things. It's cute, but that one sounded like it hurt."

They made there way down the stairs towards the kitchen. Logan poking fun at Remy's hiccups and the Cajun playfully fighting back. Cosair watched the scene in wonder. He knew, from his first encounter, that Logan was very protective of Remy. They seemed to be inseparable. He wasn't sure what their relationship was, but he could tell it was good for Remy, for both of them. A tinge of jealousy hit him when he realized that Logan had a better relationship with his youngest son then he will ever hope to have. He could only blame himself for that though. All he could do is hope that his relationship with his youngest son would turn out better then the one with his other two.

Cosair looked over again at the pair when silence fell between them. Looking over he noticed they had stopped a few stairs above him. He followed their glance out to the room below and saw what had froze them in their tracks. It was Robert. He was standing at the front door with two suitcase, fully packed. He turned again when he heard a growl come from behind.

"Running away Drake?" Logan still wanted his piece of Bobby. He started to make his move when Remy stopped him.

"Don't Logan, let him go if he wants." Remy walked over to Bobby, stopping a few feet from him. He could see the fear in Bobby's eyes, and h tried to comfort him with a weak smile, but he felt it fade quickly. "Bobby, ya don't have to leave if y' don't want to. Not because of me. I understand if y' don't want to be with me anymore. I can barely handle all of this, I don't expect y' to try."

Bobby suddenly felt like a bastard, as he knew he should. Remy forgave him, but the others were nothing like the Cajun. They would fight him until the bitter end. He saw it burning in the eyes of the two men on the stairs. "Remy, I need to leave. It's not you, I just need to get away from everyone. I'm only causing problems here right now." Outside a taxi pulled into the drive and honked his horn, signalling for it's caller. "Well I've to go. I'm sure I'll seeya soon, this place is like a magnet, no one can escape!" Bobby leaned over and kissed Remy on the cheek. "I hope everything will turn out okay with your new family. I'm glad you found them." Bobby picked up his suitcases and rushed out the door without looking back.

Remy stood there rolling over what Bobby said in his mind. New family? What new family? He couldn't possibly be talking about Anna and Jack, how could I be happy about remembering them? Remy turned and looked at the two men still standing on the staircase. "What's he talking about?"

Logan sighed. Remy was on the verge of panic and he could tell Cosair was stuttering on his own thoughts. "Come on Remy. Let's go eat some breakfast and we'll explain." He saw the fear in Remy's eyes and walked over to reassure him. "Remy, it's not bad, I promise." At least he hoped it wasn't. Scott held everything against his father, but he knew Remy was different. Remy would probably forgive Sabertooth if he walked in and ask for it. Hell, the Cajun would probably warp the truth and make it seem like it was Creed that needed to forgive him. How could two men like Remy and Scott be blood and grow up so different he wondered. Now he just had to manage getting through breakfast with Remy's sanity intact. "Let's get some food in ya and then we'll talk."


Logan left Remy and Cosair in the small eating area outside the kitchen. It gave the illusion of privacy, but Logan could still keep an eye on Remy as he cooked breakfast. The kid was uncomfortable with Cosair, for obvious reasons. Cosair kept staring at Remy and asking him odd questions. At least they would seem odd to Remy, who didn't know the situation. To Logan the questions were understandable. They were from a father who had just found his lost son and wanted to know more about him. He decided to stay out of it unless trouble started.

"May I ask Remy, where are you from? I can't place your accent."

"It's Cajun. I'm from New Orleans." At least he thought he was. He rubbed his temple, a headache was starting to form in the back of his head. Why was Cosair asking so many questions? Did I get along with Scott? Did I ever meet Alex? Why did he want to know these things? It was almost as bad as being triggered by Jean the last few days. He thought he was glad to get away from that for one night, he was wondering if this was worse. And Logan! Why wasn't he just telling him what Bobby meant by his new family? Something was going on, and on top of it his head was pounding!

"Cajun huh? Guess that explains Logan calling you Gumbo all the time."

"Oui, that would explain that wouldn't it? " Remy grunted. This headache was getting worse and this man's obsessive questions were not helping.

"Have you lived there all your life?" Cosair knew the answer to that question, but anything to keep his son talking. He had never heard more then a few words from his son's mouth before they were torn apart. One of those few words being 'daddy', he hoped to hear that again someday. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard a hiss from across the table. His brow furrowed in worry when Remy winced in pain. "Remy?"


Logan dropped the plates back on the counter and hurried into the dining area when he heard the concern in Cosair's voice. The reply of 'no' from Remy made him worry more. It wasn't 'non', it was 'no', and it lacked an accent or anything that resembled Remy's voice. Jean had warned him about that. When Remy remembered a part of his past he would sometimes go into a trace like state, his voice that of a child. This was defiantly the case.

Logan knelt down beside Remy's chair and slowly placed his arm on the young man's shoulder. When he wasn't pushed away he pulled Remy out of the chair into his embrace on the floor. Remy took no time in pulling himself close to Logan, wrapping his arms around Logan's waist, laying his head on his shoulder. "No what Remy?"

"I never been to New Orleans until we moved. Jack needed to move, he did something bad. He made me pack all my things in boxes. A friend of his came to help, his name was Mike. I liked him, he was nice to me. He let me ride in his truck with him, Jack drove the car. We drove a long time. We stopped at night and slept in the truck until one night we stopped at a motel. Mike got mad at Jack and they started yelling. They thought I was asleep but I wasn't. Mike knew about what Jack had done to me, I don't know how, but he found out and got mad at Jack. He wanted to know why Jack had me when I wasn't his. Jack said he needed me, that I was going to be useful later. Mike said he wasn't going to go any farther then the next city. He was dropping Jack off there." Remy started sobbing into Logan's chest. He was caught up in the memory, and his head hurt badly.

Logan rocked slowly and coaxed Remy to go on, he knew they were close to solving the mystery of how Remy ended up in New Orleans. Hopefully this would be the end of it. "Go on Remy, what happened next?"

"I was so scared! I thought Mike would leave us and Jack would kill me. I knew Jack would think I told Mike, but I didn't. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night, I was so scared. The next morning Mike made me ride in his truck with him. We drove for a little while until we came up on the next city. I knew that was it, Mike would leave and I would be left with Jack again. When we stopped at a stop light I jumped out of the truck and ran. I ran down an alley and kept running until I couldn't anymore. I hid in a building. I heard Jack outside looking for me. He screamed that he was going to kill me when he found me, that he was going to hurt me. I was so afraid he would find me. I started to cry, I didn't know what to do, and I then....I don't remember...."

Remy's eyes blinked slowly. He felt an odd feeling in his mind. He looked up at Logan questioningly and then closed his eyes again. His head started to pound, he felt like he was going to be sick. He was about to ask Logan to help him upstairs when he found he didn't have the energy to speak. He heard the door open behind them. He tried to left his head to see who it was, but couldn't.

"What's happening? His mind is in chaos!" Jean felt Remy's mind trigger again as her and Scott were making their way to the kitchen. She had hurried to the room when Remy's mind began to fall into another storm.

Logan tried to get Remy's attention, but the young man didn't move from his chest. Remy was trembling and he could smell the pain. He tried again to get Remy's attention, but failed. "Remy, what's wrong kid? Talk to me!"

Remy heard the voices, but his head pounded so hard he couldn't speak to answer them. Memories began fading from his mind, they seemed to be melting with others. He tried to tell everyone to calm down, hold on a few minutes and let this happen. It was painful, but it seemed right. Maybe this was what Jean meant by the memories taking there place.

Remy could hear Logan yelling in concern, Scott demanding to know what was wrong, Jean trying to calm everyone down, even Cosair wanting to know what was happening to his son. Son? That word came through stronger then the rest. Even through the storm in his mind he heard it loud and clear. Was something wrong with Scott? No, he called him his son? His headed pounded harder with the new mystery. Son? Am I his son? He gave up, there was too much going on to solve the mystery now, all he could do was give into the darkness.

Jean finally felt what was happening and knew Remy would be alright. "Lets get him upstairs. He will be fine after his mind settles."

Cosair, was in shock. Remy was obviously ill! How could Jean take this so casually! He let them take care of Remy up until now, but he wanted to know what was wrong. "What is happening to my son?"

Jean pushed Cosair back away from Logan and Remy as they left the kitchen. "Christopher he will be fine, his memories are taking there place in his mind. He just needs rest. Please, let me handle this. You stay here." She grabbed Scott who was watching helplessly as Logan carried his brother up the stairs. "You stay here with your father. You need to talk to him anyway. I will call for you two when he is settled." She quickly left up the stairs before either could protest.