"He's pretty ain't he." Logan whispered over to the younger blonde sitting on the bench next to him, they both watched their teammate Gambit. The young Cajun was giving them a show, jumping hoops in the danger room for their leader who keep a look out from the upper booth. Remy's sexy body was covered in a sheen of sweat that made his chiseled features glow in the hot overhead lights. Logan knew that he was not the only one turned on by the scene. He could smell that Bobby was effected too.

Bobby's eyes widened in udder surprise at the comment. He wasn't sure to be flabbergasted by what was just said, or who said it. He wasn't even sure if he had heard it correctly, maybe he was daydreaming. "What?" he questioned in doubt of his sanity.

"You heard me." Logan grunted. "It's hard not to imagine what else he can do with that body of his isn't it."

Again Bobby thought he had fallen into the twilight zone, and again he had no idea how to react, so he stuck with his usual response. "What?"

"You hard of hearin' today or somethin', kid? I know ya like Rems so ya don't have to play dumb with me. I don't blame ya. He's been on my list of things to do for awhile, if ya know what I mean. Got my chance about a month ago and let me tell ya, he's got some mean kinks."

Bobby just stared with his mouth agape, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment. He had never heard Logan talk like this about anyone, especially not another man, and never a teammate. The older man was right, he has had a crush on Remy for a long time. Hell, who was he fooling, he was totally in love with the younger Cajun, but he would never admit that to anyone, too afraid of ridicule, or that it would get back to Remy. Now Logan, the macho man of the group, was sitting here bringing it out in the open like they were talking about the weather. This had to be a joke! "Kinks?" he repeated, not having any idea what to say.

"This subject practical turns ya into a dummy don't it, bub? Yea, kinks, he has some wild ones. You wouldn't expect any of it from knowing him, but he likes the weird stuff. Being tied up and gagged, playing with all sorts of toys, even asked me to spank him once or twice. Nothing I would let him do to me, but he practically begs for it."

"Uh really?" Bobby stuttered. He began imagining the sight of Remy tied down and gagged, varies toys laid out for his amusement, he then realized that it was a very arousing scene. "Logan, why are you telling me this?" he finally asked, worried that this might actually be a joke. He sure as hell did not want his erection getting anymore noticeable before the punchline arrived. Last thing he needed was the wrong person, like Remy, walking up and wondering why there was a large tent in his uniform. Logan would of course give Gambit all the perverted details of what caused his arousal, making him the joke between the two men and probably half the mansion by noon.

"Glad ya asked that, Ice Cube." Logan smiled, baring his teeth, in what could only be considered a very devious grin. He wrapped his arm around the younger man's shoulder and pulled him closer casually to whisper in his ear. "Ya see, Remy likes you too. Likes you a whole lot really, never stops talkin' about ya. I had mentioned the other day about throwin' you into the mix and he thought it was a great idea, but he's a little shy. We made a deal, I had to ask you if ya wanted to have some fun with us?"

Bobby swallowed hard. This had to be a dream! God, how he wanted to be with Remy, but really the whole situation was not his style. He was always the hopeless romantic, a traditional kind of guy, not someone into kinky games and threesomes. He looked up into the open floor, Remy still dancing around robots and various other mock enemies. The lithe Cajun looked over and caught his stares, giving him a wink before continuing his training session. His cock jumped at the simple gesture, he did really want the man tied down or not. He looked at Logan who had given him space, obviously letting him ponder the invitation. He was about to ask the details when Scott's voice filled the room ending the session and dismissing the trio.

Logan stood to leave, but before exiting the large room he dropped a key into Bobby's lap. "This is for room 14 at the Starlite Inn. Be there at 9:00 tonight if you want to have some fun." Logan leaned in, his hand on the wall behind the blond's head. "Don't say anythin' to anyone. As of right now we didn't have this conversation, even Remy will deny knowin' anything, so just keep it to yourself, we don't want it gettin' around, understand?"

Bobby nodded quickly.

"Good, don't be late." the older man whispered before leaning back away from Bobby's face. "Seeya around, kid." Logan waved a hand in the air and caught up with Remy who was walking out the large steel doors towards the shower room.

Bobby sat in his seat staring at the hotel key blushing furiously, imaging what the night was going to be like in a lone hotel room with just Remy and Logan. He still could not believe he wasn't dreaming.