"Here ya go."

"Merci." Remy thanked Logan, taking the drink the older man had purchased for him. They had arrived at the bar about an hour before to play some pool and they had just settled into a nice back booth of the crowded tavern. Remy was still suspicious of Logan who had asked him to go drinking after the training sessions early in the morning. The older man had suggested a new bar on the edge of town, not a place he would normally think Logan to enjoy. He also found it odd that they were alone, his teammate had not stated it would only be the two of them, but maybe the others would join them later or Logan was just wanting a pool partner. He waived off his uncertainty, adding the situation to the list of odd things his teammate had been doing the last several weeks and took a drink of his whiskey. "Man, that's strong." he whistled. He had never tasted bourbon with that much kick.

"Maybe they screwed up. You want another one?" Logan asked.

"Non, it's fine, just gettin' used to Harry's watered down stuff I guess." Remy shrugged and took another sip, wincing at the taste.

They sat in silence enjoying there drinks, occasionally scanning the room. Logan continued to sip on his beer casually until Remy eyes began to glaze over. He smiled in triumph. "You alright, kid?" he asked in mock concern.

Remy rubbed his eyes when the room began spinning. He knew the drink was strong, but never had alcohol effected him like this, he was normally immune to bourbon's effects. He felt his heart rate pick up and his stomach knot up, that is when he knew the liquid he had drank was not just whiskey. "Somethin's wrong." he slurred.

Logan wasted no time in wrestling Remy out of the booth. Pushing him towards the door to leave the bar. "Come on Rems, lets get ya home."

Remy stopped at the doorway and stared at the older man in surprise, the odd pet name and Logan's lighthearted attitude towards him obviously being drugged was raising red flags. Logan had never called him pet names and the way he was being pulled to the car was a little harsh. His mind was fuzzy but his instincts were yelling at him, telling him something was not right with the situation. He tried to break free of Logan's grasp but found the older man just held tighter and pulled him harder towards the Jeep they had arrived in. "Logan? Stop..." it was all he could say before his footing gave out from under him and his vision went black.

Logan picked up the slumped Cajun and not so gently threw him into the passenger seat of his beat up Jeep. Everything had managed to fall into place perfectly. He had been planning this for months. The bar, the drug, the hotel, all of it was in line the way it should be. He had Remy right were he wanted him and hopefully Bobby would show up as well, that would be his trump card. On the way to the driver's side Logan stopped to rummage through a bag stashed in the back seat. He pulled out a thin bracelet from the front pocket and a small box that resembled a black pager.

He jumped into the driver side and grabbed the unconscious Cajun's thin wrist, placing the bracelet on his arm, locking it closed tightly. Pushing the single button on the remote device caused the bracelet to glow light blue, signalling it's activation. Now he did not have to worry about Remy's destructive powers thanks to the little trinket he had stole from the lab earlier that evening. He held Remy's limp arm up to the moonlight and laughed almost maniacally. "Don't look like you're the only thief in the mansion anymore, Gumbo." Logan continued to smile about his accomplishments as he peeled out of the bar's parking lot towards the Starlite Inn.