Bobby moaned as he was kissed deeply by the writhing man atop of him. The thin body rocked back and forth, bringing their erections together in a slow grind. He pulled away from the kiss and saw Remy smiling sweetly back at him. The younger man dipped his head to kiss at his hard nipples and collarbone giving him the view of Logan slowly pistoning in and out of Remy causing the sweet motion that was making them all one. He gasped at the erotic scene. Remy captured his lips again, wrestling with his tongue for long, sweet, minutes. "Bobby, I love you." the Cajun whispered in his ear, causing the heat in his groin to rush... "Huh?" Bobby muttered while shaking his head. A loud knock at the door pulled him from his afternoon nap.

"Robert?" Hank called from the hallway after knocking on the door once again.

Bobby groined loudly into his pillow. He was so close! Now he was left with a raging hard on and a friend at the door demanding entry. "Damn it." he whispered before grabbing his robe and slipping it on to hide his erection.

"What's wrong, Hank?" Bobby asked, poking his head through a half opened door.

Hank smiled at his young friend almost laughing at his flushed appearance and tousled hair. "I was just going to ask if you had seen the bracelet that I have been working on."

"The inhibitor bracelet?" Bobby questioned.

"Yes. Remy had returned it to me yesterday after finishing the locking mechanism. I placed it in the cabinet and now it has disappeared."

"I haven't seen it, sorry." Bobby answered honestly.

"Thank you, Robert. I will ask the Professor, it is possible he has done something with the device. Now you can return to whatever it was you were doing." Hank gave Bobby a knowing smile and laughed when his friend blushed furiously.

Bobby growled at Hank's comment after closing the door. He made his way back to the bed and opened his robe, glaring down at his hard cock. "What am I gonna do with you?" Looking at the clock he saw there was only two hours before he was to meet Logan and Remy at the hotel. He jumped up and headed into the bathroom for a shower, refusing to touch himself with the promise that he would get the chance for release soon.

The scene from his dream played over and over in his head as he prepared for the evening. Would it be like his dream? No. Logan said there would be restraints and gags and toys. He sighed. He would have preferred his dream, it seemed more erotic to have Remy free to touch and move, not just tied down and having everything done to him. If he had his way the night would be minus Logan as well, but he knew that wasn't possible. It was made clear that they were together, which meant he was just a new toy to the relationship. It was better then nothing he decided, if he passed up this chance he would never be with the man he loved. Logan had also said that this was something the younger man was into, so if he ever wanted a chance with Remy he would have to learn anyway he could. Who knows, he might find that he likes the scene as well. There was only one way to find out!

After getting ready he threw on his jacket and reached in the right pocket for the key Logan had given him that morning, making sure it was still there, not something he had imagined. He smiled when he found it safely hidden in his coat. He made his way to the garage quietly and jumped into his car driving casually to the Inn that he was directed to. All the way to his destination his mind imagined what he would experience tonight. What Remy's body would look like laid out across the bed. What it would feel like to be inside him. A shiver ran up his spine and his cock began to harden again. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted this experience. He smiled when he saw the Starlite Inn sign glowing in the skyline up ahead.

Though he was excited, butterflies fluttered in his stomach when he finally pulled into the parking lot of the mid-sized hotel. He recognized the Jeep as Logan's and parked beside it in the nearly empty lot. He sat in his car fumbling with the key in his hand, almost ready to start the car and flee in fear. He still expected the team to jump out of the hotel room laughing, exacting some revenge for all the practical jokes he had inflected them with. He shook his head, he knew better, this was way out of the X-men's league. They would freeze his underwear or replace his sugary cereal with oat bran, not set him up with promises of sexual encounters.

He took a deep breath and forced himself out of the car and up to the door of the hotel. He thought about knocking since the room seemed to be unoccupied, but decided against it, he had a key. Without a second thought he stuck the key in the lock and turned. There was no backing out now.