Bobby slowly pushed open the door to the dark hotel room. No lights were on and he would believe the room empty if it were not for the shadowed figures on the bed. His breathing picked up and his pant's began to tighten at the scene before him. The light that shined from the outside highlighted two silhouettes in the darkness. A thin figure stretched across the bed spread eagle, ankles and wrists tied tightly to all four posts of the bed. A blindfold and ball gag covered the majority of the face lying on a soft pillow, it was obviously Remy. His sights moved to the large figure above, unmistakenly Logan by his strong build and the growls and grunts coming from the straining male that pistoned madly in and out of Remy's submissive body.

"Ya joining us or are you gonna watch all night?" Logan managed before a loud moan of orgasm hit him, ripping away his speech and sight for several moments. When his vision return he noticed the light from the door had disappeared. Bobby now stood nervously at the edge of the bed beside him, waiting for invitation.

Logan pulled out of Remy and knelt in front of Bobby on the large bed. He was sure that Robert could not see well enough to see the condition of the unconscious Cajun. He just had to keep the young man so lost in lust that he didn't question the lack of movement or noise, by the looks of it that would be simple. He reached out and pulled Bobby's face to his, roughly kissing him while pulling away his coat. When he broke away he could smell the lust pour off the boy, he needed it bad.

Bobby took the hint and began undressing. He wasn't expecting dinner and a movie before they got down to sex, but he was at least expecting some kind of conversation or a setting of rules maybe. He wasn't going to argue though, the sight from the door made his cock painfully hard and he would not be able to keep up a conversation anyway. He haphazardly threw his clothes on the floor behind him before Logan pulled his naked body up onto the bed with a jerk. "Logan, I can't see." he warned.

Logan pulled the younger man in front of him, both kneeling between the Cajun's outstretched legs. He took Bobby's hands and held them flat against Remy's bare body, guiding their palms down the long back and sides of the young man until stopping slowly at plump round buttocks. The older mutant removed one of his large hands to stroke the young blond's erection. "You don't need to see, use your senses, your instincts." He slowly guided Bobby's other hand between Remy's cheeks, letting him feel the stretched, slick pucker. "He's ready for you, show him what you got, kiddo."

Bobby fought hard not to come in Logan's hand, the pumping of his cock and the feel of Remy's waiting body made him mad with lust. He didn't fight as the older man behind him guided his weeping cock into Remy's warm wet hole, sliding in easily until he was to the hilt. The heat around him beckoned his release, but he refused to let go so quickly. He wanted to make it last, stilling until he could gain some control. He turned his head when he felt the warm body behind him move and the bed tilt with Logan's departure.

Logan saw the questioning look through the darkness. He wanted to leave for a moment, give the kid some time to implicate himself in the criminal act they now shared. "I'm gonna have a smoke. Do whatever ya like, he can take it."

Bobby waited until the door between the bedroom and adjacent sitting room closed before moving slowly in and out of Remy's warm body. He kissed the younger man's back and neck gently, moaning when the muscles around him spasmed lightly. "Remy, God, I have wanted you for so long." He heard a light moan from the Cajun in response, so he quickened his pace, hoping to satisfy the wants of himself and his new lover. "Remy, I love you." He whispered as his first orgasm hit hard causing him to arch his back, pushing further into Remy's hot channel.

He knelt over Remy, head resting between the Cajun's shoulder blades, his newly hardening member still inside the man beneath him. He was startled from his afterglow when a loud moan came from under the gag and tugging on the restraints made the bed shake. He sat up, his member to pulled away slightly, causing Remy to thrash wildly in attempts to get untied. "Remy?" Bobby questioned in worry.

Remy cried out from under the ball gag violating his mouth. He had woken to the sound of someone familiar purring endearments only to realize when the drug haze cleared, that someone was on top of him, in him. Finding that his movements were hindered and his powers failing made him panic more.

"Remy? What's wrong?"

Remy stalled his thrashing in udder disbelief. It was Bobby voice that filled the room, one of the few people in the mansion he respected after the whole nightmare with his trial. He had found a friend in Bobby, but now he was violating him in the worst way possible. "Non" he moaned over and over through the gag. Tears covered his face when the pain of the situation began to pound through his lower body. His stomach turned to the mixture of pain, fear, and betrayal, causing him to lose the little food he had eaten that night. His panicked attempts at freedom began again as he started choking on his own vomit due to the gag.

Bobby quickly fled the bed at the sounds of Remy choking, he knew something had to be wrong. He ripped the door open and yelled out to the older man that had started it all. "Logan! Somethings wrong, he's chocking."

"Shit!" Logan cursed and pushed the younger man aside to enter the dark room. He didn't bother turning on a light, he could see fine in the darkness. He cut away the tethers on Remy's legs before straddling the younger man and cutting away the arm restraints. With the Cajun free from his bounds he turned him over to see that the young man was indeed chocking. "God damn it, Gumbo!" He unbuckled the gag, pulling it away from Remy's mouth, clearing away the vomit. He sighed when Remy began coughing violently. "He's fine." he yelled over his shoulder to Bobby who stood horrified at the doorway.

"I'll get some towels." Bobby mumbled in his numb state. He headed towards the bathroom thinking over what he had done to cause Remy's panic. Had he hurt him? Had he done something wrong? Why did he do this in the first place? The feeling of regret filled his mind now that his lust was sated. He continued cursing himself as he entered the bathroom.

Angrily he flipped on the light and began gathering towels from the shelves over the toilet. He crossed the small bathroom to wet one of the wash clothes when a flash of red caught his eye. He turned to see his reflection in the mirror, the sight caused him to drop the towels on the floor. His groin and stomach were smeared in blood, it continued further down his thighs. He almost screamed at the horrific site. He frantically rubbed away at his lower body trying to clean the blood away, expecting a wound, but finding none. He finally realized it wasn't his. "Dear God, no. I hurt him."

Bobby ran back to the dark bedroom yelling at the older man from the doorway. "Logan! He's bleeding!" The only response was the creak of the bed and familiar grunts. "Logan?" he asked again.

"Yea, yea, it's normal." Logan barked before continuing his assualt.

"No, you don't understand. He's hurt." Bobby made his way across the room to the light switch. He had to show Logan just how hurt Remy was, show him the blood. He gasped in shock when the room lit up, Logan had replaced the ball gag and restraints to Remy's wrists, only now he was laying on his back and the older man was kneeling before the young Cajun, continuing his violations no matter the condition of the young man.

Now that the lights were on he could see what his mistake had caused. The Cajun's face was tear stained and contorted in pain. Blood and fluids covered the sheets and most of Remy's battered body. No one could ever want this kind of abuse and he could not let it continue. "Logan! Stop! Jesus, can't you see he's bleeding?" he yelled trying to pull the larger man away from Remy who was laying limp on the bed. "Logan, stop! He's unconscious! He could be dying! Please, stop." he begged and pulled harder on Logan's arm, which only resulted in a hard backhand to his face sending him to the floor.

Logan stopped momentarily to point warningly at Bobby. "If you don't want me to do this to you I suggest you fucking back off!"

"You have to stop, this isn't right! There is no way he could want this! He's hurt." Bobby continued to protest no matter the consequences.

Logan growled loudly, not being able to concentrate with the constant chattering of the young man. He pulled from Remy with a grunt, angry at losing the sensation he had been enjoying. He marched over to Bobby who slowly backed away from him in fear. "You don't like what I'm doin'?"

Bobby gulped hard, he didn't like being pushed against a wall after the threat Logan just gave him, but he couldn't back down, he had to get Remy out of this mess. "No I don't, it's rape, Logan. He's not even awake anymore!"

"So, he wasn't awake when you fucked him either." Logan laughed hard when Bobby's eyes grew big in surprise. "You don't know whats goin' on yet do ya? I had you figured for someone smarter. Your right, Ice Cube, he doesn't want this. He never did." Logan took the momentary surprise of the young man as an advantage to throw him from the bedroom into the sitting room. The boy hit the floor with a thud. "Now you stay the fuck out of here so I can finish what I came her to do." With that he slammed the door, locking it behind him.

Bobby set on the floor in shock. Running the whole scenario of the last hour in his head he should've known what was going on, but he didn't take the time to notice. Now he had joined a trusted teammate in raping the man he secretly loved. "Oh God, what have I done." he sobbed. He pounded the floor in anger at his helplessness when he heard the muffled cries of Remy float through the closed door. He knew he was no match for Logan, but he couldn't leave Remy. He had to wait for his moment to strike, he just hoped his beloved Cajun would still be alive when the time arouse.