Hours passed as Bobby paced back and forth across the room. He had yelled through the door, pounded on the walls, even offered himself to the feral man as a replacement, but nothing was stopping the torture Logan was inflicting on Remy. Bobby cursed the paper thin walls of the hotel. He didn't need to be in the room to picture the horrible things Logan was doing, he could here them crystal clear due to the removal of the gag shortly after he was expelled from the room. The noises painted disgusting pictures in his mind.

The Cajun was awake the majority of the time crying out in pain, begging for Logan to stop, sobbing the few times that the older man would take a break from brutally raping and beating him. Bobby hated the sounds, it tore at his heart, but they also gave him a sign that the Cajun was alive. That fact stopped him from doing anything that could possibly cause more pain or death to the younger man. Many times he thought about just freezing the hotel room, he knew it would stop Logan, but it would most likely kill Remy. He couldn't do that when he knew there was a chance.

Bobby pulled himself up from the couch and closer to the door when the noise in the room changed. He could still here the sounds from Logan, but nothing from Remy, it worried him. Many times he thought the worst only for a sudden cry of pain to fill the room again. His worry peaked when the sounds of Logan ceased as well, the room fell into a gut wrenching silence. "No." he whispered to himself, fearing the worst had happened. He was about to break down the door when a loud slamming noise came from the other side causing him to jump backwards. Yelling and cursing from Logan became louder as he came closer to the door which made Bobby back even further away.

"Little fuckin' bastard!" the older man growled as he came through the door naked and covered in various fluids.

"What's going on?" Bobby demanded.

"The little fucker tried to contact Jean."

"What?" Bobby spun around to look at the moving man. He had mixed emotions about Remy contacting others at the mansion. Yes, it would help Remy get out of this, but it would condemn him along with Logan. Then again, maybe he deserved it.

"Don't worry your pretty little head, I stopped him." Logan waved him off as he entered the bathroom. He left the door opened to use the restroom so he could hear any movement in the hotel. He didn't worry about Bobby, sure the kid was too confused to do anything in the short time he had. He was just gonna take a piss and go right back to what he was doing.

Bobby saw his chance. For once in his life he was thankful for Logan's assumption that he was harmless and incapable of fighting, it gave him the advantage. He quickly formed a large barrier of ice across the front of the bathroom door. He almost laughed when Logan pounded on large wall that held him in. He quickly ran into the next room when he heard the scraping noise of claws cutting away at the block of ice. He formed another wall between the two rooms once he entered the bedroom, just in case Logan were to cut through the first. With that finished he turned to Remy and froze in step almost getting sick at the condition of his broken teammate.

Remy lay motionless on his back, the bed sheets were covered in blood, semen, and urine. The Cajun was pale as snow and his breathing was quick and short. Bobby knew if he would have waited any longer his teammate would have been dead. He cursed loudly finding various sex toys and objects lying around the bed. He could only imagine the sick enjoyment that Logan got out of using them on the beaten young man. The worse came when he found a large dent in the wall directly above Remy's lifeless body. The blood gushing from the Cajun's head suggested that a collision with the wall was how the link to Jean was quickly ended. He lovingly pressed tissues to the cut on Remy's forehead, hoping that the injury didn't cause major head trauma.

A pounding noise came from the ice wall causing Bobby to jump with a start. The feral man had broken through the wall on the bathroom already and was now cutting away at the ice between them. "Damn!" Bobby cursed. He quickly threw on his earlier discarded clothes then rummaged through the dresser for an extra blanket. Finally finding a thick wool cover he laid it out on the floor near the bed before carefully moved Remy to it and securely wrapping him up. "Don't worry, it's over, Babe." he promised, picking the thin man up into his strong arms and carrying Remy out of the hotel. Once he left the room he encased the whole room they just left in ice securely locking Logan in so that they could get away.