Bobby drove frantically down the road that brought him up to the hotel. It had began raining while they were trapped in the hotel room only adding to the frustration of the driver. He didn't know where to go but back to the mansion. He knew Remy was in need of medical attention and a hospital would never supply it without too many questions. Considering they were both wanted for participating in an outlaw mutant organization they would be quickly locked up without thought, and Remy without the help he needed.

The mansion brought on the same fears. He was afraid of the questions and the explanations he would have to supply. No one at the school knew he was homosexual, he hadn't admitted it to anyone, not even his best friend Hank. Now he would not only have to admit his sexual preference to the entire team, but the fact that he had participated in the rape of another teammate with Logan's help.

"Shit!" he cried out into the silent car when the blinking lights of a railroad crossing sign brought his attention back to the road, forcing him to stop suddenly. The car slid on the wet pavement but managed to come to a stop a few inches from the barrier gate in front of them. Bobby dropped his forehead to the stirring wheel, gripping it tightly as the fear of near accident cleared his mind. A painfilled moan pulled his attentions to the back of the vehicle. "Remy?" he called back as soft and calm as he could manage, in attempts not to frighten the Cajun. Another moan of pain was his reply.

Looking forward he saw that the long train was moving slowly, almost coming to a stop and in this late hour there was no other traffic around them. He had time to look in on his charge. He placed the car in park and exited his side into the pouring rain, quickly opening the rear door in attempts to enter the back seat. What he got surprised him.

Remy lunged clumsily at Bobby, knocking them both to the wet ground. Bobby coughed, the wind being forced from his lungs by the hard fall. When he recovered he turned to see the Cajun attempting to stand, only falling back to the rain covered asphalt and vomiting violently.

"Remy!" Bobby cried out to the naked man a few feet away. He couldn't allow Remy to hurt himself more.

The voice behind him only caused Remy to double his efforts. He tried to stand again to flee his capture, but failed when his vision spun only making him vomit again. He felt a hand grab his shoulder and panic instantly took hold. "Non!" he yelled, wrenching violently away from the man that held him. "Non!" he yelled over and over when the fighting gained him only a tighter hold.

Bobby slowly turned Remy around to him, holding the younger man by both his shoulders carefully. He needed to get him back in the car but he couldn't safely move the Cajun with all the fighting. "Remy, please, stop fighting me. I'm not going to hurt you."

Remy frantically beat at Bobby chest and arms, anything he could manage to hit he did. He had to get away, he couldn't let them hurt him anymore. "Let me go!"

"No, I can't let you go. You need help. Please, just stop fighting me and get in the car!" Bobby grabbed Remy's wrists in attempts to stop the rampage. He knew the Cajun was running a fever and was most likely hysterical, so there was no reason to try talking sense into him, but he didn't want to fight him either. He took the only action he could think of, he pulled the younger man's naked body to him, holding him gently, sheltering him from the rain as best he could. "Please, Remy, I know you are hurting and that is partially my fault, but I want to help you now. Please, let me do that."

Remy was confused, not only by the fever and pain that laid hold on his battered body, but the person that held him. He wanted to believe what he heard, but Bobby had hurt him before, nothing like Logan, but still a part of the last several hours of hell. He did partially remember moments of Bobby shouting for Logan to stop, but he wasn't sure if that had been a dream or had actually occurred. A painful moan escaped his lips when his head began pounding causing his stomach to turn once more. He pulled away from the embrace, surprised that it was allowed, and dry heaved for several minutes until the wave of sickness passed.

"Remy, you need help. Let's get back in the car so I can get you home to Hank. Come on." Bobby begged again, pulling lightly on the Cajun's shoulders.

Remy felt Bobby pulling on him trying to coax him to return to the car, he couldn't let it happen, nor could he find the strength to fight anymore. All he could manage was to beg, something he had done few times in his life. Normally he would find someway out of every situation, but this time it was hopeless. "Let me go, I won't tell anyone. I won't come back to the mansion, I promise. Please, let me go. Let me go."

Bobby sighed sadly, he had never seen the Cajun so terrified. His heart broke at the sight, the man he loved feared him to the point to ask for his own death just to escape his presence. There was no way Remy could survive the rain and cold in his condition, they both knew it. "I'm sorry Remy. I can't leave you here, but I will take you home." Bobby carefully picked the Cajun up into his arms and carried him back to the car. "We'll be back at the mansion soon, okay?"

"Non, no mansion." Remy slurred, blackness pulling at him again as he was laid gently in the car and covered with the blanket once again. He couldn't go back to the mansion. They would never believe him, they would blame him, they would hate him for what he allowed to happen. "No mansion." he begged again.

"Where do you want to go, I'll take you anywhere you feel safe. As long as you can get help." Bobby compromised. He brushed back Remy's wet hair from his cold face waiting for an answer. He feared he would not get a reply when Remy's eyes began to flutter closed. "Remy, where do you want me to take you? I promise, I will take you there."

Remy curled up in the small bench seat of the car, silently crying. "I have no where to go." he whispered in defeat. There was no one that would want him now. His body shook when the silent tears turned to sobs at the realization that all he had was now gone. "I want my poppa. I want my poppa." he chanted feverishly through painful sobs until finally, his mind fell into darkness.

Bobby collapsed to his knees in the dark cold night, the rain covering the tears that ran down his cheeks. "What have I done?" he whispered to the clouded sky. The only answer he received was the loud horn of the train announcing its departure across the tracks. He pulled himself up and shut the car door, climbing behind the wheel again. He glanced in the rear view mirror at the still form that lay in the seat, tears filled his eyes again. He felt helpless. He couldn't even grant Remy's wish, he had no idea where the younger man's father was. He dropped his head in his hands and began sobbing silently, begging to wake up from the tormenting nightmare.