Bobby tapped his foot impatiently waiting for the elevator to ascend to the top floor of the mid-sized apartment building. The elevator didn't seemed to move fast enough in his opinion. When the doors finally opened with a loud chime he rushed out and down the corridor towards the large penthouse at the edge of the hall. Without hesitation he beat on the large wood door and called out to the resident of the apartment. "Craig?"

He let out a sigh of relief when the tall man he once called his lover opened the door. Craig's brunette hair was a mess and the scowl he held on his chiseled face warned Bobby he did not appreciate being woke at the early morning hour.

"What do you want Robert? I thought we discussed this." Craig whispered angrily not wanting to disturb the other residents on the floor as Bobby had earlier with his yelling. When the two had been together that had created many scenes in the hall due to their agreements, causing the neighbors to get aggravated and complain to the management. He was not about to let this early morning visit turn into yet another smudge on his housing record.

"Please, I need your help." Robert begged. His former lover was his only hope in getting Remy help. Craig was the only doctor he knew that would handle mutants, other then the ones connected with the mansion.

Craig saw the situation as another one of Bobby's attempts at getting back together. Their short relationship had been great in the beginning, but he had soon learned that the younger man was really in love with someone else. He was just a way for Robert to forget that other person, a replacement of sorts. Learning of Robert's absurd employment in a renegade group of mutants didn't sit well with him either. There was no way a relationship between them would work, then or now. He was about to ask his ex-boyfriend to leave when he notice the familiar stain on Bobby's shirt. "Is that blood?"

Bobby looked down and cringed at his shirt that was indeed covered in spots of blood, Remy's blood. "Yes."

"Jesus, are you alright?" Craig finally opened the door and stepped out, frantically looking Bobby over for injuries. "Why the hell didn't you say you were hurt?" the doctor scolded.

"No, it's not mine." The doctor looked into Bobby's eyes and backed away to the security of the doorway again, fearing that his former lover had done something he didn't want to get caught up in. Bobby noticed the uneasiness and quickly assured him that he hadn't murdered anyone. "It's my friend's, he's been hurt and I need your help."

Craig shook his head. He knew that legally he was responsible for the injured, but something told him he didn't want to get mixed up with Bobby's affairs anymore. The thought that the situation was some kind of sick trap to get him close again kept nagging at him. "Robert, take your friend to the hospital if he is injured. I don't want to get involved."

Bobby caught the door as it was being closed in his face. "Please! I can't take him to a hospital, he's a mutant." Robert made sure to whisper the last part, just in case the walls had ears. He knew that Craig understood that mutants were not welcomed in public hospitals.

Craig sighed in defeat. He knew his opinion for mutant patients was rare when it came to doctors. "Where is this friend of yours?"

"In my apartment downstairs." Bobby answered victoriously.

"Alright, let me get my bag. Wait there." the doctor instructed as he closed the door, leaving Bobby to wait impatiently in the hall. A few minute later he returned with a black bag he carried for house calls. He was hurriedly lead to the elevator that had been held on the floor by Bobby. "Why don't you just take this friend to your headquarters?" the doctor questioned sarcastically, still finding the younger man's superhero job ridiculous.

Bobby sighed hearing the beginnings of a very old argument. "I don't have time to argue about my lifestyle, Craig. He doesn't want to go there right now."

"So, this is one of your superhero friends?"

"Uh..yea." Bobby stuttered. He didn't want to really tell Craig who the person was he would be caring for. Remy had been a major breaking point in their relationship. He feared the doctor would refuse to help because of their past.

"So, what happened?" Craig inquired as the doors to the elevator opened to the second floor where Bobby's apartment was. He began feeling uneasy when his question didn't receive an answer. He stopped midway to the door and pulled on the younger man's arm, forcing him to turn and face him. "What is going on? If this is a trick just to get me in the apartment I swear you will regret it."

"No, Craig, this is not about that!"

"Then who is this 'friend' and what the hell does he need me for?" Craig demanded.

"It's Remy." Bobby whispered. By the look on the doctor's face he could tell he was heard loud and clear. Craig turned around and headed back towards the elevator, Bobby quickly chasing behind him. "Craig wait! Please, you have to help him! I have no one else to go to!"

The doctor swivelled around, anger apparent on his face. "You dare ask me to help the person that tore us apart? The man who's name you called out when you were suppose to be making love to me! The man that you wanted instead of me! You can go in there and take care of him yourself!" He yelled before turning away from his former lover, heading towards the elevators again.

"Please, you have to help him. He's been raped." Bobby whispered for only the doctor to hear. He feared Craig wouldn't care, that he would just leave anyway. To his surprise the doctor stopped, turning to stare at him.

"Are you nuts? Take him to a hospital! Jesus, Bobby, do you know what kind of damage that can do?" Craig stopped when he got no response from the younger man. The thought hit him like a ton of bricks that his ex may have something to do with the violent attack. "Did you do it?"

"No!" Bobby lied quickly. "Please, you have to help him. I'll do anything Craig. Just look at him."

Craig hesitantly agreed and followed Bobby to the apartment. A mix of curiosity and duty forced him to care for the wounded man. Not only did he want to get a look at the man who took his lover away, but he had a feeling there was something more to this situation then Bobby was letting on and he was going to find out what it was!