"We are going where?" the young blonde known as Iceman sighed in question. He had been in the middle of something important, or at least important in his teenage mind, when he was called down to the War Room by Scott, their leader. He wasn't happy to find out not only was he headed to no mans land but he was going with his older teammate Logan, one of the few he didn't get along with all too well. Of all the people it had to be him.

"We are going to South Carolina." Scott repeated. "Cerebro picked up readings of mutant activity on a high level in a small town there. Professor wants us to check it out. Maybe recruit a new member."

Logan growled at Bobby when he heard the overdramatic moan come from across the long conference table. He wasn't all that happy about the trip or the people he was going with, but he wasn't going to whine about, or put up with people whining. He pointed at the manila folder in front of Cyclops. "That info on the person were gonna get?"

Scott nodded and slid the folder down the table towards the Canadian. "Yes, the picture is fuzzy, but it's the only one we could get. No one knows his name, background, or anything really. He has just been wondering the streets."

Logan opened the folder and smirked when a lone picture fell out onto his lap. "Ya really need a folder for just a picture, Slim?" He pitched the folder over his shoulder and stared at the bleary black and white photo. The kid looked no more then 17, 18 tops, too young to be a recruit for the X-men in his mind, but the Prof seemed to like them young and who was he to argue. Though the picture lacked color he could tell the kid had long dark hair and too pale skin and even in monochrome he could tell his eyes were different. They seemed to be in negative compared to the rest of the image, they were haunting, emotional, somehow he found them gorgeous. "What's his power?" he asked, still staring at the image in his hand as if it had spellbound him.

"We are not sure. There was reports of an explosion in the area at the same moment Cerebro picked up on the mutant signature, but there is no way of knowing if they are connected."

"In other words you are pretty sure he can blow things up and we are walking in blind. Great! Remind me to grab the first aid kit."

"The kids right Slim. If he can blow shit up what makes you think he just ain't gonna turn around and take us out the second we get there? There is something more to this then you're tellin' us ain't there?"

Scott leaned forward, heavily dropping his elbows onto the table before him. There were alternative motives to the search, but he was not sure how to explain they were just going after a mutant for curiosity sake. "Yes and no. Cerebro marks him as a high Alpha level mutant, but it has never picked up on him before and cannot seem to find him again. No one is sure if it was just a glitch in the system or if the explosion startled the young mutant causing a temporary surge in his powers. Professor believes one thing though, he is shielding his mind and he wants to know how."

"So we are going to terrorize this poor kid just because the Prof is jealous he can't get into the brat's mind. I say good for him and leave him the hell alone." Logan picked up the picture and stared at it again, falling into those dark eyes. He wanted to take back the last statement. Who could leave this creature alone? He wanted to meet this young man, there was just something about him. "What are we offering the kid?"

"The same as everyone. A home, schooling, a job of sorts, and a family, if he chooses to except it."

"This ain't no bring him here, get your answers, and throw him back if he ain't good enough, right?" The Canadian managed to make it sound more of a threat then a question which made Scott's eyebrow raise behind his ruby quartz glasses.

"No Logan, if he wants to stay he can." He stood and leaned in on the table towards Logan, trying to make himself seem more dominant over the always in control Wolverine. "Somehow I think you would make sure of that. Now is there something you are not telling me? Do you know him?"

Logan snorted. Scott was cute when he played leader. "Nope, just making sure just because he isn't part of the silver spoon club he's gonna get treated the same."

"We put up with you don't we?" Bobby chirped in while snatching the image from Logan. "Man those are some freaky eyes."

Logan ripped the image back from the teenager placing it in his pocket. "You're one to talk popsicle. Let's go and get this over with."