"Hey, kiddo." Logan repeated, tapping Remy lightly on the forehead. Somehow they had both managed to sleep for a good five hours without waking and it was way past lunch time. He hated to interrupted the young man's sleep but he needed the empathic link they shared shut down before leaving to his daily routine. He was afraid the wrong person would sense it and cause an uproar about the new teammate trying to manipulate other's minds. Trust didn't come easy for new mutants with mental powers in the X-men mansion, and he didn't want this new recruit to go through the hardships of mistrust like he had. Logan wanted to talk to the Professor and Scott before the rest of the mansion was informed of Remy's little empath trick so that some of the initial problems could be avoided. "Come on, Remy. I just need ya awake for a minute." he tried again to wake the stubborn young man.

Remy groaned and rolled over away from the obtrusive voice, burying his face into the back of the couch as if it could shield him from the noise. He was sleeping so peacefully that he never wanted to wake up. It had been a long time since he got to rest so comfortably and he wasn't about to lose that feeling. He felt a soft nudge on his shoulder and slowly turned back over opening his right eye and then slowly his left. "Logan?" he croaked groggily.

The older man chuckled at the display, it looked as if Remy was slowly waking from a drug's effects. Along with the kid's tousled hair and sleepy eyes it was a funny sight to witness. Logan had to admit to himself it was kind of cute. He waited until the young man waked enough to focus then informed Remy of his plan to leave. "I'm headin' out for my workout, I just thought I would tell ya. You can catch a few more hours of sleep and I'll wake ya when I'm done. And, kid, I think it would be a good idea to have you turn off the link for now."

Remy covered his mouth as he yawned widely. It took a moment for his mind to comprehend just what Logan was asking, but he finally complied regretfully and shut down the connection between their minds. "Merci, Logan." he whispered before his eyes sleepily closed again. He knew the afterglow of the link would keep the nightmares at bay so he could get at little more sleep. He didn't plan on wasting it.

"I'll wake ya in a few hours and we can get some lunch." Logan smiled when the only reply was a sleepy moan that he could only take as a confirmation. He watched the boy curl up under the blankets and fall back to sleep almost instantly. It was a nice change from the night before when Remy's sleep was not as peaceful. The link had worked wonders.

Logan had to admit that the connection had help him sleep better as well. Somehow the empathy had calmed the animal inside him, something that had not occurred in quite a while. He normally had to fight back the feral rage, even in sleep, but last night had been different. For some reason the animal's reaction to Remy was peaceful, almost as if the young man soothed the beast. It was a nice break to get some quality rest without those angry feelings clawing at his mind, his feral side always threatening to take over and fulfill it's own blood lust. Now with the connection gone he could feel the monster getting irritated again, his rage growing. He decided to get to the danger room and work some of that anger off before the wrong person got the brut end of it.

He opened the large door quietly and allowed the visiting tabby cat exit in front of him. He watched the feline quickly head towards the attic for an exit to the outside. "Seeya later Max." he whispered knowing that he would most likely see the the cat again soon, it had taken a shine to the boy resting in the room behind him. His thoughts wondered on plans to make that an occurrence again that night. He liked the boy in his room, not only for the link that seemed to help them both, but his company was a nice change for his solitude. The thought passed his mind of breaking the heater later, maybe they would have to wait until morning to get it fixed again. Shuffling all the kids into the War Room would probably be torture for the X-men's young leader and that was fine by Logan.

"What are you smiling about?" Scott asked walking up to his teammate who seemed to be lost in another world. "And what's that fleabag doing in the house?" he pointed at the cat that had followed Logan out of the bedroom.

Logan jumped with a start when he was brought back to reality by the very person he was torturing in his daydreams. He turned to Scott, who was standing almost directly next to him. Looking in the mirror behind the younger man he caught his own reflection and found he was smiling happily, completely out of character. He quickly changed his features to his trademark scowl as if he had never been caught smiling and his mood was fowl as usual. "Aren't you full of questions this morning." he quipped in return hiding his surprise and previous happiness.

"I'm just getting warmed up." Scott shot back. He glanced at the door of Logan's bedroom and then to the guest room door, wondering where the new recruit was. He came to wake the young man and get him to Xavier's office for a conference. They needed to go over some things and get some rules set.

"What do ya want, Slim?" Logan questioned knowing that Scott would not have come to this floor without a reason.

"Professor would like to see you and Gambit in his study to discuss some things. Where is he?"

"The kid's still sleepin' and I would like to keep it that way for now. Chuck can have me, I got some things to tell ya anyway."

Scott frowned. "I was hoping to have Gambit meet the Professor. It would be good if Xavier could try a mind scan."

Logan raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

Scott rubbed the back of his neck in annoyance. Why did Logan have to question everything he said? "We need to make sure he isn't going to run off with any secrets or information. We also have no idea what he is capable of, he could hurt someone.What if he is a spy or placed here by an enemy?"

"Listen, bub, he isn't gonna do nothin' to hurt any of us. He's not a spy, he's not a plant, he's not an enemy. If you keep up this bullshit he is never gonna trust any of ya and you'll never get any answers or help from him. Why don't ya let him do something wrong before ya condemn him? And, remember, we brought him here."

"Logan, that could have easily been a setup. He just appeared on Cebreo's radar for a moment and then disappeared again. Magneto, Sinister, Apocalypse, all of them know we would have gone after him. It could easily be a trap!"

"A trap? To bring a half starved, scared kid into the mansion to fight all of us? What the hell is that scrawny boy gonna do to any of us? Jesus, Cyke, Worthington could probably take Remy down and you know that bird brain is useless!"

Scott threw his hands in the air dramatically. "Don't try to change the subject. We have already had that argument. I'm talking about the new recruit we brought here less then 78 hours ago that we know nothing about! Not a full name, not a background, no family contacts, we don't even know what he can do with his powers. He could be a threat and you know it. Of all people I thought you would back me up on this!"

"The kid is harmless. So drop it!" Logan concluded, refusing to argue about the subject further. There was no way he was going to be convinced that Remy was a threat. It wasn't possible.

"Fine." Scott snapped back not allowing the older man to have the last word. He passed Logan with a huff and descended the stairs, turning back before exiting into the adjacent hallway. "Be in the Professor's office in ten minutes. We'll discuss it further then."

"Fuck you, Slim!" Logan yelled out to the fleeing leader, his anger building. This was not going to be a good meeting. All he could hope is that he didn't end up killing someone in the end.