"We need to scan him, Sir." Scott yelled over Logan's loud disputes. No more then thirty seconds into the meeting had the lack of trust in the new recruit Gambit became the theme of the little conference.

"When the hell did the X-men start rippin' into people's heads without askin'? You don't need to be messin' with his head!" Logan argued back. He wasn't going to let them mind rape Remy, he was sure the kid wouldn't handle it well.

Xavier rubbed his temples in an attempt to stop the headache the bickering men had caused. Both had forgotten they were in the presence of their mentor and he was getting quite fed up with the two men's behavior. "Stop this now!"

Silence fell between the two instantly.

Xavier sighed in relief before pointing at the large leather chairs in front of his long walnut desk. "Sit. We will discuss this properly. I have to agree with Logan..."

"But, sir.." Scott interrupted only to be silenced again by a glare from the Professor.

"Let me finish Scott. I do agree with Logan's position on entering Remy's mind without permission. That is against my morals and the rules of this institution. I do understand Scott's point of view on the matter as well. Until we have more information on Gambit we can not dismiss the theory of him being placed here by an enemy, though I do find that very unlikely, it is still a possibility. Let us start with what we know. Logan, did you find anything out about him last night?"

"A little, we didn't talk much." he lied. Logan had decided to leave out that Remy was an empath, with the attitude that Scott was taking he was afraid to mention the fact in front of the young leader. He would what until later when he could speak to the Professor alone.

"Did you find out anything about his family, or where he came from?" Professor pressed. He could tell that Logan was hiding something.

"He said something about a woman named Mattie. I'm not sure what she was to him though. I am assuming by his accent he is from Louisiana, he sounds like every Cajun from down south I've ever known. Other then that, not much else was said."

Xavier was still finding Logan's answer suspicious. Looking over to Scott he could tell that the younger man was finding this lack of information odd as well. From what he was told before Logan's arrival, the older man was very attached to Remy and they had shared a bedroom last night. He suspected more was said in the duration of last night's events. He was about to question Logan again, but a sudden knock came to the door. Professor scanned the person and found it to be Henry so he called him in. "Come in, Henry."

The blue doctor entered the office without haste, carrying with him important information, a worried look upon his face. "Oh, I am sorry Professor, I did not realize that you were engaged in other matters, I will come at a later date."

"It is alright Henry. Is that the results of Gambit's exam?" he pointed towards the folder in the doctor's hands. Hank nodded in reply. "We were just discussing the matter, deciding what should be done about the new recruit. Please, sit and tell us what you have found."

The doctor sat on the edge of the plush leather sofa and adjusted his reading glasses before scanning over the occupants of the room. He was not sure he should be passing on the information due to morals and oaths he had taken as a physician, but it concerned the safety of the team. He cleared his throat. "I completed the final tests on our newest recruit and the findings, to say the least, are quite peculiar. I found he has strange brain waves, very similar to those from Jean and you, Professor, only they are not as strong."

"What? He's a telepath?" Scott stood in shock almost knocking back his chair. "Sir, you must scan him, he could effect the entire team!"

Hank lightly pushed Scotts arm back towards the direction of his chair, hoping to coach him into sitting again. "I said similar. They are not the exact same and are weak in comparison to your wives normal readings. He does have some mental power, but I am not sure what it is. I am concerned that he did not disclose this ability to us at his arrival, he may be holding the information to use against us later."

Logan inwardly growled in frustration. By the look on Charles face Scott and Hank were convincing the Professor of Remy's so called threat to the team. He couldn't let the kid get hurt. "He's not a damn telepath." Logan finally muttered.

Professor silenced Hank and Scott, allowing Logan to explain his theory. "If he is not a telepath, then how do you explain the brainwave pattern?"

"I think he is an empath. I'm not sure." He quickly added before they broke out in another frenzy. "He says it was called charm by the Mattie woman I told you about earlier."

"Empath? He could easily connect with someone and manipulate them into doing what he wants! He could have us killing one another by dinner time!" Scott debated.

"The kid ain't gonna do that! Jesus, Cyke, give the him a break! He can barely connect with another person, let alone do anything else. He has shields that he can't even figure out. He can only use it a little at a time, not enough to hurt anyone."

"How do you know this Logan?" Hank asked, getting a nod from the Professor. Xavier wanted to know as well.

"He connected with me last night." Logan rolled his eyes when he heard several gasps from the group. "I let him."

Hank's eyes widened slightly in surprise, but a smile crossed his lips, he knew this new recruit was having an effect on Logan. The fact that the older man trusted Remy on such a level was enough for him to equally trust the young man. "You gave him permission to be inside your mind? I must say, my friend, that is surprising news from you."

"Yea, yea, he has nightmares and he says connecting with someone helps him sleep. I know what it's like to not be able to get any shut eye, and I knew the kid needed it, so I let him in. He didn't hurt me, or have me kill anyone, so he's safe. Hell, it worked wonders for him and me. Never slept so good." he admitted.

Hank laughed lightly. "Well, I guess what they say is true. Empaths are known to have a calming effect of animals and children. Guess that goes for grumpy ferals as well."

"Ha Ha, Blue." was Logan's only response to the joke, even though it did speak truths.

"Guess, that explains what that fleabag was doing in the house last night." Scott sighed when Logan grinned at the memory of the cat. "Well that does not explain what we are going to do with him. He could still be a threat."

Professor nodded. "Yes, but that is not something we can prove at this time, so we can not treat him as such. As soon as Henry says he is healthy I will allow him to train with the team. Show him the basics and see how he reacts, if he is an enemy as you suspect he will show himself. Until then, I will leave him in your care, Logan."

"What?" Logan stuttered. New recruits were never left with him!

Professor smiled. "You seem to have the closest relationship with Remy so far. It is you he trusts, so I believe it would be best if it were you that show him around and get him comfortable with his new surroundings. I think that is all for now, we will speak later this week and see how he is progressing."

Scott stood, facing Logan before leaving. "Bring him to my office tomorrow, I will run down the basic information with him. And, Logan, watch him." he added before leaving the room.

"Yes, Master." Logan sarcastically yelled to the retreating leader. "Is there anything else I should know about the kid?" he questioned the doctor before following the leader out.

The doctor's mood shifted slightly. "You do need to watch him Logan. Not for the reasons that Scott expects, but for an emotional changes in the young man. He has massive amounts of scars on his body , too many for his age. I am afraid he has endure a great amount of abuse. He may scare easily, so take things slow with him."

Logan nodded sadly at the information. He had come to the same conclusion himself but hated to have it confirmed. "Thanks, Blue."