Logan took in the shaking figure in front of him. He assumed that the adrenalin of the chase was now wearing off and the boy's fear was kicking in. He hated frightening the kid, but he assumed there wasn't much he could do about that yet. He was lucky the kid even agreed to talk to him. He reached his hand out in greeting and introduced himself. "Guess we should start with introductions, my name's Logan."

"Remy" came the quiet reply with no return in hand shake.

Logan wasn't surprised. He pointed towards some tall empty crates at the edge of the alley when he noticed the shaking was getting slightly worse and paleness was setting in on the boy's face. "Why don't we sit down." He smiled and headed towards the creates when the younger man nodded tiredly. He made sure to keep one of his strong hands secretly outstretched behind the shaky form just in case the young man would stumble.

"What's this all about, homme?" Remy muttered, rubbing at the heavy feeling in his eyelids. He wanted to get this over with quick. He felt ill and still needed to find a place to sleep and hopefully some food before that.

"Like I said earlier. We want to give you a safe place to stay. It's a home and school for mutants."

Remy interrupted. "Who says I'm a mutant?"

The Canadian smirked in response. "Really? Not a mutant? What was that ya hit Cyke with?"

Remy's eyes widened. In his tired state he had forgotten all about the fight before. "I didn't mean to hit him. I was tryin' to miss them. Just wanted to scare them away."

Logan smiled. "I figured that, kid. Nobody wants to hurt anyone here. Just givin' ya some options." He pulled a card out from his pocket and reached out the object half way to Gambit. He noticed the major tremors in the thin hands when the kid took the card from him. "Are you alright?"

Gambit took a deep breath and straighten his posture, trying to keep his sudden bout of weakness hidden. He didn't want the stranger to know that he was about to pass out or throw up, maybe both. The older man may take advantage of his weakened state. "Non, homme, I'm bein. Why would ya want me to go to a place like this? I ain't got any money to pay ya."

"It's a free school Remy. It's a safe haven for mutants. You don't have to stay if you don't like it. You could at least try it out. Better then what ya got goin on here." Logan waved his hands around the alley for emphasis, regretting it when he caught a flinch from the kid. "Listen, I'm not gonna force ya to go, but I would like ya to. I really don't want to leave ya out here. It's gonna get colder tonight and winter's almost here. I promise you that nothin' bad will happen at this school. If you don't like it I will fly you back to this alley personally."

Remy felt Logan's concern and worry flow stronger through his weakened shields, it felt good. The older man was truthful in his words, maybe he really did want to help him. He was growing to trust the man in front of him quickly and that worried him. He never trusted anyone, it only caused him pain later. He looked up through his long bangs into Logan's eyes. Just staring into their blue depth's for a moment, looking for any sign he could be lying, and found none. "You gonna be at the school?"

Logan nodded. "Yep, I'm there 24/7."

"I can leave anytime I want if I don't like it?"

Logan nodded again, this time with a small smile on his lips. "Sure thing kid. I will take ya anywhere ya want to go if you want to leave the mansion. Promise."

Remy sat in silence for a few minutes rolling over the pros and cons in his head. The older mutant was right, he had nothing to lose. It scared him that complete strangers would ask him to come to the school. He worried that they may have another agenda in mind, or maybe someone else working behind it, but he couldn't help feeling safe with this man he had only met moments ago. "Can I think about it?" he asked the older man, not wanting to make him wait, but still needing a little time to get comfortable with the idea.

"Yea, why don't ya think over it while we get a bite to eat, on me. I'm starving and I'm sure you could do with a full stomach. You can ask me any questions ya might need answered." Logan worried when the kid didn't answer. "Kid?" Again no response. He leaned over slightly to look at Remy's bowed head and noticed his eyes were closed tightly. "Kid, you alright?"

Remy went to raise his hand to ask Logan to give him a second but could not find the strength to do it. When he felt a large hand rest on his shoulder he opened his eyes in panic, instantly regretting it. His vision swam into darkness and he could feel himself falling forward.

"Shit!" Logan cursed, barely catching the crumpling form in his arms. He knelt down with the thin young man cradled in the crook of his arm. Out cold. "Damn it." With his free hand he felt for a pulse and temperature. They were slightly off, but still not life threatening. He picked the boy up and started quickly towards the plane. "Looks like you're not gonna have much time to think about it kid, sorry."