"What's going on?" Scott yelled in question as he exited the cockpit into the cargo bay. He was surprised to see his teammate Logan run through the door of the hidden plane with Gambit in his arms. He didn't expected the Canadian to return without the young mutant at all, let alone unconscious.

"The kid past out on me. I'm not sure whats wrong with him." Logan answered between breaths. He had sprinted to the plane with dead weight in his arms and it had not been an easy task. Though Remy did not weigh much it still took a lot out of him to carry him this far this fast and stay hidden from witnesses. He walked to the seating area and lay the boy down gently on a long stretch of seats. He ignored the stares from his leader as he dashed around the plane gathering blankets and pillows to make the new passenger comfortable. When he was satisfied that the young man was secure he turned to Scott, finally noticing the confused glares he was receiving. "What?"

"Well, I am kind of in the dark here, Logan. What is going on? I need to know how to proceed."

"How to proceed? The kid's fuckin' out cold. He's obviously sick! It don't take a doctor to figure that out." Logan huffed as he turned back to the unconscious young man, becoming worried at seeing the cold sweat forming on the kid's brow. He pointed angrily towards the front of the plane ready to end the conversation and leave. "I'll tell ya how to proceed. Get your ass to the cockpit and tell Icecube to get us home so Blue can fix the kid."

Scott didn't move, he was not about to take orders from Logan especially not knowing what the situation was. The last thing they needed was a mutant with explosive powers angry that he was taken from his home. "Did he agree to come with us?"

Logan growled under his breath, his anger building as his patience grew short. "More or less, now get us the hell out of here!"

"We can't just take him with us if he did not agree to leave. That is kidnapping. The last thing the school needs right now is that kind of problem."

Logan stood quickly and stomped towards the younger man in charge. He mentally smiled when Scott stumbled backwards a step in fear before catching himself. Not letting the moment go to waste he grabbed the front of the leader's shirt and growled loudly in his face. "Listen here, Bub. The kid is fuckin' sick. He needs a doctor. So unless you know of one in this shithole town I suggest you get your skinny ass in that cockpit and fly us home. If the kid has a problem with it I will bring him back personally, I'll even pay for the gas." He shoved Scott not to lightly backwards towards the cockpit, standing his ground making sure he had made his point that discussion was over.

Scott turned and stomped off into the cockpit, trying hard not to look like a pouting kid. He hated trying to work with Logan, the older man was impossible. He decided just to let him have his way for now, the mission had been a disaster and no one was in the best state to argue. He would bring this up later when they arrived home and everything had calmed down. Hopefully it wouldn't be a mistake.