Logan waited in the medical lobby after being unceremoniously removed from the lab where the new recruit was being examed. He had been sitting on the same old bench tapping his large boot for what seemed like hours now. He was thankful no one else had accompanied him to the lab, he would be bad company right now. His nerves were shot and he wanted answers on just how sick the young man he brought in was. Worry, impatience, anger and the lack of nicotine were making him one very unhappy camper. The fact that he could not make sense of the mission and his actions during it didn't make him any more comfortable.

From the plane's hanger in the lowest levels of the mansion to the medical lab of the school Remy had ceased to wake for more then a moment. In that short time the young mutant had only managed a quiet whimper when Logan shifted him in his strong arms. That one small noise spiked the Canadian's concern for the boy to a level that even he could not understand his own emotions and actions. It bothered him that he was getting attached to this one so quickly. He liked to stay the loner, away from everyone, but this one skinny kid was drawing him in, making it impossible for him to stay away. Just one of many feelings that were confusing him at the moment.

More then once he had thought of going to the ground level for a quick smoke or a cold beer, but decided against it knowing Cyke was waiting for an opportunity to yell at him for the fight in the plane. He wasn't sure why he had been so demanding of the young leader, his surprising new emotions just took over the moment. At the time he could not understand how Scott could allow Remy to lay ill on the plane and not want to do anything about it. In hindsight he now understood that the leader was only following normal procedures and precautions that he himself would normally enforce. He had definitely overstepped his boundaries this time, but at least it got the kid to the mansion, no matter the chewing out he was going to receive as punishment.

Before the thought of making the trip upstairs crossed his mind again the sound of heavy footfalls filled Logan's sensitive ears. He stood swiftly, wiping his sweaty palms on the jean clad thighs. "How's he doin', Hank?" the question was asked before the blue furred doctor could even exit the newly opened door.

Hank glanced up and down the corridor slightly annoyed that only Logan was concerned enough for his new charge to accompany him to the lab. After the exam of the young man he was sure a great amount of support was going to be needed to heal the old wounds. The scars alone tell a story too long for such a short life. He adjusted his glasses to glance at the paperwork in hand that lacked a good amount of the information. He sifted through the results the exams deciding what and what not to tell the Canadian that stood impatiently in front of him. "I have him sedated for the time being. He collapsed due to low blood sugar brought on by acute malnutrition. We are very lucky to have found him, a few more days without proper nutrition and his organs would have begun to deteriorate. I have him on IV for now, but I would like him to be on solid food as soon as he wakes."

Logan sighed in relief. "So he's just a hungry kid? I was afraid it was gonna be somethin' bad."

"This is very severe Logan, not to be taken lightly. He has been in a state of malnutrition for awhile now. From what I can tell he is underage, or just barely the age of eighteen, he should have not been in the situation. Do we know anything about his parents or how long he has been on the streets?"

Logan shook his head. "Nope. Don't know much of anything. I got his name and that was about it before he passed out."

Hank scribbled the note on the clipboard he held in front of him and scanned over the information again. "Well, all I can add to that is he was once cared for but I am not sure for how long and in what conditions. He has fillings in a few of his teeth and a pin was placed in a broken arm, so he had access to medical care at one time in his life. On the other hand he has a great amount of scars varying in cuts to burns so it is easy to believe he was abused. Possibly a runaway."

"That would explain the Cajun accent in the middle of the Carolinas." Logan offered.

Hank nodded in understanding and added the small amount of information to the chart. It might be helpful on finding more about the young man later. He smiled noticing from the corner of his eye that the Canadian was staring at the open lab door, obviously wanting to enter, but wanting permission first. "Would you like to see him?" he questioned, waving a large paw towards the lab.

Logan didn't respond he just quickly walked into the lab, followed closely by the amused doctor. "Things just got interesting in the mansion." Hank mused quietly, closing the large metal doors behind him.