"Well, here it is." Logan announced, pushing the door open with his hand. He let the younger man walk into the large room then followed him, flipping on the overhead light. "It's not much, but it beats the hell out of the lab."

Remy glanced over everything from ceiling to floor. It was a lot better then he was used to. The walls were covered in a warm red hue that made him feel instantly warmer and relaxed with the strange settings. The floor was thick, soft carpet that he could not help but curl his bare toes in and sigh at it's feel. Turning he stopped mid circle to stare at a king size bed covered in plush blankets and overstuffed pillows. His body almost moved to the bed against his will with the promise of a comfortable nights sleep. "This is more then I could ever ask for, merci, Logan."

"Not a problem, kid. Blue says you should get a good nights sleep and I bet you could use it after that meal you just ate." Logan had been surprised at the three helpings of lasagna the younger man had managed to devour just ten minutes before. The boy was obviously starving, he had inhaled the food as fast as Logan could pile it on his plate. He knew after a meal like that anyone deserved a nice long nap. "Well, the basics are in the bathroom and there are some PJs in the dresser. If you need anything just hit the intercom, I have it programmed to page my room."

Remy took a deep breath turning to look his savior directly in the eyes. "Merci, for everythin', Logan. Y' didn't have to bring me here. Most people would of just left me in that alley. I don't deserve this, y' don't even know me." The last came out in a hushed whisper as he turned away from Logan, fighting the wetness that welled in his haunting eyes. The mixed emotions of gratitude and fear consumed his tired mind. He could never thank the older man enough for all he had done so far, but he also feared that the man he had quickly grown to trust would turn on him like so many before him.

Logan took a single step forward wanting to comfort the hurting man child, but he stopped knowing not to get any closer or the young man would flinch from him, something that had happened several times that evening. Now that he had a little more time with Remy he agreed with Hank, the boy has had a hard life, and now it was up to the team to fix it, not an easy task considering the damage. "Listen kid, ya don't have to thank me. I couldn't leave ya there to die no matter who you were. We offered ya a place to stay, and you got it. You deserve it just as much as anyone else, so don't worry about it." Not usually the one to comfort people he was stumped at anything further to say so he turned to leave, hoping some much needed rest would help pull the Cajun from his somber mood. "I'm gonna let ya rest. I'm just across the hall if ya need anythin'." He waited for a nod from the younger man then left the room, easily closing the door behind him.

Remy turned a slow circle in the room taking in his surroundings again. It had been a while since he had been in a nice room. Hell, it had been awhile since he had been in any kind of room. A smile covered his tired face when he sat on the edge of the large bed, he bounced a few times testing the softness like it really mattered. Anything was better then a cold cement floor or a dirty cardboard mat. This was almost to good to be true. Logan had been unbelievable nice and patient with him considering he really didn't know him. It was a little like home, or what he once considered his home, and that had him worried.

His home life in New Orleans had been a dream come true to an orphaned child surviving off handouts and the few street smarts he possessed, but it was short lived. He thought that so-called family was unbelievable nice too and that had disastrous consequences in the end. His gut knotted thinking this home may turn out to be an illusion as well. Why would people take in a complete stranger and give them everything for nothing unless there was a hidden agenda. He shivered knowing there would be a high cost to their hospitality if they were to ask for payment. Could he pay the price a second time? He glanced behind him at the soft pillows that covered the head of the bed, they beckoned him to sleep and not think anymore about the cost to rest among them. He crawled across the soft down comforter to the top of the plush bed deciding just one night of comfortable slumber could not hold such a high price, at least not one he could agree to suffer. Tonight he would sleep, tomorrow he would decide to go or stay among the X-men.