"Damn it!" Logan growled into the empty room, punching his pillow in attempts to make it more comfortable. He had been tossing and turning for several hours without being able to sleep. His mind refusing to halt thoughts of the newest recruit, Remy, who slept in the next room. There was just something about the boy that threw off all his senses and it was making him crazy. He found himself already attached to the younger man, wanting to protect and comfort Remy when that hurt look took shape in those alien eyes, it plagued him. He never got comfortable with people so quickly, never cared much about the emotions of even his friends and family, let alone some snot-nosed brat. Now he couldn't sleep because of his need to know the kid was safe. Why were his instincts betraying him like this?

He tossed again trying to find that one position that could lull him to sleep. Finally, curled on his side, a pillow cradled in his arms did he finally drift. Though he would never admit it to anyone else, he only found sleep pretending that pillow he protectively cradled in his arms was Remy. He sheltered the illusion in his embrace, never allowing harm to come to his charge, as reality transformed into dream.

The fantasy was short lived as a chiming noise filled the quiet room followed by a familiar voice calling his name. Logan growled loudly recognizing the intruding sound as Scott. He glanced at the clock and another soft growl escaped his lips seeing the bright red digits glow 3:00, he had only slept for a few minutes. He flung back the covers in anger, his body shivered at he cold air that hit his bare skin. Padding over to the wall to the intercom he glanced at the thermostat. "65" he whispered to himself in amazement, he remembered setting the temperature to 70 degrees before going to bed. He punched the intercom response button and grumbled a "What?" into the speaker before returning to fiddle with the thermostat.

"Logan, sorry I had to wake you, but the boiler is down and it can't be fixed until morning. We are gathering everyone into the war room, it has a back up generator and a heating system."

Logan grumbled at the thought of being trapped in a room with several dozen teammates and students. He would never get to sleep. Glancing over to the far wall he decided it would be better to trample through the cold night air for timber to use in the fireplace then try an sleep with the others. He pushed the button again to relay his plans to the leader. "I'll just build a fire in the fireplace up here, it's enough to heat this room."

"Alright." came the reply with hesitation. "What about Gambit?" he added. Scott wasn't sure how the new resident would respond to him after the fight they had in the alley, so he had not called to inform the younger member of the problem. He had hoped that Logan would just bring Remy down with him.

"Shit." Logan muttered, more disgusted with himself for forgetting about the younger man then the situation. How could he have forgotten about someone who haunted him earlier in the evening. "I'll tell him. I'll just move him over here onto the couch. No reason to spook him with a room full of people."

"Um..ok." the normally articulate leader stuttered. He was a little surprised at Logan's offer of letting Remy stay in his room. He found it to be a better idea then bringing him into a room full of strangers, but Wolverine never liked people in his room for any reason, especially not to sleep. He decided to let it drop for now, he had a lot of things to deal with now that he had to get the school downstairs, he would dwell on it tomorrow. "Well, I will see you at breakfast in the morning, I guess." Scott ended before shutting down the transmission.

Logan sighed. He rubbed his tired eyes as he walked to the closet for clothing. First he would get the fire wood from outside, then he would wake the Cajun. There was no reason for the kid to come out of his cocoon of blankets before there was a fire to keep him equally warm. He threw on his boots, not bothering to tie them, and headed out to quickly gather what he needed to keep them secure for the night.