Logan yawned widely as he stoked the newly started fire with the iron poker. Throwing on one more fat log he was satisfied with the heat coming from the stone hearth. He had moved the long couch closer to the fire and added an extra blanket to the back just in case it got colder. He noticed the smell of snow when he was outside gathering the wood and knew the fire may not be enough if the storm came before morning's light. He checked over the room again before heading out to get the younger member. For some reason he wanted everything to be perfect. "What am I so God damn worried about?" he whispered to himself.

Pushing the unidentifiable thoughts to the back of his mind he crossed the hall to the opposite bedroom. Without hesitation he tapped on the door which got him no response. Checking the door he found it unlocked so he pushed it open, slowly entering the dark bedroom. "Remy." he called out softly in the direction of the bed, or where it used to be. He was shocked slightly by the new arrangement of the furniture causing him to stop in his tracks at the doorway. Somehow Remy had managed to push the large bed against the far wall and was now curled into a ball in the corner. If Logan had lacked his night vision he would not of even noticed the thin figure sleeping in the pile of blankets. He carefully crossed the room, calling out the young man's name again until he noticed movement in the covers.

Remy woke with a start. He heard and felt the presence of someone in his room, that was never a good thing. This was his fear, they would come for him in the night after he felt safe enough to sleep. He quickly jumped up and pushed himself deep in the corner of the bed facing the stranger that had woke him so he could not be easily surprised by an attack. Not being able to identify the threat he pulled the blankets up closer to him like a shield as if it would protect him from the visitor that had snuck into his bedroom. He blinked his sleepy eyes forcing them to focus so he could keep a better eye on the intruder. He sighed in relief when he found familiar features in the shadowed figure standing in the center of the room. "Logan?"

Logan could tell Remy was scared as hell at his surprise appearance so he stood still until Remy realized it was him and that he meant no harm. He should have thought how much entering the younger man's room in the middle of the night would scare the kid. The quick defensive stance the Cajun took reminded him of prey being cornered and finally realizing it was caught with no way out. It hurt him to see the younger man react like that, but it did warm his heart a little to see him calm down once he realized it was him. "Yea, it's me kid. It's okay."

"What are y' doin' here homme?" Remy shifted on the bed causing the cover to slip from his shoulder. His bare arm was hit with a rush of cold air making a shiver run up his spine. He did not remember the room being this cold when he fell asleep. He curled his knees to his chest, pulling the blankets closer tempting to keep the frigid air at bay. The movement was rewarded with a small hiss next to his feet. The quiet noise from beneath the blankets made Remy's eyes go wide, it startled him momentarily until he remembered the source. He quickly pulled the blanket down tightly so the cause of the noise would stay hidden. He feared how Logan would react.

Logan raised an eyebrow and smiled realizing that Remy had something hidden in the bed and was childishly attempting to cover it up. He turned on a small lamp next to him making sure to show the young man he was amused and not upset with what he expected to be the resident tomcat. "What ya got there?" he chuckled and lifted a small corner of the coverlet. A thick furred tabby poked it's head from under the blanket and meowed at Logan before yawning widely. "Hey there, Max. What are you doin' in here?"

Remy's features turned to worry. He had let the cat in earlier that evening after hearing it paw at the balcony window. He felt sorry for the poor animal being out in the cold weather and allowed it in. He never thought about it being a bad idea, at the time anyway. "I'm sorry. I didn't know it was 'pose to stay outside."

The Canadian chuckled as he stroked the typically wild cat across the ears. He was happy to see he wasn't the only animal Remy attracted like a magnet. "It's ok, kid. It's not that he ain't allowed in, he just normally don't come inside. He's not too friendly to people, he hates everybody."

"He don't hate y'." Remy pointed out seeing that the cat was enjoying Logan's attention. He then remembered it was the middle of the night and Logan had not explained why he had come to his room. He shivered at the thought of what could be the cause of his visit, but shoved away the ideas. The older man didn't seem angry with his actions and for some reason he believed Logan when he said he wasn't going to hurt him. It made him feel oddly comfortable around the older man.

Logan noticed the younger man's tremors and thought the nippy air was the cause. It reminded him the reason he had come in the first place. It was time to get the kid to a warmer room before it got worse. "Well, I came here to tell ya that Scott called my room. He says the boiler's down until mornin' so that means no heat. He's gatherin' everyone into the War Room downstairs to keep warm." He noticed the grimace appear on Remy's face and smiled, happy he had an alternative for the younger man, and ecstatic that the alternative was his room with him. Finally he could get some sleep and stop worrying about the boy! "I have a fireplace in my room and a couch if ya want to stay there instead. I didn't think sleepin' in a room with the team would be the best way for you to get to know everyone."

Remy smiled at the option. Sleeping in Logan's room sounded like a wonderful idea compared to a cramped space full of strange people. He would rather stay in his freezing bedroom then go that route. He gave Logan a smile as reward for his offer. "Merci, Logan, I would like to stay in your room if it's not too much trouble." He felt a nudge on his right arm and looked down meeting big yellow eyes. "Can Max come too?" he asked without thought. He peered through his long bangs at Logan and hoped the older man was not angry with his sudden suggestion. It would be just like him to overstep his boundaries and screw everything up.

Logan gave the young man a reassuring smile. "Sure kid, grab the cat and a pillow. Might want to grab one or two of those blankets too. A bad storm is on it's way, could get really cold."

The grin returned to Remy's face as he picked up his things and the now purring cat. He followed Logan across the dark chilly hall into the older man's room, all mistrust and worry fleeing his mind. He sighed happily at the warmth of the big room, not only was it relieving the chill in his body, but also in his heart. He was quickly becoming fond of the mansion, and especially Logan. Maybe he could stay, at least for just a little while.