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4. I also get a little far fetched with science later in the story...what I say is probably not possible, or right, but I am no doctor. The man coming up with the science in the story is no regular doctor anyway, he could come up with anything. He could probably make pigs fly out your butt if he deemed it good to the gene pool. -_^
5. Remy and Logan are already in a very steady relationship. If you need background on that go read "Found in Lost Memories". This is not really a sequel to that but could be if you really wanted it to be. -_^
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7. As usual, I went easy on the accents. I don't think Remy is as stupid as most of the comics make him out to be. Smart people don't talk in third person. Really that is just an excuse to make writing and reading easier. Now Rogue on the other hand...I left her accent the same...she is stupid. ^_^ <dodges tomatoes>
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"Merde! Lets take the Jeep next time we do this." Remy grumbled, jumping from the Harley he and Logan had entered the garage on. "Ow!" he added for extra emphasis.

Logan laughed at his lover's attempts for sympathy, he knew the young man had been through more pain then what Remy had been subjected to that evening. He scowled when the Cajun walked past him rubbing at the sore spot on his rear. "He said not to touch it for a few days."

Remy frowned playfully, acting hurt at Logan's lack of sympathy for his position. He was not really in agony, other then the annoying itch of inflammed skin, but he liked when Logan would baby him. It made him feel wanted by the older man. "When y' asked me to tie the knot I figured it would be with a ring, a necklace, even possibly a collar, but not a tattoo! Now my butt hurts." he whined, crossing the garage away from Logan. "Too bad my ass is gonna be sore for a few days. Guess I won't be able to do anything romantic for awhile." Remy glanced over his shoulder at the older man, he could see by the way his lover was chuckling that the attempt for attention was somewhat failing. He would have to change tactics!

Logan didn't mind the display, he liked playing with the young man, and he knew how to play back. "I thought about that before the trip to the parlor. I figured my healing factor would take care of my pain real quick. You just have to top for awhile." The feral grinned widly when he felt the long, soft fingers of his lover trail up under his white t-shirt. "Guess that means my ideas a good one, huh?"

"Maybe?" Remy quirped back after finding a already harden nipple to play with on Logan hair chest. "Might be a good theory. We'll just have ta test it and find out." he added before kissing along Logan's neckline, making sure to stop on the sweet spot behind the ear. Teh moan from his lover told him the new tactic was working far better then the first.

Logan spun around and grabbed Remy by the upper arms, lustfully pushing him against the nearby wall. He loved the way the Cajun's breathing turned into quick gasps at every kiss he applied to Remy's sensitive skin. "I love ya, Rems." Logan whispered into his lover's ear as he trailed across the yonger man's throat.

"I love you too, chere." Remy managed between moans. "Let's take this upstairs, oui?" he whispered, barely able to talk any louder over his excitement.

Logan nodded, letting loose of his light grip on the younger man. "Should we tell the others?" he asked. He hated to ruin the moment with serious questions, but wanted to know what to say if they ran into someone between the garage and their shared room. He didn't want to upset his young lover.

"Not now, maybe later." He answered quickly. He dove towards Logan's retreating face and caught his lips again. "Much later."


Remy and Logan rushed through the mansion until they finally reached the third floor. They shared a room now, but Remy's old room still resided across the hall, leaving them the only owns occupying the hall. As soon as they reached their domain clothing began flying from one side to the next, each feverishly kissing the other as the slowly moved towards the door of the bedroom. Remy managed to fumble open the door from behind as Logan kissed him deeply. The Cajun found himself being pushed inside the spacious room, his lover carefully holding him around the waist so he would not tumble backwards.

Logan finally broke away to remove the few pieces of clothing he still wore. He managed to finish in time to watch the young man in front of him remove his boxers, the only clothing remaining between them.He slowly stepped up to Remy and took in the beautiful creature he had rightfully claimed as his this evening. With one gentle finger he traced down the Cajun's soft neck down the small of the younger man's back to the bold ink of a tattoo. He stared at the decorative "L" on the cheek in front of him, knowing there was an identival marking on his body. He leaned forward, being careful not to bump the sore spot on Remy's ass, and whispered, "You're mine now, no one elses."

Remy closed his eyes and smiled knowing that the possesive comment was Logan's true sign of love. He turned, and pulled Logan close to him, placing his hand on Logan's buttock where the matching tattoo was placed. He whispered "And y' are mine, forever." Tears began welling up in his alien eyes as he looked into dark hazel. he saw the truth in those eyes, Logan would give him the love and respect he had always wanted, something no one else had offered him in his short life. Their lips joined again in a deep kiss that sealed their love for all eternity. Nothing was more pure or meaningful. It made them one. Neither wanted the moment to end, but a loud scream of alarms from the hall broke the kiss, startling them both.

"Perfect timing." Remy muttered knowing full well the roaring alarms meaning. Another mission to save mutant kind.

Logan saw the disappointment in the younger man's eyes, but also knew his duty. "Come on darlin' lets get going, see what the problem is."

"Let's just act like we didn't here them, it's probably some FOH rally anyway. The others can handle it." Remy whined and gave Logan puppy dog eyes in attempts to convince his lover to stay. He just wanted one night alone with his new husband.

"I'm sorry, Rems. I promise that we will start off where we stopped, when we get back." Logan gave Remy a quick kiss, then handed him clothing from the floor. "Get dressed. Unless ya are going like that."

Remy grinned. "I guess I am going like this, someone left all my clothes in the hall."

"Brat. You wouldn't wear those to a battle anyway, now get dressed before Scott comes up here and beats the door down." Logan was already half way in his boots when Remy finally stopped pouting and began dressing in his battle armor.

"Ready?" Logan asked, walking towards the door. He stopped noticing Remy had paused at the center of the room. "What is it, Darlin'?"

"Logan, after this mission can we get away for a few weeks. Even if it is only to your cabin, or the boathouse. Just us, no X-men, no missions, no villains, no interruptions? Can we do that? I just want to be with y' for awhile, away from all of this and all of them."

Logan walked up to his young lover and brushed Remy's face with his now gloved hand. "Yea darlin', that sounds perfect. On the way back I'll tell Scott we are going inactive for a few weeks. We should probably tell em that we are hitched to."

"Y' sure y' want to tell them that?" Remy questioned, dropping his eyes to the floor.

Logan sighed. This had always been a sore spot in their relationship. Ever since Remy had returned from the the mock trial in Antartica he had feared upsetting anyone in the mansion. He could never seem to convince Remy that he shouldn't fear what the others thought of him. "Why wouldn't I want to tell them?" he asked, knowing the answer. They had gone through this in every stage of their relationship, he didn't need to ask, but he found it helped the kid some to get it out in the open.

"Figured that everyone seems to except us together since they think it is just a phase, but if y' tell them we snuck off and got married it would seem more permanent and they might hold it against y'. I don't want them to hate y', this is your family, y' shouldn't be shunned because of me....." Remy's rambling was stopped by Logan kissing him.

"That got ya to stop, I will have to remember that. Now listen, I don't care what they think. I love ya and that is all that matters. I want everyone to know, if ya don't just say so."

"Non, I'm ok with people knowing." Remy smiled, happy to know Logan felt confedent enough to tell the team.

"Good, now lets get this mission over with so we can get back to what we were doing."

Remy nodded following the Canadian downstairs to the war room.


The door to the War Room swooshed opened as Psylocke and Angel rushed in, both in full uniform. "Sorry we're late. We were just pulling up when we heard the alarms."

Cyclops waved off the excuse without looking up from the maps in front of him on the long conference table. "We are still waiting on Gambit and Wolverine." He looked up at Storm. "Can you please go get them, I know they heard...." He was interrupted by the doors opening again, Logan and Remy walking in. "About time you decided to join us." He commented while looking up at the two men.

"Really Wolverine, I expect this of the traitor, but not you. He must be rubbing off on you." Angel smirked.

"Shove it Wings, or so help me." Logan growled back, popping out his claws and waving them in front of Warren's face.

"Or you'll what? Kill me? Rip off my wings? Yea, he is rubbing off on you. You are practically twins now." Warren laughed in his face and leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms.

"The two of you stop! We have a big mission ahead of us, and the last thing we need is to fight one another. Logan sit down!" Scott ordered as he pointed at the chair next to where Remy had just sat down.

Logan finally turned and headed towards the seat across the table. He sat in the chair and looked over at Remy, he was obviously upset and trying to hide it from the others. Damn it, why do they have to do this to him. He leaned over and whispered in his lover's ear. "Darlin' don't listen to him, he's a bastard. I love ya."

Remy stayed leaning against the table on his elbows, his forehead resting on his hands. He stared at the floor, away from everyone and everything. He didn't want to make eye contact with anyone, he didn't want to see the hate in their eyes. He finally whispered, so low that he knew only Logan would hear it. "Don't tell them, please don't tell them."

Logan sighed and was going to argue with Remy when he was interrupted by Scott clearing his throat. He looked up and noticed Scott staring at him.

"This is important Logan, if you are finished whispering sweet nothings in your friend's ear over there I will brief you on this mission." Scott scolded Logan like a school boy.

Logan growled and leaned back in his seat, pretending attention. He put his hand on Remy's back and rubbed in small circles trying to calm him.

"Now that I have everyone's attention." Cyclops pointed at a map that appeared on the screen he stood in front of. "We are going here, its a small town in Canada, should only take us 20 minutes to reach. It is reported that Sinister has a lab here, we are going to shut it down like we have the others. The lab is set under an old building in the middle of town, so we cannot destroy the structure, but the computers and equipment need to be destroyed. There are not suppose to be occupants in the building above, but I want Rogue and Storm to do a complete search for homeless using the building for shelter when we arrive. The rest of us will wait at the two main entrances, after they have completed their search and everyone is out we will go in. Rogue will join Angel, Psylocke, Iceman, Gambit and I at this side of the building." He pointed at an enlargement of a building that appeared on the screen. "Storm will meet Wolverine, Bishop, Beast, and Jean at this point. When we are ready we will enter the underground of the building and meet in the middle, which should be the main lab. I don't think Sinister is actually in the lab, Cebreo has not picked up on his presence, but there are Marauders there, including Sabretooth. We need to be careful, Sinister can show up at anytime. Thats it people, we will meet at the Blackbird in 10 minutes. Everyone make sure they are armed with everything they need." Cyclops shut off the screen and joined his wife to leave.

"I guess I need to go get a couple more decks of cards." Remy whispered. He continued to stare at the floor his body not willing him to leave.

Logan could see that Remy was trembling, medical labs were scary enough for the Cajun, he knew that Sinister's labs had to terrify him. Scott putting him with every person on the team that would rather kill him then talk to him wasn't going to help. "Remy, everything is gonna be fine, I promise. He said Sinister wasn't there, just the Marauders, we can handle them. Go on upstairs and get some more cards and I will meet ya in the hanger."

"Ok." is all Remy said as he got up and slowly walked out of the room like he was in a trance.


Logan stalked into the hanger straight for Scott who was checking the engines of the Blackbird. The others were already inside the plane, or had not arrived. They were not there to witness Logan grab Scott and throw him against the hanger wall. "What the hell are ya thinking Cyke! Its bad enough ya are dragging the kid into one of Sinister's labs, but to put him with everyone that is against him? Are ya trying to get him killed?"

"Logan calm down! I know what I am doing. They need to learn to work together in battle even if they don't get along in life. I will be there, I won't let anything happen to him. Now let go of me and get in the Blackbird."

Logan shoved Scott harder against the wall, tightening his grip. "Work together! This ain't a mission to test teammates loyalties on! None of them are going to watch Remy's back and ya know that. The first chance they get they are going to feed him to the wolves and never look back. Ya have to make him stay here or put him with me and Ro, then he will have some support." Logan lowered his voice and looked at Scott pleadingly. "Scott, he is terrified of Sinister and his Marauders, if he ends up facing them alone he's not going to be able to fight them. Put him with me so I can watch him, please." He let go of Scott and backed away. "Please, Scott."

"Logan, I can't. This is the reason I'm not with Jean, I would be too occupied watching her to help the others or myself. I will watch Gambit and you can watch Jean for me, and they will both come home safe and sound. This is a run in run out mission, we are not going in to rescue anyone or to retrieve anything. We are going in, destroying the computers and equipment and leaving." He placed his hand on Logan's shoulder. "If the others don't do their part to cover Gambit's back, like they should, then they are going to be taken off the active list. I am tired of the way they are treating him, enough is enough. I just need to see how far this hatred goes with them."

"This is a hell of a way to find out Cyke." Logan looked up into Scott's glasses, knowing he was meeting his eyes, and growled. "He doesn't come back home the way we left I am holding it against ya."

"That's what leaders are for Logan. Come on, lets get going." Scott smiled and walked towards the Blackbird. Passing a waiting Remy he grinned.

"Ready darlin'?" Logan asked while grabbing Remy from behind. Logan pulled Remy into the Blackbird and towards the back of the plane. Ignoring all the looks and comments from the others, only returning the smile that he got from Ororo. "Remy?" He finally asked again. Not getting an answer the first time worried him.

"Non, I'm not ready. I've got a bad feeling about this. Something is going to happen, maybe y' shouldn't go." Remy finally answered.

"Darlin', its gonna be alright. Don't worry about anything, just go in, do ya job and get out. Stay close to Scott, he will watch ya back, and I know ya will watch his." He kissed Remy on the forehead, then leaned his against Remy's and stroked the long auburn hair. "It's all gonna be fine, when we get home I will make ya forget everything, I promise."

Remy smiled knowing what Logan was implying. "Tell me again that everything will be alright, I will try to believe it this time."

Logan took Remy's face in his hands and stared right into Remy's gorgeous eyes and whispered "Everything is going to be fine. We are going to come back and go on our honeymoon and forget all about this superhero stuff for a while. Ok?"

"Alright, I believe y'." Remy lied.

They sat in the back of the plane in silence, Logan holding Remy around the waist, Remy resting his head on Logan's shoulder. Suddenly Remy broke the silence with a whisper. "Logan, I love y', remember that."

Remember that? Logan was about to ask about the comment when Scott's voice came over the speakers.

"We've landed people. Be ready for anything. Storm, Rogue, go make sure there is no one in the building, meet us at the entrances."

"Come on darlin'." he said while moving his arm out from under Remy and standing.

Remy looked up at Logan, looking deep into his eyes. He just stared at him, not moving or saying anything, as if memorizing Logan's face.

"Darlin'?" He knelt down in front of Remy, never breaking the gaze. "What's going on?"

Remy broke the gaze and stood up suddenly "It's alright cher, just worried." he said quickly and gave Logan a slight grin.

Logan didn't say anything, he just followed Remy out of the the Blackbird. Remy turned to join his group. Logan stopped and watched as the Cajun slowly walked up to his team with his eyes to the ground. Why won't you ever tell me what's going on in that head of yours kid? He caught Scott by the arm as he started going to his designated team and whispered in his ear. "Ya watch him, there's something wrong. He's scared, he's trying to hide it, but I smell the fear on him."

Scott nodded and went to join his group to move to their mark.


Scott walked up to his team in the alley where they were to enter on Rogue's return. Angel, Psylocke, and Iceman were in a group on one side of the alley, and Gambit was leaning against the wall on the other side staring at the ground. Shit! They are already leaving him completely open, maybe Logan was right. Scott walked up to Remy. "You alright?" He didn't get an answer, he didn't even look up at him. He reached out and put his hand on the Cajun's shoulder. "Gambit?" Remy jumped, startled by Scott's touch. "Are you ok?"

Warren snorted. "He's just worried about seeing his friends again. Maybe we should leave him here with them, maybe he will stay away this time."

Remy looked up at Warren with wide eyes of surprise. Mon Dieu! They are going to leave me, I knew it. He clinched his hands in fist trying to stop the tremors flowing through his body.

"Warren! Stop it now! Go stand by the door, all of you." Scott turned from the group to Remy. Remy was shaking, his bottom lip was trembling so bad his teeth were chattering. He's scared we are going to leave him again. Damn it! "Gambit, listen to me, no one is going to leave you here. We are all going in together and we are leaving together. I shouldn't have put you with Angel, I'm sorry. Just stay with me, don't worry about them. They can watch each other's backs and we will watch ours, ok?"

Remy nodded. That is all he could do. The thought of being left in Sinister's hands, or even worse Creed's, had him locked in fear. He looked up at Scott. "Y' won't leave me?"

Scott sighed. "No, I won't leave you." He gave Remy a smile and continued "Who else am I going to get to unlock my desk drawer when I lose my keys for the millionth time."

Remy smiled back knowing Scott was just trying to cheer him up.

"Well if dis don't look cozy like?" Rogue spat as she landed next to Scott and Remy. "What ya hittin' on Slim now. Wolvie not 'nough fo' ya?"

Remy dropped his head looking at the ground, not saying anything in return. He had learned a long time ago that it was better not to fight back with Rogue. He jerked his head up when he felt someone grab his arm.

"Come on Gambit. Lets join the others, we are going in as soon as we have word that Storm is with the others." Scott pulled him over to the group by the doors. "From now on everyone stays quiet unless it is necessary to speak." he gave a hard look to Warren and Rogue.

Scott's com badge began to blink and Storm's voice followed. "We are ready here Cyclops. Over."

Scott pushed the return button on the his badge and gave the command. "Ok, everyone enter, meet in the middle. Both teams will have to separate towards the center to take splitting halls, I will leave that call up to you Storm. Try to make this quick as possible, no stopping till you hit the center. Over and Out." With that the doors were forced opened and the team entered.

They walked through the halls cautiously, not encountering anyone through the first several floors. When they reached the split in the halls they stopped.

"What now sugah?" Rogue asked.

"Rogue, Angel, and Psylocke take the right hall. It will lead you straight to the center lab. Gambit and I will take the left hall, there should be one computer room that has to be destroyed, so we will be a few minutes later in arriving then you. Be careful. And remember, take out the computers and that's it. If someone attacks defend yourself, but don't go chasing after them. We'll meet in the middle, lets go."

Cyclops and Gambit made there way through the maze of halls, looking in the windows of the rooms as the ran looking for computers or equipment that needed to be demolished.

"Don't y' think it is strange that no one's here? This is the only lab that we know of that we haven't taken down, so wouldn't y' think there would be more of his experiments or doctors here?" Remy asked while looking in yet another empty room.

Scott stopped briefly and looked at Remy. "You're right Gambit, something is wrong. Maybe they are all on the other side of the building."

"Wait!" Remy waved at Scott to come here. He was looking in a window to another room towards the end of the hall.

Scott rushed over to the door. Remy stepped away and let Scott look in. "There is someone under the sheet, it looks like a small child."

"Scott we can't leave them here." Remy looked at Scott pleadingly. He knew that they were suppose to destroy everything and go, no rescues, but this was a child.

"I know Gambit. Pick the lock, we have to at least give them the way out. Be quiet though, so far we have been way too lucky, no one has attacked us yet." Cyclops took a defensive position behind Gambit, giving him the opportunity to pick the lock.

It only took seconds for Remy to break the lock. He opened the door and slowly walked in towards the bed in front of him. "Petite?" he asked while moving the sheet from the small figure's face. He stared into the dead eyes of a small girl. He turned away and tried to fight back the tears. He could not even imagine the horror the child went through in her short life.

Scott looked back into the room from his guard at the door way. "What is it Gambit?"

"She's gone." he whispered as he placed the sheet back over the girl's face.

"Don't worry, I killed her quick. Only took me about an hour." came the smirk from the corner of the room. "Knew if I put a kid in here you would walk in without thinking, punk."

Remy's body started trembling, his breathing sped up, he knew that voice, he had heard it in his nightmares practically all his life. Every gut instinct told him to turn around and fight, but his body had shut down and refused to face the man that was now making his way across the room towards him. He didn't even turn as he heard Scott rush into the room, shooting several optic blast at the Marauder, that were dodged or taken without a flinch. Remy was too caught up in memories. He slowly dropped to his knees in front of the bed. Scott was thrown against the wall next to him, rendering him unconscious. Remy watched as the leader slid down the wall and landed in a pile on the floor. He slowly turned his head to look over his shoulder, he could not move anything else, he was paralyzed. He saw the huge man standing behind him with an animal's grin, showing his fangs. He began to panic. Get up and fight you idiot, whats wrong with you. You know what will happen if you don't, get up get up get up.

"You're not even going to fight, punk?" Creed laughed as he stalked over to the shaking body on the floor. He pulled Remy up to his feet by the back of his neck, grabbing the Cajun from behind, crushing him against his chest. The large man easily held Remy in the tight hold around his shoulders and waist, pinning his arms. Sabretooth licked Remy's neck and growled in his ear.

Remy could feel Creed's erection against him, he knew what would come next, he had lived it too many times already to forget. Non, non, non. Logan help me. Tears began to flow down Remy's face. He felt weak, his body was numb with fear and memories.

Creed grinned. He could smell the fear pouring off the Cajun he held tightly in front of him. He want so bad to just pin the boy to the floor and fuck him, to hear him scream, to hear him beg for him to stop. He wanted to smell the scent of blood and pain come off of the boy he held in front of him, like he had so many times before, but he knew now was not the time. "There's someone that wants to talk to you boy. Then we can have some fun." Creed snarled while walking Remy across the hall to a room that looked empty.

As they walked into the door the room changed. The once empty medical room was now a darkly painted office, complete with a desk decorated with human bones, jars of preserved oddities, and surveillance screens. The chair at the head of the desk slowly swivelled to show the office's owner. Sinister sat staring at the young man in Creed's grasp and then grinned. "I see you have managed to separate him from the others, very good Sabretooth. Now we can proceed to the rest of the plan." Sinister stood and walked to a small tray near the desk. He picked up a long needle, then proceeded towards Remy. "Hold him." Sinister ordered.

"Non!" Remy yelled and finally began kicking, trying to break from the hold. He could not fight Creed, but he was not going to let Sinister have him again. "Non! Stop! Logan! Logan help me!" He continued to thrash and scream.

"Hold him down Creed!" Sinister demanded.

Creed threw the Cajun to the floor on his stomach and held his arms behind his back. Creed then leaned his knee against Remy's tailbone, and held him with all his weight.

Sinister knelt down and pushed the needle into Remy's arm, feeling the flinch as it entered the skin. "Now hold him until he falls asleep, it may take a few minutes, it always has with him. When he is unconscious and the others have entered the lab downstairs you know what to do. When you have finished this task go to the hidden room below and I will create your exit to the real lab."

"What if Logan follows, you know the runt's in love with this punk." Creed questioned, still pinning the numbing Cajun to the floor.

"If you finish your job correctly, he will not follow until it is too late. He will be too upset to chase you." Sinister answered as he picked up a small bag and created a portal.

"Fine, can I at least have my fun with him first?" he smiled and licked his lips.

"I do not care what is done to him as long as the plan is followed through and he does not die until it is time." Sinister left it at that and walked out through the tesseract and disappeared.

Creed leaned over and dragged his tongue down Remy's face, which caused Remy's breathing to hitch. "Still with me? Good, lets have some quick fun while your friends get into place. I want them all there to see your pretty face as a slice it open." Creed tore open the back of Remy's pants with his claws. "That's new," he muttered, looking at the tattoo on Remy's left cheek. He shrugged it off as he opened his pants and pulled out his cock, already rock hard from holding the boy so close all this time. "Ready for me boy?" he growled into Remy's ear. He released the Cajun's arms, knowing the boy was too far gone to actually fight him. He pulled up Remy's hips and pushed his cock into Remy forcefully, causing Remy to release a scream before finally passing out into darkness. Creed continued to roughly pump his way in and out of Remy's body, causing a trail of blood to run down the Cajun's leg, staining the remains of the torn uniform. Sabretooth roared as he pushed once more into the unconscious body, releasing his fluids deep into Remy's sleeping body. He knelt there for several minutes, still buried into Remy to the hilt, breathing hard. "Was it good for you?" he smirked. He pulled his still erect cock from Remy's body and dropped him on the floor. He stood up and stared at the camera screens while readjusting himself in his pants. He looked at the screen of the lab, he saw that all of the X-men had met in the center of the building, save two, Cyclops and Gambit. The Marauders, or clones of them, lay scattered on the floor. The computers were in shambles, spitting sparks. Finally a stumbling Cyclops made his way into the view of the camera. "Showtime punk." He pulled Remy up over his shoulder and carried him down the hall towards the center lab.


"Scott!" Jean yelled while running to his side. "Honey are you ok? You're bleeding."

Logan ran over to the small crowd that was developing around Scott. "Where's Remy?" He began frantically looking around and down the hall that Scott came from. "Cyke! Answer me! Where's Remy?"

"Wolverine I don't know. We saw a child in one of the rooms, we went in to rescue her, she was already dead. Sabretooth caught us in the room, he knocked me out, when I came to Gambit wasn't there." Scott let out a small groan and fell to the floor.

"Scott!" Jean dropped down next to him, followed by Hank. "We need to get him to the Blackbird, he's hurt."

"We are not leaving without Remy." Logan growled.

"Come on Logan, he probably just started talking to his old friend Sabretooth and decided to stay." Warren sneered.

Logan was about to argue but Scott beat him to it. "Warren shut up for once! Gambit didn't talk to Sabretooth, and he is not staying!" He grabbed his head as he felt the headache he had getting worse. He looked up at Logan "I'm sorry Logan."

"We have to find him, he has to be here. I won't leave without him. If you leave, I will stay here." Logan vowed.

"Logan's right, we cannot leave him behind. We did that once before, and it nearly killed my brother. I will not let him suffer again." Storm walked over and put her hand on Logan's shoulder, showing she was staying with Logan if the others left.

Hank spoke up, hoping to defuse the growing argument. "I will take Scott to the Blackbird, Jean will accompany me. The rest of you should look for Gambit. When you find him return to the plane."

"Let me save you some trouble." came the familiar voice from the opposite side of the lab.

"Creed." Logan growled and turned around, unsheathing his claws. He was ready to charge his long time enemy, but stopped seeing that the Marauder was not alone. Creed stood in front of them holding a sedated Remy by his hair. "Creed, let him go." Logan growled as he slowly walked towards them.

Creed gave Logan a smile, showing him his fangs. "I'm just here to give you a message from the boss. He said that you need to stop destroying his labs, or this will happen every time you do." He pulled up harder on the Cajun's hair, holding him in the air in front of them. He rammed his claws into Remy's back, straight threw his heart and ripped upward, tearing through bone, skin, and muscles, sending blood spraying onto the floor. "Here, he said you could keep this." He threw Remy's body on the floor and took off running down the hall to his escape.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Logan screamed and ran towards Remy's lifeless body. The room was filled with countless other cries of shock, but Logan could not hear them. He could not feel the others try to comfort him, try to talk to him. He did not see Bishop and Iceman run after the murderer that took his lover from him. He could only stare at the body that he held close to him. He begged for any God that was out there to bring back his lover's breath, his heart beat, his life. He slowly began rocking back and forth, he knew he was losing control, but he didn't care. The only thing he truly cared about was laying in his arms, limp, bleeding, dead.