Remy chuckled under his breath. Hank and Logan were starting to gang up on him, and it was amusing. Ever since he had mentioned this so called 'therapy', they had been like children trying to find out their christmas presents. He could tell that they where determined that today was the day they found out the truth.

Earlier in the day they had been dropping hints about the subject, that Remy ignored. In the afternoon they upgraded to reminding him he needed therapy. Remy just playfully changed the subject. Now they were standing over his bed, flat out asking. Every time he tried to tell them it was nothing, they would get more curious. Really it wasn't all that dramatic of a story. Not really that funny either. But every time one of them would call it 'therapy' or say something about the 'therapist' he would lose it. To imagine his cousin as a therapist, or what he did therapy, was a riot.

He was a little worried about what they would think about it as well. The last thing he needed was for them to think he needed more therapy for the therapy he received. He was very thankful for everything his cousin did for him. He would have been undoubtably lost without it. Knowing himself well enough, he was sure that conventional therapy would have never worked. It would have probably only caused more problems. Remy was pulled out of his thoughts by two chairs being dragged to either side of the bed.

Logan sat in one chair and crossed his arms. "Alright Darlin', time to talk about this therapy."

Remy snickered.

Hank sighed. "Remy, I do not understand why you find this so amusing. I know you are in a lot of emotional pain. I can only imagine how this feels. But this therapist must have handled your trauma well in the past."

Remy laughed. Oh, he could not take it anymore. "Stop calling him that! He's not a therapist, and y' calling him that is what's so funny. He's barely a year older then me for goodness sake, he can't be a therapist." Remy saw the surprised expressions on the men's faces and figured he might as well spill the story before they blow up. "Alright, I'll tell y' about my so called 'therapy', but y' have to listen to all of it. I don't want y' to hear half the story and get angry with me."

Both Hank and Logan nodded. Neither knowing what to say, or what they were about to hear.

Remy sighed and prepared himself. It seemed funny to him the last few days. But he knew talking about it was going to be an emotional rollercoaster. "Well, I never told my family about being attacked when I was younger. I figured they would never want me if they knew what happened. So I kept it to myself. The only person that ever found out was my cousin Emil. I call him Lapin, he hates his name. I don't know if he was at the funeral or not." Remy saw Hank nod and smiled, continuing. "Me and him were inseparable as kids. We practically lived together. When his poppa was away he stayed with my family, and when my poppa was gone I stayed with his. We shared everything. Clothes, toys, rooms. We used to sleep in each others bed. It was no big deal until we were about thirteen. Then...y' know..." Remy gave the two men a innocent shrug.

Both men gave him a blank stare.

Remy rolled his eyes. "Guess this is one of those things that only happened in my childhood. I'm finding out I have a lot of those kinds of memories. Anyway, we were thirteen, and our hormones were running on full tilt. Neither of us seemed to have a sexual preference at the time, so we started experimenting with each other."

Remy blushed, he was actually feeling a bit shy all of a sudden. "It was just kissing and that kind of stuff at first. One night it got a little hot and heavy, and I freaked out on him. All the memories of what Creed did to me came back on me. He was so afraid he hurt me, that it was his fault I was freaking out. I had to tell him the truth. I thought for sure that Lapin was going to hate me. Tell my poppa that I was a fucked up brat that had no place in the family. But he didn't, he actually stuck by me. He promised never to tell anyone, and vowed to help me through it. We took it slow and worked through anything that scared me. I'm not sure how he did it. He just knew when to push me and when not to. We managed to work through everything, there were just a few things I could never handle, still can't." Remy shuddered.

"Soon after I was attacked in Paris, and that really messed me up. I never thought it would happen again, especially by the same man. The fact that my entire family knew about it was too much. I know I shut down completely for awhile. When I came around the only person I could think to talk to was Lapin. He was there again, no questions asked. I owe him a lot, I would probably be locked up in some mental ward right now if it wasn't for him." Remy wiped a tear from his eye. Relieved it was not as bad as he thought. Emotional bloodletting was becoming almost a daily occurrence, and getting easier each time. He looked up at Hank face to read his emotions.

Hank gave him a slight smile and shake of the head. "Leave it to you to find the most unconventional way of therapy, and by a child no doubt. Did anyone ever find out about your relationship?"

"One. My sister-in-law, Mercy. She walked in on us necking once. I freaked out and Lapin chased her down the hall. When he came back he promised she wouldn't tell anyone. He said he never told her what happened to me, but I can't think of any other way he could have convinced her not to tell poppa. She used it as blackmail as often as she could though, that's for sure." He looked at Logan and only saw an expressionless face, his eyes looking to the floor. "Logan?"

"Did ya love him?" Logan asked without looking up. He knew his jealousy was out of place, but it was something he wanted to know. Something he wanted to hear from Remy.

Remy sat and thought about it for a moment. He looked back at Logan and waited to catch his eye. "Oui, I love him, but not how I love y'. I know this may sound a bit sick, but it was more brotherly love. I loved him for standing next to me, for helping me through the worst times of my life, for having an unconditional bond that even Guilds and family could not break. That I love him for, and I always will. But we never had what y'and me have. I love y' Logan, and I know y' well enough to know what y' are thinking. Y' have nothing to be jealous about." Remy gave Logan a sly smile.

Logan chuckled knowing he was caught. "I love ya too, kid." Logan took Remy's hand and kissed his palm. "Guess I owe him, huh?"

Remy cocked his head to the side. "Owe him?"

"Always wondered where ya learned how to kiss like that. Now I know, so I guess I owe him."

"Hey! Who says I didn't teach him how to kiss?" Remy stuck his nose up in false hurt. "I'm a born natural."

Hank and Logan laughed and was quickly joined by Remy.

"Well, all this talk of teenage debauchery has got me starving. I wonder if they left us anything from dinner? I am sure Remy could handle some more food as well." Hank stood to go fetch food, only to be stopped.

"I'll get it. I'm going to have a quick smoke and I'll bring some food down on the way back." Logan pointed to the lab. "Ya have a virus to work on."

Hank gave Logan a salute and marched to the lab. Even though he was acting reluctant, he was happy to get back to his research.

Logan handed his lover a book from the table. They had interrupted his reading to demand the story from him. "I'll be back in a few minutes. Ya going to be alright?"

Remy smiled and nodded. "Oui, I will be fine without y' for a few minutes...but not too long." Remy gave Logan a wink and opened his book.


Logan had not had the chance to really enjoy a smoke recently with everything going on. Remy was doing surprisingly well. The virus had not made him too ill, just a fever and weakness. Blood loss played a big part of that weakness as well, but until he was clear of the virus they decided it was best to let his body slowly make up for the loss. Knowing his lover was safe, he decided to take his time smoking and think over Remy's, so called, therapy.

He didn't want to show it to Remy, but he was still jealous. Not really a fear of Remy choosing Lapin over him. It was jealousy that Lapin knew how to handle this situation better at the age of thirteen then he did now. He was so afraid to touch Remy, scared that he would trigger a memory, cause flashbacks. He knew it wasn't healthy for the Cajun or their relationship, but he didn't know what to do. He kept telling himself not to worry about it now. To get Remy healthy and safe and then deal with it. But he could tell his reluctance to reach out to his lover was hurting him. He finished the last drag off the cigar and threw the butt out into the grass. "I'll wait until we're alone and talk to him." He whispered to himself. Satisfied with his decision he headed into the house.

Logan's stomach growled as he walked through the door into the kitchen. He was starving, and he knew Remy had to be hungry. Even if the boy said he didn't want food, he knew his body needed it. Logan was surprised to find Jean still cleaning up after dinner. She was slowly scrubbing the same circle in a plate while starring blankly out the window. She didn't even seem to know he walked in. "If ya keep scrubbing like that you're going to wear a hole in that plate."

Jean jumped at the sudden break of silence and dropped the plate to the floor. "Shit!"

Logan raised an eyebrow. It wasn't often that you caught Jean cursing. He bent down in front of her and helped clean up the glass from the floor. "Something wrong, Red?"

Jean threw the remains in the trashcan and pushed back her hair. "No Logan, everything is fine."

"How many times do I have to tell you and the Cajun that ya can't lie to me? Everyone else gets it, but you two just keep forgetting." He thought the bantering would cheer up the red-head, but it didn't. She turned away from him and leaned on the counter, obviously upset.

Must run in the family. She shook her head lightly. She knew she was under stress when her mind got sarcastic. Hank had told her to tell Logan, and now would be the perfect time. But she couldn't think of a good way to tell him. She had been thinking about it all night. She thought of a million ways to tell him, and a hundred scenarios each would cause. And they called her husband anal. She had everything planned and still could not go through with it.

Logan stood there watching Jean for a few minutes. Concerned about the worry and stress coming off her scent. What worried him the most is he knew Jean had talked to Hank the night before, and neither of them had said anything about the conversation. Jean had been avoiding him and Hank would brush it off as nothing. He knew something was up. He walked over and put his hand on her shoulder. "Jeannie, what's going on? Talk to me."

Jean nodded. She had to get this over with. He had a right to know, and so did Remy. She had to count herself lucky, she wasn't the one that had to tell Remy. She feared his reaction. "Logan, I have something to tell you."

Logan cocked his head in question. "Is this about the meeting last night with Hank?"

She nodded again, waving him to the table. They took seats across from one another. She started fidgeting with her hair. "Logan, first off, I want you to understand that this is a theory. We are not positive, but Hank is checking into it." She could see Logan was getting impatient. She knew he hated when she would beat around the bush, as he called it. So she sighed and decided to get to the point, no matter how much she hated to. "It is a possibility that we found Remy's mother."

Logan eyes grew wide. "Jesus Christ, Red! Why the hell didn't ya say something yesterday? Ya know how long that kid has been looking for his parents?"

Jean grew more worried at that. She knew Remy would take this hard. "Logan, it's not something I think you should tell him yet. Not until we have confirmed it. And right now he is going through so much, with everything that has happened."

"You're acting like this is a bad thing Jeannie, who is it?"

"Logan we have not confirmed it's really her, or the circumstances that it happened..."

"Circumstances? Hold up! Who the hell is it?" Logan growled. He was not liking this one bit.

Jean felt the need to start beating around the bush again. In her mind she was cushioning the shock. To him she was stalling. "Remy's virus reacted to my blood, it attacked me, but my body destroyed it. That is why Hank called me down yesterday. Comparing our DNA we are very similar, almost relation, but with slight differences...." Jean was startled when Logan abruptly stood and rushed out the back door. "Logan?" Jean quickly followed.

Logan stomped across the back porch and stalked down the pathway. He could hear Jean following him, calling his name, begging him to stop and listen to her. But he didn't want to here it. He may not seem like the sharpest in the group, but he can put two and two together. He was not about to be told that his lover was a clone of one of his teammates. He didn't want to know, if that was the truth.

"Logan, stop!" Jean yelled. "Please Logan. For Remy's sake, stop and listen to me." Jean came to a halt when Logan turned and rushed towards her. Her first thought was to back away, but she stood her ground, even when the yelling started.

"I'm not going to stand here and let ya tell me Remy is a God Damn clone of ya! The whole damn world does not revolve around the Summer-Grey family. Every time someone walks into this fucking mansion their either a Summers, a clone of you, or another damn child of ya two. He's not a clone!" Logan turned his back to Jean, but couldn't find the nerve to walk away again. Why couldn't life just be easy for a change. He seemed to be thinking that a lot lately.

Jean wrapped her arms around Logan's shoulders. Here she was worried about Remy, and Logan was breaking down in front of her. "Logan, that is not the theory. Hank assures me that he cannot be a clone."

Logan turned in Jean's arms and looked at her. "Then what is it Red?"

Jean took another deep breath. "Hank thinks that he is naturally conceived, his DNA shows no signs of tampering, other then the surgery we know about. His DNA shows the same oddities and similarities to mine as Nathan's does."

"Maddie?" Logan shook his head slowly. "That's not possible is it? I know Remy is younger then ya, but not by that much."

"Those are the circumstances. We have no idea how or when it happened. There are only two people that can answer that. Sinister and Remy's father."

Logan closed his eyes to the dark thought's in his head. "What if they're the same person Jeannie?"

Jean sighed. "That thought has crossed my mind as well. It would explain his eyes, but I don't think that is possible. He stalks my husband and he is not even family. If Remy was his son that bastard would not let him go."

Logan nodded. "Yea have a point there. God, what am I going to tell Remy?"

"I don't know if you want to tell him until we know more. It may turn out this is a huge mistake and it all has been coincidence. Hank is working with Muir Island. They are searching their banks for Madelyne. If that information cannot be found we will contact Nathan. Hank will let us know as soon as he has something concrete."


They both turned to look up at the porch to Bobby waving his arms to get their attention. He had the cordless phone in his hand.

"Phone! And it's long distance, so hurry up!"

They both chuckled and made there way up to the house.

"Jeannie, could ya do me a favor? I promised the boys I would bring them some dinner down, and that was almost an hour ago. The're probably eyeing each other as meat at this point."

Jean gave him a dramatic huff and put her hands on her hips. "You could have told me that before I did all the dishes."

Logan shrugged and took the phone from Bobby.

"I'll help Jean. I have been meaning to go see Remy today anyway. Hank needs his daily dose of Twinkies too."

"Alright then. I guess I can feed them." Jean gave Logan a wink and headed inside with Bobby.

Logan waited for the door to close and opened the line to his call. "Hello?"

"Logan? This is Rose."

"Hey babe. What's going on?"

"I thought I better call. The tail I put on Creed says he just boarded a plane tonight. His destination in New York City. He's also working for Sinister again. You might want to watch your boy."

"Thanks for the information Rose. I'll keep an eye on him. Really Rose, Thanks. I couldn't have found Remy without ya."

"That's what I'm here for honey. You want us to keep tailing him?"

"No Rose, I think I'm going to take care of it from here on out. I'll keep ya informed. Talk to ya soon."