Logan sat in the Blackbird thinking. Not only about how stupid it was to take this huge plane just down the road to New York City, but about being on it in the first place. He wanted to do this alone, but somehow he ended up with the whole team going with him. He asked Hank to watch Remy, keep him calm, even if he had to sedate him. Come to find out he already had after dinner. He promised he would be out until the next morning, because he was going with him. He argued, but Hank explained that Creed may know something about the virus, and it was best for Hank to be there to get the information first hand. Logan had to agree with that, but the doctor didn't have to tell the whole God Damn team!

Jean wanted to go because her motherly instincts had kicked in and she wanted answers from the monster. Scott came to kick Creed's ass and protect Jean. Bobby refused to stay, he was determined to get some licks in before Logan got to him. Bishop tagged along because it was his duty to protect the rest of the team. The only two that agreed to stay behind were Jubilee and Ororo. They understood their revenge, but Remy's well being was higher on their list. They knew Remy should not be alone. Neither blamed the team for seeking revenge, they just didn't want Remy to suffer as a result. He respected them both for that and would be forever grateful. Last thing he wanted was Remy to wake up alone, or worse be attacked why they were all gone.

So here he sat in the plane with the whole crew, flying over lower Manhattan trying to track the bastard. He had told them to land, let his nose lead them to Creed, but they refused. Hank and Jean wanted answers, and if Logan got to Creed first they were afraid they wouldn't get them. He understood that the questions they were asking were for his lover's sake, but he knew once he saw Creed's face he may not be able to think that logically. All he knew is this had to end tonight. Remy had been stalked his whole life by Creed, raped, almost killed several times by the monster. It stopped now! He vowed to always protect Remy, even before they had a relationship. It was time he started living up to that promise.

It did surprise him that the team seemed to know what Sabretooth's fate would be tonight. Logan would kill him, it would be murder, justifiable in his book, but murder all the same. No one had tried to talk him out of it, feed him the line that 'X-men don't kill'. Maybe they understood that this had to be done. There was no option at this point. They had tried to help Creed numerous times. He had more then one second chance, and blew all of them. Even Scott seemed to understand that. Logan shuddered. He was not sure if that was a good thing or not. He was not going to be talked out of killing his old enemy, but he thought they should at least be trying. Logan was shaken from his thought by Scott's voice over the intercom from the cockpit.

"We found him, he is showing up in a small bar on the edge of town. We will land in a empty lot near the bar. The plan is to wait until he is leaving. We need him alone, and alive. We have to make sure we get the information we want before anything else."


Logan was getting very restless. They all sat in the cloaked Blackbird waiting for their target to leave a rat hole of a bar. They had the outside cameras of the plane watching the doorway. Every time the door would open everyone would hold there breath. They had sat there for two hours and nothing. The scanner said that he was still there, in the same seat, never moving. All Logan wanted to do is stomp in that bar and make the son of a bitch move. He didn't care who was in the bar, or what they would do. Waiting was not something Logan did well. He unconsciously began sliding his claws in and out of his hands while he stared out the window at the small bar. He jumped when a hand squeezed his shoulder. He looked up into Bishop's, always, emotionless face.

"Logan, calm down and have patience. You will get what you came for. No one will stop you when the time comes. You must let the others get what they came for as well. I know you care for Lebeau, and the information they seek is in his best interest. Remember that. I will not allow you to harm Sabretooth until they are finished with him."

Logan growled. "Ya think ya can stop me, bub?"

Bishop face never changed at the threat. "I said that I will stop you until they are finished. When they have what they need, he will die. Even if you are not capable of doing it yourself, he will die." Bishop removed his hand from Logan's shoulder and headed back towards his chair.


The noise of the door opening came over the surveillance screen in a monotone creak. Everyone's attention went to the screen. They all watched as Creed walked out of the bar with a girl on his arm. Logan was the first to stand and head for the door.

"Wait Logan! We need to figure out how to get the girl away from him. She cannot be harmed."

"Fuck that Cyke, I'm not going to sit here and let the bastard get away because ya want to save some two bit whore." Logan went to open the hatch when he was thrown back into the seat he exited. He growled. "Ya shouldn't have done that!"

"I told you that you would get your chance. I also told you I would stop you until that chance presented itself." Bishop stood in front of the hatch, determined that no one would exit until it was time.

"He went down the alley, so we follow...and I mean follow, that's it. The area seems to be pretty desolate so we should reach a good place to separate him from his partner quickly. Jean, if you could knock her out, that will give us the chance to get Creed away from her and question him. There are a lot of empty buildings around here, one should suffice. We will tag him, cuff him, and collar him. Then he should be controlable, at least he won't heal as fast."

Logan caught the small grin on Scott's face at the last of his plan. He knew the leader was trying to hide his craving to kick Creed's ass, but he wasn't doing a very good job. "Fine, can we go now? I want to get my hands on him."

"Let's go. Just remember, questions first. We will go from there." Scott didn't hide his smile this time.

Logan had to shake his head as he jumped out of the plane hatch. The Professor was gone for a week, and Scott goes commando. Logan was glad that everyone felt like he did towards Creed, but he could not let any of them spill his blood. That had to be placed on his shoulders. Xavier always thought of him as an uncontrolable killer, so if he were the person to kill Creed it wouldn't be held against him too long. He knew if Scott or Bishop did the deed Xavier would never let it go. Xavier thought he had most of his team brainwashed. Logan was glad to see that they could still think for themselves on occasion.


They had followed Creed down the alley and down a cross street. Everyone was a little surprised that Creed didn't seem to notice that he was being followed. Logan assured them that he probably couldn't smell anything over all the perfume the girl with him was wearing. When he went down another alley, pulling the girl with him, they jumped at the chance. They were in an area of empty warehouses and the only people around were homeless people, that Jean easily convinced they saw nothing as they passed.

Cyclops waved for everyone to stop as he edged around the corner. Logan joined him at the front and peered around the building. Creed and his lady friend had stopped in the alley and seemed to be arguing. Logan could hardly cover his chuckle when the girl hauled off and angrily slapped him. The chuckle quickly turned into a growl when Creed grabbed the girl roughly by the arm and pushed her against the wall. He ripped through her top, not caring that she began screaming.

Cyclops signalled the others by whispering his commands. "We don't have a choice, we have to go in before he hurts the girl."

Everyone quickly circled Creed, taking him by surprise. Jean mentally knocked out the girl and caught her as she fell. The others used brutal force bringing the man to the ground. Bishop held Logan back while the others rendered him harmless with cuffs and a collar.

Creed struggled and snarled trying to push the X-men off of him. They had surprised him. He was so caught up in lust, that he hadn't even heard them coming. He was also surprised by the brutal force they used. He had always found it amusing that the X-men held back, never wanting to kill their enemies. He knew that made them weak. This time they didn't seem to care if they killed him. With his healing factor turned off he could feel his injuries. He was sure he had broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder that was throbbing due to being pulled back in cuffs. He felt where his skin was singed from Cyclop's blast on one side, and frostbiten on the other from Iceman's attack. What confused him was that he knew Logan was there, but had never attacked.

A smile slowly crawled across his face. They were holding back. They wanted something, or they knew something. He had too much information that they would want to know. He had a feeling he was going to have to tell them all of it to save his hide, as he was hauled into the back door of an empty warehouse. They were serious this time, and with his healing factor off he didn't have as large of an edge. The information was going to have to save him. At least it would be a fun trip. "So what do you X-punks want? You could have at least let me say goodnight to the girl first."

"Ya mean let ya rape her, like ya did Remy!" Logan lunged only to be stopped by Bishop.

Creed laughed. "Is that what this is all about? What did ya bring all of them with you for Logan? Can't handle this yourself?"

Scott stepped in before this got out of hand. He could tell Creed was going to taunt Logan into a fight. He wasn't sure he would be able to stop the two of them if that happened. He had to get the information before this got out of control. "Creed, we came here for information that you are going to give us."

Creed turned his attention to the leader and grinned. "What makes you think I'm gonna tell you a damn thing, punk?"

"You do not have a choice!" Jean stepped up next to her husband. She had taken Creed down before single-handedly, she would do it again if she had to. She wanted to know about Madelyne. If Creed had that information, she would find out. "You will tell us, or I will be forced to take it from you!"

Creed raised his eyebrow to her. "Well looky who has her panties in a wad. How about we make a deal. You take me to your little mansion and keep Sinister off my back, and I will tell you everything you are dying to know."

"You are insane Creed. We are not about to take you near Remy. You have done enough damage in his life. You tell us what we want to know and we may let you walk away alive." She raised her hand signally Logan to stop. She could hear his growls of protest, but never took her glance away from Creed.

Creed smiled. It was going exactly the way he wanted. Ask them to do something they couldn't do, shock them and then get away, again. Worked every time, they were too easy to manipulate. "What is it you want to know? I don't know if I have the answers you want."

Hank spoke up, he was in dire need of information. He could tell this was getting tense and he wanted it first before something happened. "I first would like to know about this virus that Sinister has infected Remy with. If you are truly running from the scientist you have no need to withhold information from us."

Creed began to laugh, now he knew he was going to get everything he wanted. He had them in the palm of his hand. "You still haven't figured that out yet? Thought you would have found the connection with our little red-head here already. That's why you're so angry ain't it, Red?"

Hank took another step forward. "Yes, we have found that connection. Madelyne Pryor is Remy's mother." Hank cringed at the gasps around him. He had checked Remy's blood with Nathan's shortly before he came on this mission. They had come up as step-brothers. Madelyne was both their true mother, but that is where the connection stopped. Scott was not Remy's father. "I am correct in that assumption? We are not sure how it is possible, but it is a positive match."

Creed rolled his eyes and whistled dramatically. "Man you are slow. And here I thought you X-men where smart. You can't even figure out a little thing like this. Well I can't tell you much about that miracle cure you're looking for. All I know is that it isn't a virus, just looks like one. His parents are the connection to the cure. So there you go, you found his mother. That should be enough to cure him...Oh wait! She's dead, guess you're stuck." Creed laughed when Logan tried to charge him again.

Jean stepped in, she still could not believe this was happening. "How did this happen? Who is his father? Why did Sinister do such a thing? What does he want by Remy dying? What could that possibly accomplish?"

Creed turned back to Jean with a huge smile across his face. "You are full of question aren't you girl? I can answer all of those questions, but you have to take me to the mansion."

Logan lunged and got through to Creed this time, grabbing him by the collar and pulling him up. "You're not going to the mansion! I am going to kill ya right here! Ya won't have to worry about Sinister getting to ya!"

Creed was pulled inches from Logan's face. He could see the other X-men had a hold of Logan's arm, trying to pry him away. If they didn't he would have been dead by now. The others were yelling at him, but Logan didn't seem to hear them. Creed was happy to have Logan's full attention. He was about to play his trump card. "You won't kill me, Runt."

"What makes ya think I wouldn't gut ya right now?" Logan struggled. They had the information they wanted, why won't they let him kill this piece of trash?

"You need me." Creed yelled seeing that Logan was getting loose from their hold.

"The only thing I need ya to do is paint the walls behind ya red." Logan jerked his arms away and raised it to come down into Creed's chest. Inches from his target Creed stopped him with his words.

"I can cure Remy." Creed saw the hesitation and smiled. "If you kill me, you will never cure your boy. He will die, and it will be very slow and painful. He is only in the early stages. It only gets worse."

Jean took Logan's shock as a open invitation to pull him away. "Let him speak Logan."

"He can't be telling the truth Jean. He just said he didn't know a damn thing about the virus, or what ever it is. All he knows is we need his parents. He's just stalling his own death."

Jean stepped between the two men. "Maybe Logan, but let him. Like Bishop said, you will get your chance." She turned and faced Creed again. "How can you cure Remy. You said we needed his parents to cure him. Madelyne is gone. Do you know his father?"

Creed smiled. Yes! He had them in the palm of his hand. He may not walk away from this, but it was going to fun toying with them. In the meantime he would have protection from Sinister. "Yea Red, I know his dear old pop. Know him personally."