Jean's jaw twitched as she held Logan back in a TK bubble. She had been in Creed's head enough to catch the hidden meaning in his words. She also knew the Logan caught the inner meaning, since it was taking everything she had to hold him back from Creed. All she could think was he was lying. Creed knows that Remy's father is only good to us alive. He wants protection from Sinister and this is the only way he can get. She just hoped she was right. "You cannot possibly be telling us you are Remy's father. After everything you have done to him."

Creed took joy in the looks of shook on the X-men's face that just now began to understand. "Sorry Red, telling you the truth here. Never had much of a need for the brat...much."

Logan growled loudly. It echoed through the empty warehouse, startling even some of the X-men. "Ya fucking bastard! Ya better start telling the truth before ya don't have the chance. Ya sure as hell aren't Remy's father. If I remember right, ya tried that one on me when your ass was on the slab! You're not going to the God Damn mansion!" He pushed against the bubble again, just wanting to stop the monster from talking, but Jean held fast.

"Jean, let Logan go. We are finished with this conversation. He does not know anything else, he is stalling." Scott was enraged! He had given Jean the lead on the conversation, knowing she actually frightened Creed. He also knew how important the information was to her, and Hank. But this was too much. It had to end. Creed was a professional in the area of cons. He could brainwash anyone with lies if given the time and information.

Hank stepped in, he hated to be the one to take Creed's side, but he had to. If it was the truth, if Creed was truly Remy's father, what he was saying is true. They needed him. "If he is telling the truth we have no choice but to take him to the mansion."

"What the hell are you thinking Hank? We can't take him back to the mansion. That's just getting him closer to Remy! He'll go nuts knowing that his rapist is just two doors down from him. Hell, he would probably freak knowing he was in New York City!" Bobby bent down in front of Creed. "Notice I said WAS in New York City, you aren't leaving here alive!"

Creed snarled. He was actually surprised when Iceman didn't back down or even flinch, of course he didn't show it. He kept playing his hand, feeding them what they need, to get what he wanted. "Your Doc is right, you kill me, you kill Remy. There is no other way to cure the brat, unless Maddie is out there somewhere." He looked over to Scott and smiled, showing his fangs. "If she's out there I wouldn't mind seeing her again, she's a pretty good fuck." He quickly whipped his head around to Logan. "Not as good as the kid though."

Jean had had enough. She had all her strength on her TK know, holding Logan back. Bobby and Hank were holding back Scott, leaving only Bishop to hold Creed. This was getting them no where, and soon Creed would realize he had an easy escape. Jean took matters into her own hands. She reached into Creed's mind and shut it down temporarily.

Bishop jumped into action when the beast next to him fell to the ground in a heap. "What is going on?"

Jean released her mental hold on Logan but kept her hand on his chest. "I knocked him out. This is out of control." She turned to Logan, laying her hands on his shoulders. "I know you don't want to do this, but talking to him will get us nothing. He will just run us in circles until we are fighting each other. We need to first know if he is telling the truth. Hank can run test to see if the match is positive, but to do that we will have to take him to the mansion." She lightly put her fingers over Logan's mouth when he tried to protest. "I know you don't want to take him there with Remy, I don't either. I hope to God he is lying, for Remy's sake, but if he is telling the truth Hank will need him to find a cure. After Remy is well, he is yours. Do as you like. For Remy's sake Logan, please understand."

Logan didn't say anything, he couldn't. Every ounce of his being wanted to kill Creed, be done with it. For Remy, he turned around and walked towards the plane. He wanted no more part of this. If they wanted that madman taken to the mansion, they were doing it on their own. He understood that there was a chance that he could be telling the truth. They might as well give up and sign Remy's death certificate if they didn't try. But it had to be a lie. Creed was insane, he had done some immoral things, sick things, but this was beyond all that. If it was true, why? Why stalk and rape your own son, that is just the lowest thing a person could do.

But what if it were true? How would he tell Remy? Remy would never be able to survive something that horrible. It was enough that it happened, but by his own father. He knew that would be too much for Remy. He shook his head, shaking away all his thoughts. He was going to tell Remy nothing. Not until he knew the truth. It was best for his lover to not be aware of Creed. Logan punched the code into the hatch door of the plane and walked inside. He headed straight for the cockpit and shut the divider. He didn't even want to see them carry Creed in.


Bobby opened the divider and startled seeing Logan sitting in the pilot seat, his head resting on the steering column. He ran his hands through his hair, thinking Logan would eventually acknowledge his presence. "Um...Logan, are you flying? We are ready to head out." Bobby heard the sniffing as Logan got up and moved to the co-pilot seat. Oh shit, was he crying?

"No kid, it's all yours. I'm not up to flying right now. Do ya mind if I sit here though? I want to be as far away as I can from Creed. I don't want to do something Jean would regret." He tried to be sarcastic, but couldn't manage.

"Sure, I don't mind the company." Bobby took his seat and started the plane. "I don't blame you, I don't want to be back there. I really didn't want to be here either."

"I wouldn't want to be around me either." Logan muttered.

"It's not that, I don't mind you being here. I just didn't want to be the one flying that bastard to the mansion. I feel like I'm single handedly delivering him to Remy's doorstep. Again. What are we going to tell him?"

"Nothing. I don't want anybody telling him anything. Not that Creed is there, not about the lies the son of a bitch is spewing. None of it. Remy doesn't need to know. Hank will find out in a day or two that he's lying, and I'm going to send him to his grave. Remy won't know any different." Logan stood from the seat and started towards the back. "I'm going to go make that clear to everyone else before ya land."

"What if he's not lying?" Bobby turned to look at Logan's retreating back.

Logan stopped in the doorway. "Let's just hope to God he's not. That's all I can do right now."


Jean stepped into the cargo area and shut the door behind her. After a small argument with her husband she was given this time with Creed alone while they landed and prepared the Danger Room to hold him. She would get the truth and do what she had to do to get it. She stared into the dark holding cells, knowing he was staring back at her. They had sedated him with enough to knock out a small horse before throwing him in the cell. Knowing his healing factor was off due to the collar, she was sure he was a bit groggy. She flipped the bright lights on, almost laughing when Creed hissed in pain to the light. "I want to talk to you Victor."

He would have smiled if he didn't know she was angry. She always used his first name when she was mad at him. Like a mother cursing her child, the name would always leave her mouth like venom. He pushed himself up as much as possible in the corner of the cell. He was feeling pretty worn out from the drugs. He would complain about the pain and sickness, but this is the only time his head felt clear. The urge to kill, taste and smell blood, was always tamed when he was weak. Like his body understood it was not an option in this state, and quieted the urges. The drugs they had him on were almost as good as the glow his ex-lover Birdy would supply. But just because he felt euphoric didn't mean he wanted to talk. "What do you want Red?"

Jean stood in front of the cage, arms crossed over her chest. She showed her lack of fear and strength in her stance. "I am giving you one more chance to tell us the truth. You understand that just because you are being transported to the mansion, you are far from safe. At this point you are better off running from Sinister then you are in that mansion. After everything you have done to Remy you are lucky to be alive now. You destroyed that boy's life. I cannot believe that even a maniac like you could be so cruel. If you tell me the truth now I may be able to persuade your release. If you continue your lies and are proven wrong in the mansion, your fate is sealed. And do not think I will let you touch Remy again, you will not go near him."

Creed gave the red-head a feral grin. Light shined off his long fangs. "I'm getting the picture now. You think just because Maddie is his mother, that it makes him yours too. Well let me tell you something Red, I have more rights to him then you ever will! He's my son, by blood! Your just some screwed up X-punk that can't figure out who's who on her family tree. You can take me to the mansion, run all the test you want. They are all going to come back that Remy is mine!"

"Remy is not property! Even if you are his father, you lost the right to call yourself that when you raped him! Why would you do such a thing? What kind of demon are you?" She could not believe she was taking him seriously. She was falling into his con again. It's impossible. "I do not believe you. You are only trying to confuse us to get your way. It will not happen." She turned her back to the caged man. This is not what she came in here for. She wanted the truth. She wanted the whys and how, not the run around.

As if he could read her mind, Creed moved closer to the bars of the cage. "You want to know how it happened don't you? Why it was done? You came in here for proof. That's why you are here ain't it?" He laughed when she turned around to him again. She had a look of innocent curiosity on her face. "Get comfy Red, let me tell you a story."

Jean walked to the door and turned the lock, she didn't want them to be interrupted. She may not get this chance again. She returned to the center of the floor with a folding chair and sat. "Alright, tell me this story."

Creed tilted his head questioningly. "Why don't you just take it from me? You have the ability, I know you do."

Jean sighed angrily. "I am not going to go into your head. First off, you know it is against my beliefs. Second, I don't want to be in your head, I can't even imagine the things you have done. I do not want to see them first hand."

Creed shrugged. "Have it your way, you'll just have to use your imagination."

"Get on with it Creed!" Jean was losing her patience. She was beginning to believe he was just, once again, giving her the run around. She was surprised when she heard him sigh and begin to talk. She sat and listened to his dark story in silence.

"This of course shows how dim you X-punks are. You think that Sinister created that Maddie bitch just for your darling husband. All in the quest to have the perfect little mutant. Yea, he was pretty pissed when you kicked the bucket without having a kid first, but there was not much he could do about it, at least at first. He made her about two months after he got the goods from you. You were what, five?"

Not receiving an answer he shrugged and continued. "He had figured out how to clone bodies, got there heart beating, everything working, but the mind. He even figured out the whole aging thing. She grew up pretty quick. He couldn't figure out that memory thing though, didn't know how to transplant memories. That's when he pulled me into the loop, he explained everything to me. Said he wanted to check out my implanted memories, see how they did it. I wasn't complaining, the money was good, and there were other perks. One day he came to me and asked if I would like to try Maddie out. She had reached about thirteen in less then a few years and he wanted to see if she could breed."

Creed heard Jean's gasp and rolled his head across the wall behind him to look at her. "Well I wasn't about to pass up on a free fuck, especially with a girl that wasn't going to struggle. Took a couple times, you know. He thought he screwed up somewhere along the line, was about to trash her. Until one day she just turned up pregnant. And I'm sure you don't have to ask who that was. He let the pregnancy run it's course, even took her to a hospital to deliver it. He wanted to make sure there were no complications that a normal doctor couldn't handle. When he came back to the lab with Maddie, he said he left the kid there, he had no need for him. Come to find out later he was one of the most powerful mutants on the planet."

Jean stared at the floor, struggling with her thoughts. Unknown to Creed she had monitored his mind, just enough to tell truth from lies. She was shocked to find out he wasn't lying, it was all true. She couldn't believe it. There were so many questions that needed to be answered. She found herself fighting against her own mind. A part of her wanted to run to Remy, protect him from all of this. Another wanted answers. She gave into her curiosity. "If you were his father, why didn't you act like one? Why did you do what you did? Even if you didn't care for Remy, you could have just left him alone! Why rape him, stalk him? Why ruin his life?"

"Just passing on the family tradition, Red." Creed said quietly.

"Family tradition? What the hell are you talking about?" It finally hit Jean. She knew Creed's childhood, it was horrible and abusive. She had heard enough about it when they took him into the mansion before. Trying to help him, but only being hurt in the end by his insanity. "You cannot use your past as an excuse, Creed."

Creed burst towards the bars of the cage, rocking the door violently. "The hell I can't! My father used it as an excuse! He locked me in a fucking basement, treated me worse then the dogs! When he got lonely, who do you think he came after? Every time he told me to take it, stop crying. He had to take it from his father and so was I! It made him feel better to know he could do it to someone else! And ya know what Red? He was right, I feel right as rain when I am ripping into Remy! When I hurt him, make him scream, make him bleed! But I don't tell him not to cry. I want him to scream, cry in pain! One day he will figure it out!"

Jean backed away from the cage to the door. She could not believe someone could be this deranged. She rushed out the doors and into the mansion, ignoring everyone that tried to stop her. She could feel the tears run down her face as she bust into the MedLab. She ignored Ororo, not answering her friend's questions of concern. She curled up in the bed next to a sleeping Remy, and pulled him into her arms, holding him tightly to her chest. She cried into his hair and rocked slowly. "I'm so sorry Remy. So sorry."