Hank stood looking down into the Danger Room that he just changed into a vast jungle. This was the fifth scenario that he had programmed in the last 2 days, none of them had calmed the man below for long. He shook his head as he watched the animal once known as Logan rip apart the scene around him like a wild creature looking for something. He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples to try an rid himself of the massive headache he had, due to lack of sleep and stress. He took a seat in front of the main computer of the Danger Room booth and began searching through the scenarios for something that may sooth the beast trapped under him.

He heard the door behind him open and turn to eye a very tired looking Scott. "Hello Scott, I hope you are feeling better since you are out of your bed." He noticed the dark circles under the leaders eyes. He knew that Scott had not slept much since the mission almost three days ago. He had been having nightmares several times a night in the Medlab, always waking up begging for Logan's forgiveness. "Did you try those sleeping meds I gave you? You look tired."

Scott wondered silently to the glass window in front of him, ignoring Hank's medical questions. He looked down and watched Logan tear through the bushes and foliage, creating a path in his wake that seemed to go in a meaningless pattern. "Is he getting any better Hank?"

Beast stood and joined Scott at the glass. "I don't know Scott. This is the fifth scene I have put him in. First I tried the lake, then Japan, after that the foothills of Canada, those did nothing, he tore through them like he knew they were false. The fourth I tried was his cabin in the forest behind the mansion. It seemed to calm him for awhile, until he entered the cabin, then he destroyed that as well. I think he expected Remy to be inside. I forgot about the honeymoon, I must have been tired and it slipped my mind."

"Honeymoon?" Scott whipped around and looked at Hank, demanding an answer.

Hank sighed. "Logan and Remy were married the morning of the mission. They were going to honeymoon at the cabin after we returned. I heard him talking about it when he was trying to wake Remy up in the lab."

"Oh God, why didn't he tell me?" Scott whispered, and turned back to the view below.

"I don't know my friend, you will have to ask him that when he comes back to himself." Hank turned and went back to the computer, he needed to find another setting. Logan had almost destroyed the one he was inhabiting now.

"How are the others Hank? I am kind of out of the loop, I have not seen anyone but you and Jean for the last two days."

Hank continued looking over the list and then cleared his throat. "Ororo is still upset, but managing. She has spent most of the last few days in the loft, Jean has been checking in on her. Bishop has been patrolling continuously, his way of grieving, I suspect. Bobby has been in his room or down here with me, he has been feeling rather guilty about everything that was said before. Rogue has not returned, the Professor is searching for her. Then Betsy and Warren left for a few days after I fixed his nose."

"Fixed his nose? I don't remember him getting hurt on the mission." Scott interrupted.

Hank chuckled lightly and explained. "Well, Warren said something on the plane about Remy that Bobby was not very happy about, and he decided to put Warren in his place, so to speak. He ended up breaking his nose in the process. From what I hear Betsy and Warren got into it after the fight, so they left together to try and talk things through."

"I am out for two days and I miss all the fun." Scott rolled his eyes. He glanced over his shoulder at the list the doctor was going through. "Have you thought about programming one with Gambit in it?"

"I thought that might do more damage then good, that is certainly who he is looking for, but finding Remy would only calm him temporarily. Once he left the Danger Room he would have to come to terms with Remy being gone again. It would only be lying to him Scott. I thought maybe one with Sabretooth, to relief him of some of his anger. But he seems more upset with the loss of Remy then who killed him. I really don't think that Logan believes that Remy is dead."

"So that is why he keeps trying to look for him?" Scott looked down at Logan picking up a large stone from the ground below. He was about to throw it in some random direction when he caught Scott's eye. Scott looked at Logan with a worried look, he seemed to be starring at him like he recognized him. "Hank! Come here, I think something is happening with Logan."

"What is it Scott?" Hank rushed over to the window.

"Its like he remembers who I am?" Logan continued to stare at him, not noticing Hank's sudden appearance. Logan let out a roar that rattled the windows and threw the stone with all his strength. The loud thud in front of Scott's face made him flinch and cover his face. If it were not for the unbreakable shield the stone would have hit its mark with enough force to crush Scott's skull. Logan continued to throw objects at the window, all directly aimed at Scott. Scott stood there in shock as a tear rolled down his face. Oh God he remembers me, he remembers I took Remy from him.

Hank was broken from his shock when he heard the sniff come from the man beside him. He pulled Scott from the window and sat him in the chair out of Logan's view. He didn't understand why Logan seemed to be angry with the leader, but it certainly upset him. "Scott, what was that about?" Seeing the leaders reluctance to say anything, if it was his stubborness to talk or if he was still in shock, he added. "You can talk to me."

Scott didn't want to talk, he had been begged to discuss this numerous times over the last several days and he always refused. He had been having nightmares of Remy's death replaying in his mind and Logan blaming him for his death every time he closed his eyes. Having Logan confirm that blame while awake, even when feral, hurt. Maybe if I talked it would help, Hank is a friend, he will understand.

He slouched in the chair and closed his eyes, and finally let it all come out. "I told him I would watch Remy, Hank. I didn't just say I would watch Remy as his leader, I promised him that I would bring him home unharmed. Logan begged me to take him off the mission or to move him to Storm's team, he told me how scared Remy was and I didn't listen to him. I put him on the team with Warren and Rogue, knowing they wouldn't watch his back. I let Creed take him, I didn't stop him from killing him. If I would have just listened to Logan, Remy would still be here." He broke down in tears.

Hank moved in front of Scott and pulled him into his embrace. Scott didn't fight it, it felt like a stone had been lifted from his chest. He leaned his head against Hank's shoulder and sobbed. "Scott, you didn't do anything that resulted in Remy's death. Sabretooth killed Remy, there was nothing you could have done, nothing that any of us could have done. This is not your fault. You had no idea that this would have happened. Logan will forgive you, he is not in his right mind now, so you cannot take his actions at face value. You are only human Scott."

Scott lifted his head and wiped his face with the back of his hand. "I'm sorry Hank."

"Nothing to be sorry for my friend, as I said you are only human. We have all broke down at some time the last few days, some worse then others. This has not been easy." Hank stood and returned to his chair. He didn't know if this was the right time to talk about such a subject, but it needed to be addressed, and giving something to Scott to do may help him. "There has been something I have been meaning to talk to you about, but I wanted to make sure you were out of the lab first."

Scott wiped his face again and sat back in his chair. He tried to mimic the confident leader he was just a few days before. "What is it Hank?"

"About the funeral? Have you spoke to his family? Are we suppose to send him to New Orleans or will we bury he him here with the others? I prepared the body yesterday, he is in the morgue, I just didn't know what to do beyond that. Personally I would like to see him take his place with the other X-men, this was his home, but I didn't know what his family wanted."

Scott sat in his chair starring at the screen in front of him. He watched Logan run in circles destroying everything, just for the computer to recreate it all behind him. He finally realized that Hank was waiting for an answer. He turned and looked at the doctor. "I have not talked to his family, I will do that this afternoon. I would like to see him buried here as well, but I will have to speak to his father. I think Logan has every right to be there, but in this state its not possible. But I can't make his family and friends wait forever."

"I agree, Scott. He does need to be there, but it could take months for him to come out of this, if ever. It is not fair to Remy or the others to wait too long for closure."

"Lets wait till the end of the week, that will give Logan five days to come out of this. If he isn't showing any signs of recovery we will proceed with the funeral." Scott looked up at Hank for him to ratify his idea, he was not confident enough as a leader right now to make the decision himself.

"I can except that if his family can." Hank gave Scott a questioning look. "Does Remy's family even know about Logan?"

Scott stood from his chair taking a quick glance out of the window, making sure he was not in view of Logan. "I don't think Remy's family knows anything about his life here. As far as I know Remy was kicked out of his home shortly before he came here and they have not spoke much since. We will soon find out, if they agree to let us bury Remy here I'm going to ask them to come for the funeral. We will meet them then." He headed towards the door to leave. At the doorway he turned and gave Hank a small smile. "Thanks Hank."

Hank smiled as he heard the door close. "Anytime." He continued to go over the list of scenes, he choose one with a wicked grin. He walked to the window and watched the snow began to fall from the ceiling and cover the frozen ground. "Now my annoying friend, you of all people should know that Remy would not set foot in that scenario. You can't even get him out in the snow long enough to make a snowman."

He smiled at the memories he held of the snowy days last winter. Jubilee trying to get Remy outside with her and Logan to build a snowman and him refusing. Staying bundled up on the couch with almost every cover in the mansion, stating that he was not the 'snowman type'. She tried everything to get him out there, finally Logan carried Remy out over his shoulder as Jubilee cheered him on. It was soon after that Remy and Logan started seeing each other, or at least making it public. As he thought of the memories a solitary tear ran from his eye, wetting the fur on his face. I should call Jubilee, maybe she could calm him down, and she should be told about Remy. He watched Logan stand in the middle of the snow, stunned by the sudden change. He didn't seem any calmer but he wasn't destroying anything, so it was a start. He sighed and sat back down in the chair and began searching the list again, knowing it was only a matter of time before he would have to change the scenery.


"Hey Jeannie." Bobby said depressingly as he walked into the kitchen slowly.

Jean was sitting at the table drinking a mug of coffee, which was odd since it was well past noon. She looked up and gave Bobby a sad smile. "Hello Bobby." She pointed to the counter. "There's coffee there if you would like some."

"A little late for coffee isn't it?" He poured himself a mug anyway, filling it with more sugar then any human needed, and sat down in front of Jean at the table.

"I just got up about a half an hour ago, so it seems the right time for me." she stated while pulling over the morning paper from the other side of the table.

"Not sleeping too well?" He knew no one was sleeping well, but a pointless conversation was better then silence. He had enough silence sitting in his room. The silence only gave him time to think about all the things he had said and done that he wished he could take back.

"I have been worried about Scott and Ororo, and of course the events of the last few days have not made it easy either." She took another sip of coffee and turned the page of the newspaper. "So how have you been holding up?"

"Ok, I guess. So Scott got out of the MedLab this morning, so he must be doing better?" His change of subject was obvious. He didn't want to talk about him and what he thought about Remy being gone. He just wanted to think about something else.

Jean gave him a look over her coffee mug that showing him she picked up on the quick change of subject. She let it drop for now and humored him. "Yes, he got out today. Hank thought he might sleep better in his own bed. He has been having nightmares sleeping in the MedLab."

Bobby quickly looked up at Jean. "Nightmares? I didn't know Scott had nightmares. I thought Remy was the only one that was afraid of labs."

"Its not the lab, he doesn't like them, but he is not afraid of them. It was this last mission. He feels responsible for Remy's death and is afraid that Logan will hold it against him." She was now the one that wanted to change the subject. She looked up at Bobby and smiled. "So, whats the deal with breaking Warren's nose?" Her smile faded as Bobby depressed look returned. "What's wrong Bobby?"

"I don't know Jeannie. Just bothers me that I don't know Warren anymore, I wonder if I ever did. I couldn't believe that he could continue to call Gambit a traitor and blame him for his wings after he died like that. When did he ever get so hateful and bitter?" Bobby looked up at Jean pleadingly.

"Thats why you got into the fight with him on the plane?" Jean asked.

"Yea, I was just so upset. The funny thing is Betsy and Bishop didn't even stop me, they both thought he deserved it, but I still feel bad about it." He rested his elbows on the table and propped his head in his hands.

"Well, if you want my honest opinion, he deserved it, and you shouldn't feel bad about it. Warren has said some horrible things to Remy over the years, even before the trial, that he had no ground for. I think the only reason he continued to do it was because Remy never stopped him, never said anything in return. Sadly I think Remy believed everything that Warren said, and no one ever tried to convince him otherwise. Standing up to Warren, even though the way you did it was a little childish, was very honorable, and Remy would have thanked you." She gave Bobby a weak smile which grew when she looked up at Bobby.

"Thanks Jeannie." he said with a glowing smile.

"So whats with all the smiling in here?" Scott questioned jokingly as he walked in the door.

"Just talking about Warren's nose." Bobby snickered.

"I heard about that." Scott frowned and walked over and put his hand on Bobby shoulder. "If you do that again...I want it on tape." He grinned causing both Bobby and Jean to laugh.

"So I'm not in trouble?" Bobby asked.

"Not for that, but don't go around hitting people for no reason thinking you are going to get away with it." Scott poured himself the last cup of coffee in the machine and sat down at the table next to Jean, snagging the paper away from her.

They sat in silence for several minutes. Only the sound of mugs hitting the table after slow sips and the paper turning every so often. Bobby slowly stood up and put his mug in the sink and started to leave the room when Scott caught him.

"Oh! Bobby?" Scott sat the paper down and waited for Bobby to retake his previous seat.

"Yea?" Bobby answered with a puzzled look.

"I talked to Remy's father." Bobby's face turned more confused. "I told him about Remy's death, and he wants to come here to work out the details of the funeral. He is leaving first thing in the morning and will be here tomorrow afternoon. I was wanting to know if you could pick him up at the airport?"

Bobby looked at Scott and blinked several times. "Me? But I don't know him Scott."

"No one knows him Bobby, not even Ororo or Logan know him. I was going to send Ororo, but she is still too upset and Jean is watching her. I can't drive yet with the meds Hank has me on, Hank is with Logan, Bishop....I don't think he would make the best first impression with Remy's father. That leaves you and Warren, he should be back tomorrow, I could send him if you are really against it." Scott sat back and waited for Bobby's answer.

"No Scott that is ok, I will go get him. I am afraid Warren will say something in front of Remy's dad that he shouldn't. I just feel odd about it, not knowing him and all. Why didn't he ever come visit or anything?"

"I don't know for sure, something about Remy being kicked out of his house." Scott shrugged.

"Ororo told me that Remy was forced out of his home, and exiled from the city when he was 17 for killing his brother-in-law." Jean informed them as if it were no big deal.

"What!?" came the simultaneous cries from both Bobby and Scott.

"Not in cold blood, he killed him in self defense. His family asked him to leave the city after it happened." Jean looked at them with a frown.

Bobby sat there and registered the information. So we are not the only ones to abandon him in his life. "What time do I pick him up?" Bobby asked while standing to leave.

"He said he would call from the airport, sometime in the afternoon." Scott answered.

"Ok, I'll stick around the mansion tomorrow then." He waved and left the two in the kitchen.

Scott turned and looked at Jean. "His brother-in-law? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Ororo let it slip one day and asked me not to tell anyone, Remy didn't really want it out that he killed anyone, it would just have fuelled the fire, and Warren really didn't need anymore fuel." She stood and put her mug in the sink next to Bobby's. She stood staring out the window for several minutes. "Do you think he hated us for what we did? For abandoning him?"

Scott walked up behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her waist, resting gently against her back. "No, Honey, he didn't hate us, he loved every single one of us, I think. I am sure he thought we hated him though, its a shame hardly anyone showed him differently until it was too late, including me. He was a good kid, even if he had made some mistakes. He had just been kicked in the face too many times in his life, and the scars were starting to show. Instead of helping him heal we just added to the wounds."

Jean slowly turned in Scott's embrace to look him in the face. She gave him a small smile. "I think the medication Hank has you on is making you soft. Too bad Hank didn't give it to you sooner, to all of us, it would have done some good for Remy to know we cared."

"I better stop taking them, they will ruin my reputation as fearless leader." He gave her a small grin and a quick kiss on the lips. "All kidding aside, your right, I think it would have been good for Remy to know that someone other then just Logan and Ororo were on his side."

Jean nodded and pulled her husband closer, resting her head on his chest. They stood there holding each other silently, both lost in memories of their lost family member.


Bobby yawned as he sat in the car waiting for the plane to arrive in the gate. The night before he couldn't sleep, too nervous about picking up Remy's father. He had never heard anything about his father, if he was a good father, if he was prejudice like his own, he didn't even know what he looked like. He was woke up earlier by Scott informing him that Remy's father would land in at noon, giving him two hours to get up, shower, and get to the airport. During his rush he ran into Remy and Logan's room and grabbed a picture frame that held four snapshots. Now that he was waiting he had time to look over the images he borrowed.

One of the whole group at their last picnic, next to it was a photo of Sarah and Jubilee taken at a rare moment of peace between the two, and another of Logan and Remy that Ororo had taken when she caught them smoking together on the porch swing. The last was what he grabbed the frame for, a snapshot of Remy as a child with his father. He had asked Logan who the person was when he found him replacing the image of Remy and Rogue with the photo Ororo took.

He stared at the picture of the young Remy and the man that raised him. They were both frozen in a moment of complete happiness, both smiling warmly. He studied the face of the man that he was here to escort home. The man looked a bit young to have children, especially since Remy was suppose to have a much older brother, he looked strong, but kind. He glanced at the other half of the image, at the young Remy, he looked no more then eleven. He had the same auburn hair, the same haunting eyes, and slightly crooked teeth. He must have had braces when he was a kid, I would love to have pictures of that. Bobby chuckled to himself trying to imagine the Cajun with a mouthful of metal.

He looked up at the front door of the airport terminal as people started to pour out. He took one last glance at the picture and threw the frame gently into the back seat while getting out of the car. He leaned up against the side of the vehicle and started scanning the crowd. Suddenly he noticed a tall man in an overcoat walk out of the automatic doors. He looked exactly like the man in the photo, he didn't look like he had aged at all. He raised his hand in the air to try and get his attention. "Mr. LeBeau."

Jean-Luc looked up at the young man yelling his name. He walked towards the vehicle, he was met half way, his suitcase taken from him by Bobby. "I take it you are from the place my son had been staying at?" he questioned coldly.

Bobby looked up at him in surprise, the nervous twist in his stomach tightening. "Um, yes, I am from the mansion." He opened the trunk of the car and placed the suitcase in. It was followed by the bag Jean-Luc was still holding. They both got into the car in silence. Bobby buckled his seat belt and sat there staring out the windshield. It felt like he was suppose to say something, he just didn't know what it was. He finally realized that he should introduce himself. "Sorry, my name in Robert Drake, everyone calls me Bobby." He smiled and reached out his hand to shake.

"Jean-Luc Lebeau." He took Bobby's hand, shook it once and released it.

Bobby started the car and left from the parking lot. They drove for several minutes with nothing said. Bobby heard a long sigh from the sit next to him, and then Jean-Luc finally spoke. "I'm sorry about being so rude, I am just angry that my son has been taken from me."

"I'm sorry he is gone too. We all miss him." Bobby said in return. He glanced over momentarily to see the expression on the man's face, only to see nothing at all. So that is where Remy learned that poker face from.

"What happened exactly? How was he killed?" Jean-Luc asked, turning to look at Bobby for the first time since they entered the car.

Bobby flinched. Thanks Scott for leaving this up to me, i'll kill you when I get home. "Scott didn't tell you?"

"No, I was in too much shock hearing of my son's death that I didn't ask for details. Your leader was too busy attempting to convince me to leave Remy there to offer them." He turned his head and looked out the car's side window at the traffic zooming by.

"You're not going to let Remy be buried with the other X-men?" Bobby questioned in shock, he heard his voice crack.

"I don't know yet, that is why I came down here to work out the details. I know very little of my son's involvement with your group, and the little I have heard I am not to happy with." he scowled.

"What?" Bobby yelled, he knew he was getting angry. He felt the coldness under his skin, a sure sign he was losing his temper.

Jean-Luc turned and glared at Bobby, he had heard the anger in Bobby's question, and was not amused by a brat, that looked no older then his now dead son, questioning him. "I heard about you leaving my son in the Arctic to die. Why he came back to you I have no idea. Whatever my son did to you, he did not deserve to be left to die by your group."

Bobby jerked the car over into the shoulder of the road. The tires squealed as he broke hard, leaving marks on the assault. He threw the car into park and turned in his seat to look directly at Jean-Luc. "Listen here, I didn't leave your son to die in the ice, he was left behind by Rogue, she told us he was dead and we believed her. Yes, we abandoned him, and I am truly sorry for that among other things, but you have no room to talk to me about abandoning him. I heard about what you did too. You threw him out on the streets after defending himself. If you wouldn't have done that he wouldn't have got into the mess working with Sinister and Sabretooth in the first place."

"Sabretooth? Victor Creed?" Jean-Luc interrupted in shock.

"Yea, Sabretooth and the other Marauders." Bobby anger has turned to curiosity. Remy's father seemed to know nothing about the massacre or Remy's part in it, but knew Sabretooth, even knew his name. He watched as the poker face that Jean-Luc wore broke down in several conflicting emotions, anger, sadness, confusion.

Jean-Luc finally looked up at Bobby, his face slowly slipped back into a blank expression. "I cannot believe my son would work with Victor Creed, not after what he did to him, it's not possible." He turned back and looked out the window in front of him, clearly showing that this conversation was over.

Bobby started the car again and pulled back onto the road taking them to the mansion. Neither saying a word to each other the rest of the trip, even though both had just been left with so many questions.

When they arrived at the doors, they both got out and headed to the rear of the car to retrieve his suitcases. They began to walk up the long pathway to the front door when Bobby stopped, followed by Jean-Luc. "I'm sorry about arguing with you in the car. I'm just as upset with myself as you are with me about leaving Remy. Your son and I were never the best of friends and I feel really bad about that now. I don't know the details of why Remy was asked to leave his home, so I had no right to say the things I said."

Jean-Luc nodded and gave Bobby a slight smile, showing he excepted apology. He saw the guilt on the young man's face, he had learned what that looked like from seeing it in the mirror every morning. He sat his suitcase on the ground and put his hand on Bobby's shoulder. "I understand, we are both upset by Remy's death, we said things we did not mean. I know nothing of your group here, or the circumstances of the situation in the Arctic, so I cannot judge you either. And do not feel guilty about not being close to Remy, he does not allow people to become close, which is something I sure you learned early on."

Bobby nodded. "Yea, we did learn that pretty quick. He never talked to anyone but Ororo and Logan."

"Ororo is the petite he met before coming here?" He smiled at Bobby.

"Yea, she is not really as young as before though, she is actually older then Remy, thats a long story. But they were still very close, they called each other brother and sister all the time. He was the only one that got away with calling her Stormy." Bobby smiled and chuckled lightly.

"And this Logan?" Jean-Luc could see talking about the past helped cheer up the young man, it also helped him fill in the blanks of this family that took Remy in. He was never close to Remy after he asked him to leave, both busy in their lives apart. At first they would talk on the phone regularly, but after time they had fallen out of touch with each other.

"Oh! Hold on." Jean-Luc gave Bobby a curious look as he watched the young man run back to the car. Bobby opened the back door of the vehicle and pulled out the frame he had almost forgotten in the back seat. He ran up to Jean-Luc with a childish grin on his face. He grabbed the suitcase he had sat down and nodded to the porch swing. "This is another one of those long stories, but you might need to hear this one."

Jean-Luc nodded and followed Bobby over to the porch swing. They both took a seat next to each other and Bobby handed Jean-Luc the frame to hold as he pointed over the various pictures. "This is the whole team, it was taken at the last picnic." He pointed at the faces one by one rattling off the names of each person, given small personal details, which made Jean-Luc laugh. He moved on to the next picture. "This is Jubilee and Sarah. Jubilee is Logan's adopted daughter, and Sarah was really close with Remy before she disappeared." He was ready to say something about the next, when he shrugged and looked at the older man. "I think you could tell me more about this one then I could tell you." he grinned.

Jean-Luc laughed. "I don't believe he still has this picture. This was taken by Henri when Remy was about ten or eleven, it was around Christmas. We had just adopted Remy and finally got him to be comfortable around us."

"Adopted? I didn't know that Remy was adopted. What happened to his real parents?" He flinched inwardly when he saw Jean-Luc's face show a growing wave of anger. Great you pissed him off again Drake, you always have to push it don't you.

Jean-Luc's smile turned into a scowl. "I hope they are both in hell."

Bobby's eyes grew wide and his voice trembled. "Why?"

Jean-Luc sighed. "Remy was left in the hospital when he was a baby. I never told Remy, but his mother disappeared a few hours after giving birth to him, the father was never present. From what I heard she never even went to look at him before leaving. Remy lived on the streets for years before I took him in."

"I never knew. He always said he was a 'street rat', but I just thought he meant that he just wasn't supervised and was left to run as he pleased."

"He had a tough time of it. It took us months to make him believe that we really wanted to be his family. He was afraid that we were just going to tire of him and leave him to the streets again. I don't think he ever gained any of his trust in humanity." Jean-Luc dragged his finger across the photo of his son, as if he would really feel the touch. He slowly guided his finger to the last picture. He stared at his son sitting in the same swing he was in now. He was leaning against a man that had his arm wrapped around his son's shoulders, both were smoking. "Who is this?" he asked while pointing at the older man next to Remy on the swing.

It was Bobby's turn to sigh. "This is where the long story comes in." He glanced over and noticed the frown on Jean-Luc's face. Bobby waved his hands in the air. "No, its a good story, nothing bad, at least I think it is a good story." The thought came to him that Remy's father may not approve of the relationship. Shit! What if he is like my father, this could be bad. Why did I even mention Logan. He took a deep breath. Here is goes. "Well, that is Logan. They were really good friends." There that should work, it not the truth, but its not a lie either.

"That wasn't a long story, why do I think you are leaving something out?" Jean-Luc looked at Bobby with a raised eyebrow and a slight grin.

"Oh, well I guess it wasn't really as long as I thought. Its just...." Bobby was interrupted by the front door opening and Scott walking out. Thank God, I am saved.

"I thought I heard the car pull up." Scott walked over and offered his hand to Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc stood, placing the frame on the seat next to him and taking Scott's hand. "I am Scott Summers, you must be Mr. LeBeau, I am sorry we couldn't have met under better circumstances. I am truly sorry about Remy." More then you know. "My wife is fixing dinner, it should be done soon. Would you like to join us?"

Jean-Luc nodded. "That would be nice, thank you." This will give me a chance to met the others, see why my Remy stayed here.

"Good, Bobby can show you up to your room and I will come inform you when dinner is ready. It should take about another hour or so." he shifted his glance to Bobby. "Would you show him to his room, we prepared the extra room on the third floor."

Bobby picked up Jean-Luc's luggage and started in the door with a grin. He stopped momentarily to let Jean-Luc catch up with him. "We can take the stairs here, or there is an elevator down the hall."

"The stairs are fine." He answered while looking over and memorizing every door, window, and exit. He noticed that the house was rather large, several stories, some underground as well he suspected. He followed Bobby up the stairs to the third floor.

Bobby suddenly sat down the luggage and turned to Jean-Luc. "One second, I am going to return this." He held up the frame and smiled as he opened the door to Remy and Logan's room. He swiftly walked over to the mantle and sat the frame in its place and exited back out to the hall just as quickly. "Your room is right here across the hall. I hope you don't mind being on the third floor. Its the quietest place in the house, you won't be disturbed."

"Was that Remy's room?" he asked while looking over his shoulder at the closed door.

"Uh, yea, it's Remy's." And Logan's, but its not like you are going to see him going in there, so you don't need to know that. He opened the door to Jean-Luc's room and sat the suitcases down next to the bed. "If you need anything I am the first door on the second floor."

"Thank you. You will be at dinner?" Jean-Luc felt awkward eating dinner with a group of people he didn't know, and may know more about him then he expected. He was not sure what Remy told them, and who and what was told. Having the young man there might make it a little less odd.

"Yea, I will be there." Bobby smiled. "I'll seeya later."

Jean-Luc took at his temporary room. Looking over the windows, doors, and in the attached bathroom. He didn't suspect these people to do him any harm, but habit had made him check his surroundings and calculate a plan for every situation. He opened the door to the hall and glanced to either side. There were only two other rooms on the floor, one he knew was his son's, the other may be another of the groups. Feeling secure he turned to walk back into the room, but curiosity got the better of him.

He walked slowly over to Remy's room and opened the door slowly. He lingered in the doorway for several minutes, his hand on the knob. Come on Jean-Luc, you are a thief for God's sake, you go in other people's rooms all the time. He stepped inside and began to look around. The first thing he noticed was the four poster bed that he had given Remy in the center of the room, he ran his hand down one of the long posts and smiled. His eyes focused on a mantle over a small fireplace that was adorned with pictures and small ornaments. He stepped over to the collection of objects, recognizing some things, and not knowing others.

He slowly looked over the images in the frames, there were several of the teammates, Ororo and the young girl Jubilee, and others of the group. He picked up one that he didn't recognize, it was a older picture of Remy's friend Logan with a couple he did not recognize from the team picture. He looked past it and found a picture of a beautiful Japanese woman in a traditional komono in a very expensive looking frame. He knew Remy had been in Japan once or twice, but not long enough to met someone that warranted this expensive frame, especially since a image of Belladonna sat next to it in a cheaper one.

He began to look around at the other objects, all the books, cds, and the Monet on the wall he recognized as Remy's, but the Japanese sword, bonsai trees, and the hockey memorabilia, he knew were not his son's. Someone else had lived in this room with his son. He walked over to the closet and opened the door, expecting to see dresses and other womanly clothing. He was shocked to find flannel shirts and several pairs of cowboy boots on the floor, two things he had never seen Remy wear. His snooping was interrupted by Scott clearing his throat at the door. Jean-Luc jumped, surprised by the noise, he was so absorbed in the mystery of his son's room he didn't sense the man walk up on him.

"I'm sorry, I came in to look at my son's room....who's stuff is this?" He gave up on the apology, he really didn't think he had anything to apologize for, but he did want a answer to his question.

"I take it you were never told about Logan." Scott walked into the room and picked up the old picture of Logan with the Hudsons. He pointed at Logan. "This is Logan."

"Yes I know who Logan is, Bobby showed me a picture of him on the porch swing with my son, he said they were close friends...Oh!" He looked up at Scott, his eyes wide as his mind finally put the pieces together.

Scott couldn't help but grin. "Well, Bobby didn't lie, they are VERY close friends." He hoped that Remy's father was not the prejudice type, if he was this could get ugly.

"They were lovers?" Jean-Luc almost whispered.

"Yes, they loved each other a great deal. They have been together for almost a year." He watched Remy's father take in the information.

Jean-Luc picked up the frame that Bobby first showed him. He stared at the man in the picture next to his son. The man looked to be as old as he was. What could this man want with my son? He wanted to know more about this man, he wanted to know his connection with Remy. His paranoia was now in control of all his thoughts. "What is his last name?" As soon as his question was answered he would have his contacts find out everything about him, if he had anything to do with Remy's death, he would be the next to die.

"Well, I think it is LeBeau." Scott took a step back when Jean-Luc looked up at him.The look on his face actually scared him.

"What do you mean LeBeau?" He said each word slowly, his anger rising with every syllable.

"I was told they were married the day of the mission. I did some checking into it and Logan took Remy's name. He had everything changed to Logan Lebeau." Scott knew he had said the wrong thing, he had no idea it would infuriate his father.

"That bastard better have not had anything to do with my son's death or, so help me God, I will destroy this little group of yours..." Jean-Luc's yelling was interrupted by a now equally angry Scott.

"You hold on! Logan had NOTHING to do with Remy's death, Logan loved Remy. Right now Logan is downstairs with Dr. McCoy, he has gone insane since Remy's death. None of this team had anything to do with Remy's death, a man named Victor Creed killed him under Sinisters order, it happened during..." it was Scott's turn to be interrupted, only it was not by Jean-Luc's anger.

"Creed? Did you say Victor Creed did this to my son?" Jean-Luc turned and stared out the window of his son's room. "After everything he has done to my boy, it wasn't enough, he had to kill him too?"

Scott looked at him puzzled. He had talked to Bobby downstairs and he had mentioned that Remy's father knew Sabretooth, but not about the massacre, this seemed to contradict that. "I don't understand, how do you know Creed? Did you know about the Massacre?"

Jean-Luc turned to look at Scott. "Massacre? No I know nothing about any massacre. Victor Creed has been in my son's life before, they ran into each other on a heist in Paris. Creed killed a woman friend of Remy's and threatened my other son, Henri's life."

"Something was mentioned about the girl and Paris. I asked Ororo for details and she said that Sabretooth had killed a girl in Paris, and Remy felt responsible." Scott could see his father was waiting for something more, but Scott didn't have anything else to say. "Am I missing something?"

"He never told you about the night after?" Jean-Luc inquired.

Scoot shook his head. "No, he didn't."

Jean-Luc turned back to the window's view. "I would like to meet this lover of my son's."

Scott sighed. I see where Remy got his stuborness. Seeing that he was not going to get anymore information out of Jean-Luc, he decided not to push the subject. "You have to understand, Logan is not in his right mind, but I will take you to see him."

Jean-Luc turned from the window and nodded. He followed Scott out of the room, shutting the door quietly behind him. They entered the elevator off the main floor. Scott typed in a code, that Jean-Luc quickly memorized, and the elevator started down to the sublevels of the mansion. The doors opened to a vast hall made of metal and cold tile floors, Jean-Luc shivered at its appearence. They walked up a small set of stairs and before Scott opened the door he turned and looked at Jean-Luc. "I want to explain to you again, Logan is insane right now. His mutant ability gives him an animalistic side. After Remy's death he went feral, he is very dangerous when he is like this and does not understand or recognize humanity. Meeting Logan like this is misleading, he is normally not this savage."

Jean-Luc nodded.

Scott returned the gesture and opened the door to the Danger Room control booth.

They were greeted by two figures looking out of the window in the front of the room. Jean-Luc scanned his memories of the lesson he received from Bobby earlier that day. He recognized the large, blue, man as Henry McCoy, the doctor and scientist, he also has a addiction to Twinkies. Jean-Luc smiled at the small tidbit of information Bobby added to his description. He also noticed a teenage girl looking out the glass that didn't seemed to notice their entrance. He could not get a good enough look at her face to recognize her from the photos.

Hank bounced over and gave a look to the stranger before him and then at Scott. He was waiting for an introduction and an explanation why a stranger was allowed to enter the sublevels of the mansion.

"Hank, this is Jean-Luc LeBeau, Remy's father." He then gestured to Hank. "This is Henry McCoy, the team's doctor."

"You may call me Hank if you like, though your son did prefer Henri." he smiled and shook Jean-Luc's hand.

"And who is the petite?" he asked.

"Ah, this is our sometimes resident munchkin, Jubilation." He was sure the bantering would get the young girl's attention, but it didn't. Hank walked over and tapped Jubilee on the shoulder, and she jumped. He pulled her away from the window, and she gave him slight resistance. "There is someone that would like to meet you." She looked at the man in front of her and back to Hank. "This is Jean-Luc, Remy's father. This is Jubilee."

"Nice to meet you petite." Jean-Luc said softly. The girl's puffy eyes and tear streaked face showed she was upset, he guessed because of her father's so-called condition of insanity. He held out his hand for the girl to shake. Instead he was startled by the young girl tackling him with enough force to knock him to the ground, he only stumbled and caught himself. The girl grabbed him around the waist and started to cry.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't want Remy to die. I loved him so much, so did Wolvie. I miss him so much. I'm so sorry." Her rambling ended when she started sobbing uncontrollably against his chest. Good job Jubes, now he thinks you are as crazy as your father. The thought made her cry harder.

Jean-Luc got over his initial shock and wrapped his arms around the young girls shoulders and petted the back of her head, comforting her. "We will all miss him petite, I loved him too. No one wanted him to die, petite."

Jubilee sniffed and lifted her head to look at the man. "Remy used to call me that, but you don't sound like him."

"Jubilee!" Scott reprimanded her rudeness.

"It is alright Mr. Summers, this is what makes children so special, they always speak there mind. That is why they always get there questions answered faster then adults." He smiled down at the young girl who seemed to be studying him. "I am assuming you are talking about that accent of my son's. I was schooled in Paris as a child, so I don't have the Cajun accent my son picked up. By the time I got a hold of Remy I could not break him of that dreadful accent completely."

Jubilee giggled. "I thought Gumbo's accent was kinda cool. But when he got mad you couldn't understand anything he said. Especially when he started talking in French."

Jean-Luc laughed. "Yes he did become very colorful with his language when he was angry. I used to send his Tante up to talk to him when he was angry about something. She was the only one in the house that could match his temper." She gave him a grin and she pulled away slightly, still leaving on arm around him. "Now petite, I came down her to meet the man you call father, would you like to introduce me to him?"

Jubilee's grin faded and she pulled him towards him the window, they were followed by Hank and Scott. "He's down there." She pointed through the glass into a vast treeline that covered everything on the ground.

"What is this?" Jean-Luc questioned.

Hank looked at Scott for permission to explain. Scott nodded. "This is what we call the Danger Room. It simulates any scenario or habitat we program into it. We normally use it to practice battles and test strategies against our enemies in a safe environment. Right now we are using it to house Logan. He went feral after Remy's death and is too dangerous to keep in the MedLab. He has lost all grip with reality and his humanity, we are hoping that an environment that reflects his animal instincts will calm him enough that he will come back to himself."

"It's not helping. He wants Remy not a forest." Jubilee scowled.

Hank sighed, he had explained this numerous times to the young girl, but she still seemed to push it. "Jubilee I cannot project Remy into the room. Yes, that is what Logan wants, that is what he is destroying the rooms to find, but that is not what he needs. If I were to program a simulation of Remy into the room it would only calm him temporarily until he found out that Remy is not really alive. Then we would be right back where we started, only we would have lost his trust, because we lied to him. It is bad enough I let you leave that photo." He saw the guilty look appear on Jubilee's face. "Yes I saw that, you are not as sneaky as you think, young lady. He just doesn't believe that Remy is dead, when he comes to terms with that he should calm down, I just have not thought of a way to bring him that closure."

"He must have really loved my son to bring him to this." Jean-Luc stated while trying to catch a glimpse of this man that loved his son more then his humanity.

"He always has, ever since the day he came to the mansion with Storm." She giggled at the look of surprise on the three men's faces. "I could always tell, took forever for him to finally admit it to me. It was the way he looked at Remy, always trying to find a reason to spend time with him, I even caught him dreaming about him one time. Man, was that the greatest blackmail material ever, I got a whole new wardrobe for that one."

"Why didn't he ever say anything before?" Scott asked perplexed at how he missed this for over 5 years.

"Because of Rogue. He thought that they really loved each other, that it was true love, soulmate stuff. He didn't want to step into the middle of it and cause waves when he wasn't even sure that Remy would even like him that way. When Rogue and Remy's arguing started getting bad he couldn't take it any longer and started stepping in. They got really close after that. But then that whole mission to space thing happened and Remy didn't come home. When he called to tell me Remy was back he was like a kid who got a puppy for Christmas, he was happier then I have ever known him to be. They were perfect together."

"You know they got married don't you?" Scott asked absent-mindedly.

"Sure I do, I was there." She gave them a sly grin when she got the same three looks of surprise. "I was the witness. I don't think it was legal really, but they wanted to get it done right so it would be later." Jubilee looked up at the man she still had her arm around. "I guess since Logan is my father and he married Remy that would make him my step-dad, which kinda makes you my grandfather?"

Jean-Luc chuckled and squeezed her against his side in a small hug. "I guess it does. I never thought this is how I would gain a grandchild, but life is full of surprises."

They all stood there looking out the window trying to find a trace of the man below. Hank assured them that there was nothing wrong, that Logan was probably just resting, the alarms would sound if anything had changed. It was better if the feral man couldn't see them in the booth watching him, this based on the reaction he had to Scott the day before. Jubilee and Jean-Luc were caught in a small conversation on all the tricks she had pulled with Remy's help and times with Logan. Scott took this chance to ask if Hank would take Jubilee with him so he could talk to Jean-Luc. He wanted to try and convince him to bury Remy in the cemetery on the grounds.

Beast walked up to Jubilee, letting her finish her story about stealing Bobby's Spiderman action figure collection and freezing them in a block of ice in the freezer. "You did that?"

Jubilee grinned. "It was Remy's idea, he helped me steal the toys. We figured that he freezes all our stuff, that we should get the chance to freeze his."

"And who was it that broke the head off his favorite limited edition figure that I had to listen to him whine about for weeks?" He put his hand on his side like he was angry, but was actually amused.

Jubilee started laughing so hard it was difficult to understand what she was saying. "Wolvie caught us putting the figures in buckets of water and was mad that we didn't let him in on the fun, so he did that so he could say he had a part in it too."

They all started laughing at Bobby's expense. Hank grabbed Jubilee's arm and pulled her towards the door. "Come on young lady, you have someone to apologize to and we are already late for dinner."

After Hank left, pulling a protesting Jubilee with him, Scott closed the distance between him and Jean-Luc and stood next to older man, who was still looking out into the forest below. "I am sorry about Jubilee, she is a little high strung sometimes."

"It is quite alright, she is very sweet, and she is right in a way, I would be her grandfather in any other relationship." He smiled. he never thought he would have any grandchildren after Henri's death. Remy never seemed to be one to settle down, and then his troubles with Rogue and her powers seemed to dash that dream even more.

"She did seem to take a liking to you, she normally doesn't do that. She typically finds a reason to not like a person before being friends with them. But I am glad you can at least humor her, even if it is strange. She is having a hard time with this, Remy's death hit her pretty hard, and then Logan not coming out of this as soon as he normally does is stressful."

"She is young, children deal with death differently, if it helps her to think of me as family it is fine with me. I am not just humoring her, I look forward to hearing more of her stories about her times with Remy and the family he had here."

Scott smiled at the change in title, when Jean-Luc first arrived it was 'group' now its 'family'. I my have a chance of convincing him after all. "I am sorry you couldn't meet Logan, I am sure he would have liked to meet you."

"I still cannot believe my son is in love with him. It's hard to believe he is in love with a man." Jean-Luc turned and took a seat in a chair that was propped in a corner.

Scott turned one of the computer chairs to face the older man and sat. "Did Remy not have a relationship with a man before? I have to say I was surprised when I was told about Logan and Remy, neither of them ever showed any sign of being bi." Scott heard Jean-Luc take a long breath as if he were trying to prepare himself for the conversation.

Jean-Luc rubbed his face with his hands. I guess they need to know, there is no reason to hide it now. He looked up at Scott and began to say something, but decided he couldn't look the man in the face and say this without showing too much emotion, it was still a sore spot in his soul. He looked away, at an imaginary spot of the wall behind Scott and started again. "I asked you about the events in Paris, if Remy had told you about the night after."

"Actually, Remy didn't tell us about the night in Paris, Sabretooth did when he was a prisoner here. He was using the information to start an argument between Rogue and Remy." He was honest with Jean-Luc, he felt he owed him that.

Jean-Luc nodded. "That clears that up. I was wondering why Remy would tell you about the death of Genevieve and not the night after. Hearing that Victor Creed told you it is understandable why he didn't tell you the rest of the story. I was not there at the time, Remy was with his older brother Henri, so this is from what he tells me. Henri was a little irresponsible in the way he handled Remy's trauma after the events with Genevieve's death, he got Remy very drunk. He was only 16, so he knew I would not have approved. That night, while they were asleep, Sabretooth attacked their hotel room, both of them were too intoxicated to defend themselves against someone of his size. Henri was knocked out first and tied up in the bathroom. He said he was awoke by Remy's cries for help, but by the time he had broken loose and got to Remy it was too late. Victor Creed was gone and he had done his damage. Henri called me immediately after." Jean-Luc stopped, he closed his eyes trying to stop the anger and sadness that was threatening tears.

"What did he do?" Scott wasn't sure if he really wanted to know, but his curiosity asked the question.

"The bastard brutally raped my son." he spat. "Remy wouldn't let anyone touch him for days, we had to sedate him to get him on the plane to get him home. He laid in his bed silent for over a week, the only person he would talk to was his cousin Lapin."

Scott sat there starring at Remy's father in shock, eyes wide, his mouth open as if he was going to say something, but he didn't know what to say. Oh God, no wonder he was terrified when Sabretooth came in the room at the lab. I should have never taken him down there. "He never told us." Scott whispered.

"You see why I have a hard time believing he would choose a man as his lover. When Remy was younger he showed signs of being attracted to both men and woman, which personally never bothered me, but after that night in Paris he seemed only to have relations with females, and that was hard enough for him." He finally looked up at Scott. "Bobby said something about Remy working with Creed after his exile, this isn't true is it?"

Scott sighed. "Remy did work for a man named Sinister, and was involved with a massacre of a group of people. Sabretooth was also there, putting them in the same place. This was told to us at a trial in Antarctica, truthfully Remy never told us much about it."

Jean-Luc stood from his chair, shoving it into the wall with an angry thud. "You are telling me you left my son to die in an icy hell and you didn't even hear his side of the story? You just took the word of someone else?"

Scott looked up from his chair with a guilty look. "We were all very upset with what we were told, but my plan was not to leave him there to die. The building we were in began to collapse so we had to make our escape before we could hear Remy's side of the story. We all left through one exit and Rogue took Remy out of another, when Rogue came to the plane she said he had perished in the building's collapse. We left thinking his body was trapped under the building, we didn't know differently until Ororo and Kitty ran into him in Hong Kong. We were very sorry about what happened when we found out what Rogue did."

Jean-Luc gave Scott an angry snort. "Real sorry? You never held a funeral, body or not, and you never informed me of his so called death. From what I understand Rogue is still a part of this group, so she was never punished for trying to murder my son. And he has been back for almost a year now and no one ever asked him his side of the story? Yes, you seem very sorry for your actions towards my son Mr. Summers."

Scott stood from his seat and looked at Remy's father in the eye. "I cannot justify my actions, I have no excuses, and neither does anyone else. Most of us can honestly say we loved Remy like family now, it is a shame that we couldn't admit that before he was gone. I completely understand if you want to take Remy far away from here and never have anything to do with any of us ever again. I just ask you for one thing. Please give Logan some time to come out of this, so he can be at the funeral. He truly loved Remy, and he showed it every day that Remy was here. He was not at the trial and was the first to voice is disapproval to everything that happened there. Please, at least until the end of the week."

Jean-Luc looked down into forest again. He could not deny the one person that seemed to love his son so dearly. He turned and looked at Scott. "I will wait until the end of this week, if there is no sign of his recovery, I will take my son home."

Scott nodded and gave him a smile of victory. "Thank You."

"I am going to retire to my room for the evening, please give your wife my regrets about dinner." Jean-Luc turned and left the room.

Scott walked over to the window and placed his hand on the glass. "I got you a little time Logan, you have to hurry though or he will be taken from you again." He turned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.


Below on the branch of a tree, far out of sight of the viewers above, was a man locked in the mind of an animal. He sat on his perch with a piece of paper in his hand that the small creature left behind earlier that day. He looked at the face on the paper and purred small noises as if talking to the person in his hand. He yawned, releasing a loud roar as he jumped out of the tree and landed on the soft grass under him, curling up on his side to rest. He looked at the paper in his hand once more and growled "Remy". He nuzzled and licked the paper then closed his eyes to sleep.