Scott sighed as he walked into the kitchen. "Sorry I'm late everyone." He took his seat next to his wife and was handed a plate to fill.

"Where's Mr. Lebeau?" Bobby asked after swallowing the last of his mashed potatoes. He held out his plate as a silent demand for more.

Scott rolled his eyes and put a big serving of potatoes on Bobby's plate and then his before answering. "He will not be joining us, we kind of got into it about the funeral."

"He has a temper doesn't he?" Bobby gave him a small grin, then shoved another fork full of food in his mouth. "So has he changed his mind about burying Remy here?"

"Afraid not. He says he will wait until the end of the week, to see if Logan will show some improvement. After that he will be taking Remy back to New Orleans and holding the funeral there." He shrugged weakly and pushed his food around his plate. He finally tried to force a bite down and he almost choked when he heard the yell from the other end of the table.

"He ain't staying here? Remy was an X-man! This was his home! His dad can't just come in here and take him after he didn't talk to him for years. He wasn't even allowed in New Orleans when he was alive and now he wants to take him there when he is dead? Bullshit!" She stood and slammed her fork and napkin on the table and stomped towards the door.

"Jubilee, where are you going?" Scott didn't want her wondering off this angry, sad as it was, he knew she didn't have anyone to talk to right now with Logan being feral, Remy gone, and her away from school.

"I'm going to go give that man a piece of my mind! He can't take Remy from Wolvie or me!" She pushed open the swinging door to the kitchen and charged out, the door swung back closed violently.

"Jubilee!" Scott yelled after her and stood to chase her. He was stopped by Jean pulling him back towards his chair.

"Let her go Scott. She needs to get this out of her system, and who knows maybe she will change his mind, its worth a try. You said they got along really well this afternoon, maybe he will listen to his 'granddaughter'" She gave him a wink and a smile.

Scott snorted and sat back down. God please don't let her make things worse. He prayed silently, then started eating his dinner.

Unexpectedly the back door opened and a tired looking Warren and Betsy walked in. Both looked like they had not slept much, and Betsy looked more angry then normal.

"Hey you two, welcome home." Jean said and smiled at the two. She began to worry when neither of them responded, they just continued to take off there coats and struggle in the suitcases. "You came home just in time for dinner, why don't you join us?"

"That is quite alright Jean. I ate on the plane, and I would like some time alone, thank you. I will be heading up to MY room to sleep." She walked out of the kitchen with her luggage not saying anything to Warren.

Warren rolled his eyes and took the seat closest to him, sitting with a huff. He gave a dirty look to Bobby that sat across from him, then shifted his chair to face sideways so he would not have to make eye contact with the man.

"I take it your trip didn't go well?" Scott asked while offering him a clean plate.

Warren waved his hand declining the plate. "I ate on the plane too. And no the trip was not what I expected. We went to talk things out and we just ended up fighting the whole time."

"No surprise." Bobby sneered.

"Shut up Drake." Warren yelled back.

"Both of you stop! I'm not going to have anymore fighting between you two. Bobby you are going to stop baiting him, and Warren you are going to stop talking about Remy. You need to let it drop, the man is dead, show some respect." Scott shook his head, amazed at how childish both of them still were.

"Respect? I'm not going to ever respect that man, dead or alive. He was just a back stabbing whore." Warren glared at Bobby, waiting for a move from him. Instead he was violently thrown down to the ground by a hard punch to the face that he was not expecting.

"Scott!" Jean yelled in surprise.

"You bastard! You better have never called him that to his face, and you better never say it again!" he spat at Warren.

Warren looked up at Scott, wiping the blood from his split lip. "Why? That is what he was, and you better believe I told him every chance I got. A traitor and a whore. Not like it hurt him, he never fought back, cause he knew it was the truth." He stood to leave. He could see that Scott was pissed and a very angry Bobby was being held back by Jean and Hank, who came in soon after the fight started. He knew he could not, and did not want, to take on both of them. He pushed Scott to make his way past him and was shoved against the wall. He was held to it by all of Scott weight being pressed into his chest and arms. Scott's face was only a few inches from his own and he felt his breath in short angry bursts against his skin. He looked into Scotts eyes, expecting anger, what he saw was guilt mixed with more rage then he ever thought possible from Scott.

"Do you even know why you call Remy a traitor? Did you ever ask him why he worked for Sinister? I never did, and I don't think anyone else did either, which is a shame, cause we will never know what really happened. I just found out that there is no way in hell Remy would have worked with Sabretooth. So knowing that it kind of makes the story you and Rogue keep telling us a little far-fetched doesn't it. How did Remy lead a man through the tunnels that he couldn't be anywhere near without breaking down in fear. Answer that Warren?" He let go of Warren and the man fell to the ground rubbing his sore chest.

"Remy was afraid of Sabretooth? Why?" Warren looked up at Scott in curiosity.

Scott knelt down in front of Warren, making sure he had eye contact with him."Sabretooth raped him Warren. Do you think Remy could work side by side with the bastard that held him down and raped him while he screamed for his brother's help. He was 16 years old Warren. 16! He was barely18 when the massacre happened. You think it only took Remy a little over a year to forgive and forget something like that? Warren, something like that you never get over, he was still struggling with it the day he died." Scott stood up, leaving a wide-eyed Warren with something to think about. "And you called him a whore, do you think that helped?" He turned and faced the three shocked faces that were staring at him, pleading for him to say it wasn't true. He breathed in deeply and closed his eyes, running his hand through his hair. He stood for a moment, taking in the silence of the room, then finally he opened his eyes, and stormed out.


Jubilee ran up to the third floor, she stood at the foot of the stairs trying to calm down. All she wanted to do is blow the door from its hinges and yell at Jean-Luc for taking Remy away. She stomped down the hall, her hands balled up in fists. She stopped when she noticed the door to Logan and Remy's room was ajar. Looking in she saw a shadow shift, there was someone inside. She pushed the door open slowly and flipped on the light. "Who's in here?" she whispered, trying to sound more threatening then scared.

"It's me petite." Jean-Luc answered as he walked out of his hiding in the shadows.

Jubilee finally took a breath, and walked in. "What are you doing in here?" She forgot all about her anger, when she saw the puffy eyes on the older man's face. He's been crying.

"I was just looking at my Remy's things, trying to figure out what kind of man my son had become. All I have found out is that I don't know my son well enough to distinguish between his belongings and his lover's." He sat on the edge of the bed, stroking the post. "This is the only thing I am sure of being his, I gave this to him soon after I found him."

Jubilee walked over and took a seat close to him on the bed's edge and looked at him, begging him to continue with her stare.

Jean-Luc smiled at her then looked up at the canopy that was covered in bright stars. "The first night he slept at my home he said it was one of the few times he didn't have to sleep outside, that the only thing he missed was the stars. I bought him this the next day so he would always have his stars. The day he had it sent for, to bring here, I thought he had found a new home."

"This is his home. I understand that you are angry about some of the stuff that happened here, I am too. Leaving Remy behind was a really crappy thing to do. I don't think I could have forgave them all for it, but Remy did. He considered us his family, even if we are a bit dysfunctional, and family sticks together.We have all been through a lot together, and I would hate to see him go." She looked at him pleadingly. "I know about him being kicked out of New Orleans, he told me how everyone there was always trying to kill him or hurt him. Why would you want him to go back to a place where so many people hate him, when he can be here with so many that love him?"

Jean-Luc looked at the young girl with watering eyes and smiled. "You know petite, you make a much better argument then your leader does."

"There is a really nice cemetery on the grounds and I will put flowers there all the time and you can come up here as often as you want and stay at the mansion and I will tell you all about the stuff we did to Bobby, and you can meet Logan too." She was smiling brightly as she rambled.

Jean-Luc laughed at her sudden cheerfullness. "You must do something for me before I agree."

Jubilee gave him a look of panic and she shifted away from the older man.

He caught the look of dread on the girl's face and recognized it from earlier times with Remy. He shook his head and reached out his hand out to Jubilee. "I didn't mean it to sound like that, I am sorry."

She looked down at the floor, ashamed. "I'm sorry, I know you won't hurt me. Its just..."

"Has someone hurt you before petite?" He asked while sliding closer to her and wrapping his arm around her shoulder for support.

She sighed and leaned against his shoulder, it felt comforting and safe. "I was a street kid, like Remy, until Logan brought me here and adopted me. I wasn't on the streets as long as Remy, but you learn quick that there is always a price. I guess that is why I always got along with Remy, he understood the whole street life thing."

Jean-Luc nodded. "I am sorry you had to go through that, but I am happy that you found someone like Logan to save you, and I am sure you helped Remy as much as he helped you." He gave here a small hug like he had earlier in the control room. "Now what I was going to ask of you?"

Jubilee smiled and shifted on the bed to look at him, curious to know what she had to do to accomplish something that Cyke couldn't. I'm so gonna rub Cyke's face in this.

Jean-Luc laughed seeing the excited sparkle return to the girl's eyes. "Well if we are to hold the funeral here on the grounds I will need permission to fly in Remy's Tante and Cousin, they will want to be here for the services. I will also need help is setting up a party after the funeral, it is a Cajun tradition that I believe Remy would demand. If you can arrange these two things, I will allow Remy to be buried here."

"Party? Oh I can do that one! And you just leave Cyke to me, you will have permission to fly all of Louisiana up here when I am done with him." She grinned and grabbed Jean-Luc in a bear hug. "Thank you so much for letting Remy stay here, it means a lot to all of us."

Jean-Luc hugged her in return. "I will hold you to that promise, that I can visit him anytime."

"You got it, its a promise." She jumped off the bed and ran to the door with a huge smile. "I have to track down Scott. I have to rub it in his face that I am a better negotiator then he is."

Jean-Luc laughed. "You do that petite, and tell me what happens."

"Will do." Jubilee yelled from half way down the stairs.


Jubilee ran into the hall where Scott's office was with a grin from ear to ear. She decided to talk to Scott about Remy's family and party, then visit Logan and tell him, maybe it was something that would snap him out of his current state. When she reached the door she noticed that it was ajar and heard the voices of Scott, Bobby, and Hank coming from the room. She slid against the wall, creeping close enough that they would not see her, but she could hear them. If you wanted it secret boys ya should have closed the door all the way. She grinned and listened closely.

"I don't understand why he didn't tell us. Remy or Logan never said anything to you? Not even Rogue or Ororo?"

"No, Scott. This would have been something that I would have insisted on telling you. It would obviously effect him in battle. The Professor would have been told as well so he could get some counselling. All the times I had him in the MedLab and I never saw the signs."

"Hank, you aren't a shrink, and Remy was good at hiding things, we all know that. I don't think he ever told Rogue, she told me everything Remy ever told her on that trip we took, even things he asked her to keep secret. He had to tell someone, it had to have caught up with him, especially when Sabretooth was here. Could you imagine having the person that raped you being brought into your own home?"

Jubilee gasped then put her hand over her mouth. At first she had no clue what they were talking about, she knew it was about Remy, but Sabretooth? Rape? I wonder if Logan knew. She was suddenly startled by a big blue paw on her shoulder.

"Young lady, what have we all told you about ease dropping? I would think you would grow out of such childish things, or at least learned to be quiet about it." Hank grabbed her arm and pulled her into the room, making sure the door was closed behind her tightly. "By the look on your face I take it you heard what was said."

Jubilee just nodded.

Scott sighed. "Did you know?"

Jubilee shook her head.

"Could his father be mistaken? He said that Remy's brother is who told him about the event, he wasn't present. Maybe it just seemed like rape." Hank inquired.

"What are you saying Hank? That Remy had a quick romp in the sheets with Creed while his brother was tied up in the bathroom?" Bobby glared at him.

"That is not what I am saying Bobby." Hank was interrupted by Scott

"Hank, his father said that Remy wouldn't let anyone touch him for days afterwards, that they had to drug him to get him home, and he wouldn't talk to anyone for a week, other then his cousin....Lapin, I think was his name. Those are classic signs of rape, are they not? And you should have seen him in the labs Hank, he heard Creed's voice and froze. If he went into shock from the man's voice, something traumatic had to have happened between them." Scott rubbed his aching head. "It doesn't change anything trying to figure out why he didn't tell us now, he's gone. We failed him when he was alive, there is no reason to try helping him now. At the end of the week Mr. LeBeau will take him to New Orleans and it will be over."

"He's not going to take Remy." Jubilee said absentmindedly.

"What do you mean Jubilee?" Scott asked when the girl didn't offer any more information freely. She just sat there in a daze.

Jubilee shook her head, as if ridding herself of the cobwebs in her head. "Oh! I talked to Jean-Luc, he's not taking Remy, he can stay here and be buried with the other X-men. That is if you fill his demands."

"Demands?" Hank questioned.

"He wants permission to fly in his Tante...whatever that is, and his Cousin, I am assuming it is that Lapin guy. He also wants help in throwing a party after the funeral, it's some tradition, but I can help with that, its my specialty." Jubilee smiled, knowing that all the demands could easily be met.

Scott took a deep breath and gave her a smile. "You just made my day Jubilee." He walked over and gave her a hug, which shocked her and the other men in the room. "I don't know how you did it, but thank you for convincing him." He broke the hug and pointed towards the door. "Go tell him he can invite anyone he wants, if I have to build a new hotel on the grounds I will. And I leave the party planning to you."

Jubilee smiled brightly and ran out of the room to inform Jean-Luc, leaving the door wide open.

"Shut the door!" Bobby yelled out into the hall.

A excited Jubilee popped back into the doorway. "Sorry." She shut the door with a loud slam, caused by her rush.

Scott shook his head and sat back down, throwing his feet on the desk and grinned.

Hank raised his eyebrow at the leader. "I guess you were serious when you said that made your day."

"Damn right it did. I tried everything to talk that man into letting us bury him here. He is as stubborn as Remy. This is his home Hank, he deserves to stay here. He needs to stay here, if anything to remind us how we failed him, so we won't do it again." He laid his head back against the chair, looking up at the ceiling. "I'm going to have to ask her how she did it, it will have to go into the leader's handbook." he chuckled, followed by the laughter of the others.


The week quickly wound down. Jubilee spent most of her time with Jean-Luc, and the other two family members that flew in, Tante Mattie and Lapin. During the days she helped plan the party and they exchanged stories about all the things Remy did well into the nights. Scott planned the funeral and contacted the other groups, telling anyone who wanted to come, and setting up a broadcast for anyone that could not travel. The others helped when needed and tried everything they could to bring Logan back to himself. At the end of the week they evaluated that Logan was not going to be able to join them and proceeded with the funeral.


After the funeral Scott walked into the control room, standing above the vast forest that still covered the man below from view. He was still in his black suit that he had worn for the funeral and party. Both went well as expected. Everyone was saddened by the eulogy and burial, but the party afterwards helped with the mournfulness. He had decided to remember that little tradition. Get everyone drunk and help them forget, great idea. He played with the tape in his hands, trying to decide what to do with it. He had recorded the live broadcast of Remy's funeral so Logan could see it when he woke from his feral state. He contemplated playing it for Logan now, just to get some reaction from him, other then hiding in the trees. He took a deep breath and walked over to the console. He popped the tape into the deck and pressed several buttons on the keyboard. Time to wake up Logan. He turned and walked out of the room to take Remy's family to the airport.


Logan stared at his environment in surprise as it slowly disappeared, and turned to state of cold metal and glass. Logan turned in a circle taking in his new surroundings, releasing a low growl. He glanced down in his hands at the small worn picture, he clutched it to his chest tightly, afraid it would be next to be taken. Suddenly a strange noise came from a box in the corner of the room. He took a defensive stance and growled at the strange object that he didn't recognize. He listened to the strange sounds the metal beast was making, it didn't sound threatening, it sounded injured. When he realized the unknown creature wasn't going to attack he crept up to it slowly, pausing every so often to sniff the air and check for sounds. When he got to the corner he looked at the box, he slowly moved his fingers towards the movement and flinched when his fingers touched glass. He stood there staring at the people in the box, trying to understand their noises. Suddenly his eyes widened when he saw Remy on the screen, all the others standing and making noises around him as he lay there, eyes closed. Logan looked from the box to the picture and back to the box, he tapped the glass again, trying to touch Remy, he didn't understand. He watched the man he saw above him the day before close the lid on the casket and Logan growled loudly, trying to break open the box to rescue his mate. Suddenly the picture changed in the box, getting his attention again, the casket his lover was closed in was carried out into a large field. He sat there watching the scene trying to make sense of it, slowly words started coming into his head in flashes. Remy. Murdered. Dead. Funeral. Gone. He clutched the sides of his head, dropping the photo, as the man inside battled his feral mind. He laid there for several minutes, bent over in pain, his forehead to the floor. As sudden as it began, the pain stopped, his head cleared, and the sounds from the box began to make sense.

"Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust."

Logan slowly lifted his head from the floor and stared at the the monitor as his lover's casket was lowered into the ground.