Hank yawned as he walked into the control room, he was tired and slightly tipsy from the party after the funeral. He had helped Scott clean up when he returned from the airport and was going to check on Logan once more before going to sleep. Glancing at the screen he noticed the scenario on pause and the Danger Room in its regular metal state. Oh No! Logan must be going crazy. He ran to the window and looked down, the room was empty. He jumped back to the computer deck, pushing several buttons. "Computer, what is the status of occupant Wolverine."

<Occupant not found> the computer chimed.

He ran out of the control room and down the hall to the entrance of the Danger Room, it was open. Oh God! Where has he gone. He stepped into the room cautiously, looking from left to right for any sign of Logan, and seeing none. The only thing in the room was a monitor. "What is going on." He muttered to himself. "Computer, report use of key codes in the last 12 hours."

<Cyclops: Control Room 9:30pm, Wolverine Danger Room 10:33pm, Beast Control Room 12:59am, end log>

He used the code, he must have been lucid. Beast smiled for a moment at the thought. He knew there was no way Logan could have used his code to exit if he was feral, but that didn't answer the question of where he was. He raced out of the room and to the main computer room, hopefully Cerebro could track him down. Half way down the hall he ran into Scott, almost literally.

"What's going on Hank?" Scott asked catching himself from falling.

"I need to find Logan, he is not in the Danger Room. He used his code, so he must have been himself. I need to find him and make sure that it is not just temporary sanity." Hank said while walking backwards down the hall, trying to talk to Scott, but get to where he was going at the same time.

Scott took the hint and started to hurry down the hall with Hank. "So it worked?"

"What worked?" Hank asked while running.

"I put in the tape of Remy's funeral for Logan to watch. You said he needed something to make him believe that Remy was gone. I thought that was the best way to make the point." Scott said while punching in his code to open the computer room door.

"That wasn't wise, Scott. What if it made him worse, you should have asked me first." Hank scolded Scott.

"Sorry Hank, but it worked." Scott punched in several codes and search parameters. "Let's just hope he is still on the grounds."

After a few moments the computer spoke and showed a map on the screen. <Wolverine located. East sector. Mansion grounds. Cemetery.>

Beast sighed. "Should have guessed that one."

The two men rushed from the room to go meet there teammate, that they hoped was still rational.


Logan sat in front of the still fresh mound of dirt piled in front of his lover's tombstone, running his hand down the rough surface of the stone. It simply said 'Gambit ?-2002' followed by a simple 'X', like all the others that were scattered in the small yard. He sat for an hour in the pouring rain thinking about all the times he had with Remy, and all the things he would never be able to say and do again. As soon as I learn to love again they are taken from me...never again. With that thought he stood and grabbed his duffel bag that he had filled when he left the Danger Room. He turned to leave, when his arm was grabbed. He turned, dropping the bag and unsheathing his claws.

Scott let go of Logan's arm and jumped back. "Logan it's us!"

Logan put away his claws and picked up the bag from the ground. "I'm not going to argue with ya, I'm leaving."

"Where? Why?" Hank asked.

"I'm going to track that bastard down and kill him for taking Remy from me. Don't try to stop me." Logan growled the last sentence, making his threat felt.

"Logan, at least let Hank make sure you are alright. Let us fill you in on everything that has happened, I know you can't remember." Scott pleaded. He knew he couldn't stop the man from leaving, but he could try to stall him.

"I remember all I need to Scott. Creed ripped open Remy in front of me and then ran like a coward, that's all I need to know. Say goodbye to Jubilee, I would do it myself but I don't want her following me." He started walking towards his bike that he had parked on the small walkway near the graves.

"You will be coming back won't you?" Scott questioned.

"I don't know, Cyke." Logan answered simply and started his bike, riding down the drive and through the gate.

Hank and Scott stood in silence in the cold rain, as they watched Logan through the gates. They both hoped silently that their friend would return to them soon.


Several weeks passed. Logan used his time tracking down Creed all day and night, never sleeping. He was a man out for revenge and nothing, including sleep, was going to stop him from accomplishing that mission. He went to all the bars and hideouts he knew Creed went to, he asked or threatened, everyone in place, none had seen him. He used all his connections, only leading him to people that had hired him, not knowing where he was now. He had one lead left to check out, something he had forced out of a man that hired Creed for a murder recently. The information was going to lead him within hours of Madripoor, so he decided he would stop there and rest for one night. Traveling all over the world was making him very temperamental. He knew he would have no chance of killing Creed easily in the condition he was in, his emotions were running too high, and lack of sleep would only make him more sloppy.

He got on another flight, the latest of many over the last couple weeks. Several hours later, they landed outside Madripoor. He lazily got off the plane, that he had slept only a few minutes on, due to a screaming baby and an annoying 'single serving friend'. After two hours of arguing with the car rental service and endless baggage checks he was finally on his way into Madripoor. He stopped in front of the Princess Bar and parked. He grabbed his duffel bag and headed inside, hoping for one of the rooms upstairs, minus a girl. He walked through the doors and up to the bar, sitting down on an old barstool.

"What you drinking?" the woman said without turning around.

"Nothing Rose." Logan answered back.

The woman whipped around. "Logan! Oh My God! Why didn't you call and tell me you were coming. I would have called O'Donnell, he was just talking about you a few days ago." She ran around the other side of the bar and pulled Logan into a strong hug. She pulled away and looked him in the face. "What's wrong Logan?"

"Nothing for you to worry about Rose, I'm just tired. Was hoping ya would let me crash in one of the rooms upstairs for tonight. I'll be gone by morning."

"Sure Honey, any room you want is yours. I'm sure one of the girls would love to take your mind off things." She gave him a wink.

"That's ok Rose. Not tonight." Logan looked up at the balcony. "I'll take the last one if its open."

Rose made her way to the other side of the bar. "At least have one drink with me, tell me what's going on. We have a lot of catching up to do. I haven't seen you since you brought that scamp LeBeau in here."

Logan closed his eyes and rubbed his eyes. "He's dead Rose."

"LeBeau? How? When? I thought that kid would live forever, I was sure he had nine lives." Rose handed him a bottle of beer.

Logan took it and drank off a large swig. "That bastard Creed got him. That's why I'm here. I heard Creed was staying a few cities over, so I am going to track him down."

Rose nodded her head. "He's there."

Logan almost choked on the beer in his mouth. "What? How do you know?"

"That is why O'Donnell brought you up the other day. He was doing business with a man a few miles outside of town and saw Creed with a couple of girls. I don't know if he is still around, but he was a few days ago. I would hate to see you get into it with him though. I know you liked LeBeau, but is his revenge worth fighting Creed again?" Rose tossed the now empty bottle, and offered Logan another.

Logan shook his head and stood from the barstool, grabbing his bag. "The kid was worth more to me then you know. I had something with Remy that I thought I lost a long time ago. I'm gonna kill that bastard Creed for taking that from me."

Rose nodded her head, now understanding, and handed him the keys to the room. "Sleep tight honey, you'll need it if you're hunting Creed."

He grunted and took the keys and walked towards the stairs, waving off several invites of a partner. He crept into the room and flopped onto the bed, closing his eyes and falling asleep instantly.


Logan awoke early, feeling rested, but no less angry. He took a quick shower, dressed, and grabbed his things to leave. He walked down to the bar area and dropped the keys on the deserted bar, it was too early for a bar to be open, so no one was around. He was at the doors when he heard Rose call his name. She walked out of the back in a silk robe with a mug of coffee. "Logan, come on in the back and have some coffee. I have some information that may be useful to you." She gestured him to follow her as she walked to the back.

Logan shrugged off his bag and walked back. He was greeted at the door with a mug of coffee, that he took appreciatively. He sat across from her at a round table in the middle of a small kitchen. "So what information you have?"

She smiled at him. "I have one question for you first."

He rolled his eyes, he knew she loved doing this, teasing people with information. "I don't have time for this Rose."

"One question, did you really love LeBeau?" she smiled at him.

Logan sighed. "More then anything, Rose. I can honestly say that he was my soulmate, I had something with him that I didn't even have with Mariko."

"Right answer." She shoved a small piece of paper over to him. "I was not going to give you this unless you really cared for him. Its not worth you getting killed for someone that meant as much as the next girl...or guy." She gave him a sly grin. "The ladies here will be heartbroken."

Logan had to chuckle at that. He looked down at the paper, it was the name of a hotel that was about 15 miles up the road, and a room number. "What is this?"

"That is where Creed is. I got it out of Tai, the police have been tailing him since he came into the area, and from what Tyger Tiger hears Creed was dropped by his previous employer, so he came here." Rose shrugged. "That is all I could scrap up on short notice."

Logan got up and kissed Rose on the cheek. "Thank you Rose."

"Anytime Logan." She smiled and waved to him as he rushed out the door to leave. "Make sure to give him a swipe for me. LeBeau was a good kid."


Logan sat in the parking lot of the hotel. He made sure to keep his distance, he knew he could not get too close without Creed picking up his scent. The Canadian waited for several hours, analyzing everyone that came in and out of the hotel, the only people he recognized was syndicate goons and police tails that would appear every now and then. Finally he saw what he was waiting for, a tired looking Creed stepped out of the hotel doors. Logan watched as Creed walked by the doorman, then he took off down the street, growling at the policeman waiting on the corner. Logan was tempted to follow him, but decided against it, the others would keep an eye on him. Attacking him in the streets would get them noticed, and murdering Creed in front of a crowd, that included syndicate and police, would only cause more trouble. He had waited this long, he had enough patience to wait a little longer and get a better advantage. After watching Creed walk into a small diner on the corner he got out of the truck and went into the hotel. He walked slowly through the lobby to the elevator, acting like he was suppose to be there. He pulled out the paper from his pocket, reading the room number, 44, and punched the button for the 4th floor. When the doors opened he could smell the stench Creed left behind. He had obviously been here awhile, and from the smell of it he was alone on the floor. Hotel is probably too afraid to keep him on a floor with someone else, insurance doesn't cover murder by psycho. Logan walked past room 44, and cut off the lock to number 45. He walked through the empty room onto the balcony. After sniffing the air and making sure there was no noise coming from the ajoining room, he jumped to the balcony of Sabretooth's room. He pulled on the handle of the sliding door, unlocked. I always knew you were stupid Creed, but this takes the cake. He entered the room cautiously looking around at the shambled room, almost getting ill from the smell he had registered in his mind as an enemy long ago. He took a seat at the small table by the balcony and waited, he knew Creed would smell him in the hotel, on the elevator, in the hall, even in his room, he just hoped it was enough to throw the man off balance. He waited for only a short time before he heard the elevators at the end of the hall open with a 'ding'. He listened as Creed slowly walked down the hall, stopping for a moment in front of the door, then suddenly it was thrown open, slamming against the wall behind it.

"What do you want Runt? First the syndicate and police, now you?" Creed snarled, still standing in the door.

Logan's claws slid from the top of his hands as he stood in a defensive stance. "I think ya know why I am here Creed. Ya took something from me, I'm here for payback."

"Never thought you were that big of an idiot Runt." Creed laughed and barrelled towards Logan.

Logan launched at Creed, taking first blood across Creed's face, which healed instantly. Creed charged again, tackling Logan to the ground, slashing him across the chest, which was countered by Logan driving his claws into Creed's side. They continued to slash into each other, neither doing enough damage to mortally wound the other. Finally Logan caught Creed with his back turned and got him in the back, driving his claws through the larger mans ribcage. Creed fell forward off the claws with a roar of agony. Creed knew a wound this deep would take time to heal, and one more like it would kill him. He needed to retreat, but knew that Logan wasn't going to let him just walk out. Hell with it, I don't work for him anymore anyway, it will be fun to watch him squirm. Creed turned slowly to face Logan, not able to pull himself off the floor. Logan raised his right arm into the air, ready to plunge it into Creed's chest for the kill.

"I have to say I thought you would be smarter then this. I told the boss that the con wouldn't work, but looks like I was wrong. I thought at least that doc of yours would figure it out." Creed grinned slightly when he saw the hesitation in Logan's eyes. "What's wrong Runt, curiosity getting the best of you? Really, did you think he was dead? You think Sinister would have made it that easy for you to destroy the lab and leave?" Creed chuckled and slowly slid himself across the floor away from Logan, until he hit a wall.

Logan came to his senses and charged Creed, shoving him hard against the wall, his claws to the murderer's throat. "You're lying. He's gone, we buried the body."

Creed laughed. "You really thought that was him? Come on, the doc didn't figure that one out? That was just a fucking clone husk. The boss was going to replace the brat with a clone, but you destroyed the kid's memories the last lab you raided. He figured just shredding the clone in front of you would stall you long enough to get the real LeBeau out. And here I told Sinister we wouldn't even be able to get the brat out of the lab before you figured it out.You all went and had a funeral for him."

Logan listened to every word Creed said trying to sense any sign of a lie, he didn't sense anything. This can't be right, he has to be lying, I would have noticed, Hank would have noticed, someone would have known.

Creed felt Logan's grip loosen, he could tell the smaller man was having a mental dilemma, exactly what he wanted. He pulled himself further up the wall and crept against it, sliding out from under Logan's claws. He backed his way towards the door slowly, he felt the injury healing, not well enough to fight, but he could run. At the door he decided he had told Logan enough to get away, he had so much more he could tell him, but he would hold that for later use. He just had to give Logan one more small shred of evidence, he knew it would send him after Sinister, keeping them both busy so he could get lost. Kill two birds with one stone and I don't even have to get my hands dirty, and just maybe I can keep the kid around for awhile longer. He gave Logan a feral grin, showing his fangs. "By the way Logan."

Logan snapped out of his trance, and looked up at Creed, who was now across the room.

Creed continued, before Logan had the chance to charge him again. "Nice tattoo. LeBeau told me you got them after your wedding the morning we took the kid. Sorry, I had to rearrange it a bit, he begged me not to, but then again the brat begged me not to do a lot of things." He laughed and took off down the hall and through the stairwell doors.

Logan stood there in shock, forgetting all about his mission of revenge. How could he have known about the tattoo, we didn't even tell anybody at the mansion. Even if he would have seen it killing Remy, he wouldn't have known what it was for. Oh god, he's still alive. A small hope lit in Logan's heart, his lover may still be alive. He knew that Creed couldn't be trusted, but he never sensed him lying, and the information he had could have only come from Remy. He couldn't just ignore it, what if it were true and he didn't act on it. Logan stood there for a long moment thinking back, trying to remember anything that could prove that Remy was still alive. He growled when his mind hit a blank, he couldn't remember anything after the attack in the labs. I have to talk to the others, we have to find Remy. He ran out of the hotel, not thinking about his original target, or the blood on his clothes. He ignored all the looks and stares as he rushed to his truck and tore out of the parking lot.


He ran up to the door of the Princess Bar, it was still too early for the doors to be unlocked, so he knocked loudly. "Rose! Rose!"

The door came open a crack and Rose peeked outside, noticing it was Logan she opened the door fully. "Logan? What's wrong? Oh my God, honey, is that yours?" She pulled Logan in and shut the door.

"Rose, I need to hurry. Creed told me something and I need to get back to Westchester, but I need to ask you to do something first." He stood waiting for her to say something, Rose finally nodded and he continued. "I need you to watch Creed for me, track him. I might need to find him again, I have a feeling he wasn't telling me everything."

"You let him go? Logan, what is going on?" Rose tried to pull Logan to the near by table, but Logan shook her off.

"I can't, I have to go, I have to fly back to Westchester. He told me Remy was still alive, and if he is alive he's not in a nice place. Please, what ever it takes, if you need money you'll get it." Logan was breathing hard, his head spinning from all the things going through his head.

"Logan, calm down, I don't need your money. With all the syndicate and police people on him I will be able to use them. Just sit down for a minute, and calm down. You can use the phone and call in your flight, it will probably be several hours before you can fly out. You need to change clothes as well, you are not getting on a plane like that. I am surprised you got here without getting pulled over." Rose pointed at Logan's clothes.

Logan looked down and finally noticed all the blood on his clothes and skin. "Oh Shit, I didn't even notice. Can I use the shower upstairs?"

Rose nodded. "Yes, go on up. I will call in a flight from here to New York, and I will grab your clothes from outside and bring them into your room. You don't need to go out like that again, I have enough trouble. Now, go on and get cleaned up."

Logan nodded and rushed up the stairs. He stopped on the last step and turned. "Thanks again Rose."

"Like I said, anytime." Rose waved her hand and headed to the office to make the call to the airport.


Logan came down to the main floor again, Rose was sitting at the table in the center of the bar. "You feel better now? You look better." She smiled at him.

"Yea, better. Get that flight?" Logan took the seat next to her.

"Yep, it leaves in 3 hours. You will be flying in about 2am Westchester time, I hope that is not a problem. It was the quickest flight out."

"Not a problem, someone will pick me up, I will get a taxi if I have to. Can I use the phone to call there?" Logan asked.

"Sure thing, you can use the one in the back office. I am getting ready to open the doors, and the girls will be down in a few minutes, so its going to get a little loud out here." She smiled at him.

Logan chuckled and walked to the back office, closing the door behind him. He picked up the phone and paused. What the hell am I going to tell them. They're going to think I went nuts again. Logan was woke from his thought by the operator politely asking him to call someone or put down the phone. He hung up the phone and then picked it up again, dialling the number to Scott's Office at the mansion.

"Hello, Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, this is Scott Summers can I help you." Scott recited into the phone in one long breath.

"Scott? This is Logan." Logan cursed the static that was popping in his ear.

"Logan? Where are you? Are you alright? Did you find Sabretooth? Please tell me you didn't kill him. You know Logan, X-men don't kill...."

"Can it Cyke! I didn't kill the bastard yet, but I did find him. I need to talk to ya, and probably Hank. I'm flying in tonight, I'll be there at about 2 o'clock in the morning. This is important, if the info I got is true Remy is still alive." Logan pulled the phone away from his ear when he was interrupted by Scott's yelling.

"WHAT? Logan, that can't be right, we all saw him die, he is buried in the back yard! Are you ok?" Scott looked up to see Hank rush into the room, concerned about the commotion.

"I will explain when I get there, just be at the airport to pick me up. I have to go, have to get to the airport." Logan hung up the phone and grabbed everything he needed and headed to the airport.


"Logan? Logan! Damn it!" Scott slammed the phone down and dropped down into his chair.

"What was that about?" Hank asked, still at the door.

Scott waved him in. "Shut the door." He waited until Hank was sitting to continue. "That was Logan, he says he needs to talk to us, he has information that makes him believe Remy is still alive."

Hank eyes widened "What?"

"I don't know Hank, I think Logan has lost it again. He is flying in, he'll be here around 2am, we'll find out then." He shrugged.


Hank and Scott sat in the lobby of the airport. Hank was yawning almost constantly, dozing off occasionally. Scott was tapping his foot, anxious to see what condition Logan was in, and what kind of information he had that made him believe Remy crawled out of his grave and was alive and well. Scott sat up and nudged Hank. "Here he comes, and he doesn't look happy."

Logan walked up to Scott and Hank and snarled. "Do ya know how hard it is to sneak through security these days."

Hank had to smile. "He seems like himself to me."

"I figured ya would think I went nuts again, I swear I haven't. I'll explain in the car, I want to get out of here before they think I'm sneaking in a bomb or something." Logan grabbed Scott's arm and drug him to the parking lot.


All three men got into the jeep and started towards home, Scott finally asked. "Ok Logan, explain to me why you think Remy is alive?"

"Yes, do explain my friend, and do make it good or I will lock you up in the Danger Room again. And please, the short version, I am too tired to deal with an epic tale." Hank yawned then leaned forward from the backseat so his head was between the two men.

"You are the one with the loose tongue Blue. Alright, short version. I tracked down Creed, and we got into it. He told me that Remy wasn't really dead, that the thing he killed was only a clone husk. Sinister was originally going to replace Remy with the clone, but didn't have access to Remy's memories anymore and couldn't animate it, so he just killed it in front of us. We fell for it."

"Logan, you can't possible believe that? Creed is not a reliable source for information." Hank shook his head.

"I know Blue, but I can sense a lie, and he wasn't lying. I know its a long shot, but what if its true? Remy is out there being held hostage by Sinister. That monster could be doing anything to him, I don't even want to know what Sabretooth did." Logan stopped, noticing the glance between the two men. "What?"

"Nothing Logan, its just hard to believe." Scott said quickly as he pulled into the driveway. "I can't just send the team into one of Sinister's labs on a chance that Sabretooth is telling the truth. There is more proof pointing that he is dead then alive. I know how much you want it to be true Logan, but Creed is not a good enough source for information. He was probably just trying to get away, he would have told you anything."

Scott jumped out of the Jeep that was now parked in the garage, followed by the other two men. They headed into the house and into the kitchen. Hank and Logan sat down as Scott flipped on the coffee machine. When Scott sat down at the table Logan was still trying to convince Hank.

"Logan, I can't just send the team in blind. We don't even know where to search if I did believe anything Creed said. There just isn't enough proof." Scott leaned over and rubbed his temples.

"Scott, Creed knew what the tattoo was for. Neither of us even told any of you what the tattoos were for. But he knew it was for our wedding. Remy was the only one that could have told him that, unless he just happens to have the same tattoo artist. Cause I sure as hell didn't tell him."

"Remy could have told Creed that when he attacked him in the lab." Scott argued.

"What tattoo?" Beast asked, totally confused.

"The tattoo on his left cheek, the 'L'" Logan answered.

"Really Logan, we would have noticed something wrong with the body if it wasn't Remy." Scott continued to argue with Logan.

Beast sat there for several minutes pondering, oblivious to Logan and Scott bickering back in forth. "There was no tattoo." Beast whispered.

"What did ya say?" Logan stopped arguing with Scott and looked at Hank.

"There was no tattoo." Hank said louder and looked at Logan. "I prepared the corpse, I saw no tattoo anywhere on his body. Was it something I could miss?"

Logan grinned, this was the proof he needed. "Miss it!? The damn thing covered half his ass!"

Hank shook his head and looked at Scott. "It wasn't there."

"That doesn't make sense, you probably just missed it." Scott looked at Hank.

Logan jumped up out of his chair and ripped down his pants, mooning Scott. "Do you really think he could have missed a tattoo this size on Remy's ass? The skinny brat doesn't have that much ass to cover. If he didn't see it, it wasn't there!" Logan pulled his jeans back up. "There is no way Sinister could have known about the tattoo in time to put it on the clone, we only got them a few hours before the mission."

Scott looked at Logan, then Hank. "I am sorry my friend, Logan's has proved his point to me. Really how could you argue with that display?" Hank chuckled.

Scott looked back at Logan. "You really think we left him there?"

Logan sat back in his chair. "Yea, Scott, I do."

"We don't even know where he is, where the lab is. We have destroyed every lab we know of." Scott shook his head. He stood and went to the coffee machine and poured a mug of coffee for himself and then a second mug. "Lets go wake up the Professor, maybe Cerebro can come up with something. I will brief the team later this morning so they will be ready to move out if we find him."

Logan smiled, and followed Scott out the door. "Thanks Scott."

"No thanks is needed Logan. If Remy is out there we owe it to him to bring him home."