The plane landed softly on the roof of a large building next to the broken down theatre. They had all received there orders and instructions on the plane and were eager to fullfill them. They were to attack the two Marauders that were present and Sinister while Hank and Bobby went to the room they had pin-pointed Remy in. Scott argued to the last second about Jubilee staying in the plane, she wanted badly to accompany Hank and Bobby. She finally gave in when Logan told her he needed her on the plane to watch over Remy until the fight was over. They rushed into the building finding it very familiar to the one in the last mission and decided to take the same paths, meeting in the middle. After reaching the fork in the hall Hank and Bobby broke away from the others, rushing to the room where Remy was suppose to be held.

"Hank, do you think he is going to really be in here, or is this another trap?" Bobby kept an eyes out for anything that might ambush them or be harmful. He had never been this nervous before on a mission. He kept telling himself it was the lack of sleep and being in Sinister's lab, but he knew he was lying to himself. God, please let Remy be alright.

"We are about to find out." Hank stopped in front of the door and looked in the small window. He closed his eyes and made a silent wish. Please let him be in alive and preferable in one piece. He turned the door to find it, not surprisingly, locked. "Bobby could you please freeze this?" Bobby froze and broke the lock and then stepped back, afraid to be the first into the room. "I am going to go in, you stand by the door and keep guard."

Bobby nodded. "No problem." He peaked over Hank's shoulder as he opened the door. He saw the deep red stains on the floor and turned around quickly, not wanting to witness anymore. He stood at the door like a statue and guarded Hank from anything that might try and enter the room.

Hank took a step into the large, bright room. He had to squint his eyes to the lights they were so overwhelming. These are much too bright for Remy to handle, a normal human would go blind in such a room. When his eyes finally adjusted to the light enough for him to look around the room he wished he was blinded again. There was blood spatter all over the walls, and a large blood stain on the floor. The room was totally empty except for a toilet in the corner and a small, army issue, cot against the wall. He stepped closer to the bed and saw a dirty mattress atop it, covered in more blood and fluids, but no one in sight. He turned in a circle making sure he didn't miss Remy in a corner or behind the door and found nothing. "Bobby, there is no one here."

"Are you sure Hank?" Bobby asked without turning around, he didn't want to see the room, he had seen enough.

Hank took another look around the room, stepping to the side of the bed. Looking down he noticed a foot on the floor from under the bed. He quickly dropped to his knees and looked underneth. "Oh my stars and garters...."

Bobby flinched when he heard Hank say those words, he could hear the sympathy pouring from his voice, he knew he found Remy. "Did you find him?"

"Yes, Bobby I will need your help. He has holed himself up under the bed and I am afraid to pull him out. It would be best to move the bed if we can." Hank yanked the pack off his back and pulled out a blanket he had rolled inside. He looked over his shoulder to see that Bobby was still standing in the doorway with his back to them. "Bobby?"

"How bad is he?" Bobby whispered almost too low for Hank to hear him.

"Bobby, I need to get him out of here, please don't do this right now." Hank didn't mean to be so harsh, but he was very worried. There was blood everywhere and he wasn't sure if it was Remy's or not. He reached under the bed and took hold of Remy's left wrist and took a pulse. He felt a heartbeat, but also felt the warmth of the skin. He jerked up to yell at Bobby again and noticed he was standing behind him with a look of shock on his face. "Bobby?"

"Oh God, is this all his?" Bobby could not imagine this much blood coming from one person.

"I don't know Bobby, but he is running a very high fever and his heartbeat is slow, we need to get him back to the plane now." Hank motioned for Bobby to get at the other end of the bed. They lifted the metal frame up and over away from the thin, pale, form under it. Hank quickly pulled the blanket over the shivering naked body, but not before noticing the numerous cuts a bruises that cover it. He carefully picked Remy up into his arms and pointed at the medical pack on the floor with his head. "Bobby grab that, we need to get him to the Blackbird."

Bobby grabbed the bag and rushed out behind Hank. He pushed the button on his com badge. "Cyclops?"

<Cyclops here.>

"We have Gambit, we are heading back."



Jubilee sat on the edge of the metal medical table, dangling her feet over the edge. She had to stop herself several times from hitting the com badge they left behind and asking if they had found Remy yet. Come on you guys. She was startled by the plane's hatch opening. She quickly jumped from the table and held her ground, ready for any goon that came in. She calmed when she saw Bobby rush in with the medical pack. Before she could question him her mouth dropped open as Hank walked in with a covered body in his arms. "Is that Remy? Is he alright? Is he alive?"

"Yes, Jubilee. It is Remy and he is alive." Hank answered as he laid the young man carefully on the medical bed. He felt Remy's head with the palm of his hand and then looked up at Jubilee. "I need some cool water and a towel, this fever needs to be broke."

Jubilee nodded and quickly ran to get the supplies. When she returned Hank had already attached an IV and a heart monitor to Remy. She sat the bowl of water on the stand next to the bed and reached out to touch Remy, but stopped.

Hank saw the motion and gave her an understanding look, telling her silently that he shared her concern. Remy looked so fragile and weak, that he was even afraid to touch him in fear he may hurt the young Cajun further. Hank and Jubilee were startled by his com badge beeping.

<Hank! We need you down in the lab. Jean is unconscious and Bishop is wounded.>

Hank sighed angrily and pushed his badge. "Scott, I just got Remy up here and he is not too well."

"Its alright Hank, I can look after him for a minute." Jubilee offered.

"Alright." Hank pushed his badge again. "We will be down in a minute."


"Come on Bobby, they may need us both. Jubilee, his fever is what worries me the most right now, his heart is stable. Try to cool him down and clean him up a bit with that water. He is unconscious and that fever should keep him that way, but if he should wake up try to talk to him and don't startle him."

Jubilee nodded and turned to douse the towel in water. She rung out the excess water and began washing away the dirt and blood from Remy's pale face. "I'm happy you are back Remy, you don't have to worry anymore, we are going home." Talking to herself was not anything she normally did, but she had prayed for weeks to have just one more chance to talk to Remy and she was going to do it before she woke up from what seemed like a dream. She wiped off his neck around the collar and upper chest uncovering deep cuts that were in the process of healing. "No one will hurt you anymore Remy, I promise." She started to clean his right shoulder, working her way down. She pulled his arm from under the cover and noticed the old, dirty, bandage that covered his lower arm. "What's this? I think I better rewrap your arm, this dirty bandage is not going to do it any good." She turned around and put the towel back into the bowl so she would have both hands to do her job. She rummaged through the small drawer under the medical bed and found new bandages. "Here we go." She stood back up, eyeing the bandages in her hand. "This should do the....Remy?" She looked into startled red and black eyes. "Remy?" She dropped the new gauze on the edge of the bed and reached out to touch Remy's face and he flinched, his eyes widening. She bit her lip and pulled back her hand. "Remy, you remember me don't you? It's me, Jubilee."

"Jub..i..lee?" He hoarsely stuttered. He frantically looked around the room he was in, trying to understand where he had been taken to. "Where am I?"

Jubilee frowned. "You are in the Blackbird Remy, we are going home."

Remy jerked his head angrily towards her at the word 'home'. This is a trick, she can't be here, this has to be Sinister. "You're not here." He closed his eyes tightly as if trying to lock everything around him out.

"Remy, I'm here. We are in the Blackbird, we came to get you to take you home." Jubilee was getting worried, Remy was acting strangely and she wasn't sure what to do.

"Non! They wouldn't let y' come! Y' wouldn't be here alone! Leave me be, this is a trick!" Remy yelled as loud as he could. His body trembled with fever and sickness. He felt like he was going to pass out, but he couldn't, not until he proved to Sinister that his trick was not going to work.

"Honest, this is not a trick, I'm really here. The others are here too. They are all on their way up to the plane now, I promise. Please Remy believe me. You're scaring me." Jubilee didn't know how else to convince him. "Logan is here too."

Remy opened his eyes and looked at her, the tears he was trying to hide poured down his cheeks. "Logan?"

Jubilee smiled. "Of course Logan is here, he loves you, we all do." She was growing happier by the minute as Remy seemed to calm down. "They'll all be back in a minute. Hank and Bobby were here but they had to go back down to help the others to the plane. Hank is who put in the IV and hooked up the monitor. You know I don't know how to do that, so I can't be alone."

"NON!" Remy yelled as he struggled to rip out the IV from his left arm. The movement caused him extreme pain, but he couldn't let Sinister have him again, not without a fight. He pulled himself up into a ball against the head of the bed, holding the sheet close to him like a security blanket. "Leave me alone! I knew this was a trick! GO AWAY!"

Jubilee didn't know what to do, she could see Remy was in pain, and blood was rolling down his arm from the IV being ripped out, but she didn't dare get near him. "Remy please."


Jubilee shook her head as she started to cry. "I can't handle this." She punched the button on the com badge. "Hank!"

<Yes, Jubilee>

"Remy is freaking out, he woke up and pulled out the IV. He doesn't think that I'm real, he thinks it's Sinister tricking him." Jubilee saw Remy balled up on the bed shaking violently in fear. She wanted so badly to comfort him but knew it would only make it worse.

<I am on my way up now, try to stop him from hurting himself further.>

A few moments later a panting Hank ran through the medical area door, out of breath from running back to the plane. He rushed over to Remy which caused the young man to panic.

"NON!" Remy thrashed around, almost losing conciseness in his fighting. He saw several of the other X-men rush to the door, attracted by his yelling. It scared him more and he started trying to fight Hank to get away.

"Remy, I am not going to hurt you. Please you are hurting yourself." Hank tried to stop him from hitting him, not that it would cause much damage to him, but it would probably hurt Remy. "Stop! Why are you fighting me?"

"Non, y' are not real. Y' wouldn't be here, this won't work, I know it's a trick y' bastard!" Remy backed himself against the top of the bed again, and started to sob. "Y' are not here, y' are not here, y' are not here."

Logan rushed in the medical door and ran towards the bed, only to be stopped by Hank. "He's delusional from fever and in shock. He does not think we are real."

Logan pushed Hank out of his way and slowly walked to the bed and sat down on the corner. He reached out and touched Remy on the shoulder which got a quick reaction.

"Non! Stay away....Logan?" Remy slowly unballed himself and reached out to the man in front of him. He didn't have the strength to pull himself to Logan, but the older man covered the distance and took him in an embrace. Remy sobbed harder, he dreamed of this moment every night he was in this god forsaken place. "Please don't leave me. Please don't leave me here. I don't care if y' aren't real, I need y', please don't leave."

"Darlin' I'll never leave ya again I promise. You're safe now." Logan couldn't help but cry, he thought he had lost Remy forever and now he had him back. He wasn't in good shape, but he was alive and in his arms, he couldn't ask for anything more. "This is all real Remy, we're going home, everything is going to be fine."

Hank smiled watching the two finally together. He wiped away a tear from his eye and then turned to shoo all the others out of the room. "Logan, I need to look at him."

Logan looked over Remy's shoulder at Hank, not loosening his grip on his lover in the least. "I'm not leaving Hank."

Hank shook his head. "I don't want you to. I just need to stop the bleeding in his arm, and I need to put the IV back in."

Remy tightened his grip on Logan. "Non, no IV, please."

"Darlin', ya are dehydrated and way too thin. He just wants to hook ya up on fluids, it will help break this fever and then ya can think straight." Logan petted Remy's hair until his lover pulled his head off his shoulder and looked into his eyes.

Remy looked deep into those blue eyes that he had missed for so long. "No blood."

Logan looked at Hank for his approval, he wasn't sure why Remy didn't want blood but anything to keep him calm.

Hank nodded. "That is fine, I don't even have blood on the plane."

Logan pulled Remy's arm from around his body and held it out for Hank to take. Remy laid his head back on his shoulder, Logan could feel Remy's sobbing begin again. He petted his lover's hair and whispered soothing words into his ear as Hank slipped the IV back into Remy's arm.

Hank reached over and grabbed a syringe from the table and held it up for only Logan to see and mouthed the words 'sedative'. Logan reluctantly nodded and the doctor injected it into the IV. "Darlin', why don't ya try and rest on the way back to the mansion? Ya have a fever and I know you're in pain."

Remy shook his head against Logan's shoulder. "Non, y' may not be here when I wake up. If this is a dream I don't want it to end." Remy could feel the sedative working in his system, he fought to stay awake, he didn't want to let go of Logan.

"Darlin' I'm not going to leave ya. I will be right here next to ya. I just want ya to lay down. When ya wake up we'll be at the mansion and I'll be right beside ya, I promise." Logan felt Remy's limbs go limp and carefully leaned forward to lay Remy on the bed. Before Remy's eyes dropped closed he kissed him, which made Remy smile as he entered sleep.