Logan growled as he hung up the phone. This was the third time this morning he had called the boathouse. Where was Remy? For the last several months he would almost have to knock Remy out and drag him from the damn house, now he's never there! Or not answering the phone at least, the answering machine didn't even answer. It was making him feel uneasy. Remy was the king of overreacting. He hoped the boy wasn't out doing something foolish. He sighed and stopped himself from calling again. He knew it wouldn't help, the kid wasn't there. He would have to try again later.

He headed back into the hospital room. Yukio was getting Amiko ready to leave and filling her prescription. It had all been a false alarm. If Remy was the king, Yukio was obviously the queen of overreacting. Amiko just ate something bad for lunch and it made her ill. A little dehydrated, that's all. One day in the hospital and a good nights rest and she was right as rain.

He was happy to see Amiko and Yukio again, it had been awhile, but he wished he didn't have to come. He would have rather stayed in Westchester and talked it out with Remy. But there was nothing he could do about that now. All he could do now is get back as soon as possible. He planned on leaving in the morning, as soon as he knew Amiko was settled again. Hopefully he wasn't too late.


Remy walked into the boathouse, happy with himself. He had accomplished a lot in one day. He managed to use all the hot water doing laundry, not only pissing off Cyke, but Ange too. He had to fight back his laughter when Cyke came down in a towel to yell at him. It was worth it.

In town he had not only got all the parts for his bike, and had a nice lunch, but he met a guy at the restaurant. Jarod was a nice looking guy, and didn't seemed to be phased by his eyes. That was a plus. They agreed to meet at Breakers later that night for a date. He had never been there, but had heard about the little pool hall bar. He was excited about the date at the time, but now that he had time to think it over, he felt a little guilty.

Should he wait to talk to Logan before going out with someone else? Maybe there was a reason Logan left. Remy shook his head. "Don't do this to yourself, he left y', he obviously stakes no claim!" He laughed at himself as he pulled his greasy clothes off. "Y' have gone so crazy y' are talking to yourself!"

He threw the clothes in the hamper and pulled the pony tail holder from his hair. His auburn locks fell, brushing against the mark on his shoulder. The only thing he had remaining of his night with Logan. He fingered the bite mark, hissing at the slight sting. He quickly turned from the mirror and stepped into the bathroom, turning on the shower.

He had to stop thinking about Logan, he wouldn't let himself do this anymore. If Logan wanted him he wouldn't have left. He was getting depressed about a relationship ending that never really had a beginning. He wouldn't dwell on it. He was determined to go out and have a good time, not think of Logan tonight.

Remy finished up his shower and walked nude to his closet. Looking through his wardrobe, he picked out a pair of tight black leather pants and a silk shirt. He smiled as he put the outfit on. It was one he knew Logan liked on him. He would catch the Canadian looking at him more then usual when he wore it. With that thought he almost tore off the clothes to choose something else to wear, but stopped. If Logan liked it then Jarod will too. Why let Logan have all the fun?

He put on his boots and the few pieces of jewelry he wore, splash of cologne, and he was ready. All he needed was his wallet and keys and he was on his way. When he picked them up he noticed that the nearby answering machine was off. He debated turning it on, and did in the end. Maybe Cyke would need to leave a message, or maybe the guilds would need him. Who knows maybe even Jake would call. He let the real reason stay a distant thought in the back of his mind. He didn't want to acknowledge Logan.


Bobby made his way to the boathouse. He had hoped that Cajun would have come to dinner or showed at the mansion for something. Anything to make this walk all the way out to the boathouse unnecessary. He could just slide out there, but he was feeling lazy. He had spent the morning in the Danger Room and the last thing he wanted to do is ice up again. He didn't want to walk all the way across the grounds to give Remy the message either, but he thought it would be best if he did. Logan had called and reminded him to tell the Cajun, so it must be important.

Bobby raised his eyes from the ground when he heard the roar of a bike in the distance. He looked up the road to see Remy coming towards him on his motorcycle. Bobby's eyes widened when he saw that Remy was coming pretty fast towards him. He quickly stepped out of the way and threw his arms in the air. He yelled at Remy to stop when he rushed past with no response. Either Remy didn't hear him, or was ignoring him. Bobby shrugged. Guess the message was pretty useless now. He turned around and headed back to the mansion.


Remy smirked as he drove through the gates. He saw Bobby in the road and had to laugh at the look on his face when he sped past. He also heard Bobby yelling at him but ignored it. Scott probably sent Bobby out to fetch him for some briefing or secret mission. He didn't want to deal with that now. He was getting really tired of the X-men and there missions lately. His life seemed to only consist of one mission after the other. Maybe it was time to settle down, or at least take a break. He smiled at the thought as he pulled into the parking lot. Who knows maybe his date would be the one to settle him down. Right!

Remy jumped off his bike and headed inside. Looking around he didn't see Jarod, but he was early. He crossed the large room covered in pool tables and up the short staircase to the bar area. He ordered up a drink as he took a seat on one of the many barstool. From his seat he could watch the front door and the floor around him. A band was setting up on the corner stage. He was beginning to like this place. He smiled at the bartender as he took a gulp of the drink he was just handed. He almost began coughing at the strength of the alcohol in it. He shook his head and took another sip. It was much stronger then he was used to, but it would do.

After several minutes of staring at the floor below he felt a hand drop on his shoulder. Remy startled and turned to see it was his date, Jarod. "Hey, didn't see y' come in." That was strange. He swore he was looking at the door, why didn't he see him come in.

"Sorry I'm late, I ran into traffic on the way over." Jarod hailed the bartender and ordered a drink. "Want to get a booth?"

"Sure." Remy looked at his watch. Twenty minutes. He had been sitting there that long? He shook his head slightly and stood to follow Jarod to the back booth. Where did the time go? He stumbled slightly as he took the step down to the sitting area. The stairs seemed to be moving. The whole bar seemed to be spinning. Remy sat his drink on a near by table and grabbed the back of a chair. His normal balance and grace seemed to leave him.

Jarod turned when Remy didn't answer the question he just asked. He saw that Remy wasn't following him, he had stopped at the bottom of the stairs. He began to worry when he saw how pale Remy had gotten. He knew something wasn't right with the situation. "Are you alright?"

Remy stopped in his tracks. His head was cloudy. He felt dizzy. He felt cold and hot all at the same time. Something was wrong. "I think I need some fresh air." Remy turned to head towards the door and almost fell in the movement. He was caught by Jarod and helped towards the door. His limbs felt heavy and his eyes were getting harder to keep open. He heard his date saying his name, asking him questions, but he couldn't make out the words. They walked out the doors and the cold air hit Remy's already shivering body. "Something's wrong." He thought he said that out loud, but wasn't sure of it. Before he could repeat himself his eyes closed and darkness took him.


Logan banged his head hard against the wall behind him. He cursed to himself, hoping the noise didn't wake Yukio or Amiko.