Logan had landed the smaller jet next to the Blackbird in the hanger fifteen minutes ago, but hadn't budged from the pilot's seat. He was going over in his head what to say to Remy. Letting his mind drift over every possible situation the conversation would create. He had a plan for everything from Remy throwing himself into his arms like a school girl's romance novel to a rough round of down and dirty fist fighting. Not one for mushy stuff, and really not wanting to lose his best friend over this, he was hoping for something in the middle. He didn't want to go back to just friends, but if that is all the kid was willing to give, he would take it over nothing.

He took a deep breath and pulled himself together. Prepared to face Remy and get this over with. He grabbed his duffel bag and jump out the door onto the hanger floor. He was actually a bit surprised that no one was there to greet him. Not that he expected too many people to miss him all that much, but he at least expected Scott to be worried about the plane, or Storm wanting the newest story on Yukio. He shrugged slightly and headed into the elevator that would take him to the mansion floors. First thing he would do is head out to the boathouse, and talk this through with Remy. Procrastinating would only make this worse. That and he was actually worried.

The doors opened to the elegant hallway, which was tucked away in the back part of the house. He dropped his bag to pick up later, as he walked down the hall towards the backdoor. When he got closer to the kitchen he smelled the majority of the team. He looked at his watch, it was way past the normal dinner time. He was hoping they just ate late and were cleaning up, but his instincts were yelling different, he smelled the worry.

He pushed the door open and entered the kitchen. He knew something was up when everyone froze and looked up at him. They were obviously expecting someone else because they all turned back to what they were doing, brooding. Jean and Scott were sitting at the table with mugs of coffee, both obviously caught up in their own mental conversation. Ororo leaned against the kitchen counter, the mug in her hand shook slightly as she stared out the window. Bobby sat at the kitchen bar eating ice cream out of the container. All these habits were typical of the group when they were waiting for some proverbial shoe to drop.

"Welcome home Logan." Bobby smiled around the spoon in his mouth.

"Thanks kid." Logan didn't bother to ask what was going on, if it was life threatening someone would have said something already. It must be the mission Slim had been planning for a week now. He hurried towards the backdoor not wanting to get caught up in some silly team thing, he needed to talk to Remy.

"Where you going Logan?" Bobby asked around another spoon full of ice cream.

"I'm heading out to the boathouse to talk to Remy." Of course he wasn't going to let it be known what about. Feeling that was a good enough explanation he walked out the backdoor. Before he got off the porch the door swiftly opened and Bobby stuck his head out the door.

"Um Logan, he's not out there."

Logan turned and gave Bobby an impatient look. "Where is he then?"

"Well, you know how I said he was drunk and passed out in the back of the cab...."

Logan frowned, this is exactly what he was afraid of. He knew it had to be something else other then Remy being drunk. "He wasn't drunk was he?"

Bobby shook his head. "He passed out in the War Room about an hour ago. Hank took him to the lab, he hasn't told us what's....Hey, where are you going!"

Logan pushed past Bobby and headed back inside. He wasn't going to wait up here in the kitchen for Hank to get done poking and prodding. He wanted to know what was wrong with Remy now! The boy was fine when he left and now he was coming home passed out in cabs, and fainting in the War Room. He stormed through the kitchen and back into the elevator. The doors flew open to the lower levels and he sprinted to the Medlab. Not bothering to knock, he walked into the lab. He saw Hank in one of the private rooms off to the side and rush over to the doorway. "Hank, what's going on?"

Hank jumped out of his fur. He didn't want to think what could have happened if he would have been injecting Remy with something, or any other delicate procedure. He pushed Logan out of the room angrily and closed the door behind them. "Logan what are you doing in my lab without permission. You could have caused injury to Remy sneaking up on me like that. I asked everyone to remain in the kitchen until I finished my exam."

Logan looked through the window on the door. He saw no blood or obvious injuries, that soothed him a little. "What's wrong with him Blue? Is he going to be alright?"

Hank heard the underline concern in Logan's questions and was surprised by it. Logan was openly concerned about very few people, the Cajun he never thought was one of them. "He will be alright with rest and fluids. Once the drugs clear his system..."

Logan turned to the doctor with disbelief. "Remy doesn't do drugs."

Hank decided to spare Logan his normal 'alcohol and nicotine are drugs' speech. "These are not drugs that Remy took consensually, they were either introduced to his system by force or secretly. I am believing it was the latter. The drugs I found in his system were Lorazepam, alcohol, and a low end sedative. None of these drugs should have been mixed in anyone's system, especially Remy's. I believe that that Lorazepam was slipped into his drink, most likely causing him to black out. The other sedative was given to him by injection to keep him that way."

Logan looked back in the room at Remy, he was afraid to ask the next question, but he needed to know. "Blue, he wasn't...ya know. Someone didn't do this to take advantage of him did they?" He couldn't think of any other way he was comfortable saying it. He had no idea what he would do if some sicko drugged Remy just to play their perverted games. He didn't think he could handle something like that.

Hank fidgeted with his glasses, not sure how to answer the question. "I did suspect that may have been the reason, but I found no signs that he had been violated. Though there are a few bruises on his hips and a bite mark on his left shoulder that may suggest otherwise. The doctor raised an eyebrow when Logan quickly looked away from him, a slight redness flushing his cheeks. At first he thought that Logan was actually embarrassed by the conversation, then his mind put the pieces together. It made him smile, he now understood why Logan acted so concerned. He placed his paw on Logan's shoulder, getting the Canadian's attention again. "Unless of course you know something about those markings."

"I may know something about 'em." Logan whispered. "He's going to be alright though? Whoever did this didn't hurt him or anything?"

Hank allowed the change of subject, it was none of his business if Logan and Remy were intimate. Though he had to admit he was very curious about the very unexpected relationship. "No, there is no permanent damage. The mix of drugs caused his blood pressure to drop drastically making him very ill. We managed to catch him in time."

"Catch him in time? Ya telling me he could have died from this?" Logan couldn't believe it. Now he really wanted to find out who did this.

Hank nodded. "Yes, if he would have gone unfound he could have easily died or gone into a coma. Luckily, O' Fearless was angry enough to make Remy come to the War Room. I know Scott is very eager to apologize to Remy for that, but truth be told, it probably saved our resident Cajun." Hank noticed that Logan wasn't paying much attention to him anymore. He just stared through the glass in the door at Remy. "Why don't you go in and sit with him. He should be waking up soon. I am going to take the opportunity to inform the others of his condition."

"Thanks Blue." Logan didn't waste any time. He went in the room and took the seat next to who he hoped would be his new lover, if not his friend, and waited for him to wake.


Logan got up from his chair and took a seat on the edge of the bed when he heard Remy's breathing change. He had been waiting for two hours for any sign of life from Remy, he was beginning to worry. He saw the younger man's eyes sleepily blink and brushed back silky auburn hair to make his presence known. "Hey kid." he said soothingly.

Remy's eyes instantly flew open and locked with Logan's. He had to be dreaming. He reached a shaky hand out and brushed it across Logan's rough jawline. "Logan?"

Logan took hold of the hand on his face and rubbed the knuckles. He heard the disbelief in the voice, Remy didn't think he was there. Which meant his worries were just comfirmed, Remy thought he left because fo the night they shared. "I'm here kid."

"I thought y' left. I'm really sorry..." Remy was stopped when Logan placed his fingers on his lips.

"I'm not sorry Remy. I'm hoping ya don't really regret it either. I didn't leave because of what we did, there was an emergency in Japan. I tried to leave a message but it just didn't get to ya. Not to mention the mean game of phone tag we played all weekend." Logan gave Remy a smile. He hoped the little bit of humor would make the situation a little less awkward.

Remy looked away, he felt foolish. He should have known Logan wouldn't have left like that. What did he do? He went out like a slut on the prowl and got himself drugged. God only knows what happened to him because of his idiotic behavior. He may not have drove Logan away before, but he probably would with this.

Logan pulled at Remy's chin, bringing them eye to eye again. "Let's talk about this later when ya are feeling better, alright Darlin'?" Logan added the endearment, knowing it would help to prove he wasn't regretting the night they shared. He leaned forward and kissed Remy on the forehead, proving it further.

"I am happy I told the others to wait awhile before visiting, I may have had several cases of cardiac arrest if they saw that." Hank stood smiling at the doorway of the room.

Remy quickly turned his face away, a fierce blush crossing his face. He was startled when Logan started to chuckle. He looked up at the older man and saw he was laughing at him. "What?"

Logan brushed Remy's cheek with the back of his hand. "Never saw ya blush before, makes ya look ten years old."

Hank couldn't help to be a little shocked by the odd behavior from the two. If he were to walk upstairs and say that Logan is kissing Remy, and the Cajun is blushing, he would have the whole team downstairs searching for Skrulls. This was so unlike the both of them. He couldn't help but hope the two would have a long relationship, they would be good for each other. God knows they both deserved it. "Alright you two, if you keep this up I will never get Remy out of here. I need to ask a few questions and do another exam before he can leave. Once your blood pressure is back to normal I will release you to the comforts of your room."

"Y' mean the boathouse?" Remy corrected the doctor quietly.

"No, if you leave this room you will stay at the mansion. Just because you are leaving the lab does not mean you are out of my care. I want you close to the Medlab just in case you require medical treatment."

"He can stay in my room." Logan looked at Remy when he realized he just overstepped his bounds a bit. They still hadn't talked about this. He didn't want Remy to feel pressured into a relationship. "That is if that's alright with ya kid, I can clean up your room if ya want to stay there."

Remy shook his head. "Non, I'll stay in your room. I like your bed, especially that fur blanket."

Logan smiled, he was cheering inside, but he would never let more then a grin slip. "Don't ya get any ideas about stealing that cover, thief."

"Don't worry, I'll share." Remy winked.

Hank shook his head, this was almost like walking into the twilight zone. He was beginning to think a check for Skrulls may be a good idea. He decided to dismiss it and work on one mystery at a time. "I hate to bring down the mood in the room, but I need to know exactly what happened to you Remy. I want to make sure I am not missing anything that may need medical attention."

"I'm really not sure Henri, I don't remember all that much." Remy frowned, he wished that he could be more helpful, but he truly remembered very little. Everything between the bar and the hotel was a complete blank.

Logan rubbed Remy's arm gently for support. "Tell us what ya do remember."

Remy closed his eyes in thought. "I remember going to a bar called Breakers. I met a guy named Jarod there, we had met earlier that day at a restaurant." He opened his eyes and checked Logan for any signs of anger and found none, so he continued. "I remember feeling really sick shortly after he arrived. He helped me out to the parking lot and then everything is blank after that. I woke up in a hotel this morning and came home. Y' know the rest."

Hank sighed at the lack of information. "Well I am not at all surprised that you have little recollection of what happened. I suspect someone drugged your drink and continued to keep you unconscious through the night. I found no other injuries or signs of mistreatment that would give us a clue to why someone would have done it."

Remy shuttered at the thought of having no idea what had been done to him. He was drugged for a reason, no one would have just taken him to a hotel to watch him sleep all night.

Logan saw the worry etched across Remy's face. He was just as concerned as he was. "It's alright Remy, we'll figure this out. I'm here now and I ain't leaving."

"Well actually you are." Hank laughed at the look of terror on the two men's face. "Just out to the waiting room. I need to examine Remy and then you can come back in. If everything goes well I should be able to release him to your care by the end of the night."

"I'll be right outside Darlin'." Logan kissed Remy lightly on the lips before leaving the room.


Logan stood ready to go back to his new lovers side when Hank exited the private room. He scowled when Hank stopped him with a raise of his paw. He saw a toothy grin plastered on the doctor's face. He knew what Hank wanted to talk about.

Hank smiled, he couldn't help think of a million questions to ask his friend. He was usually last to get gossip down here in the lab away from everyone else. He couldn't help but be happy about been the first to find out about this relationship. "So Logan, how long has this little thing between you two been going on."

Logan rolled his eyes. "Technically, this little thing, has been going on about 1 night...." Logan looked at his watch. "And 2 hours. If you don't count the time I was in Japan."

Hank raised an eyebrow, the way the two were acting towards each other he expected it to be longer. "Oh."

"I would appreciate if ya didn't go spreading it around. I don't really know if there is a relationship, we haven't really talked about it. It wasn't really anything we planned, it just happened. Then I had to leave to Japan...it's just a mess."

Hank patted Logan on the shoulder. "I don't think you have anything to worry about, he seems very taken with you and your fur blanket."

Logan snorted. "Yea, he's good at hogging it, thats for sure."

"Well he is asleep right now, but when he wakes you should be able to take him to your room. Now that he has had some fluids introduced to his system his metabolism has taken care of the drugs quite well. I think if he eats something he should feel that much better. Since I am releasing him to you I will leave feeding him up to you."

Logan nodded. "Not a problem Hank. Can I go in and sit with him? He's not really one of labs."

"Yes go right ahead." Hank stopped Logan. "If he is to remember anything let me know. Someone did this for a reason."

"I'm going to figure out who and why, and I'll let ya know as soon as I do. I'm not going to let someone hurt him. I waited a long time to get him, I'm not losing him now.