There wasn't much to the boy. Just bones barely covered by fevered skin. I gave the boss a questioning look when he, literally, pitched the boy into my arms after crossing through the portal. "What the hell's this?" I asked, a little more venom then I had wanted. Medication must be wearing off. Sinister noticed too. He began filling a syringe for me from a vile labeled V. Creed'.

"Take this." he commanded, in his ever emotionless tone that always made my skin crawl. "After you lay the boy on the table." He waved me to the nearest medical table, which were surprisingly empty of the mad scientist's experiments.

I placed the boy gently down on the metal bed, finally getting my first good look at him. No more then sixteen, maybe seventeen. He had auburn hair to his shoulders, and an inhibitor collar that was blinking, making it aware that it was keeping the young mutants powers off. "Why'd ya bring this one here?"

Sinister tapped me on the shoulder with the forgotten needle, reminding me I needed an attitude adjustment before answering my question. "It was requested of me. The child is not in control of his powers. His father has done all he can to help the boy, with no avail, so he has become my charge."

"He's become your experiment." I spat back, knowing full well that Essex was not about to help the kid if there wasn't something in it for him.

"Yes, in a way he has. If and when I do find a way to make his abilities controllable he will be very valuable to me. He has great power, just the lack of restraint to use it." The twisted doctor further explained as he crossed the room to fill another syringe with unknown liquid.

Must have been the drugs I had just placed in my own veins, because for some reason I cared that this boy that was now the doctors new guinea pig. There was just something about the kid that told me he was worth more then being locked up in some underground lab being poked and prodded all day. "Are ya sure it's smart to be fillin' him with drugs when you don't know anything about him yet?" I questioned.

"You will not question my judgement, Creed. I believe I fill your veins with the much needed drugs to keep you sane. If you do not want that to change I suggest you not interfere with my work. Now leave me. I believe I left you with a mission to plan, did I not?" The bastard spat back.

"Yeah, I'm on it." I managed to make it half way out the door before looking back at the young boy on the table. My instincts told me to watch this one and I always followed my gut.