Part One

"So what'd the boss bring home this time?" Blockbuster slurred drunkenly.

Creed sighed at the sight of his teammate being drunk for the third night in a row. He really didn't care much for the large man's health, but Michael was a handful when he got too much whiskey in him. He could never understand how such a huge guy could be so bad at holding his liquor.

"Hey, ya listenin' ta me?" Michael yelled, bringing to Victor's attention that his question had not been answered.

"He brought back some mutant who's powers are out of wack." Creed informed the newest member of the ever growing team. He knew full well the larger man would forget anything he said by the morning, seeing as Michael's eyes were rolling sleepily. He wasn't going to go into detail.

"I hear Dr. Essex has a new toy."

"Yea, seems he does." Creed called out in answer to his other current teammate before she even came into the light of the room. Her voice sounded slightly different, but her smell let him know it was Malice. Even though she would jump from host to host, her smell would always stay the same. Creed glanced up at his friend to find she had changed again. "What happened to the old host." he questioned in surprise, seeing she had taken a home in a taller, more frail body.

"Oh, this old thing." Malice said jokingly, waving her hands up and down the new body as if it were a worn evening dress. "Essex found this woman to be helpful in his studies. She's a doctor, specializing in genetic research. He had asked her to help in his lab, but she refused. So, to make a long story short, I gave her no choice in the matter."

"So, what really happened to the old one? Still laying around anywhere?" Michael garbled. It would have been almost seductive if it wasn't passing through the intoxicated lips of an overgrown ox.

"No." Malice answered quickly, disgusted by the larger man obvious intentions.

Michael shrugged as he pushed his chair away from the table and stood unsteadily. "That's a shame. This one ain't to bad either. Let me know when you're done with her." he whispered in the female's ear before slapping her ass loudly.

Creed grabbed Malice around the waist, stopping her from going after larger man, who was heading out of the room. He knew she would never be able to live through a fight with Blockbuster in her current body. "Where are you going?" he yelled out to the younger mutant before he walked out of sight.

"None of your God damn business."

Creed sighed, knowing he would not see Michael for a while. The younger man always disappeared for days at a time, only to return if he sobered up, or was forced to return by Sinister. "Well, at least he ain't going to the morgue."

Malice cringed. She had followed Michael once to the mortuary, and had regretted witnessing the reason for Michael's visits. "I don't know why Essex keeps that boy around. He's disgusting. Why can't he go after something alive?"

"No offense, hon, but right now he is more helpful then you on this mission. I wish you wouldn't have changed into that girl. The last one would have done more good on this assignment we are planning here." Victor said, pointing at the blueprints and maps scattered across the table. "It would've been nice for me to have some say in the matter. Especially since we are short people right now."

"What the boss wants he gets. You know that. Speaking of which, did you get to see the boy he came back with?"

"Yea. What he brought home ain't much. Just a pile of skin and bones. Know anything about him?" Creed questioned, hoping Malice would have something on the kid. He had a curious mind when it came to the young mutant in the adjoining lab.

"Not much, yet. Essex said he was contacted by the kid's family to cure him. The boy's mutant abilities are out of control and it seem's to be doing a number on his body. He's suppose to be really powerful at full strength. He might be useful to the team if Essex can find a way to fix him."

"You make him sound like a broken toy." Vic snorted, finding it amusing that all genetic researchers seemed to consider patients just another inanimate object to play with.

"Hmm, from the pictures I have seen of the boy, he could be a nice little play toy when he grows up. He's a good looking one. Might give you a run for the money." She purred seductively while playing with Victor's ponytail.

Creed swatted the thin hand from his hair. "Not from what I saw, he looked half dead to me. Anyway, he ain't going on this mission so I'm not worried about him. What about you? You out of this one too?"

"I'm not sure. We have several months yet, we will see what unfolds. This new body of mine was chosen to figure out the new kid's problem, so I guess if she can't figure it out I will have no need for this body and I can change to another. Maybe then I will jump into someone that is more your style."

"Why don't ya pick a guy next time? Someone that can do something other then look pretty?" Creed smiled, knowing he had hit a nerve with his friend. Malice never chose a male host.

"How about I choose a woman who can kick your ass?" she playfully sneered back. "Maybe a shift changer. Then I can be anything you want."

Creed pretended to think the idea over then shook his head. "Nah, already had that. Just got me into too much trouble. How about a guy that can get me through this rat maze without tripping off all the X-freak's alarms?"

"That I might be able to do." Malice winked.


"You'll see. Anyway, I would love to spend all the time in the world with you, but I have to get to the lab and start figuring out this new kid's problems. You know the doctor hates when I am late. At least I think he does."

"You are enjoying this doctor thing way too much."

"Maybe." Malice leaned over the table making sure to show off her new assets she occurred with the change. "I can come up later and give you an exam?"

Creed just rolled his eyes, ignoring her advances. "Keep me posted on the kid." The leader ordered, waving Malice out the door, hoping she would follow orders and go. He hated when she got like this.

Malice pouted, but got over it quickly. She was used to Victor's rejections. "Fine, I will get you up to date later. Let me know if you change your mind about that exam."

"Yea, right. Don't hold your breath on that one." Victor whispered under his breath after his teammate had left him alone in the small room he had turned into his make-shift office.

Now that the other mutants were gone Creed could concentrate. He began looking over all the blueprints and papers he was supplied for the current mission. After analyzing each one again and not seeing anything he hadn't seen already a hundred times he growled in frustration. "God damn it! Who do I have to fuck to get through all this bullshit!" he yelled, throwing his fist onto the table with a loud thud. Realizing his anger was getting a foothold on his mood, he reached in his pocket for the drugs Essex had supplied him for his temper. His hand came out empty. "I give up!" Since he had to go up to his room for more medication he decided to stop for the evening. He would begin again tomorrow, hopefully something would change.