Part Five

Victor yawned widely, before rolling over, punching his pillow, and closing his eyes again. He kept waking to a strange sound but guessing it was his imagination he would go back to sleep, just to be woke by it again. It was a low hum, like a bad electrical line in a rain storm. He did a quick look around the bed, and a sniff of the air, finding nothing around him that would taunt his senses. Giving up he laid back down, just to hear the sound once again, only louder. He sighed and got up to investigate. He was never going to get back to sleep until he figured out what it was and got rid of it. He looked around seeing nothing until glancing towards the open door that connect his room to Remy's. A faint glow came from the bedroom and seemed to pulse, growing brighter and brighter by the second. He quickly ran towards the light, fearing for Remy's safety, only to stop at the entrance. "Holy Shit!"

All the furniture, the walls, the floor, and everything in between were all glowing brightly, Remy in it's center oblivious to it all. "Remy! Wake up, kid!" Victor yelled, but got no response. Not knowing what else to do he swiftly walked to the intercom next to the door in his room, punching up the code to reach the main lab, hoping someone was still there.

~"Yes?"~ Malice replied over the speaker, annoyed.

"Uh, Mal...Remy's room is glowing. Is that normal?" The older man cringed as the hum rang louder in his sensitive ears. He knew that couldn't be a good sign.

~"What? It must be his powers! He's charging the room! You have to wake him! He could blow the whole place up around him! I'll be there in a minute."~

Victor heard the click of the intercom being turned off and sighed, not sure what to do. Again, he went to the adjoining door only to see the light was creeping around the walls, slowly consuming it all like a fire. He could not imagine the damage if the charge went off. Not only would it destroy the room, it would most likely kill the boy along with it. That thought threw Victor into action. He had to go in. He had a healing factor, he could survive it, so he told himself. He slowly reached out with one bare foot into the room. Closing his eyes, he touched the glowing floor with his big toe, causing a sharp tingle, but nothing explosive. When there was no major changes in the charge after placing his entire foot on the carpet, he made his way across the room, holding his breath all the way. Making it to the side of Remy's bed, he slowly reached out to shake the sleeping young man. He could feel the static build the closer his hand came to Remy, but ignored the tingling sensation. "Remy, wake up." Victor whispered, hoping not to startle the kid.

"Huh?" Remy groggily replied before dozing off again. He felt another light shake and opened his eyes to Victor standing over him. "What's wrong?"

"I think you're charging the room, kid. Can you do anything about that, other then blow us all to smithereens?"

Remy shot up, instantly awaken with the news. His eyes widened as he looked around him seeing only bright red light. "Merde! You gotta get out of here! If dis place blows up it'll kill you!"

"What about you? Will it hurt you?"

"I don't know, never charged somethin' this big. You need to go!"

"Calm down, kid. You're not going to hurt me. Healing factor, remember? Can you just pull it back in or something?"

"I've never tried to pull dis much back in! I don't know!" Remy began to panic. He worried he was going to kill, not only himself, but his new friend. If not worse.

"Come on, kid! At least try. If you charged the room you should be able to uncharge it." Victor attempted to be the sound of reason, thinking it might calm Remy. He really wanted to run for it, but didn't want to leave the boy behind. Something even he knew was out of character for himself, but he didn't dwell on the thought, he just lightly took a seat on the bed next to the startled younger man. Showing he wasn't going anywhere in hopes that would coax Remy into stopping the charge.

In concern of hurting Victor, Remy closed his eyes and concentrated on the tingling in his hand, attempting to pull the power back into his body. He had pulled the power back in before, but only from small objects like rocks and playing cards. Never a whole room. He felt the flow of the power reverse and the strength of it was like nothing he had experienced. It rocked him to his core. "I don't think I can do dis."

Victor noticed a shift in the glow, a retreat of the power. "Just keep doing whatever it is your doing, it's workin'."

Remy curled his fingers into the pillow beneath his hand, not daring to let go. Afraid it would cause an explosion neither of them would survive. He felt as if he was going to drown in the flood of power he was taking in. He pulled and pulled until his world began to go black. He thought he might faint until a hand fell onto his shoulder. He knew it was Victor's. He could barely hear the older man's voice over the ringing in his ears, but it was loud enough that he could understand the words of encouragement. They seemed to recharge him enough to continue his battle with his mutant abilities.

"It's almost gone. Keep going!" Victor was amazed at the demise of the glow. It seemed the kid had gotten a second wind. The charge was only surrounding the bed they both sat on, creeping up to the main source, Remy's pillow. As the light quickly became just a faint glow around Remy's hand the older man released a sigh. Victor thought the nightmare was over, until the door flew open suddenly.

"Victor?" Malice yelled as she ran into the room, startling Remy just enough for him to lose concentration.

"Idiot!" Creed barely managed to growl before instinct made him grab Remy and throw both of them to the ground beside the bed. He managed just in time for the charged pillow to explode with a loud bang, sending feathers and cloth all over the room like a snow storm.

"Is everyone alright?" Victor asked, raising his head from the floor to take his first look at the damage. "Mal?"

"I'm okay." Malice scowled, brushing feathers from her lab coat.

Remy and Victor stood from the floor, a small blush falling on Remy's face as they parted from one another. "You alright, kid? Shit! You're bleeding."

Remy felt his neck and his hand came back with a tint of red. "It doesn't hurt that bad. Where's my collar?"

"Hold on, let me look at your neck, then we'll figure out what happened." Vic tilted the boys head and saw three shallow cuts across the young man's neck. "I must have got you with my claws when I pulled you off the bed. Mal, you want to look at this, you're the doctor. I'll go get something to clean up the wounds. It's up to you to figure out this power thing too. "

Malice took Victor's place and inspected the gashes. "Looks like you will live. A bandage and some antiseptic will fix it up for the night."

"Why don't I have a collar on?" Remy repeated, slightly annoyed that his question was being ignored. He didn't like being out of the loop. Especially when it is his powers that could cost people their lives.

"We replaced it with the bracelet around your wrist." Malice answered as she made her way across the small room to inspect the bed for damage. "Looks like you just got the pillow."

"No thanks to you." Creed chimed in. "What the hell were you thinking busting into the room like that. You knew scaring him could set the whole place off. What if he hadn't pulled all of that charge back in? This whole floor would have gone up with all three of us on it."

"Why the hell wasn't I told about my powers being turned back on in the first place? None of dis would've happened then. I can control the power, if I know I needed to control it." Remy interrupted before Malice could explain.

"Whoa. Let's not gang up on me. I didn't think turning on your powers to the lowest marker was going to give you enough juice to light up the room. Busting into the room, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking. I was just worried. Let's just be happy no one got hurt and call it a night. Okay?" Mal waited for a nod from both men before playing doctor. "Now let me bandage your neck and we can all get back to sleep." She reached her hand out to Creed, silently asking for the supplies he had returned to the room with. She cleaned Remy's cuts gently, then applied the bandages. "There. That will do for tonight. Come see me in the lab when you wake up and I will get some antiseptic on them and make sure you don't need stitches. Do you need me to turn your powers off completely for the night?"

"Non. I know there on now. Like I said, I can control 'em if I know I need to." Remy scowled at the doctor. Still angry and feeling a little guilty he turned away from the two and began cleaning up the mess he had created.

"Alright then. I will let you two get back to sleep. Call me if you need me."

Creed waited for Malice to leave the room before looking over Remy again. He didn't notice any physical damage due to the incident. The boy actually looked stronger then before. The only thing that stood out were the bandages covering the side of the younger man's neck. "Sorry about that, by the way."

"Huh?" Remy turned from cleaning feathers from his bed. "Sorry ‘bout what?"

"Your neck. I didn't mean to hit you with the claws. Glad I didn't get you any deeper. Might have had a major problem on our hands. We would've had to clean up blood too."

"It's alright. This could've been me." Remy smiled and waved over the mess of feathers on the bed.

Both men chuckled, which turned into uncontrollable laughter, one feeding off the other. All they could do is laugh at the situation now that it was over.

Creed was first to speak through heavy breaths after several minutes of loud laughter. He hated to break the mood, but he needed to know they were not going to go through this again. "You sure you're gonna be alright? With the bracelet on and everything?"

Remy took a seat on the bed. Feeling a little woozy now that the adrenalin was wearing off. He waved the question off. "It's no problem. I wasn't holdin' back, cause I didn't think I had to. That's what caused the whole chargin' thing. I haven't done somethin' dat stupid since I was a kid."

"You're still a kid." Creed huffed. Making his way to his own room to try and get some much needed rest.

Remy sighed, getting serious. "You know, if you're worried 'bout it I can move to 'nother room. It might be a good idea, just in case."

Victor leaned against the door frame, and thought for a minute. His common sense told him it might be a good idea to move the boy, maybe to the lab for the night, but being honest with himself he really didn't want the kid out of his sight. "Nah, you say you can control it. I'll believe you. Just don't make me regret it. I'll live through the whole thing, you probably won't."

"Not much for you to regret if it's only me gettin' blown up, non?"

"I don't know. There's a lot of things I'd regret not getting to do to ya." Creed whispered after he walked into the darkness of his own room.

Remy quickly turned away, facing his own bed. He may not have super hearing like Victor, but he managed to pick up on what the older man had said under his breath. A furious blush fell across the boy's cheeks as he thought about what those things might be. "What's wrong wit you?" he whispered to himself.

"What?" Victor yelled from the adjacent room.

"Nothin'! Good Night." Remy yelled back. He climbed into his bed and stared at the ceiling for awhile, trying to figure out his new roommate. He thought maybe he didn't hear the older man right, maybe he had said something else. All he could think about where those things Vic wanted to do to him. He found his hand drifting towards his crotch the more he thought about the situation, but stopped himself. Last thing he wanted was Creed catching him fondling himself, especially if his roommate was nothing more then that, a roommate. Finally he huffed, giving up on his thoughts. Rolling over towards the wall and getting comfortable, he closed his eyes and fell into a frustrated sleep, making sure to keep his powers in check for the night.

Victor quietly sat on the edge of the bed looking into the room across from him, unbeknownst to the boy that occupied it. He smelled the growing arousal come from Remy as the boy laid in his bed. The sweet aroma was tempting him, forcing awake the beast within. He sat there starring until he heard the slow breathing of sleep from across the room. Every cell in his body wanted to go into that bedroom and take what he wanted, then rip the boy to shreds for making him want it. When he finally shook the dark thoughts away he found himself already half way to Remy's bed. He quickly ran back to the small refrigerator he kept in the corner and retrieved a syringe full of the blue liquid that Essex had supplied. Without hesitation he plunged the needle into his arm, instantly ridding himself of the red haze that threatened his mind. He slid down to the floor and breathed in and out heavily, rocking back and forth. Tears threatened his eyes as he thought what he could have done if he wouldn't have come to his senses in time. He sat there for a long moment, not daring to move until his mind totally cleared. Even though his nightmarish thoughts had gone, the arousal still remanded. He grabbed a towel from the small closet to head to the showers for a quick rinse, hoping to calm himself down. Before leaving he took one more look at the young man in the opposite room. "You are going to be the death of me, kid. Or I will be yours."