"So Remy was pretty fucked up then?" Logan asked after the last swig of beer. He threw the bottle into the trashcan across the deck, causing it to break inside the metal can.

Hank scowled at Logan's harsh interpretation. "Remy was not 'fucked up'. He was a very frightened boy that was forced to live in a lifestyle no human, especially a child, should be subjected too."

Logan raised his eyebrow at that. He figured the police just found him outside a house fire and that was that. "'Lifestyle'? Did his parents abuse him or something?"

"His parents no, abuse yes. It took us a while to get him comfortable enough to let us in the room, let alone talk to us. There were a lot of complications."

"Complications? This gets more interesting by the second." Logan popped open a new beer and offered one to Hank.

"No, thank you Logan. Yes there was certain events that shouldn't have occurred, but it was quickly solved...........


"I'll take the boy Dr. McCoy."

"No offense Dr. Blanchard, but he is very frightened. I feel the less people introduced to the child the better." Hank hated to hand any child over to Dr. Blanchard, especially one as scared as this one. The doctor was good at what he did, but his treatment of children was horrid. He was too cold hearted to care for someone that obviously needed a little kindness.

"That is not your decision. I am the Chief of Emergency Medicine and you are simply a Resident. Now do as I say and take the child to that bed over there. Once I have examined him, he will be moved to his room. Make sure to fill out his chart with the information you have on his condition, and continue with your normal rounds."

Hank sighed angrily and followed his orders. He placed the boy on the examining table in the center of the ER. There were several people laying in medical beds and tables. He hoped the boy would not wake until he was in his room. Waking to this kind of crowd could only be terrifying to this child. He feared the other patients would find him threatening as well. He did not want the boy being accused of being a vampire again.

Hank grabbed the boy's chart. He needed to speak to the police officers and find out just what happened. Then he would talk to Dr. Touchet. He hated to go over someones head like this but he had already become attached to the boy. He didn't know if it was the utter fear the boy had shown him, or the fact that he was a mutant, but he wanted to be the one that took care of him, not Dr. Blanchard.


Hank sighed. Talking to the police officers that brought the boy to the hospital had not made much clear. The boy was found outside a warehouse fire trying to get back into the building, that was blazing out of control. The female officer explained the boy was scared of everyone that approached him, especially the females, and was hell bent on staying were he was. When the boy passed out they quickly put him in the car and brought him to the hospital. That is where her partner got his first look at the boys eyes.

She apologized for her partner's behavior, and begged the doctor not to file charges. Hank agreed as long as she promised to talk to him. Explain the difference between vampires and mutants. He also wanted to be kept up to date on any leads of the boys guardians. She happily agreed to his conditions. She would call him as soon as anyone filed a report for a missing boy with red eyes. He had a feeling that was not going to happen, or at least hoped it wouldn't. The boy was obviously in conditions that he should not be in. Maybe finding his parents was a bad thing.

He stepped out of the elevator as the doors opened to the office and psychiatric ward of the hospital. He needed to convince the Chief of Staff to hand over the child to his charge. He was pretty sure this would not be difficult. He was very friendly with Dr. Touchet. Few knew that the Chief of Staff was a mutant telepath himself, very low on the scale of things, but a mutant all the same. It gave them a common bond. He also knew that Dr. Touchet was never fond of Dr. Blanchard's way with children, another thing on his side.

He knocked lightly on the office door, and was instantly called in. "Good evening Dr. Touchet."

"Ah, Henry. I was expecting you sometime soon." The older doctor waved to the chair in front of him.

"You were sir?" Hank said surprised as he took the offered chair.

"Mary has already called here telling me about the child you brought into the ER. She is complaining of Dr. Blanchard's handling of the patient."

Hank had to smile slightly at that. Mary was never one to keep her opinions to herself. If she thought something was being handled wrong she would show no restraint in telling you. Or going over your head as she obviously had done this time. "Yes, that is why I have come to talk to you. I fear that this child is a special case that Dr. Blanchard would hinder more then aid. The boy is very frightened of strangers, he has obviously been through something very traumatic, and...."

Dr. Touchet smiled and nodded, before raising his hand for the young doctor to stop. He had already made his decision based one what he knew. "Henry, I have already decided to pass the child's care onto you. I feel since you were the first to make contact that you would be more familiar to the child. I had Dr. Blanchard bring me his charts while you were speaking to the police. He has informed me that the boy did not have any major physical injuries, just malnourished and slightly dehydrated, but nothing life threatening. There are signs of abuse, so I took the liberty, and made arrangements with Dr. Olivier to met with the boy when things had quieted down. I am sure the child will need some psychiatric care."

Hank nodded. "Yes he will. I thank you for giving me this chance sir. You won't regret it."

Dr. Touchet handed the records to Hank. "Don't worry about me son, don't let that boy down there regret it...." He raised his finger as a sign to hold the thought when the phone rang. "Yes? I understand, I will send him down immediately. Just keep everyone out of the room until he arrives." He hung up the phone. "You need to get down there right away. The boy has woken and is fighting the restraints. He won't let the nurses near him."

"Restraints? My stars and garters, what is he thinking!" Henry ran out of the room and stormed down the stairs, forgetting about waiting on the elevators. His agility made him faster, especially in panic. He couldn't believe Dr. Blanchard would have restrained the boy. He raced through the halls, carefully dodging doctors and patients. He could hear the screams of the boy ripping through the halls as he got closer to the room. A crowd of worried nurses had gathered at the door. He was stopped by Mary who saw him first.

"We don't know what to do. If any of us try to get near him he goes into hysterics. We are afraid to touch him, but he's going to break his arms if we don't get him out of those restraints." She pulled Henry through the crowd to the door so he could see the panic the child was in.

The boy was kneeling on the bed trying to rip his arms from the restraints tying him to the bed. The IV, that the cuffs were obviously put on him to protect, was lying on the floor. He quickly made his way into the room, not caring if it caused more hysterics. He couldn't allow the child to pull his arm out of socket or break a wrist.

The moment he came into view the boy dropped his eyes and stop his fight instantly, bowing to him again. He reached out to brush back the boys hair, in hopes of getting the boy to understand he was not out to hurt him. He cringed when it had the opposite effect then he hoped. The boy flinched back from his touch violently and began to breathe rapidly. When he tried to remove the cuffs he could hear the boy sobbing.

"Please, don't punish me. You said you wouldn't. Take me back, take me back, take me...."

Hank sighed angrily when the boy passed out again. He removed the restraints and dropped them into his pocket, he would question Dr. Blanchard later. He pulled the boy up and laid him gently in the bed, brushing back the rusty hair from his small face. His anger flared again when he saw the boys arms. Bruises had already began to set on the child's wrist and blood covered his arm where the boy had pulled out the IV. He heard someone enter the room, and looked up. Mary stood right inside the door with a worried look on her face.

"Is it alright to come in?" Mary moved closer seeing the boy was asleep.

"He passed out again. I think it would be better if everyone stayed out of the room while he is awake. At least for now. This should have never happened. Dr. Blanchard should have known better then to restrain a frightened child." He began to bandage the bleeding arm. The area was too bruised to reenter an IV, he would have to start a new one.

Mary saw that the doctor was angry. She reached over and took the bandage from his hands. "This is my job, tell me what needs to be done. You go give that asshole a piece of your mind, and a pretty damn big chunk of mine. I told him not to do this and he told me to go back to my desk and answer phones. I used the phone alright! I called Dr. Touchet!"

Henry patted Mary on the shoulder. "You did the right thing. The boy has been placed in my care. Dr. Blanchard won't get the chance to do this again. I just need his arm bandaged, and another IV started. Fluids and a sedative is all he needs right now. I want him to sleep through the night. Until I get him in a calm enough state to talk I don't want anyone else in here but me. I will introduce the necessary staff slowly so it will be less traumatic for him." Mary gave him puppy dog eyes, and he laughed. "Yes, you will be the first nurse I will allow in. Now I am going to go find a certain someone to throw these at." Hank dangled the restraints in the air." If he should wake or you need me for anything page me, I won't be far."


Hank asked around for Dr. Blanchard until he was pointed towards one of the staff rooms. He stormed in the door, happy that he was alone with the man he had searched out. He threw the restraints on the table in front of the doctor. "What the hell were you thinking tying down a frightened child?"

Dr. Blanchard looked up at Henry with disgust. "They were necessary to keep the IV in."

"Is that why he just ripped it out trying to get out of them? Where were you when he almost broke his arm trying to get out of those damn things? He thought he was being punished, God damn it!" Hank glared at the man when the doctor smiled at him.

"The brat's not my problem anymore. He's in your care now. Where were you?" Dr. Blanchard picked up the cuffs and through them back across the table to Hank.

"You bastard! You better stay away from him. You have done enough damage as it is!" Hank grabbed the restraints and left, slamming the door behind him. He knew he would probably get wrote up for his behavior, but it would be worth it.

He stopped by the desk to pick up his charts for his normal rounds. He found them missing. He looked up at the dry erase board that listed the doctors in charge of each case and found his name on very few. He glanced at the room the boy was in and found his name listed with a large 'ONLY' in red ink. Next to it was a post it note. He pulled it off and adjusted his glasses to read the messy handwriting.

'Henry, I have transferred most of your workload to other residents. I want you to concentrate on the boy. Dr. Touchet'

Hank smiled and picked up the chart that had been started on the boy and walked towards the nearest breakroom to study his new charge. He wouldn't fail on this one, there was too much at stake.