Warning/Notes: This story is AU, based on Comicverse.
As usual, I went easy on the accents.
As my trademark, I have chosen misspellings and bad grammar just to annoy my English teacher. ^_^
Oh! And if the Letters Look Like This that means the characters are thinking it....not telepathy, just to themselves.

Bobby excitedly opens the door to the Medlab, almost running into Hank as he walks out. "Hey, have you met Jordan?"

"If you are speaking of the young lady that has come from the Academy to work with the Professor, no I have not. I am on my way to speak with her now." Hank pats his medical coat as if looking for something. "My glasses." He turns and walks back into the lab, followed by Bobby.

"Did you hear what she can do? It's pretty cool if you ask me." Bobby picked up Hanks glasses from a table.

"From what I was told she can open portals to mirroring dimensions and different time...where did I put those." Hank continued looking under papers and books on his desk, as Bobby smiled.

Bobby tapped Hank on the shoulder and handed him his glasses. "Yea, she says she can send you to last place you were thinking about and then bring you back later. And since it is a mirroring dimension you can mess with things and it really doesn't destroy the fabric of time..or whatever."

Hank rolled his eyes as he dropped his glasses in his coat pocket. "It's not something to play with Bobby, just because it does not effect this dimension and time, does not mean it doesn't effect another. How would you like to disturb a world and then be stuck there when she cannot return you to this one?"

Bobby followed Hank out the door again, arguing with him down the hall. "She brings you back two or three days later, that is why she is here. Emma thinks it has something to do with telepathy, since she reads your mind to send you to the dimension. She has to make some kind of link to automatically find you again later. I still think it would be cool! Just think of all the things you could learn and use against others later." Oh the jokes I could pull then.

Hank pushed the button for the elevator, surprised that he has to wait for it, he turns and looks at Bobby. "I do not suggest you use this as a new game until we have taught her to use it properly. Considering it takes her several days to gain the strength to reopen the portal is worrying enough." Hank turns back when the doors open to find why he had to wait. "Hello, Logan."

"Hey Blue, I was coming down to talk to ya." Logan stepped out of the elevator into the cold metal halls, which made him cringe slightly.

"Go on up Bobby, I will be up in a few minutes. Remember what I said, she is not a toy."

"Yea Yea, I know." Bobby waved his hand dismissively as the elevator doors closed.

Logan shook his head. "I don't even want to know who's not a toy this time."

Hank chuckled. "Just the young lady from the Academy, he thinks he can use her power to dig up dirt for his nasty jokes. I was getting ready to go see her when you arrived. Do we need to go to the MedLab?"

"No, I just wanted to ask you for something for Remy, but it can wait until later."

"We can discuss it on the way back up if you like? I should not be long with the student, she is here to see the Professor mainly. He just wants me to meet her so she will be comfortable if something should happen during training." Hank waved his hand towards the elevator.

Logan nodded and followed Hank in. "I was just wondering if ya could give me something to help Remy sleep."

Hank tilted his head slightly in wonder. "Is he having problems falling asleep? Have you tried hot milk or reading? I hate to give the young man medication, his system handles them strangely."

"No, Remy doesn't have problems falling asleep, it's staying asleep. He keeps having these nightmares, he has always had them, but they seem to be happening more often. The less sleep he gets the more nightmares he has, and I don't think I can take him waking up screaming anymore. He seems so terrified."

Hank gave Logan a worried look as he followed him out the now opened doors. "Has he told you what they are about? Maybe talking would help."

Logan shook his head. "He won't tell me, he keeps saying he doesn't remember, but I know he's lying. I've tried to push him, but it just upset him more."

They both stopped in the hall outside the living room where the others were meeting with the new student. Hank sighed. "I will give you some mild sleeping pills, we will see how he reacts to them and maybe give him something stronger if he needs it."

"Thanks, Blue. I'll come down later and get them from ya. Now I just have to get him to take the damn things." He turned to walk away and was stopped.

"Why don't you come in, I should only be a minute. You should meet the new student anyway, it will make her more comfortable knowing everyone while she is here. After, we can go down and get the pills." Logan shrugged and continued down the hall with the doctor. "So, Remy hasn't given you any clue as to what these dreams are about?"

"I don't think they are dreams, they seem too real to him, there more like flashbacks. I think they have something to do with his childhood......." Logan was cut off when they walked through the living room door and was blinded by a bright light. He cringed and closed his eyes, opening them again when he felt himself hit the ground hard. "What the hell was that?" He blinked trying to get his vision back. When he did, he noticed he was outside in an alley. He looked around only seeing a dumpster, a homeless drunk, that seemed to be oblivious to their arrival, and Hank a few feet from him. "Hank? Ya alright?"

"What was that?" Hank rubbed his eyes and slowly sat up.

"Not sure, but we are outside, in a city I don't know. It sure ain't New York, smells wrong." Logan stood up and sniffed the air and took a better look around, not recognizing anything. "We need to find out what's going on and the way back home."

Hank stood up and brushed off his clothes. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device. "Glad I carry this around with me." Hank pushed the button on the image inducer which changed him to his normal human form.

"Well, that is one problem solved, lets get the hell out of this alley." Logan grumbled while walking out onto the street. He looked around seeing nothing he knew. There was, what seemed to be, tourists, in odd clothing, on a street lined with outdoor cafe's and stores. "Recognize anything, Blue?"

"I have a feeling we were just introduced to the new student's powers personally." Hank answered pointing at the newspaper stand. Hank bent down, put on his glasses, and read the newspaper heading. "New Orleans Post June 13, 1985"

Logan's eyes widened. "What the hell? You're telling me she has the power to send people back in time?"

"Not exactly." Hank stood up and placed his glasses into his pocket. "A mirroring dimension, and another time."

Logan threw his hands into the air. "Oh that's better, I thought for a second we were just in another time, now we're on another world too."

Hank pulled Logan back into the nearby alley. "Will you be quiet, we don't need everyone to think we are crazy. It is a mirroring dimension, which means everything and everyone should be the same. Jordan will be able to pull us back to our world and time, it will just take a few days. Until then we'll just have to make the best of it."

"A few days?" Logan sighed. "Fine, lets find a hotel and just hole up until we go back. She will know where we are, we don't have to do anything?"

"That is what I was told, that is why she is here...or there. To talk to the Professor about the link she creates that allows her to find us later. It just takes her two to three days to gain the strength to reopen the portal. So if we stay in a hotel she will be able to find us there."

Logan fumbled in his wallet. "Damn it, I knew those new bills were a bad idea. I have one old hundred dollar bill, and two twentys, hopefully that will work for a few days."

Hank followed suit and looked in his wallet. "I have three old twentys and some ones and fives. That should be plenty. Let's ask someone in the deli across the street for directions to the nearest hotel. I personally know nothing about New Orleans."

Logan nodded and they walked across the street. "Why New Orleans anyway?"

"Jordan sends people to the last place they think of. I guess since we were speaking of Remy it triggered this trip to New Orleans." Hank smiled at a pretty blonde that was standing at the crosswalk they were approaching.

Logan rolled his eyes and grabbed Hank's arm, pulling him towards the deli. "Hank, don't smile at her, she will think you want something."

"What do you mean? She smiled at me, I smiled back, I was just being friendly." Hank gave Logan a sly grin.

"Yea, she is being friendly alright." Logan pointed at the street sign above their head. "Bourbon Street, it's were all the whores stand, and watch your pockets."

Hank took a quick look around and noticed that there was a very lovely lady on each corner and several in between. "Oh."

"I will go in and ask for directions to the nearest hotel. Stay here and try not to attract anything." Logan chuckled as he walked into the small deli. He walked up to the edge of a long counter and waited for the teenage boy behind it to wait on his customer.

The teenage boy slowly walked over, acting slightly annoyed. "Can I help y'"

"Yea, can ya give me directions to the nearest hotel?" Logan turned when the bell on the door chimed, signaling another customer.

"Lemme get dis kid outta here and I'll draw y' a map." The teenager walked back over to the serving area an eyed the new customer. "Usual, boy?" The young customer nodded and the worker went back to the kitchen.

Logan looked at the small boy that was waiting at the counter. The dirty boy had on worn clothes that were way too large for him, and sunglasses that looked like they had been broken and mended several times. He also noticed the kid looked thin and was slightly trembling from weakness. He kept looking at the boy trying to figure out just how old he was, when the boy looked over at him, making it aware he noticed the large man staring at him. Logan realized what he was doing and looked away, just as the teenager returned with a sandwich and slid it across the counter to the boy. The young child, grabbed the sandwich and sat a twenty dollar bill on the counter, that the worker put in the register before walking back over to Logan.

Logan looked at the boy who was leaving and then back to the deli worker. "Did ya just take $20 from that kid for a sandwich?"

"Huh?" The worker looked up from his map he was drawing to Logan. "Oh, dat kid. Yea, he comes in all da time, he lives in da alleys round here. He gives me $20, I give em a sandwich. Boss says not to let da freak in, but I make $15 everytime. Da kid is too stupid ta know how much it really cost." He laughed and went back to his map.

Logan growled and grabbed the teenager by his collar. "Give me the change you owe the kid."

"Hey mister, what da hell is y' problem?" The young man yelled back.

"Do ya know what a street kid has to do for $20? It doesn't come easy. Now give me the damn change ya owe the kid and I will make sure he gets it." Logan pushed the teen backwards towards the register. The worker quickly fished out the change he should have given the boy and gave it to Logan. "Good, now if the kid comes in again ya will give him the right change, or ya will have to talk to me again." Logan snarled and stomped out.

Hank noticed Logan looked a bit upset when he came through the doors. "What's wrong, Logan?" Hank stood up from his chair, shocked, when Logan walked right by him. "Logan, what is going on?" He raced after the Canadian and finally caught up. "What are you doing? What is wrong with you?"

"Not now Blue, I'm trying to track this kid." Logan suddenly stopped. "Shit! I can't get his scent, there are too many smells to tell the difference between them all."

"Logan are you talking about the small boy that went into the deli while you were inside? If so he went down that alley." Hank pointed towards the alley across the street from where they were standing.

"Come on then." Logan said while running across the street. He stopped half way to look at Hank, who had not moved. "Hank come on."

Hank sighed and rushed across the street to catch up with Logan. "Would you please tell me what this is about? We should be finding a hotel, not following small children home."

"This is his home Hank. He's a street kid, and that brat inside the deli has been ripping him off. He took $20 from the kid for a sandwich, just because he didn't know better." Logan kept looking behind dumpsters and doorways. "So I got his change and I'm trying to find him to give it back. If he has this money it may save him from doing something stupid to get more later." Logan pointed his finger, signalling Hank to stay quiet. Logan slowly walked towards a doorway, followed closely by Hank. He looked inside to see the boy with his back towards him shovelling the sandwich in his mouth faster then he could possible chew it. Logan backed up slightly and walked into view so he wouldn't startle the kid by coming up behind him. "Hey, kid."

The young boy jumped and pushed himself into the corner of the doorway. He looked up at the man, recognizing him from the deli. "What do y' want? Leave me alone." The boy darted forward, around Logan, and into the alley only to run into Hank. The boy slowly backed up, trying to get away, when he hit the wall with his back. He knew there was no way out. He started to breath rapidly, looking back and forth between Logan and Hank. "Please, leave me alone."

"Hey kid, I didn't mean to scare ya. I just wanted to give ya this." Logan held out his hand with the money in it.

The kid looked at the money and shook his head. "Non, I don't want it. Go away."

Hank looked at the boy confused. "It's alright kiddo, just take the money."

"Non! Go away! I don't want your money! I don't want to. Just leave me alone." The last came out in a whisper, he was too weak to fight anymore. The boy slid down the brick wall, sitting on the dirty ground below.

Logan noticed the tears rolling down the little boy's cheeks under the sunglasses. "Kid, listen this is your money. This is your change from the deli across the street."

The boy looked up at him and lightly shook his head. "I don't have change. I gave him the money with a two and a zero, that is what y' give him for a sandwich."

"No, prices changed, its only a bill with a five on it now. He will give ya change from now on. Here take it." Logan held out the money once again, hoping the child would take it.

The boy looked at Logan and then to Hank and back to Logan. After a few minutes of hesitation he slowly reached out and took the money from Logan. "I can leave now?" He asked as he stood up, his back still pressed against the wall.

"Sure kid, ya can go. I was hoping ya would tell us how to get to a hotel, and maybe join us for dinner, but if ya want to leave, go ahead." Logan slowly stepped aside giving the kid ample room to run if he felt the need to.

Hank noticed the boys condition and gave the boy a troubled look."You do look like you could use a good meal. You're way too thin, and you should not be out here on the streets alone, you're much too young. Where are your parents?"

Logan noticed that all the attention Hank was giving the kid was making him nervous. "He can tell us at dinner, can't ya kid? I saw the sign of a McDonalds up the street, want some cheeseburgers?"

The kid nodded and smiled.

"Okay, lets go then." Logan waved his hand towards the street and started slowly walking out of the alley.

Hank started following Logan out noticing that the boy was still standing against the wall. "Um, Logan, he isn't coming." He whispered from the corner of his mouth.

"I know Hank, he will follow us if he wants to come, I'm not going to force him. This way he will know he has control." Logan heard small footsteps behind them. "See, he'll follow us."

They walked down the street in silence, listening closely to the sound of the young boys steps behind them. Neither looked back, afraid to turn around and scare the boy. When they reached the McDonalds Logan opened the door, waving Hank in and then looked at the kid. "Coming?"

The boy stopped and shook his head.

"Why not kid, we won't hurt ya. Come on." Logan smiled and pointed in with a movement of his head.

"I can't go in, they won't let me." The boy shuffled his feet and looked at the ground. He heard the door close and thought for sure that the older man left him behind. Suddenly he saw the older man's feet in his view of the ground, he looked up and saw that the man had knelt down in front of him.

"Listen kid, you're with me, ya can come in. If anyone gives ya any trouble, I'll give them trouble." Logan held out his hand and smiled when the boy took it. Logan stood and they walked into the restaurant to be joined at the door by Hank.

"Glad you joined us. I was afraid I would have to eat alone." Hank smiled at the small boy.

They entered the line of people that was wrapped around a small maze of barriers. Logan could tell the boy was nervous being down around all the people in the line. He took the chance and lifted the boy up, sitting him on the edge of the wooden railing so the small boy would be about the same height as everyone else. "Better?"

The boy was startled at first, but then looked around and found it was better. He looked at Logan and nodded.

"Good, now what would ya like to eat?" Logan figured if the boy couldn't read prices he couldn't read a menu either and started naming the different types of food off the menu. After he had named off everything the boy just shrugged nervously. "How about we just order a bunch of cheeseburgers and see who can eat the most?" The boy nodded happily.

The kid scooted across the rail as they made there way around the line until he reached the end by the register and jumped down. Logan ordered a large helping of cheeseburgers and then stepped out of the way for Hank to order his meal. The boy just stood and listened in amazement at all the food that was ordered, not noticing he was in view of the main office. Suddenly a man came out of the room and grabbed the kid by the arm spinning him around to meet his angry gaze.

"I thought I told you to stay out of here, we don't want freaks like you scaring off the customers. Now get out!" The manager pulled the young boy towards the door until he was stopped by a large hand on his shoulder. The manager turned to see the person holding his shoulder was smiling at him, and holding back a very angry looking man by a firm hand on his chest.

"I suggest you let my small friend go. If I cannot convince you, I am sure my other friend here can." Hank pushed Logan back as he lunged forward at the manager.

"I don't want this freak in my restaurant, he scares the other customers, and me. Make sure you get your meal to go." The manager whispered so the other customers could not hear. The manager gave the boy a shove and walked back into his office.

The boy stumbled forward and stopped in front of Hank. He started to look up from the floor and realized his glasses had fallen off in the scuffle. He frantically looked around for them, not finding them anywhere. Oh please don't let them see. They will hate me too.

"Hey kid, are ya alright?" Logan asked as he knelt down again in front of the boy, hoping it would calm him down like it did before. He was startled when the boy panicked and ran for the door. "Shit, Hank can you grab the food, I'm going to try and catch him." Hank nodded and Logan ran after the boy. What the hell is going on, he seemed perfectly calm and now he is running from us. And what's with that damn manager, the kids just homeless, doesn't make him a freak. Logan followed the kid into the alley behind the restaurant and watched him duck into a doorway. He slowly walked up to the door and looked in at the crying boy huddled in the corner. "Kid? Ya alright? Don't listen to that guy, he's just a jerk." Logan slowly sat down on the ground across from the boy. "Come on kid, talk to me, at least look at me. Ya know I won't hurt ya."

The boy wiped his eyes and sniffed a few times. "Y' think I'm a freak too, everybody does."

"I don't think you're a freak, why would I think that, ya just don't have a home, that not your fault." Logan slid over to the wall, closer to the boy.

"That's not why they call me a freak." The boy pulled his knees up closer to his chest and buried his face in his knees, sobbing quietly.

"Don't cry kid, there's nothing that could make me think you're a freak, absolutely nothing." Logan reached out and pushed back a lock of dirty hair. "Why do they call ya that?" Logan face went pale as the young child slowly looked up at him. Holy Christ. He felt his breath catch and he knew he was staring but could not help himself. He was broke from his trance when the boy curled back up and started crying again. "Kid? Hey, I'm sorry. Its just your eyes...."

"I know! There demon eyes, they make me a freak, I know already. Now leave, I know y' want to!" The boy sobbed uncontrollably. The older man moved towards him and he dropped to the ground, pulling himself as close to the door as possible. "Please don't hit me. I'm sorry, I won't hurt y'. Just leave me alone, please."

Logan stopped in his tracks. He only wanted to comfort the boy, but didn't expect this reaction. "Listen kid, I'm not going to hit ya." Logan sighed and sat back down by the boy, leaning his head against the wall. "Ya didn't let me finish, I think your eyes are beautiful." He turned his head to see the boys reaction and smiled when the boy looked at him in surprise. "I have a close friend that has eyes just like yours."

"Really?" The boy sat up slightly, his curiosity drowning out his fear.

"Yep, miss him a lot too. His name's Remy." He grinned when the young boy's eyes widened.

"That's my name too!" The boy said excitedly.

"Never would have guessed." Logan shook his head and sighed. "Looks like I have two friends by that name then. My name is Logan." He reached out his hand for the boy to shake and chuckled when the boy took it as a sign to hold it, not to shake it. "Come on, lets go eat some cheeseburgers."