Logan and Remy walked out of the alley together going back towards the front of the restaurant. As they walked Remy had his eyes to the ground, only looking up occasionally to take in surroundings, making sure not to make eye contact with anyone. Logan stopped when he felt a tug on his arm. "What's wrong?"

"Your friend...." Remy let go of Logan's hand and fidgeted with his tattered sleeve as he tried to think of the right thing to say.

"Don't worry. Hank won't care about your eyes. He may act a little surprised when he sees them though, he knows the other Remy too. But he doesn't mean anything by it, neither of us will hurt ya, I promise." Logan held out his hand again. Remy nodded and grabbed the older man's hand. As they turned the corner Logan was flagged down by Hank sitting in an outside patio next to the building. Now I just have to tell Hank who this is without him scaring Remy off.

Hank smiled when he noticed the young boy was with Logan. "I'm glad you came back, I don't think we could have finished all these cheeseburgers by ourselves." He gave Logan a questioning look when the boy kept his eyes to the ground.

Logan nudged Remy until he looked up at Hank. "Hank, I would like ya to meet Remy."

Hank looked from Logan to Remy, instantly caught in the gaze of red and black eyes. "Oh my stars and garters."

Logan quickly jumped in before Hank could say anything further, trying to get him to understand that he was scaring the kid. "Looks just like our friend Remy doesn't he? I was telling him that we had a friend with eyes like his, that he's not a freak." Logan gave Hank a look that told him to go along with what he was saying, so he wouldn't spook Remy.

Hank snapped out of his trance and smiled. "Yes, their eyes are identical. I am very glad to finally know your name Remy, mine is Henry, but you can call me Hank. Please sit and eat before your meal gets any colder." Hank gestured to the seats in front of him. He handed Logan the large bag of cheeseburgers.

Logan chuckled at the anxious look on Remy's face. He could see the kid practically drooling. "Ok, lets see who can eat the most."

Remy nodded and took a cheeseburger from the bag, ripping the wrapper off. He began eating the burger frantically, as if someone was going to tear it away from him at any moment.

"Remy, please slow down. I would hate for you to choke on the food." Hank said worriedly.

"Yea kid, enjoy it, there's more where that came from, and we have all day to eat." Logan pulled out another cheeseburger from the bag and handed it to Remy along with a soft drink.

Remy swallowed the last of his first cheeseburger, and took the next and the drink from Logan. He opened the wrapper and began eating slower, actually taking time to chew and drink occasionally.

"So Remy, why are you out here on your own? Where are your parents?" Hank looked over to Logan when he heard the Canadian cough, choking on his food. Did I say something wrong?

Remy stopped eating and stared at his feet that were hanging from the edge of the chair. "I don't know where there at."

Hank looked at the boy surprised. I could have sworn Remy told me he was adopted. "You are out here alone? That is much too dangerous Remy, you could get hurt running the streets. There must be someone that watches over you?"

Remy shook his head with frantic eyes. "Please don't send me to the orphanage, I don't like it there. I'm ok, I can take care of myself, I swear."

Logan rubbed the boys back, catching the slight flinch. "It's alright, we won't take ya to an orphanage, we're just worried about ya. Hank's right, ya shouldn't be out here alone. It's not safe for someone your age, but were not going to force ya to go someplace ya don't want to go." Logan looked up at Hank and gave him the 'I'll explain later' look and continued eating. Remy followed suit and managed to eat five cheeseburgers before declaring he was full. After they all finished they cleaned up their trash and Hank took it to the trash bin.

Logan lit an after dinner cigar, and took a long drag. Remy took in every movement he made, like the boy was memorizing him. "So kid, ya know where a hotel is around here?"

Remy looked up and down the street, then pointed. "I think there's one on the corner. I stayed there one night with a man."

Logan looked at Remy, his eyebrows furrowed in worry. He was about to ask why the kid was in the hotel when Hank walked up. He breathed deep and decided to ask later. "The kid says there's a hotel up the street."

"Wonderful, I was quite worried about being out on the street after dark. This doesn't seem like a nice area to be in when the sun goes down. Shall we go check it out?" Hank was about to ask Remy if he would like to join them when Logan gave him a slight shake of the head, stopping him. Hank didn't understand why he didn't want Remy with them. He could not possible want to leave the child here. He was about to protest when Logan stood up and pulled him towards the street as if to leave. "Logan, we cannot leave him here, the boy is not safe. This is Remy for goodness sake." Hank whispered to Logan.

"I know, just making sure he understands that were not forcing him." Logan whispered back. He stopped and looked over his shoulder at Remy, who was still sitting at the table, staring sadly at the ground. "Hey kid?" The boy looked up quickly, with hope on his face. "Ya wanna come with us? I'm sure there's room for ya." Remy nodded excitedly and ran to join them on the sidewalk, a smile from ear to ear. Logan followed the pattern and reached out his hand, the child took it eagerly. As they continued down the street Hank noticed the boy looking up at him, as if judging him. Hank chuckled at the boys innocence, he would have never imagined that Remy was ever this adorable. Hank offered his hand as a silent sign of friendship to the child. Remy hesitated for a moment but gave in with a grin, taking the larger man's hand.

"It should be right down this street. It's a big building on the corner with a big sign." Remy informed them as they walked across the crosswalk. Remy could not help but feel completely protected. He didn't know why but he felt safe with the two men on either side of him. Neither had judged him for his eyes, or for being on the streets, and that was something new to him. He looked up excitedly when they reached their destination. "This is it, I remember."

"Looks good enough to me." Logan looked over at Hank for his approval and got a nod. "Hank, why don't ya head in with Remy and check in. I'm going to run in this store here and pick up a few things that we might need. I'll meet ya in the lobby." Logan looked down at Remy who was nervously squeezing his hand. "It's alright kid, ya know Hank won't hurt ya."

Remy blushed slightly with embarrassment and nodded as he let go of Logan's hand, but not Hank's.

"It's alright kiddo, he'll be right back." Hank gently tugged on Remy's hand. "Let's go get a room. I bet you are tired after eating that huge meal."

Remy nodded. "I don't think I've ever ate that much in my life. My belly feels like it's going to burst."

Hank laughed. "I bet, you almost beat Logan, and I don't think anyone has done that." Hank slowly released Remy's hand and began filling out the paper work. He smiled for a moment when he realized that they could get away with not paying for the room, since they would most likely be gone before the bill got to them. Then it hit him. We are going to be leaving within a few days, and they didn't know when. Where does that leave Remy, we can't just disappear on him and leave him alone. He took the keys from the man and turned to find Remy staring at a reproduction of Picasso's 'Violin and Guitar' on the wall. Hank shook his head and chuckled as he walked up next to Remy. "Do you like it?"

Remy looked at Hank and back to the painting on the wall. He tilted his head to the right until he was almost looking upside down and then shrugged. "I don't know what it is, it looks like a big mess."

Hank laughed aloud. "I don't understand it either." Hank steered Remy over to the couch in the middle of the lobby and sat down. "We will wait here for Logan, he should be back in a minute and then we can go up to our room."

Remy jumped onto the couch next to Hank and sat cross legged, facing the older man. He sat there for a minute taking in the features of the large man, something just didn't seem right.

Hank looked over at the boy and smiled. "What are you thinking about?" Hank hoped talking would make Remy feel more comfortable around him.

Remy took a deep breath and looked thoughtfully at Hank. "I don't know, you're voice doesn't seem right, and your hands...." Remy picked up Hank's arm from the couch and rubbed the back of his hand with his fingers. "It feels soft, but if doesn't look that way."

Hank cursed mentally. He knew his image inducer made his appearance change, but didn't really make him different to the touch. He had a habit of forgetting others didn't see him when the device was on. He also had to admit he was impressed that a small child like Remy could be that aware of the deception. He was trying to think of a way to get out of the conversation when Logan walked through the doors, taking Remy's mind completely off the subject. Remy jumped off the couch and ran over to Logan, who was carrying several large bags. "Hey Logan, what did y' get?"

Logan handed a smaller sack to Remy. "We'll see when we get up to the room." Logan handed another one of the bags to Hank who joined them. "Get a room?"

"Yes, it is on the third floor. He said if we needed a cot for the boy to just call down and they would send one up." Hank handed the key to Logan.

"Nah, he can have one of the beds, I will sleep on the floor. The kid probably needs a good nights rest anyway." Logan looked down to the floor were Remy was oblivious to there conversation. The boy had sat down and started unpacking the small bag into his lap, curiously looking at all the items inside.

Remy looked up at Logan holding one of the items up. "What's this?"

Logan shook his head and laughed. "That's a razor kid, now put it back in the bag with all the other things and come on." Logan started slowly walking to the elevator with Hank, both knowing the kid would easily catch up.

"He seems to be much happier now that he has eaten." Hank looked over his shoulder to see Remy traipsing down the hall towards them, stopping at each of the paintings to look at them. "A lot more energy too."

"Remind me to take the Cajun to McDonald's when we get home, maybe it will cheer him up." Logan pushed the button to the elevator and leaned against the nearby wall to wait.

"It is amazing how different they are, do you think that maybe they are not the same Remy?" Hank watched the boy as he waited for Logan's answer.

"I know it's him, there are some things this Remy does that I have seen my Remy do. Their the same, or at least as close as you can get being on different worlds and all. My Remy had things happen in his life that changed him, and this one hasn't fallen victim to them yet, at least I hope not." Logan stopped the conversation when the doors opened to the elevator. "Come on kid." He held the door open until the kid rushed in.

"So, did you like those paintings better then the one in the lobby?" Hank asked with a smile.

Remy returned the grin and nodded. "Oui, I liked the one with the big flowers and the guys playing cards."

Logan sighed. "The Monet and the Cezanne, no surprise."

Hank looked at Logan in amazement. "I didn't know you liked art."

"I don't like it all that much, just learned a lot from Remy dragging me to the museums. Those are his favorites, Monet and Cezanne."

"I didn't take y' to a museum, I don't think, what is it?" Remy looked at them in confusion.

The elevator doors opened and Logan pushed the young boy out the door as he explained. "Ya didn't take me to a museum, the other Remy did, the friend of mine I told ya about. A museum is a place full of pictures like the one downstairs."

Remy's eyes widened "Full?"

"Ya kid, full of pictures, of all kinds. Maybe we can go to one tomorrow, if we can find one." Logan stuck the key in the door of there room and pushed it open.

Remy ran inside behind Logan. "Really! We can go to one? You'll take me? No one has ever taken me to a museum, or anyplace."

"Ya have to make me a deal first." Logan dug around in the bags they brought up to the room and pulled out new pajamas he bought for Remy. "Take these and go in there and take a shower. We will get a good nights rest and see what happens in the morning. If everyone sleeps well we will try and find a museum."

Remy took the clothes from Logan in disbelief. "These are for me?"

"Yep, those are yours. I have some new clothes for ya in the morning too, ya can wear them to the museum." Logan smiled as Remy looked over the pajamas. "I hope they fit ya."

Remy ran his hands down the new clothes, feeling the soft fabric under his fingers. He bit his bottom lip and felt his eyes fill with tears. "No one ever bought me anything." He whispered, almost too low for Logan to hear.

Logan was about to ask Remy to repeat what he said when he was tackled in a bear hug from the small boy. "Hey kid, ya ok?"

"No one has ever bought me anything before, never bought me clothes, I never had pajamas." Remy sniffed and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. "Merci."

Logan returned the hug, holding the boy for a moment, then pulled Remy away, pushing him towards the bathroom. "You're welcome kid, now go on, go clean up and put them on."

Remy excitedly ran to the bathroom, eager to take his long overdue bath and get into his new clothes.

Hank waited to hear the bathroom door close and sighed. "Logan, he's getting attached to you."

Logan could tell Hank was upset. He took a seat on the opposite bed, facing Hank. "I know Hank, I shouldn't let him get this close, but it's hard not to. I can't help but feel protective of him. I know some of the shit that boy in there is going to have to go through, and I want to save him from it."

"Logan, we are only going to be here for a few days, and we can't predict when and where it will happen, nor can we stop it. I just don't want that boy to think we are going to be here for him and then disappear. That will be more harmful to him then what will happen to him on the streets."

Logan snorted. "That's really rich coming from ya Hank. Now that Remy is a child ya don't want to leave him alone." Logan flopped back on the bed.

"That was a low blow Logan, I was not aware that Remy was left behind until we were already home, I would have not left him." Hank shook away his anger. "This is not the time or place to discuss this. I am talking about that little boy in there." Hank pointed to the bathroom. "Where are his parents, I thought Remy was adopted. I think we should talk to them about leaving that poor boy out on his own.".

Logan raised up looking at Hank with a big grin. "That's perfect! We can just track down Mattie and push Remy to her. She will take him in."

Hank looked at Logan confused. "I don't understand, I thought he was suppose to be with her now."

Logan shook his head and waved his hands. "No, Remy wasn't adopted until he was about ten years old, that boy in there is no more then eight. If that boys fate is anything like the Remy we know, then those two years is what will mess him up. If we can hook him up with Mattie early then he will be saved from that, don't ya see?"

Hank shrugged "I don't know Logan, it seems like a solution, but do you think we can find her in such short time, and will she really take him in?"

Logan rolled his eyes. "Oh yea, I have only met her once, but I know she will grab him the second she sees him. She treats Remy like he was still her baby boy. We find her, she will take him in, we just have to do it right."

Hank gave a glance over Logan signalling that the boy was behind him. Logan shifted on the bed seeing the boy in his new pajamas grinning brightly. "Feel better kid?" Remy nodded. "Here." Logan dug through the bags one more time, then threw a toothbrush and paste the kids way. The young boy caught them without a problem and ran back into the bathroom. "You can have the shower next, I'm going to talk to the kid."

Hank smirked. "In other words you are going to use the young Remy to dig up potential information on the old Remy."

"That's one way of putting it. By the way, I grabbed ya some new clothes to wear, I think I got your size right." Logan pointed to the bag on the dresser.

Hank rummaged through finding clothing that was his exact size. "I am not going to ask where you got the talent to know people's size by just looking."

"After being dragged through the mall a thousand times by Lee ya pick up a few things." Logan started laughing when Remy ran out of the bathroom, mocking the planes that were on his pjs. The boy crash landed on the bed next to Logan. "Guess this means the bathroom is all yours."

Hank laughed at the boy's behaviour, it had been a long time since he had been around a child of Remy's age. All his research and constant work had drove him from such things. He was almost thankful for being taken away from all of it, even if it was only a few days. He watched Logan and Remy playfully wrestle on the bed, feeling a tinge of jealousy that the boy favoured Logan, but happy all the same. He left the two to their rough housing and retreated to the bathroom.

"I give up!" Logan cried out as he pretended to actually be pinned by the small boy.

Remy let go and threw his arms in the air as he jumped on the bed. "I win!" The boy jumped and landed with a bounce on his side of the bed. He watched as Logan settled on his back and propped his hands under his head and then mocked him taking the same position.

"Hey kid, ya said that you've been here before?" Logan asked innocently, he wanted to get the truth of why the boy was here, but not scare him. He had learned been blunt with the older Remy just caused him to clam up and run, he figured this one was the same.

Remy rolled over on his side, facing Logan, propping himself up on his elbow. "Oui, I stayed here with a man."

"Who was he?" Logan rolled over, now mocking the boy's position.

"His name was Jean-Luc, we stayed here a night. He helped me escape from the collection, so we came here to hide. He said they would look for me at his house."

Logan knew about the collection, but never knew Remy met Jean-Luc before he was adopted. Logan looked at Remy confused. "Jean-Luc? LeBeau?"

Remy quickly sat up excited and nodded. "Oui, that's him. I stayed with him here until it was safe to leave. He took me to stay with Fagan." Remy started fidgeting with a button on him new shirt. "I didn't like it there though, so I ran away."

"Why didn't ya like it?" Logan felt he was getting close to some answers that the older Remy would never give him.

"He had friends I didn't like, that's all." Suddenly Remy's eyes widened and his mouth fell open. He quickly moved across the bed to get closer to Logan.

Logan shifted quickly, pushing the boy behind him, ready to defend the boy from whatever scared him. When he turned he saw Hank standing there in his pj bottoms drying his fur. Great, now we have to explain this one. "Shit Hank, you're scaring Remy here."

Hank gave Logan a confused look and realized he forgot his image inducer. "Oh, Remy I'm sorry. Don't be scared. I won't hurt you."

"Hank?" Remy squeaked and he looked over Logan's shoulder cautiously.

Logan shifted slowly, pulling Remy to sit next to him. The boy curled close to Logan's side, staring at Hank. "It's alright Remy, it's just Hank. He just normally looks a little different. He won't hurt ya, he's the same old Hank."

Remy studied Hank in silence. "Hank? Y' so...so...green." Remy stuttered out.

Hank had to chuckled lightly. "Green? You see me as green?" Must be the eyes, I never thought Remy might have color blindness.

Remy nodded in slight shock. "Oui, y' green like my pajamas." He pointed down at the sky the planes were flying through on his shirt.

Logan laughed aloud and stroked the boy's hair. "That's blue Remy."

The laughter eased Remy's mind. He looked back up to Hank and corrected himself. "Y' so blue."

Hank went back into the bathroom briefly and fished out the image inducer and came back out into the room with it. "You see Remy, some people get scared when they see me like this, so that is why I have one of these." Hank pushed the button, changing his appearance. "Like this no one get's scared. I will make sure to leave it on."

Remy shook his head. "Non, I like y' the other way."

Hank raised an eyebrow at the boy. "You want me to turn it off?"

Remy nodded. "Oui, y' look like one of those toys that they put in the window at the store."

Hank cocked his head to the side not getting the reference. He thought for a minute and remembered Jubilee saying the same thing. "A teddy bear?"

Remy shrugged not knowing what they were called. He pulled away from Logan, scooting towards Hank. "Are y' soft like one?"

Hank smiled and sat on the corner of the bed reaching his arm out for Remy to touch. "Go ahead."

Remy touched his arm and smiled. "I knew that wasn't y'. Y' felt soft even with the button. I like y' better like this, y' seem more real." Remy crawled into Hank's lap and hugged the older man tightly rubbing his face against his chest.

Hank hugged Remy back, stroking the boy's hair. He now knew how Logan could be so protective, the young boy was so loveable. He wasn't sure what Logan was talking about when he spoke of Remy's problems, but if it changed him from this innocent boy to the scared man he knew from his time, he had to stop it.

Logan grinned and whispered knowing Hank would hear him, but not the kid. "Hank, he's getting attached to ya."

Hank rolled his eyes knowing Logan was mocking him, but didn't care.