Hank stirred awake, blinking his eyes open slowly to adjust to the morning light. Taking inventory of his surrounding and coming to his senses, he remembered where he was. There was just one thing his sleepfilled mind could not figure out. What it was draped across his body. He was about to get up when a quiet voice from the other side of the bed startled him.

"Don't move yet, let him sleep a few more minutes."

Hank looked down and noticed the object draped across him was one of Remy's legs, the other was folded next to him. Looking over he realized that Logan was equally pinned by the young boy's head and arms. Somehow Logan had managed to get a cigar and was now smoking the fowl thing while stroking Remy's hair. "How did he manage to get into this position."

Logan shrugged. "If ya don't hold the kid down in his sleep he'll end up down the hall. He has a mean kick too, so ya may want to watch your face there."

"Thanks for the warning." Hank slowly slid out from Remy and managed without waking him up. The boy was not without reaction, he pulled himself closer to Logan. Hank gave Logan a smile of accomplishment, that gained him a scowl from Logan.

"Thanks Hank, now I'm trapped."

"Not a problem Logan, anytime. Guess this means I am first for the bathroom." Hank began grabbing clothes out of the bag, again a perfect fit, this still amazed him.

"Yea, go ahead. I'm going to let him sleep some more, he needs it. I'll order up breakfast, what do ya want?" Logan snuffed out his cigar and began to rub Remy's small back with his now free hand.

"I will take eggs and bacon, coffee, and a bagel with cream cheese." Hank smiled and headed towards the bathroom. He had to admit to himself that he was surprised at the gentleness Logan was showing Remy. He wondered if this is how Logan was with the Remy of their time. They made a point not to show their relationship openly in front of the team, only slipping occasionally. He knew this was because a lot of the team members disagreed with the relationship, thinking one was wrong for the other. Hank disagreed with them, especially now, he saw things change in both of them, something good. Logan seemed less angry, more human. Remy seemed happy for the first time since he joined the team, less depressed, more open. Hank liked the changes.

As Hank got into the shower his thought drifted to the nightmare and the confession made by the young boy. The abuse that was almost inflected would have been devastating to a child as young as Remy. It made him wonder if the Remy he knew had been abused in such a way, raped and sold to a market of perverts that would inflect the same pain again and again. Hank shuddered. He had to stop thinking about this. He had to believe if this Remy got away, that the other did as well.


The three new friends walked the streets trying to find their first museum of the day. They had decided over breakfast to visit the closest museum and the two nearest galleries if time allowed. Now if they could just find the museum. Hank looked at his hand drawn map again, trying to get his bearings. "Alright, it should be around this corner."

"Ya said that two blocks ago, and a block before that. Ya sure you wrote the map right?" Logan questioned while pulling the map out of Hanks hands and looking himself.

Hank huffed and took the map back. "Yes I did. It should be right....there it is." Hank pointed to the large building centered on the city block.

"That house?" Remy shook his head.

Logan laughed. "That's not a house Remy, that is the museum. It's full of paintings and art."

"The whole thing! Wow!" Remy almost darted across the street in front of oncoming traffic. Too excited to worry about getting hit. He was stopped by two hands grabbing his shirt. One Hank's, one Logan's.

"Hold on kid, we'll get there. We won't be seeing anything if we get hit by a car." Logan took Remy's hand and directed him across the street and up the stairs of the huge building.

The second they walked into the building Remy was it's slave. Breaking loose of Logan's hand he began browsing down the halls and halls of paintings and statues, announcing to the following men what he liked and disliked on each. Stopping at some he asked what there were suppose to be, usually getting a shrug from both men. He decided that he loved it here, he wished he would have had the courage to come in sooner.


Logan and Hank took a seat on the huge circular bench on the fourth floor. Remy had worn them out, but the young kid seemed to be energized by his surroundings. Logan had given the young boy a short lesson in colors, until Hank argued with him about the difference between tan and taupe. To him it looked brown and that is all that mattered. They both decided the fourth floor was going way too much to take, neither being big art fans. So for them, this was time to rest and talk, as Remy went through the paintings.

Logan watched Remy until he began to wrap around the long hall out of sight. "Kid, don't leave this floor."

"I won't." came the reply as Remy ran around the corner.

Logan sighed and rest his head against the cushioned back of the bench. "Remind me to take Remy to McDonalds, then the museum. He'll be wired for at least a week."

Hank chuckled. "Do you think it is safe for him to be walking around on his own?"

"It should be, there aren't too many people around, and this floor isn't too big. I don't think I could take another painting if my life depended on it. This floor looks like amateur work anyway."

Hank nodded. This would give them time to talk about what they needed to accomplish. Time was running out. "So how do you think we should go about finding this Tante? If what Remy says is true, I want him off the streets before we leave. I don't want to think about what will happen if he stays out here by himself."

Logan sighed. He had been thinking a lot about that since the nightmare. He had a sinking feeling in his gut that his Remy didn't escape such tortures, and it frightened him. They had dealt with a lot in their relationship. Most of which he was not sure what caused the problem in the first place. Now he was pretty sure he did. He shook off his thoughts and decided to deal with the here and now. He had to save this boy. "While ya were snoring this morning, I looked through the phone book."

Hank rolled his eyes. "Please tell me it wasn't that easy."

"Almost. I did make a few calls to the Baptiste families I found in the phone book. I found a few leads. I think she still lives in the same house me and Remy visited her in. Its just a matter of finding it. I also talked to a relative, sister I believe. She was reluctant to tell me anything until I mentioned there was a child involved. She told me that Tante Mattie visits a local mystics shop on Wednesday mornings. That's tomorrow, maybe that would be our best bet."

"I am just afraid of the time schedule. What if we run out of time? They will be trying to bring us back as soon as possible. I am just afraid Remy will get hurt if...." Hank was interrupted by a muffled cry. Low enough that he was sure that no one with normal hearing would pay it any heed. He looked over at Logan who had obviously heard it to. "Remy?"

"Shit!" Logan ran around the corner to find a bathroom stuck in the corner. He tried to open the revolving door when it didn't budge.

A man's voice came from the other side of the door. "The bathroom's occupied, go find another one."

Logan growled when the man's voice was followed by muffled moans and cries. When he heard the sharp sound of someone being backhanded his anger flared. He pounded into the door, crushing the man behind the door between it and the wall. What he saw when he entered almost turned him feral. Two other men where holding Remy to the floor on his knees. One pulling the boys hair back and stroking himself through his jeans. The other standing in front of the terrified boy, holding his mouth open with one hand the other holding his own cock. The crash of the door startled both men and they let loose of Remy enough that he got away and ran to Logan. Logan never took his eyes off the two men. He was doing everything in his power not to kill the men in front of Remy. "Remy, are these the men that hurt ya before?" He felt the nod against his side where Remy had rested his head. "Hank, take Remy and wait out front for me."

Hank walked forward, keeping his eye on the men and managed to pull Remy away from Logan's side."Logan, what are you going to do?"

"Just take him!"

Hank wrapped his arms around the distraught child and exited the bathroom. When the door closed he heard the small lock click. He shut out the thoughts of what was going to happen to those men. At least he knew that they deserved everything they were about to receive. He headed down to the main entrance, ready to leave as soon as Logan joined them. All the way down he comforted the small shaking boy in his hands, trying to calm him. "It's alright Remy, it's over, you are safe now. Try to breath for me, I don't want you getting sick." He held Remy close and petted his hair until Remy's breathing calmed. "Did they hurt you kiddo?"

Remy shook his head. His face hurt from being slapped, but that wasn't enough to worry Hank about. "Logan?" he whispered.

"He's alright, he will join us in a few minutes and we will go to the hotel. Why don't you just lay your head down on my shoulder and try to sleep." Hank felt Remy's curl up in his arms as he sat down on the outside bench. "That's it, close your eyes and rest." He rubbed Remy's back in small gentle circles until he felt even breathing against his hidden fur. He found himself dropping a small comforting kiss in the young boys hair. How could those monsters do that to an innocent child. They had to find Tante Mattie, and it had to be soon, before this happened again.