Share the Middle Draft (Bobby/Remy)
by Court
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<Missing Dream Scene>

"Yes! It's here!" Bobby yelled through the front doorway while excitedly looking at the small package wrapped in brown mailing paper. He rushed down the hall leaving the wrapping he ripped off in a trail behind him followed quickly by the packaging box and peanuts. He pulled out his prize and smiled from ear to ear, barely able to hold back the scream of joy that wanted to cross his lips. He flipped the box over and then over again examining the toy he had waited so long to get. He wanted to share his joy with someone, but knew no one would understand his childish hobby. He stood in the doorway of the kitchen reading the back of the box that the held the gold figure. When he reached the bottom of the text he cursed and went back looking for the box he had haphazardly thrown on the floor. When he reached the point he had thought he ridded himself of the object he found it gone. With fear threatening to take over he looked up the hall and saw a figure bent over picking up his mess of paper and peanuts, stuffing it back into the box. He rushed up the hall, almost knocking over his teammate in the process. "What are you doing?" he practically yelled while snatching the box away and throwing all the material back into the hall.

Remy sighed as he watched the mess he just cleaned up being thrown all over the hall again. "Well, I thought I was helpin' y' out and keepin' y' out of even more trouble wit Cyke, but I'm not cleanin' dis up again!"

Bobby stopped momentarily and looked at the huge pile of packing material around him and then back to Remy. "I'm sorry, but I have to find the card." He quickly went back to rummaging in the box, finding the card he was looking for taped to the bottom of the box. He smiled at what he considered the best picture of Spiderman he had ever seen on the front of a business sized card. He flipped the card over and screamed at the top of his lungs. "Oh my God!"

Remy startled and stepped back when Bobby started jumping up and down. After his initial shock, he couldn't help but chuckle at the display of excitement. He was always envious of Bobby's childish playfulness. He laughed harder when Bobby started talking so fast he couldn't understand anything he was saying, all he understood was a few words here and there. He just stood and watched as Bobby jumped around, a figure in one hand and a card obviously informing him that he had won something in the other.

"What the hell is going on out here? I'm tryin' to meditate!" Logan growled as he stomped out the door of the rec room. He stopped short of his goal, which was Bobby. His plan was to strangle him, but seeing how he was jumping around he didn't dare get near him. "What the hell are ya blabbin' on about kid?"

Bobby stopped and rushed up to the two, pushing a figure into their face for them to see. Both men rolled there eyes and looked at each other with a smirk before turning to walk away. This was a Bobby and his toy thing, and neither of them would understand. "No! Wait! Look!" Bobby begged while pulling on Remy's arm. "See, it's a gold figure of Carnage! I ordered it online and almost didn't get one, they were limited and you could only buy it from McFarlane. Every 100th figure came with a card." Bobby stopped his ranting and pushed the card into Remy's face for him to see. "Isn't it cool! I won! So that means if I take this to Toys R Us I can get a Spiderman figure for free, even the gold Spiderman! Isn't that the best?"

Remy just nodded his head and smiled as if he understood. He really had no clue what the hell Bobby was talking about but it was good to see him so happy. He always liked that about his teammate, he always got so much joy from the smallest things. "I'm glad y' won the prize. Good luck on that gold thing."

"Thanks Remy!" In his excitement Bobby leaned in and kissed Remy on the mouth and then skipped off to his room, leaving behind the packaging mess and a very stunned Cajun in the hall.

Remy stood in shock. He brushed his lips with his fingers, not believing that Robert Drake just kissed him. He had no idea that Robert would even think of doing such a think. He had his silly crushes on a few X-men while he had been in the mansion, unknown to most Bobby was one of them. He never played on the feeling, originally thinking most of the founding members of the X-men were too straight and narrow to kiss anything that wasn't the opposite sex, especially not him. He had changed his thoughts slightly about Bobby after seeing him flirt with a few guys, but that still didn't give him the courage to act on his crush. He never thought Bobby would like him. A small smile crept across his face and his heart filled with a little hope. Lost in his daydreaming he had forgotten that he and Bobby had not been the only ones in the hall. He almost jumped out of his skin when Logan patted him on the shoulder.

"Now ya know why I stood back there. When that boy gets excited about something he don't think straight. He would have kissed anyone." Logan noticed the upset look appear on Remy's face at his comment. "You alright, kid?"

"Oui, just fine!" Remy said sharply as he walked away towards his room. He was stupid to think that Bobby wanted to kiss him. Logan was right. Bobby would have kissed anyone that happened to be standing there, he was nothing special. He was just in the right place at the wrong time.


Logan stood in front of Bobby's room ready to knock. Hearing the quick footfalls coming towards the door from the inside he decided to wait, the younger man was obviously headed his way. The door flew open and Logan shoved the box full of packaging towards Bobby before he could react. "Take your shit and keep it in your room, I'm not pickin' it up again."

Bobby grabbed the box and threw it behind him, scattering the trash across his bedroom floor. "Did I kiss him?"

Logan rolled his eyes. "Ya just now realized that? Yea, you kissed him, square on the lips, and he didn't look to happy about it."

Bobby put his hands over his mouth in shock, and a blush fell across his cheeks. He had kissed Remy. Remy Lebeau. Gambit. The most gorgeous guy in the mansion. "Shit!" he swore, wishing that it would have been anyone but Remy. He could have blown anyone else off, just saying it was a joke, but not him. The Cajun was the only one in the mansion that he really did want to kiss, he just never had the gull to do it. He finally realized the Logan was still standing there starring at him waiting for a reply. "He wasn't happy?"

Logan raised an eyebrow. Everytime he thought he figured these younger kids out they confused him again. "Should he have been?"

Bobby shrugged. "I don't know. I didn't think he would be angry about it."

"I don't think he was pissed off, but he wasn't happy. You might want to apologize." Logan glanced over Bobby shoulder at the mess he had created, again. "Will ya pick that up, and throw it away this time, before it migrates back to the hall?"

Bobby turned and looked at the packaging. "Yea mom, I'll clean my room." He stuck out his tongue when Logan growled. "I'm going to go apologize first." He pushed past Logan and ran up the hall towards Remy's room.

"Crazy kids." Logan muttered under his breath as he made his way back to the rec room.


Bobby stood off to the side of Remy's door. The Cajun's door was ajar and he wasn't ready to make his appearance known. He wasn't sure just how upset Remy was, so he wasn't sure exactly what to do or say. Part of him wanted to go apologize and leave, get it over with. The other told him to go in there and do it again. Deciding that he was too shy to attempt kissing him again he went for the apology. He knocked on the door lightly and waited until Remy invited him in before pushing the door open.

"What can I do for y' homme?" Remy questioned. He figured Bobby would show to make demands for him never to tell anyone what he did. He was sure Bobby didn't want it getting around that he kissed him. He cursed himself for even thinking for a second that the kiss was meant for him.

Bobby stood in the doorway, afraid to come any further after hearing the venomous tone in Remy's voice. Maybe he was pissed. "I just wanted to apologize for kissing you in the hall. I got a little carried away over the toy. Logan said you were mad about it. I'm sorry."

Remy sighed. "I'm not mad, was just a little surprised."

"Really?" Bobby asked cheerfully. He was glad to hear the Remy wasn't angry. "I was afraid that you would get all macho on me and kick me ass or something. Most straight guys would." he said jokingly.

"You're right, most straight guys would. Good thing I'm not." Remy cursed himself mentally for admitting that to Bobby. He had a feeling that Drake wasn't all that straight and narrow himself, but if he was wrong it was going to cost him.

Bobby made his way across the room, his shyness quickly disappearing. Hearing that Remy was interested in guys gave him new hope. He now wished he would have kissed Remy earlier. He never made his move on the Cajun cause he never saw him with a guy, just the girls. "I didn't know that you were bi."

Remy shrugged while looking at the floor, letting his bangs fall across his face. "Not anythin' I like to pass 'round."

"Oh, me neither." Bobby smiled when Remy looked at him in surprise. His grin quickly faded when he caught a glimpse of Remy's eyes before he turned away again. They were red and puffy, he had been crying. He was startled at the realization, Remy never cried, did he? He decided not to say anything, afraid to upset the Cajun more then he already did. He instead made the decision to listen to his gut and take a chance. This may have been a huge misunderstanding, but it had created a perfect opportunity, one he may not get again. "Maybe I can make it up to you. Say dinner tomorrow?" The moment he said the words he wanted to take them all back, afraid Remy would laugh at him or reject him.

Remy looked up at Bobby again, this time in disbelief. "Y' askin' me out on a date, homme?"

"Maybe." Bobby replied while shuffling his feet.

"8 o'clock?"

Bobby looked up, his eyes wide. "Yea! Sounds great. Meet you downstairs?" Bobby's mind began buzzing a million miles an hour. He couldn't believe he had just asked Remy out, and he excepted. There was so many things he had to do. He would make sure the night was perfect!

"Oui." Remy answered with a smile.

"Cool, seeya then!" Bobby said as he left the room. Not wanting Remy to hear, he quickly created an iceslide, taking him out the hall window to the open field along the mansion grounds. Reaching a height he knew no one would hear, he yelled into the air. "YES!"


Bobby stood in the living room looking at his watch again. He knew he was early, but time seemed to be going by too slow since his talk with Remy the night before. He had asked Remy earlier in the day if he wanted to go casual or dressy, and was happy to hear Remy preferred the casual approach. That meant he didn't have to go out and buy anything fancy. It surprised him a little, he always thought of Remy as the type to go all out in the wining and dining department. He hoped that didn't mean he wasn't taking this as serious as other dates. He had really liked Remy for a while and he was dead serious about it. He had planned everything for hours, trying to make this night perfect. He picked all the coolest places that he thought Remy would like and even asked Jean for the best restaurant. He smoothed out his dress shirt for the millionth time and looked at his watch again, cursing when only a minute had gone by.

"Well look who has cleaned up. Did I miss the bulletin on the current funeral or wedding you are about to attend?" Hank circled his friend mockingly and whistled. "I do believe you even bathed for the occasion."

"Hey! I always take a shower. You're confusing me with Wolvie." Bobby yelled defensively. "Anyway, tonight is special. I have a date."

Hank raised an eyebrow. "You have a date? And who would make my frozen friend stoop to dressing like a grown up this enchanted evening?" Hank turned when Bobby's sights moved to the top of the stairs.

"He is." Bobby whispered in awe. Remy was gorgeous. Tight blue jeans and a dark red dress shirt that brought out the color in his strange eyes. His hair was pulled tightly into a ponytail showing off his chiseled face. Bobby thought he was going to faint. He couldn't believe he actually had a date with the man at the top of the stairs!

Hank turned quickly back to Bobby and whispered in his ear. "Are you positive, Robert?"

"Um...yea. I asked him out and he excepted. You know I have liked him for awhile Hank, this is my chance." Bobby whispered with a shrug. He had to wonder about the worried tone Hank had taken. He knew it was not the fact the Remy was a man. Hank had been the first person he told about his attraction to guys and his crush on Remy. He blew it off as just his friend's tendencies to worry too much and walked up to greet his date.

"Hey, you look great!" Bobby smiled when Remy blushed slightly. "You ready to go?"

"Oui. Where y' takin' me?" Remy asked with his trademark smile.

"I have reservations at this little French restaurant uptown. Then I thought we might drop by this club that I like to go to. We can just wing it from there. Sound good?"

"Sounds nice." Remy answered a little hesitantly. The restaurant sounded great, but he was weary of the club. He wasn't fond of being around a lot of people, for multiple reasons. He would go along with the plan though, he liked Bobby, and he wanted to give this a chance. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as he pictured in his mind.

"Cool, lets go." Both men walked towards the door passing Hank on the way out. Before Bobby could follow Remy out to the garage the doctor grabbed his arm, stopping him.

"Have a good time, but be careful." Hank warned and then walked away. Bobby stood in the doorway a moment, puzzled at Hank's warning until Remy caught his attention.

"Is somethin' wrong?" Remy yelled from the garage.

"No, nothings wrong. Let go. We'll take my car."


"Don't scratch the paint." Bobby snickered as he handed his car keys to the club valet. They had decided to head to the nightclub since the restaurant was beginning to close. They had a wonderful time at the small bistro, sitting and talking about everything for hours. They didn't even realize the time until the waiter informed them that they were closing soon. Bobby had learned a lot about Remy, several things he would have never guessed. He had always seen the Cajun as a carefree playboy, someone without worries or bothers. Now he was under the impression that he had missed a lot about Remy. He was actually more intelligent then he had once believed, and surprisingly enough, shy. He didn't expect that at all, but he liked it. He was beginning to like everything about the Cajun, a lot. He smiled and wrapped his arm around Remy's waist as they walked into the noisy club. He felt Remy flinch at the gesture and wondered what had made the Cajun so jumpy. Ever since the mention of coming to the club he had gotten quiet and nervous. "You alright?"

"Oui, I'm fine." Remy lied. He bit his lip as they made there way past the bouncer and in through the door. It was a huge, multi-story, club that had once been a spacious warehouse. The music was deafening and the lights were almost too much for his sensitive eyes. It instantly bothered him that it was grossly crowded and full of what he considered alternatives. This was not a place he would have ever pictured Bobby in and no place he would ever come near on his own.

Bobby snickered when they passed a group of people dressed in outlandish costumes. The group reminded Remy of Mardi Gras, he had to wonder about people that dresses like that on a normal day. As he glanced across the room he met eyes with a man and quickly looked away. The gang the man was with consisted mainly of larger tattooed men dressed in biker leathers, most adorned with chains. They all turned to look in his direction when the leader of the group pointed him out. He cringed feeling them all staring at him and he didn't like it. It brought back bad memories, ones that he had tried to forget. He almost panicked when Bobby stopped almost directly in their line of view and began to walk away.

"I'm going to go grab us some drinks, then we can find a table. Wait here." Bobby walked away the short distance to the bar, oblivious to his date's discomfort.

Remy turned his back to the group and tried to bite down the sense of panic building up inside him. He couldn't do this now, Bobby would think he was crazy. He wrapped his arms around his stomach and fought against the instinct to rock back and forth as the eyes burned a hole in his back. The memories that assaulted his mind only made the attention from the gang worse. His inner voice was yelling for him to leave, but he couldn't, he didn't want to run out on Bobby, but this was almost too much for him to take. He reached back and pulled the ponytail holder from his hair, letting his long bangs cover his face, hoping it would shelter him from the looks and stares of everyone around him. So lost in his distraught mind he didn't hear Bobby walk up behind him and his touch starlted him. He yelped and flinched violently when his dates hand brushed his lower back.

Bobby became worried when he returned to the Cajun's side. He could see that something was upsetting him. He looked around the room, but that should be bothering him. He found a biker gang across the room that had seemed to take interest, but they weren't making any open threats. Remy was a beautiful creature, enough to make anyone notice, so the attention should be something he was used to. He felt Remy push closer to him, as if begging for protection, then he knew something was obviously very wrong. "Remy, are you alright?"

"Oui, Remy's fine. Just not good with crowds." he admitted.

Bobby noticed the change to third person and pulled Remy closer, feeling a need to comfort him. He had heard the Cajun change his speech like that a few times and it was only when Remy was stressed out or upset. He would have never imagined the Cajun having this big of a problem with people. He thought this was a normal night on the town for him, now he knew he was wrong. Remy had been fine during dinner and in the car, but now that they had entered the club he was starting to worry him. "I can tell you're uncomfortable here, we can leave."

"Non, it's bein, we can get a table. Remy just needs to get away from the middle of all dis." He closed his eyes when he realized he had slipped into third person. he hoped Bobby wouldn't call him on it. He took a deep breath and then opened his eyes again, he was determined to calm down, he wasn't going to ruin the night with his childish fears. Bobby said he liked it here, and he trust him, so he would force himself to stay. He had enjoyed Bobby's company a lot at the restaurant and he didn't want this to ruin the date now. If he got away from everyone and concentrated on Bobby, maybe it would be alright.

"We will get one in the back, away from the main crowd." He lead Remy to the rear of the large club, finally finding a table in the far corner. The lights were dim and it was up a flight of stairs, away from the main dance floor and bar. Remy slid into the booth and pushed himself into the corner, almost as if he were trying to hide. Bobby realized that he had made a big mistake coming here. He had lied and said he had been to this club before, but he had never set foot in the place. He just wanted Remy to think he was cool, a childish thought he now realized. Looking around at the people in the club he began to see why Remy wasn't comfortable. There was a certain violent tension in the air and the people were not quite what he considered normal. He decided it was time to leave, neither of them belonged here, so why stay. "Hey, listen. I need to confess something. I've never been here. I thought it would be fun, but truthfully I'm a little uncomfortable, and I can tell you are too. Let's say we get out of here and go somewhere more quiet."

Remy finally looked up from under his hair and nodded. "I'd like that."

"Great!" Bobby was glad to hear the third person thing end. He paid the small tab and took Remy by the hand, leading him through the crowd to the outside. He handed his tag to the valet and the young worker ran off to fetch the car. "I'm sorry about this, I didn't mean to upset you."

"It's not your fault. I should have said somethin' earlier. I didn't think there would be so many people in there. I just get a little nervous around big crowds, especially strangers. I'm sorry for messin' up your plans."

"That's alright, this was a place I could have easily lived without ever walking into. I really prefer quiet and less crowded, so I can talk to you some more." Bobby smiled when he remembered the perfect place. "I know a place we can go. There are no crowds at all, well not human ones anyway."

Remy raised his eyebrow then nodded. Where ever this place was it sounded much better then the club they were just in. "Bein, let's go."


Bobby rounded the corner of the mansion gates shortly before sunrise. Remy had to admit that the place Bobby had suggested was perfect. He had been a bit surprised when they pulled up in front of the old metro zoo. It was closed at that hour, but Bobby assured him that he was friends with the curator and it would be fine. After icesliding in they had spent the rest of the evening strolling through the paths and walkways, talking about their lives, and playing tricks on the animals. Remy couldn't remember the last time he had laughed so much or felt so comfortable around another person. The quick connection worried him a bit. Maybe he shouldn't allow him to get this close. He had dismissed the thought several time through the night, allowing himself to have at least one night of fun to forget his normally dismal life of lonliness.

When the light began creeping over the horizon they both thought it best to get home before the search party was sent out. They both stalled as much as possible, trying to hold back the sun just for a moment longer. To enjoy each other for just one second longer. Remy sighed deeply as Bobby parked the car in the garage. He didn't want it to end. He liked the company he was in, and company was something he lacked a lot of in his life, especially good company. They both got out of the car and headed inside in comfortable silence, Bobby sweetly taking Remy's hand as they strolled up the stairs to their rooms. Bobby stopped in front of Remy's door, reluctant to let go. "I had a wonderful time tonight."

"Me too." Remy replied shyly.

"Maybe we can do this again soon, say...breakfast, lunch, dinner, maybe all three?" Bobby asked jokingly, but was surprisingly serious. He couldn't help but to want Remy around all the time.

"I would like that." Remy chuckled.

Bobby leaned in hesitantly and kissed Remy softly on the lips, taking the invitation when Remy parted his soft lips. How could he have missed this all these years. He had been right here in front of him this whole time. He wished he would have taken the time to know him earlier, but now that he had he didn't want to screw it up. He suddenly remembered all his faults. Everything he had done in the past that ended relationships flooded the forefront of his mind. A small voice in his head told him to take the initiative, take charge, show the man in his arms that he he cared. Against his better judgment he listen to the voice and took a chance. He snaked his arm around Remy's back, pulling him closer, while deepening the kiss. He felt a little resistance from Remy, but pushed on, grabbing the door knob and turned it, opening the door to Remy's room. The Cajun momentarily lost his balance when the door he was leaning on was pushed open, and Bobby used it to his advantage, moving him towards the center of the room, onto the large four poster bed.

Remy let out a frightened yelp when Bobby pushed him onto the bed, still kissing him feverishly. He tried to speak, but the kisses only broke long enough to take a short breath before his lips were claimed again in a bruising kiss. Remy didn't mind the kissing, he enjoyed it immensely, but this was going too far. He began pushing Bobby away, unsuccessfully. He thought in a moment of despair that he could use his powers, but the last thing he wanted to do was hurt him. It was his fault anyway. Most people would give into this, maybe he should. Maybe Bobby deserved it after the night he had given him. Maybe he should just give in. He tried to calm down until and let Bobby take what he needed. When he felt the hem of his shirt being pulled from his waistband a uncontrolable feeling of dread filled his mind. He couldn't hold back the panic anymore, he couldn't do this. "Bobby...please...stop...don't...

" one can hear us." Bobby whispered and pushed his hand up under Remy's shirt feeling the tight stomach muscles tremble to his touch. He thought nothing about the tremors, and the squirming body beneath him, he thought that he most be doing something right to get such reactions. He wasn't very sure of himself, but he kept pushing his boundaries, kissing Remy's neck and face. He was so lost in trying to please Remy that he was unaware that it wasn't what the Cajun wanted at all.

"Bobby don't, please...." Remy sobbed. He couldn't stop the old memories flooding to the surface making his mind spin. He cringed when Bobby's face took the shape of people that he hoped never to see again. Feeling dizzy and disoriented he closed his eyes in attempt to lock it all out. He tried to control his breathing but lost the battle, it became too short and quick, which made him more lightheaded then before. As a last ditch effort he hit Bobby on the arms and chest, trying to get his weight off of him, as he struggled to breathe.

Bobby finally stopped his ravishing when he felt a strong punch in his arm. He looked down at Remy's face and was stunned at what he had caused. The Cajun wasn't breathing well and tears stained his pale face. Finally, as though his mind had hit rewind, he finally comprehended that Remy had been saying, practically begging, him to stop. "Oh God, I'm sorry!" Bobby jumped off the bed as if burned. He couldn't believe he had just did what he had done. He cursed himself for pushing himself on Remy like he did, it wasn't right. He returned to the bed and gently rubbed Remy's back, coaxing him to relax, while apologizing over and over. When Remy began rocking back and forth his concern doubled. He wasn't sure if the Cajun would except it, but he wrapped his arms around his shoulders and pulled him to his chest. He sighed in relief when Remy's breathing finally came to him easy again and the rocking seemed to stop. "Are you alright? Should I get Hank?"

"Non. I'm sorry. I'm just not ready for that Bobby. Sorry. If y' want to leave I understand. I just can't, I'm not comfortable with that yet."

Bobby felt his gut wrench, the fact that Remy thought he would leave just because he didn't concent made this worse. "This wasn't your fault, you had all rights to panic. I should have never done that. I really like you, and I didn't want you to think that I didn't want you, because I do. Normally I would have never tried anything like this, I usually like to wait myself." Bobby gave up, realizing he was just making excuses. He pulled away and stood from the bed. "I guess, that doesn't matter though, I really screwed this up. I'm sure you don't even want to see me right now, let alone hear my excuses. I'm really sorry." Feeling that he had just blown his one shot with someone he had come to care about he turned to leave. He was surprised when Remy grabbed his wrist stopping him.

"Non, stay. I really like y' too Bobby. There's just things that I'm not ready to do." Remy looked up into Bobby's blue eyes, searching for the truth in them. He could see the regret for what he had done and the longing to make it right. Most dates would have either taken what they wanted or ended by now, at least Bobby apologized. He couldn't blame him anyway, he had a reputation around he mansion. None of it was true, but he could understand Bobby trying to live up to the lies. What happened did scared him, but there was true regret in Bobby's eyes. he hoped he could trust him not to do it again. "Can we try this 'gain?"

Bobby lightly shook his head in disbelief. "Remy, I don't deserve another chance. I have screwed up so many times tonight..."

"Everytime y' made a mistake it's 'cause y' were tryin' to be someone else. Don't try to impress me or live up to someone elses standards. Just be yourself Robert. That's all I ask. I want to learn y' not someone else."

Bobby felt an unexpected tear roll down his face and quickly wiped it away. It was the first time anyone asked him to be himself. Everyone else told him to grow up, tried to change him, make him into something else. Remy was excepting him the way he was. It was almost unreal the overwelming feeling of freedom it gave his heart.

Remy walked over to Bobby and sweetly kissed his cheek where the single tear that had trailed down. "I truly would like to try this again. We've both made mistakes tonight, and I'm sure it won't be the last time. I'm willin' to forgive and forget if y' are."

Bobby simple nodded, not able to find words to express his gratitude for being giving another chance. He was determined to make this time right. To be himself, just like Remy wanted. He had come to find, in just one night, that Remy was one in a million. He may never find anyone like this again, so he would be a fool not to try and make this work.

Remy pulled Bobby into his embrace when he saw the tears begin again. He knew they were not from sadness, so he let them fall. Hope blossomed in his heart that maybe Bobby was the one to love him, maybe even after finding out all his faults. He at least hoped that he could hold onto him for just a little while. "Can y' do one thing for me?"

Bobby encircled his arms around Remy's waist, hesitant at first, but when Remy made no moves to pull away he hugged him tightly. "Anything Rems. You name it and you got it."

"Stay with me tonight."

Bobby eyes widened. He pulled away and looked into Remy's alien eyes. "I thought..."

Remy shook his head. "Not like that. Just stay here with me. I sleep better when someone's close and to tell y' the truth I'm not ready to end dis date. I like your company." Remy smiled. It was true, he wanted the date to go on forever. Bobby had scared him there for a moment, but it was a mistake. One that Bobby was willing to make up for and he could easily forgive.

Bobby's heart melted at the sweet smile, he didn't deserve this, but he would be damned if he was about to let this chance slip by. "Yea, I would love to stay. I just need a few things from my room. Are you sure you still want me here?"

Remy paused as if weighing his decision and then nodded. "Oui, I want y' here."

"Thank you Remy, for this chance. I promise I won't blow it." He kissed Remy quickly on the lips before making his way out the door to fetch his things. He stopped short of crossing the threshold and turned back to Remy, worriedly asking. "That wasn't too forward was it?"

Remy laughed. "Non, I like the kissin'. It's all the other things I'm not ready for."

"Cool! I'll be right back!"

Remy sat on the edge of the bed, bringing his fingers to his lips, and smiled. "Just maybe.." he whispered.


Bobby ran down the hall for the third time. The first time he forgot his pajama bottoms, he thought that would have been bad, considering what he had just done. The second was his toothbrush. The third was his favorite pillow. Now that he had everything he rushed towards Remy's room. He had taken longer then he wanted to, even before all the running back and forth. He had taken at least 10 minutes deciding on the Incredible Hulk pajamas or the regular plaid ones that Jean had given him as a hint to grow up. He thought he would wear the everyday ones just so Remy wouldn't think he was childish, but then remembered his words. To be himself. So he grabbed the Hulk pjs and ran, a little too fast the first time around. Rushing through the intersection of the halls he heard a passing voice that sounded as if someone quietly called his name. Backtracking a bit he saw it was Hank, coming up from the kitchen, no doubt. His friend always snuck a early morning snack, saying it saved him from eating too much of Jean's breakfast. "Hey Hank." Bobby whispered not wanting to wake anyone in the halls.

"Well this is a happy coincidence. Never thought I would meet you in the hallway at this early hour. How was your date?" Hank glanced down and saw the pillow and toothbrush but waited to question his friend about it.

Bobby grinned from ear to ear and tried to keep his voice down in his excitement. "It was great! I screwed up a few times, but all was forgiven. I don't know Hank. I know this sounds too fast, it's only been one date and all, but I think he's the one, you know."

Hank smiled, happy for his friend. "I'm glad to hear that Robert. So should I inform Scott that you are running away from home?"

Bobby starred at Hank in confusion until his friend pointed at his pillow. "Oh, this! No, I'm staying in Remy's room tonight."

Hank shook his head. "I don't think that is a good idea. I have no doubt that you two have made a quick bond, but I am sure that Remy is not ready to take such a step. Maybe you should see each other a bit longer before engaging in such activities."

"No Hank, just sleeping, nothing else. He said it is easier for him to sleep with someone in the room. We're kinda just having our own little slumber party." Bobby explained. He did wonder about Hank's concern. First Remy freaking out, and now Hank acting strange. There was something going on, but right now all he wanted to do was get back to Remy's room.

Hank laughed in relief and patted Bobby on the shoulder. "That's good my friend. I did not want you to rush things, anymore then you have. I am happy you both have found companionship in one another and I hope that everything will work out. If you need to talk about anything you know where I will be."

"Thanks bud!" Bobby ran down the hall wondering about Hank's last words. He knew his friend was one to worry, but he seemed to be more worried for Remy. He didn't think Hank shouldn't think about the Cajun's well being, it was just odd. He pondered about it all the way down the short hall until he walked in the door of Remy's room. All thoughts flew out the window when he saw the sight before him. Remy stood at the foot of the bed buttoning a pair of blood red silk pajamas over his pale bare chest. The sight was almost pure art in his opinion. All he wanted was to jump the man in front of him, but he refused to do it, again. He had to keep himself in control, he didn't want to blow this chance. He had really found something in the Cajun that he wanted to hold on to.

Remy lips curled into a sly grin. Seeing Bobby starring at him with such lust didn't hurt his confidence. He just hoped that his gut feeling about the man wasn't wrong. He would soon find out. "Which side of the bed y' want?"

"Um...uh...what?" Bobby stuttered before finally realizing the question. "Oh, bed! It really doesn't matter."

Remy raised an eyebrow at Bobby's pajamas. "Hulk?"

"Um, yea. You like?" Bobby asked in embarrassment. He felt like an idiot, maybe he should have picked the other ones.

Remy walked up to Bobby, seeing his slight discomfort. He rubbed his hands down his arms and looked into his blue eyes. "They are defiantly you, so I like them. How 'bout we share the middle?"

"What?" Bobby whispered, still off balance from the pajama comment.

"The bed. Share the middle with me." Remy took Bobby's hand and lead him to bed, laying his things aside. He pulled him into the bed, both of them laying facing each other in the center. "See, we can share the middle." Remy said while snuggling up to Bobby. "This bein?"

Bobby wrapped his arm around Remy's back, pulling him close. "Perfect." He felt Remy smile against him.

"Good night Bobby. Merci for stayin'."

"Thank you for asking me to stay." Bobby kissed Remy's crown and flipped off the lamp. He quickly fell into blissful sleep wondering how life could get any better then this.


Bobby blissful sleep ended suddenly. He opened his eyes expecting some eminent danger, what he got was the sun. He grimaced at the morning light coming through the shade, hitting him directly in the eyes. He cursed his body waking him up from peaceful sleep for no good reason. His mood quickly changed when he looked down at the form curled in his arms. Hearing a small moan escape the sleeping man he realized that must have been what woke him. Remy was having some sort of dream that was causing him to mumble in his sleep. He chuckled silently when the noises got slightly louder and he began moving around. He sat up slightly, propping himself up on his elbow, so he could watch the sleeping Cajun act out the play from his mind. He startled when a tear fell from Remy's closed eyes and the distinct word 'no' fled his mouth in a strangled cry. He then knew this was no dream, more like a forming nightmare. He brushed his hand across Remy's face and called his name, hoping to coax him awake peacefully before the nightmare got worse. He flinched back, almost falling off the edge of the bed, when Remy's arm cut through the air as if attempting to strike something or someone. Bobby had no idea what to do when the mumbling quickly escalated to screams and sobs, the slight movements turning to kicking and thrashing. "Remy, please wake up! Your safe! I'm here!"

"No! Don't! Please!" Remy repeated over and over while fighting with the imaginary foes. Finally awake he shot up out of bed suddenly, his eyes flying open and then closing just as quickly when the morning sun burned them. He bent over slightly attempting to catch his breath for the second time that night. He was pretty sure this couldn't be good on his lungs. He felt a hand begin rubbing his back in small soothing circle and remembered Bobby was there. This was surely going to drive him away. It drove everyone else out of his life, why should Bobby be any different.

Bobby hesitantly wrapped his arms around Remy hoping to sooth him again like he had before. The fear that was evident on the Cajun's face tore at him. He had never seen Remy like this and he hated it! He hated himself for not seeing it earlier. This was something that someone in the mansion should have noticed. Remy shouldn't have been alone with nightmares like this. "It's alright now. I was just a nightmare. You're safe now, you're with me."

Remy held onto Bobby like he would disappear. It was too good to be true that he would stay with him. Comfort him through the nightmares and memories that haunted him. This was his problem, not Bobby's, so why would he stay? He didn't want to question it now, to scared that he would be left alone, again. "Please, don't leave." he whispered desperately. In his mind Bobby had passed the test that so many in his life had failed and he didn't want to let that go. He needed it so badly.

"I'm not going anywhere." Bobby promised and pulled Remy back down, holding him close. He petted the Cajun's hair until the crying ended, pulling him back into sleep. He laid there for over an hour, watching for any signs of bad dreams and wondered just what was causing them. It clicked in his sleepy mind that Hank must know something, or else he wouldn't have been so worried. He vowed to speak with his friend first thing in the morning. He needed to know what he was dealing with so he could help Remy through it. He couldn't watch him suffer like this. He thought about it well into the morning before finally losing the battle to stay awake, drifting off into sleep again, holding Remy tightly.


Bobby woke feeling like he had only gotten a few minutes rest since the last time he woke. Remembering what woke him the last time, he looked at Remy and found him peacefully asleep against his chest. Looking at the clock, he groaned, seeing it was quarter 'til 8 in the morning. He cursed his internal clock for waking him at a such ungodly hour for no reason. He closed his eyes, snuggling closer to Remy and wishing himself back to sleep until he suddenly remembered why he was suppose to be awake. His eyes flew open, looking at the clock again. "Damn!" he whispered. He had forgotten all about his punishment for freezing the jacuzzi water on Scott. How was he suppose to know it would screw up the jets! Scott had given him early morning Danger Room sessions for a week and he was due in at 8 o'clock.

He put some serious thought into blowing the session off and staying right where he was, but he knew he couldn't. That would only mean more session time, but it was still tempting. Even with the nightmare episode it was the best night he had in a long time. Waking up next to someone wasn't something he got to do a lot, especially next to someone that he cared for this much. He wondered if that was a good sign or not, falling completely head over heels in one night. Looking at Remy's sleeping face he had believe it was a very good thing.

Though he regretted leaving the beautiful form in his arms he decided he had to, or be punished more. He carefully tried pulling himself out from under Remy without waking him, but only managed to get half way off the bed before he heard a tired whimper. It was probably for the best. He feared Remy's reaction finding him gone without a word of why. "Hey, Rems, I need to go. I have a Danger Room session in fifteen minutes. I will be back afterwards, you sleep until then, okay." He laughed when Remy opened one eye and lifted his head about an inch off the pillow, muttering some unknown affirmative before falling back to sleep again. Bobby made a mental note, Remy was not a morning person. He pulled the covers up and made sure Remy was sound asleep before rushing off to his room to grab his uniform.


"Robert, if you are not going to pay attention to the battle droids then there is no point for you to be here!"

Bobby cursed under his breath when he heard his leader yell through the PA system. It was true he wasn't paying attention, his mind was on other thing, or other people to be exact. He kept thinking about the evening before. The nightmare in the middle of the night threw him for a loop. The words he yelled were obvious signs of someone or something hurting him. He wondered if they were memories or just one of those boogeyman kind of dreams that get people from time to time. The more he thought about what Hank had said, he knew he had to know something and all he wanted to do was ask him, but he was stuck in this damn Danger Room! "Scott, can we just call it a day? You have me tomorrow and the next day!"

"And the next day after that! You will think twice before causing more damage!" Scott's voice echoed through the now empty room. "Fine, but you are making up for it tomorrow!"

Bobby sneered and ran out of the door into the locker room. He showered and changed in record time and raced down the hall to the medlab. Looking around he feared his friend had not arrived to his normal working area until something blue caught his eye from the back office. "Hank?" He gave the doctor an apologetic look when he jumped in fright. "Can I talk to you, bud?"

Hank sighed seeing the worried look on his friends face. He took a seat in his office chair and straightened his glasses. "This is about Remy, is it not? I thought this conversation would be coming, but not this soon."

"I need to know whats going on Hank." Bobby demanded.

Hank spun in his chair, turning his back to Bobby. He knew he couldn't lie well, and not making eye contact made it easier to conceal the truth. "I am not sure what it is you want to know Robert."

"Don't play dumb with me Hank! You warned me at the garage yesterday, and in the hall last night. You know whats causing all these nightmares and stuff."

Hank turned back around concerned. "Nightmares?"

"Yes, one hell of a nightmare. Before that he had an asthma attack...."

Hank cut off Bobby with a sigh. "Remy does not have asthma, what you witnessed was most likely an anxiety attack. He has them on a normal basis. May I ask what you did to cause it?"

Bobby's cheeks flushed. He was hoping he could just skip that part. He thought for a minute, trying to come up with an excuse, a lie, but figured if he wanted the truth from Hank he would have to tell the truth himself, no matter how embarassing. "I kinda forced myself on him."

"You what?" Hank yelled in disbelief. "Robert! This is not like you. You did not..."

"No!" Robert barked while waving his hands. "It didn't go beyond kissing before I stopped. I know I shouldn't have done it, but I thought that maybe that's what Remy wanted, and I didn't want to come off like a goody two shoes."

Hank shook his head. "That sounds like Emma talking, not Robert. Well, I hope you have not caused damage to this budding relationship by acting out on your insecurities."

"No, that happened before I talked to you in the hall, but the nightmare happened later that night, and it really scared me Hank. He was really freaked out. He didn't tell me what it was about, but I need to know. I want to help him, but I can't if I don't even know what I'm fighting."

Hank could tell his friend was being sincere, but it bordered crossing the line of his ethics. He sat and pondered the pros and cons of telling Bobby and decided it would be best for both young men for him to know what he knew. He hoped it was the right choice. "Robert, I am not suppose to be telling you this, so I am doing it on good faith. I think you should know this before you get too deep into this relationship."

"Too late." Robert whispered honestly.

Hank smiled slightly and continued, feeling better then before. His young friend was obviously very attached to the resident Cajun. "I do not know the details, and it may be some time before he is comfortable enough to tell you about this himself, so do not pressure him. The only reason he told me is because I demanded an explanation for the scars on his back. He told me that he was kidnapped as a child and held for ransom. When his father refused to pay they beat him. That is all he told me, but the scars and the phobias that cause the anxiety attacks point towards more then just physical abuse. I believe he was molested."

Bobby gasped feeling his heart drop into his stomach. It ached knowing that Remy had been suffering through such trauma alone and the guilt he felt for pushing himself on him made him feel ill. "My God Hank, why didn't you say something to anyone! No one knew!"

"Like I said, I cannot confirm the molestation, he never told me the details of the attack. I suggest you do not confront him with your knowledge of this, let him come to you with the information. That is if you still want to pursue this. If you think this is something you cannot handle maturely I suggest you to back out now. It will be less damaging to Remy."

Bobby shook his head. "I'm not dumping him because of this! I wasn't joking last night when I said he was the one. I know we have only been out on one date, but it feels like I have known him a lot longer. He is completely different then I thought, it's like he hides the real Remy from everyone. But once you really get to meet the real him, he's smart and funny, and shy." Bobby stopped when he realized he was babbling. "I'm sorry, I could talk about him all day. I know I sound nuts, but I can't leave him. It feels like it would be a big mistake if I did."

Hank walked over and hugged his friend. "I am happy to inform you that you are suffering an acute case of love, my dear friend. It will only get worse, I am afraid."

Bobby blushed. "You think?"

Hank nodded. "Yes I do, and I believe you both will be very good for one another. You just have to be patient with him. This was very traumatic for him, and I do not think he has had much support. There is going to be a lot of giving without receiving in the beginning."

Bobby nodded in understanding. "That's fine, I will give him anything he needs."

Hank looked up at the clock and back to his friend with a huge grin. "You must think about him a lot."

"Yea, all the time." Bobby said excitedly. "He's all I can seem to think about this morning!"

"Undoubtedly. You are so caught up in your new beau that you have forgotten all about what today is. Amazing, since you have not stopped talking about it for weeks." Hank laughed at the startled look on Bobby's face.

"Oh shit! What time is it!"

"It is now 9:30, I believe you have two hours before the store opens." Hank smirked.

"I gotta go! I still have to wake up Remy and he is soooo not a morning person."

"You are taking Remy?" Hank questioned in amusement.

"Of course! Two people just doubles the chances of me getting my hands on the gold figure!" Bobby replied as he ran towards the door, waving.

Hank shook his head. "Good luck!" Hank yelled to his retreating friend. "You will need it." he whispered before turning back to his work at hand.


Bobby gently sat on the edge of the bed, fighting the urge to shake Remy awake in his excitement. He reached over and brushed the wild hair from the Cajun's face and smiled at having the privilege to do such a small gesture. He saw Remy's eyes flutter and waited for his sleepy eyes to open before kissing him gently on the brow. "Hey Sleepyhead."

Remy moaned contently. He could wake up like this every morning. "Hey." He finally replied, trying to fight sleep that threatened to claim him again.

"You going to sleep all day?" He asked when Remy's eyes drifted closed again.

"Y' have a better idea?"

"You can go shopping with me."

Remy groaned as he opened his eyes again, looking into Bobby's baby blues with mock pain. "Has it reached that point already? I hold your purse while y' try on clothes?"

"Hey!" Bobby yelled while playfully swatting Remy on the arm. "It's not a purse, it's a man bag!" Butterflies flew through his stomach when he heard Remy sweet laughter fill the quiet room. Hank was right, this was definitely turning into love real quick! "No, really I need to go to Toys R Us."

"What?" Remy asked, not sure if he had heard him right. He couldn't remember ever going into a Toys R Us when he was a kid, and now Bobby wanted him to go as an adult? He had to be joking!

"I need to go to Toys R Us. The new Spiderman limited edition figures are being released today. They are only releasing 1000 gold figures and they are exclusive to Toys R Us and they are suppose to only be in the first 1000 boxes so I have to be there when they open the first crates so I can use my card to get it free. I really want a gold one..."

Remy put his hand over Bobby's mouth to stop the babbling, his sleepy mind could not handle it. He didn't understand half of what he was saying anyway. "I'll go."

Bobby jumped up excitedly. "Cool! I'll meet you downstairs in twenty minutes. You have to hurry, they open in an hour and a half! Thank you Rems." Bobby practically screamed before kissing the sleepy Cajun again and running from the room to fetch his card and keys.


Remy stood at the front of the over-colorful store drinking coffee, that he forced Bobby to stop for, wondering how that hell he ended up in a place like this. It felt odd standing in the middle of a store full of toys in a leather jacket and sunglasses drinking Starbucks. He looked through the huge crowd and saw the majority were screaming kids, dressed in varies Spiderman gear, jumping around workers dressed in costumes. They were all surrounding the same blocked aisle that was covered with a huge curtain featuring Spiderman jumping off a building. He had seen art exhibits with less hoopla then this. He shook his head wondering again how the hell he got talked into this. Looking over at Bobby and seeing an innocent look of amusement all wonder faded. All Bobby had to do was smile and he would do anything for him. Even tackle this crowd of children for a single toy. "Do you have a plan? There has to be at least a couple hundred people here." Remy asked while sipping on his coffee.

Bobby sighed. "I know, I was hoping they would all go to the uptown Toys R Us. There are a lot more people then I thought." He remembered suddenly that Remy was very uncomfortable with crowds. He needed the help but he wouldn't make Remy tackle something like this if it bothered him. "I know you don't like crowds, so you can wait here while I try to get to one. I doubt that I will though, there are just way too many people."

Remy heart sank seeing Bobby's face turn to disappointment. It looked like someone had ran over his dog, not denied him a plastic toy. He looked at the crowd and knew there wasn't much of a chance, but he had to try, for Bobby. This was obviously important to him. "Come on, lets do this. Y' go in through the front. I'll circle around through one of the empty aisles and take the rear. We've saved the earth a couple dozen times, we can get through a couple hundred yellin' tots."

Bobby's face lit up, his enthusiasm returning. "Sounds like a plan! We'll meet in the middle or back here if we lose each other. Lets go, they are getting ready to cut the ropes." Bobby pulled Remy closer to the crowd before splitting apart to follow through with their plan.

Remy made his way down the main aisle until the crowd disappeared. Cringing at the amount of pink in aisle five he decided to take the fourth one to cross to the back of the store. He was a bit surprised how empty this section of the building was, there had to be someone that didn't care about that Spiderman toy. He was all alone in the aisle until a small boy ran around the corner, heading towards him. He didn't pay much mind when the boy passed until a glint of gold caught his eye. On instinct he turned and called out to the boy. "Hey kid! Is that one of those gold Spiderman toys?"

The boy turned sharply with wide eyes. He couldn't believe the stranger just announced it to the whole store. "SHHHH! Are ya crazy mister? Everyone will hear ya! Yea it's a gold Spiderman, what is it to you?" The boy questioned while hugging the toy to his chest.

"I just wanted to see it. My friend is in that crowd over there tryin' to get one. I don't understand all the fuss."

The boy laughed. "Well your friend probably ain't gettin' one. The workers opened the boxes and took most of them out for themselves before they stocked the shelves. My brother's friend works here so he saved me one. I'm going to take it home and sell it on Ebay and then I'm gonna buy Mortal Kombat for my Gamecube."

Remy shook his head. It was like the kid was speaking an alien language for a minute. He didn't understand the whole Ebay and Gamecube thing, and what the heck was Mortal Combat. Why would someone go through so much trouble for a toy. "So what you're tellin' me is you're gonna take that toy and sell it to buy another one?"

"Yep! Seeya!" The kid said while turning to leave, his attention for the stranger running out.

"Wait!" Remy paused, not really believing what he was about to do. "How much does the Gamecube thing cost?"

"The game? $50.00." the boy replied in confusion.

Remy whistled at the steep price. He couldn't understand how kids got all their toys these days. He never had $50 to spend on a game when he was this boys age. He almost walked away, but remembering the disappointed look on Bobby's face he reconsider. "How 'bout I give y' $50.00 for that figure. Then y' don't have to buy it and y' can get your game now."

The boy's eyes widened. "Really?"

Remy rolled his eyes and pulled $50.00 out of his wallet, handing it to the kid. "Really." he muttered while taking the figure from the boy.

The boy looked at the money in his hand and smiled brightly. "Cool! Thanks mister!"

Remy looked at the plastic statue in his hands and shook his head. "Doesn't even look like Spidey." he whispered as he made his way to the front of the store, making sure to conceal the toy from would be attackers. He sat down on a long bench starring at the disappointed kids walk by to leave the store empty handed. He couldn't help but feel evilly happy. He almost wanted to point and mock them as they walked by. Maybe this is why people collected these things, it sure could give a person a superiority complex. Sure enough Bobby appeared out in the main aisle, dragging his feet behind him like all the others. He wore the same disappointed look as before, but this time it didn't bother Remy, because he had the cure. He tried not to smile when Bobby fell into the seat next to him with a heavy sigh. "Non luck huh?"

"No! By the time I got to the rack all that was left was Dr. Octopus and Green Goblin. How about you?" Bobby asked with little hope.

"I didn't even get through the crowd." Remy replied honestly.

"Damn! All this for nothing!" He cursed while flipping the contest card in his hand.

"Oui, this is kind of sad. Spendin' the whole mornin' in a toy store with a bunch of ten year olds and your leavin' with nothin'. All I got was this, but I guess y' can have it." Remy said as he pulled out the figure from under his coat and handed it to Bobby.

"Oh My God!" Bobby yelled while snatching the figure from Remy's hands. "How did you get this? It's so cool! It even comes with a working webslinger and suction cups to stick him to the wall! This is the best." Bobby leaned over and kissed Remy without thinking, due to his mindboggling excitement. He heard a loud gasp from a lady sitting on the long bench next to him and only then realized what he did. Bobby stuttered, wanting to apologize, but not sure if he should have to or what to say at the angry woman that glared at him.

"Gross!" Remy yelled while hitting Bobby hard on the shoulder.

Bobby turned and starred at Remy, wondering why the hell he was wiping off his kiss in disgust and hitting him. He smiled when he realized he was helping him out.

"I'm so telling mom you kissed me when we get home!" Remy said with mock anger.

"Oh Yea! Well I'm telling dad you hit me and your going to get into bigger trouble then me!" Bobby yelled back while rubbing his arm.

They quickly got up and fled the scene while the woman was stunned at their display. They carried on the act and playfully horseplayed all the way to the registers. They made sure to go into a line that was far away from the bench they left the lady at. They laughed out loud, both wondering if she fell for it. "Thanks for the save Rems." Bobby said between breaths.

Remy smiled at the nickname that Bobby seemed to be making himself at home with. "Think she bought it?"

"Probably not, but I really don't care. I just didn't want her causing a scene before I got this figure. I could see her getting us kicked out. I hate people like that." Bobby turned to the cashier when his time had come. She congratulated him on being one of the few to get the gold figure and getting a winning card. She looked over at Remy and her smile doubled, her eyes began to bat flirtatiously. Bobby felt a tinge of jealousy. He thought any moment now Remy would start his trademark chraming with the girl. Surprising to him the Cajun just smiled back and turned away, showing he wasn't interested. His face beamed as he grabbed his bag and took Remy's hand in his. He fought the urge to stick his tongue out at the girl, but figured that would have been a bit over the top. Her disappointed look was award enough.

They walked to the car hand in hand, discussing what their next move would be. They planned on spending the day together, which pleased both men. Remy stopped in the parking lot when a young boy pulled on his jacket sleeve.

"Hey mister, thanks for the game!" The young boy said while holding up his new Mortal Kombat game he had just bought.

"Anytime kid." Remy grumbled, knowing he was caught. He turned to Bobby hoping he wasn't mad.

"What did you buy that kid a game for...Oh shit!" Bobby cursed as the light went off in his head. "Did you buy that kid a game for this?"

"Um...Oui." Remy stuttered.

"Remy! Do you know how much games cost! Why?" Bobby questioned.

Remy sighed. This was backfiring on him. He never planned for Bobby to find out what he did, and he sure as hell didn't think he would be this mad about it. "I couldn't stand to see you so disappointed. I knew there wasn't a chance you would get one, and you wanted one so bad. The chance presented itself and I took it." Remy's shoulders dropped. He thought he was doing Bobby a favor. "I just wanted to see you happy." he whispered.

Bobby stood in silence, just staring at Remy. He didn't know what to say. No one had ever done anything like that for him, just for his happiness. Most people wouldn't even come to the store with him, let alone feed his childish habits. He pulled on Remy's chin, looking at his beautiful eyes. "That is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me."

Remy smiled to see Bobby wasn't upset. "Your not mad then?"

Bobby leaned in and whispered "No" before kissing Remy sweetly on the lips. "Thank you Rems. For this I owe you lunch."

Remy snickered. "For this y' owe me $50.00!"

"No, you see, this is all part of my master plan. I will sweep you off your feet with my worldly charms and you will forget all about it." Bobby grinned and tapped Remy's nose before making his way to his side of the car.

"I think you already have." Remy whispered to himself.


Warren stopped in the kitchen when he heard laughing from the garage. He recognized one voice as his best friend, the other he had to strain a bit to recognize. He leaned around the corner when he heard the door open and about fell on his ass. Remy came walking through with Bobby right behind, both holding each others hand and laughing as if it was the most normal thing for them to be doing. He had forgiven Remy for all the secrets he had kept from the team, be the first to admit that he was good in battle, would even trust the Cajun to cover his back, but he sure as hell was not going to let him use his best friend! He walked over to the pair and jerked Bobby away from Remy, as if saving him from certain death. He stood between the two, blocking Bobby behind him with his wings when he tried to work his way around him.

"What's this 'bout Warren?" Remy questioned coldly. Give it to Warren to ruin a perfectly good day he thought. He should have known this was coming. None of the X-men would agree with him and Bobby being together. They all saw him as trash, not good enough for anyone. Maybe they were right. Bobby could do better, deserved better.

"I should be asking you the same question. I don't know what the hell little plot you have going here but it ends now. My friend is not another one of your little endeavors."

Bobby shoved Warren sideways and made his way around his wing before he could be trapped again. He never understood how Warren could be so stupid sometimes. He always picked on Remy with accusations and rumors that were never justified. He knew he was probably just jealous or felt threatened by Remy, but he wasn't about to say that now, it would only make this worse. "Stay out of this Warren! This isn't your business."

"Not my business? I'm trying to save you from this jerk ripping your heart out." Warren spat while pointing at Remy. He hoped the comment would get a rise out of the Cajun, but it only won him the trademark poker face. That just pissed him off more. "He's just using you. He doesn't care about anyone but himself! He'll take what he wants and then leave you!"

"No, Wings, I think that's your department." All three men turned to see Logan in the doorway of the kitchen. He wasn't really all that sure what was going on, but whatever it was, it seemed to be another bout between Warren and Remy and somehow Bobby got stuck in between.

"Don't even compare me to this damn whore. He'll lay down with anything and I'm not letting Bobby be the next notch on his bedpost!" Warren turned from Logan to Remy just to see the Cajun's retreating back. He was stunned momentarily, Remy never backed down. "Guess he knew I was right."

"You fucking bastard!" Bobby yelled before running after Remy.

Warren watched as his best friend ran out the door. "Did he just call me a bastard?"

Logan strolled over to where Warren stood dumbstruck at being cussed out by his friend. He tilted his head sarcastically and smiled. "Actually, it was a 'fucking bastard', but I think this is what he meant to say." Without warning he decked Warren in the face, knocking him across the kitchen table. He smiled seeing that the younger man was unconscious. He walked out of the kitchen, leaving him there for someone else to clean up.


"Remy stop!" Bobby called out as the Cajun wrapped around the corner of the hall. He didn't think Warren was going to be too happy about his relationship, but he didn't expect him to act like that. What he said hurt Remy, and he knew it, but the Cajun would never dare show that to anyone. He cursed when he saw the bedroom door slam shut in front of him. "Damn it Rems!" He yelled through the thick wood door after finding it locked. "Let me in, please."

"Go 'way!" Came the muffled cry back from the other side.

"Please Rems, you have to let me in. Don't listen to that jerk. He's wrong about you, about us. Don't let it bother you!" Bobby heard the small click of the lock and slowly pushed the door open. He watched Remy silently walk over to the window and curl up on it's slender pane. He couldn't help but wonder if this is what he did everytime someone yelled at him. Remy was never one to back down, would always get a few words in, but when it escalated he would silently curl in on himself until it was over, then disappear. He was guilty of doing it to him a few times, and he regretted it everytime. He wished he wouldn't hide behind that mask of indifference, maybe then they would know just how much they were hurting him. He walked over and wrapped his arms around Remy's thin shoulders in attempts to calm him, only to be shrugged off. "Remy?"

"Warren's right. This should end now. I'm just trouble and y' deserve a lot better then I can give y'." He starred out the window, never looking at Bobby, knowing he would never be able to push him away if he did. Over this short time together he had somehow made a connection with Bobby and every second they were together it got stronger, it had to stop. It had to end now before it got ahold of him too deep. It was better this way, for both of them. In a few days Bobby would forget all about him and move on and he would live his life the way he did before, alone. "I'm sorry Bobby, this is the way it should be."

Bobby shook his head. He was not losing this over something Warren said. The last few days were too special to him. "You're going to end this just because of what Warren thinks? What he said was wrong, you can't listen to him. He doesn't even know you!"

"Y' don't know me either. Y' know nothin' 'bout me! It's better you don't, I'm sorry."

Bobby pulled on Remy shoulders, forcing the Cajun to look at him. "I have learned enough about you to know you don't mean a word you are saying. Your right, I don't know everything, but I want to, and nothing Warren said changes that! I know you're not using me, your not a whore, and I know, if you feel even half of what I do, your not going to leave me. You can't listen to what others say. This is about you and me, not them."

"Bobby, y' won't want me when y' know everything. I'm too much to deal with. I'm better off by myself so no one gets hurt. I know y' don't believe me now, but it is better this way." Remy looked into Bobby's eyes and lost his battle with his emotions. He really didn't want him to go. He wanted someone to love him so badly. Someone to help him through all of the torments of his life, but no, he couldn't do that. He had to keep it to himself, he had to be alone.

Bobby pulled Remy into his embrace, holding him tightly. "I know what you are doing. You think I'm going to leave you so you are trying to beat me to the punch. Been there, done that. I don't think you're giving me enough credit here. I'm not going to leave you just because of things that happened in your past, we'll work through it. So let's forget that jerk and give this a fighting chance, please? For me?" He felt Remy weakly nod against his neck. He couldn't believe how low Remy's self esteem was, if the others only knew. No one deserved to be alone, and he knew Remy really didn't want him to go, he was just afraid. He was going to kill Warren when he got a hold of him, and anyone else that drove Remy this low. It was going to take s